HarSPA Review: Bristol Harbour Hotel

Friday 22 December 2017

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 A few weeks ago I was invited to a Bristol bloggers event at HarSpa, Bristol Harbour Hotel. HarSpa is the hotel's new luxury spa, located in the basement. As the hotel is formed from two iconic bank properties, the spa area was actually built within the (once) bank vaults, so it still has some original features. Very cool.

Bristol HarSpa Review

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Fashion Blogger Secret Santa

Sunday 17 December 2017

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Party season, hey, hey, hey! I don't know about you guys, but the past few weeks have been hectic. So many parties, social gatherings and Secret Santas! Because I can't get enough of present giving, I signed up to be involved with Quiz's Blogger Secret Santa. I was paired with another fashion blogger and asked to choose a surprise outfit for them... Exciting.

I was partnered with Pixie of Fashion Voyeur, I hadn't heard of her blog before we were matched, but she seems like a hella fierce woman with an edgy personal style. What a babe. 

Quiz Christmas Dress

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The Idle Man Suede Western Tan Jacket

Tuesday 5 December 2017

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It's been a while since this guy featured on the blog, so we're back with another men's style piece featuring Sam. The man in my life knows what he likes when it comes to fashion, and after more than 13 years together, I fully understand his look. 

Online menswear retailer The Idle Man, believes being stylish shouldn't be difficult. I'd describe Sam's style as pretty effortless, he never over thinks what he wears and keeps it pretty casual. When I was browsing The Idle Man, I was genuinely shocked by how very Sam it all is. They stock lots of different brands such as Levi's and The North Face (two of his favourites) but I was most impressed by their own label. It's simple but fashionable, and surprisingly affordable. 

Mens Suede Sherpa Jacket
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Autumn Winter Trends: Matte Lips With The Body Shop x House of Holland

Thursday 30 November 2017

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One of my favourite Autumn/Winter beauty trends is matte lips. I've actually been wearing a matte lip since forever (read: 3 years) and I'm glad it's starting to become increasingly popular, because more and more lip products are being released. This season, Rawr faves The Body Shop have collaborated with the one and only Henry Holland to create some wonderful Christmas gift sets. Included within the collection is this pretty awesome matte liquid lip kit, which would make a sweet festive gift.

The HOH Limited Edition Matte Lip Liquid Collection comes in a cute tin, in the shape of a pair of luscious lips. I'm such a big fan of House of Holland's clothing and accessories, so I'm pleased the packaging is playful and on brand! Inside, there are three gorgeous shades of matte lip liquid:

House Of Holland Body Shop Matte Lip Collection
Matte Lip Liquid Set: The Body Shop (c/o)
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Retro Perfumes - Babe and Goya Black Rose

Friday 24 November 2017

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Last year I got all giddy when I discovered that my 90's teen fragrance of choice 'Tribe' had been re-released, so this year I was super intrigued to hear that a few other retro perfumes had been re-formulated and re-released much to the joy of their old fans too. It's a fab idea, not all fragrances have a couture design house behind them to keep them going, so they tend to disappear over the years though it seems their memory lingers on!

First up is 'Babe', which I actually remember my older cousins wearing. As a little kid I would sit at their shared dressing table trying on lipsticks and spraying glitter hairspray and perfume while they pulled taffeta and net dresses from their amazing wardrobes! Like most 70's/80's fragrance it was quite strong but feminine, like a good shoulderpad. The bottle is so kitsch and a perfect addition to your instagram props, file under 80's Glam. 

What I love about this one is that fans on social media helped to recreate it, so there was obviously a lot of them out there. Do some digging with your 40+ rellies, friends and colleagues to see if they remember this classic beauty gem and maybe it would make the perfect Christmas gift this year!

Babe perfume

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Luxurious Gift Ideas From Charlotte Tilbury

Tuesday 21 November 2017

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A very savvy gifter once said, 'Tis' a far far better thing to gift small but well', and it's by this rule that T and I live by when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. Buying one small but beautiful gift will always show so much more thought than a huge generic gift set that mainly consists of packaging than anything of actual interest, so let's be clever here. 

I know it's an obvious choice these days, but I don't know one girl who doesn't lust after some Charlotte Tilbury, and as her products are so dressing table fabulous in their own individual rights, there's really no need to feel like you have to spend a fortune on trinkets, treats or treasures when a token is just as pretty!

We've picked out some perfect pieces if you're looking to spend £20-£30 on something special that they'll love . . .

Charlotte Tilbury blog review

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Monsoon Dhalia Military Coat

Thursday 16 November 2017

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I've always been a fan of the military trend, last year I found a hella cute jacket but I was still on the hunt for a long version. As soon as I saw the Monsoon Dhalia Military Coat (£129) in store, I knew I had to get my paws on it. I'm not sure if you guys feel the same, but it seems to me that Monsoon have really upped their game this year. Their outerwear is on point! I was almost DROOLING over their capes and they have lots of lovely occasionwear pieces too. Good work, team.

At the weekend we headed to Royal Fort Gardens, which is such a peaceful little spot just off Park Street, in Bristol. It was a really crisp day but my wool coat kept me surprisingly warm, as did my latest purchase from Tommy Hilfiger. This awesome baker boy cap!

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Nautical Hat
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John Lewis Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Monday 13 November 2017

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Christmas is coming! With only six weekends left until the big day, I've already started my shopping and I'd estimate I'm 50% done. I'm in my element during festive season, I enjoy heading out for Christmas drinks (let's not mention last year's office party), buying festive food, choosing gifts and trimming up. It's also become a tradition that every year, my mum and I head to John Lewis to buy new tree ornaments and get into the festive spirit! 

John Lewis Secret Santa Ideas

Piccadilly Sweet Parade Bon Bons: c/o John Lewis
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Bershka Yellow Faux Fur Jacket

Thursday 9 November 2017

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Big Bird from Sesame Street was my inspiration for this outfit. Jade found this coat for me on ASOS and I was instantly smitten - that girl knows me so well. I've wanted a yellow faux fur coat for a few months and this one by Bershka is the perfect specimen. It's fluffy, warm and slightly ridiculous... Basically, right up my street!

I have a *couple* of faux fur jackets already but none as bold and bright as this beaut. I feel like Big Bird, a baby chick, a duckling and the honey puff monster all rolled into one. 

Bershka Faux Fur Jacket
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Shovava Boho Owl Scarf

Tuesday 7 November 2017

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A bit like Pinterest, I find it easy to unintentionally lose hours of my life to Etsy. Last year (or maybe before that), I came across Australian brand Shovava on the site and immediately added it to my favourite shops. I must've ranted about it for months as on Christmas Day last year, I unwrapped a present from Sam only to find this beautiful owl scarf... Proof he does pay attention to me!

I absolutely love owls, they are such magical creatures and when I get close to them in real life, I immediately experience warm and fuzzies. Jade even bought me an owl Olivia Burton watch for my birthday last year because she knows how much I adore them. Thanks babe.

Shovava Owl Scarf Review
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FENTY Beauty by Rihanna Review : Harvey Nichols Exclusive Part 2

Sunday 5 November 2017

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Last month Rihanna released her long awaiting cosmetic line, FENTY Beauty, and the world rejoiced. An all inclusive range of skin, eye and lip products for everyone (40 shades of foundation - 40!), FENTY has gone down a storm and the positive reviews just keep pouring in for all the right reasons, it's pretty epic. We were sent a few items to review, and this is part 2 of that feature!

The packaging is sleek, simple and modern, but the weighty quality of a premium product is there. I LOVE the shade names, they're 100% Rihanna. As a teen one of my dream jobs was to name lipstick and eyeshadow shades and now I'm aspiring to it again!

Anyway, first up is Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo (£26) in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby. Mean Money is a soft champagne sheen, and Hu$tla Baby is a supercharged peachy champagne shimmer. The brand encourages multi-use with the products, so along with the usual cheekbones and nose highlighter use, these shades look really good used on the body (shoulders, legs and decolletage) and eyes. 

FENTY Beauty Killawatt Mean Money Hu$tla Baby Review

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Amethyst Rose Quartz Hair with JOICO Color Butter

Wednesday 1 November 2017

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I had my hair professionally ombre'd in January this year. It was initially a caramel blonde and I loved it, but as the summer went by I did my usual thing and got a tad bored so I started dipping the ends in various pink and peach wash out dyes. I was happy with the results I was getting, until I was introduced to the fab JOICO Color Butter, a super nourishing colour booster for pre-lightened hair that sticks around for up to 10 washes, all the time reducing breakage up to 44% and promoting strong, glossy locks. Hurrah!

JOICO Color Butter review

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Stylish Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Monday 30 October 2017

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Last week one of my best friends got married! She was the most glamorous and relaxed bride EVER. Her dress was absolutely insane (sooo luxe) and she let her bridesmaid squad pick their dresses, using her theme of gold/sequins.

I think it's so important your maids feel confident on your big day and I definitely wanted my ladies to look and feel great at my wedding last year. For my friend's wedding, I opted for the Maya long sleeved maxi with sequins and tulle (£90) from ASOS.

Stylish Bridesmaid Dress
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FENTY Beauty by Rihanna Review: Harvey Nichols Exclusive

Friday 27 October 2017

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Pour it up, pour it up, watch it all fall out! Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that last month Rihanna launched her first makeup range, FENTY Beauty. I was invited to the pre-launch at Harvey Nichols Bristol but I couldn't attend as I was partying in Brighton at one of my best friends' hen do. Luckily for me, the team knew I was a HUGE Rihanna fan and sent me a couple of items to review.

I've seen Rihanna perform twice, and both times I was in awe of her beauty. Her makeup is always flawless. When I visited Barbados a few years ago, after winning a giveaway she ran with HTC (while drenched in Rihanna x River Island), I SQUEED when my tour guide stopped outside her family home. Before she was famous she also used to be best friends with one of my best friend's cousin's best friend. YEAH. So we've always had a connection.

First impressions? The packaging is incredible. It reminds me of an edgier KKW Beauty. I soon discovered her products are for women of ALL colours as it boasts 20 shades of concealer and 40 different foundation shades. Yes, 40!

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UNIF Frost Sweater Alternative

Tuesday 24 October 2017

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If like me you've wanted a UNIF Frost Sweater since forever, but you aren't prepared to pay extortionate custom fees, fear not because I've found an alternative! At a mere £24.99, this Missguided pink multi stripe jumper is a fantastic dupe.

So it's not exactly the same, but it's definitely warmer and has a very enjoyable oversized fit. This jumper has completely sold out on the Missguided site but I managed to snag one from ASOS! I wanted to size up but they only had a 10 in stock so I just went for it and HUZZAH, it wasn't made for ants, so actually fits me.

UK Urban Style Blog
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The Luna Cinema + #SummerofSurprise with Not On the High Street!

Saturday 21 October 2017

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As a continuation of the #SummerofSurprise campaign we worked on with Not On the High Street, a few weeks ago I headed to Bath to attend an outdoor cinema event. The Luna Cinema is extremely well known and although I'd previously heard of this outdoor cinema company, I'd never been to one of their movie nights!

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Joanie Clothing: Flirty Fifties Prom Dress

Wednesday 18 October 2017

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I'm all about leather, faux fur and skulls but I do have a softer side, and sometimes I gravitate towards more feminine, romantic styles. In the past, I've described my style as eclectic - I just like a bit of everything and dress to suit my mood. This Joanie Ria Prom Dress has been hanging in my wardrobe since the summer. I wanted to wear it for a special occasion or a wedding, but the right situation never presented itself.

Fast forward to a warm autumn day and me throwing caution into the wind by slipping into this fabulous fifties number. Within 30 seconds of stepping outside my door, I received a "Wow, that dress is BEAUTIFUL", from a friendly (American neighbour). Gosh, you've gotta love Americans. With a spring in my step, I headed to the Bristol Harbourside to meet a friend for some Sunday fun. 

Joanie Ria Red Floral Prom Dress
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Grey Leopard and Studded Leather

Monday 16 October 2017

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GREETINGS. Yeah, that's right. I'm back atcha with another style post from the streets of Bristol. I've rekindled my love for blogging and I'm here to stay... So get used to the frequent updates.

Last weekend was unusually warm, and rumour has it, the weather is going to be beautiful this week. Thank RPattz. Despite the heat, I couldn't resist throwing on my favourite Senso boots (inspired by Amy), my new leopard sweater, some gothic-esque jewels and this studded Dr Martens satchel. I'm pretty sure this is my favourite bag of ALL time. It's extremely hard wearing and still looks brand new even though it's five years old. I absolutely need to put on the matching boots sometime, because they are equally as awesome and deserve an outing.

Bristol Style Blog
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DuoBoots: Joiners Leather Riding Boots

Thursday 12 October 2017

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Ah, Autumn. Last Sunday was surprisingly warm, so I stepped out wearing a just a light blazer and still felt overdressed. I'm not complaining because I've changed my mind and I don't think I'm 100% ready to embrace the rain and cold, just yet.

I've been meaning to feature this blazer on the blog for a few months after buying it from the The Bloggers Market in London earlier this year (thank you Kristabel). It was the perfect piece to style with my brand new black Joiners riding boots from DuoBoots. Aren't they awesome!? If you read my post earlier this week, you'll know that I recently attended their relaunch blog event in Bath and went home with these beauties from their AW17 collection.

Duo Boots Joiners
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DuoBoots of Bath

Monday 9 October 2017

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Duo are BACK! The day after I returned from my honeymoon to Canada, I made my way to Bath for an exciting blog event. DuoBoots might sound somewhat familiar, I was a big fan of the brand for years and in 2015 they changed name to Ted&Muffy. This name change wasn't fully embraced by everyone (in all honesty, I liked it) so after a couple of years they listened to their loyal customers and... Changed it back! 

I have to tip my fedora to them for giving the new direction a go and accepting that it didn't work. The brand is actually under new ownership now and DuoBoots are determined to bring it back to its former glory. This relaunch has received great feedback from the press and most importantly, Duo's dedicated following. I'm just really pleased their styles are still hella cool and fashion forward! To celebrate their name change, a selection of local bloggers were invited to see the new store and latest Autumn/Winter 2017 collection

DuoBoots Bath Store
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CLUSE La Bohème Rose Gold Watch

Wednesday 4 October 2017

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Guess who's back on UK soil!? So If you haven't been keeping track, I recently went on my (belated) honeymoon to Canada! It was incredible and very snowy (Banff is a DREAM). Visit my personal Instagram for the evidence. I will most definitely be blogging about my trip soon, I just need to wade through a few hundred images first... Standard.

Now it's October and I don't have any trips planned for the rest of the year, I'm focusing all my energy on sorting my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Huzzah! I naturally gravitated toward an all black ensemble as soon as the temperature dipped this week, but I'm hoping to order some cute fluffy knits and bold faux fur jackets to brighten things up. I've already started buying Christmas gifts (I KNOW) and started thinking about what I'd like to open on Xmas morning. If you know me well, you probably won't be surprised to learn I have a few watches on my list for Santa. 

I think I have about 15 watches already but I love them all! They genuinely bring me joy and so yes, I always want more. One new watch label I've been seeing a lot on Instagram over the past few months is CLUSE, a brand that hails from Amsterdam. They claim their timepieces represent elegance and minimalism. I was keen to try them and thanks to Browns Family Jewellers, I was able to do just that! I managed to get my paws on the gorgeous CLUSE La Bohème rose gold and grey watch.

Browns Family Jewellers Review

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn - The Beauty Products I'll Be Taking Into The New Season

Sunday 1 October 2017

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So here we are in October and the start of a colder season, which for a lot of us means a switch up in beauty products such as a heavier face cream maybe, or a vampier, darker lippy. There are a few bits that I discovered in the summer that are so good that I just can't let them go, so I thought I'd share them with you. My keepers!

First up is the Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips, hailing from US beauty mothership Sephora, this fiery lip plumper has been a big hit in the US, and also in my makeup bag this summer. I don't have really thin lips, but as I've got older I have noticed them getting less pouty shall we say, and I've tried a few plumpers in the past but none have really thrilled me, until now - yey!

No Thin Lips is a smooth, clear gloss that can be worn alone, or under/over lip colour and contains Aloe and Vitamin E to keep lips hydrated. I apply it on my bare lips while I'm doing my eye and skin makeup to give it time to react before I reach my lips. I've found that it works best if you apply it slightly over your natural lip line, and yes it tingles but it's not deeply uncomfortable like some others I've tried (ouch!), think cinnamon hot, not fires from the depths of hell hot. As it works you'll see your lips turn a pretty natural pink, plumping out fine lines and generally looking fuller. When it's time to make up my lips I give them a gentle blot (not enough to take it all off mind) and start with my liner. It definitely makes it easier to line lips and I find that any lippy of choice sits better, even the matte ones. Now don't get me wrong, don't be expecting Kylie Jenner lips here, but it does what it says on the box and at around £15 it doesn't break the bank either. You can find it over here in Superdrug, Oliver Bonas and Lloyds Pharmacy if you fancy giving it a go. 

P.S. If you kiss someone after application, even with another lippy on top, turns out they can feel the tingle too. I kissed my man goodbye one morning last week and he was like, J, what have you got on your lips?! Luckily Red Hot candies are one of his fave US sweets so no harm done ;)

Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips Review
Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips Review

Next up is the Diptyque Eau Rose Body Lotion, £32 for 200ml. I bought this early in the summer after winning a candle and finding a few Diptyque samples in the box, they were all beaut but I really fell for the scent of Eau Rose. You're probably thinking urgh, old lady smell, but honestly, it's more like turkish delight and chocolate, super sweet and feminine, and the scent lasts forever on your skin. I would have the full range of this and wear it everyday whilst burning the candle, but alas I am not made of money. Oh life!

Diptyque Eau Rose Body Lotion Review

Another must have is the Aveda Shampure dry shampoo. I was lucky and was gifted one of these on a recent blogger trip to the fab Aveda Blow Dry Bar in Debenhams Liverpool, but it retails at £23.50. £23.50 sounds a lot for a dry shampoo, but it's lasted a good 2 months of every other day usage so far and there seems to be a lot more in there so I'm definitely getting my pounds per wear out of this bad boy. It's a non-aerosol powder mist, so basically you squeeze the bottle and it poofs out like talc. This takes a bit of practice but I've mastered it now and can confidently get dressed in black before application ;) It smells amazing and is also handy to give freshly blown hair a bit of last minute, lasting volume. Fine holiday fun, two thumbs up.

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo Review

Finally, and don't laugh, I can't get enough of Loreal Colorista Dirty Pink. It's a £6ish washout hair colour and I've been tipping my ombre caramel blonde ends with it all summer to compliments ahoy. I've bought so many of these that I probably could have got it done permanently and professionally at a salon for the amount I've spent on this product, but who has the commitment for that when you can be Jerrica in the working week and Jem at the weekends? One tube does about 6 inches of hair, twice, and it really does wash out without trace in about 3 or 4 washes. There's loads more colours to choose from, but Dirty Pink is perfect for me (Peach looked pretty awful against my caramel tones, and Pink was too light), definitely one I recommend trying if permanent home hair dye scares the bejiggity out of you.

Loreal Colorista Dirty Pink Review

So those were a few of my favourite things. Did you do any summer loving with new beauty products that have become firm favourites since? 

J xoxo
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My Fitness Wishlist: Stylish Workout Clothes

Wednesday 6 September 2017

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CONFESSION TIME. I'm now officially one of those crazy women who gets a buzz from working out and wearing cute gym outfits. Actually, I only go the gym once a week... but I do exercise 6/7 days a week! In case you missed it, over 7 weeks ago I downloaded the 'Sweat with Kayla' app and began my BBG journey. 

If you're familiar with Kayla Itsines and BBG, you're probably as obsessed as me. Not only is Kayla a mega babe, her app workouts are easy to follow and she's all about empowering women and giving them confidence. I'm really happy with the results so far and I love being part of such a dedicated community. BBG girls for life, yo! 

So because I'm working out most days, my interest in activewear and gym clothes is increasing more and more with every passing week. Most sportswear brands are completely new to me (except for the big ones) so I figured I'd create a dream fitness wishlist to share with you guys - in case you're also looking to sweat with style.

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Stella & Dot: Bristol Street Style

Monday 21 August 2017

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Ahhh, gingham. I bought this gingham midi dress a few months back and it was a welcome edition to my wardrobe. I had to adjust the straps slightly (New Look, what were you thinking!?) but it's the perfect casual frock. Do you agree? Yesterday I made my way to the beautiful Bristol harbourside to take these shots... I've really missed taking outfit photos. My absence has been down to a combination of bad weather and social summer weekends! I promise to make more of an effort before it's winter and outside snaps are a thing of the past. British problems.

Today I'm back styling some beautiful jewellery from Stella & Dot. I've known about this cute brand for a few years but it wasn't until recently that I got my mitts on some of their stylish pieces. Their awesome PR team sent me a selection of items to feature and considering it's really difficult to guess someone else's jewellery style, they nailed it!

Autumn 2017 Street Style
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Bristol Bloggers: Kiehl's John Lewis Cribbs Causeway

Thursday 10 August 2017

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Last week, a selection of Bristol bloggers were invited to the Kiehl's concession (within John Lewis) at The Mall for a blog event! I've never tried any Kiehl's skincare before but Jade always raves about them, so I was looking forward to visiting the Cribbs Causeway store and learning a little more.

Kiehl's started in 1851 in New York City's East Village. They claim to offer effective skin and hair solutions through products of the highest quality. They use the most advanced technologies and use high concentrations of natural ingredients. Offering a generous returns policy, staff are customer focused and passionate about the skincare they sell.

Bristol Blogger Kiehls Event

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M&S Holiday Shop SS17 + Giveaway!

Thursday 3 August 2017

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I'm happiest when on a beach or at a sample sale. Fact. I love going on holiday in the beautiful sunshine but often struggle to find the perfect swimwear. I have a few pieces I've kept for years but since I went up a size recently, I wasn't feeling confident in them anymore. 

The team at M&S have launched a new holiday shop for 2017 and it's all about celebrating yourself and feeling your best! They want women to choose flattering styles that make them feel extraordinary. Everyone knows M&S have an awesome lingerie section, but that also extends to swimwear. 

As part of this campaign, they sent me a hamper of holiday shop goodies to style. When my package arrived in a beautiful large shopper bag, I couldn't be more excited! Inside I found two bikinis and two beautiful swimwear cover-ups.... SQUEE.

M&S Holiday Fashion Lookbook
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Celebrating International Friendship Day With Not On The High Street

Sunday 30 July 2017

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< Happy International Friendship Day! To celebrate this day of warm fuzzies, we were invited by our friends at Not on The High Street to take part in a #SummerofSurprise gift campaign. We've been blogging together for over 7 years (friends for longer) and we like to think we know each other inside and out. With that in mind, the team allowed us to select a few gifts in secret to send to each other!

I always love receiving gifts from Jade because she's such a thoughtful present giver. I have the tendency to rant about things I like and then forget, but she's always taking a mental note. When my NOTHS parcel of goodies arrived, I was hella excited and ripped open the packing in less than 20 seconds. First up!? An epic Feather Dreamcatcher Necklace by Brave Lotus.

Not on the High Street International Friendship Day

Brave Lotus Boho Jewellery

Brave Lotus Feather Dreamcatcher Necklace

Jumper: Wildfox Gold Label - Jeans: River Island - Necklace: Brave Lotus (c/o)

I've known of Brave Lotus for about a year now, its UK based and basically just the dreamiest boho brand. I'm obsessed with feathers, gems and dreamcatchers, so if I had my own jewellery label, it would look something like this. Founder Gemma believes you should "Wear what makes you feel good, adorn yourself in jewellery that makes you feel happy." A-MEN. I carefully select my jewellery choices each morning depending on my mood or if I need comfort, so in a way, my jewels act as talismans. Well, I didn't even realise NOTHS stocked Brave Lotus so imagine my pure joy when I opened my carefully wrapped present to discover a beautiful necklace! Wow. The detailing on this is so perfect and I adore the mixed metals. I know I'm going to wear it for years to come. J-Bug, I love you.

Prudence Loves Letter Board

Large Dove Grey Letterboard: Prudence Loves (c/o) 

My second gift was BIG so I knew it was some type of artwork or photo but when I tore it open I discovered this superb letter board by Prudence Loves! I've wanted to get a letter board for months now but I'd been struggling to find the right one. This version is a little different to other letter boards I've seen because it's felt and not plastic. This gives it much more of a Pinterest vibe and it looks super stylish on my wall. Of course I wasn't sure which quote to pop on it first, so I opted for a classic from La La Land. Dayum, I'm crazy about that film but sidenote, how spot on is this quote? Passion is infectious. Jade selected the large version in dove grey which sits at a perfect 15.5" x 19.5" inches.

This ties in perfectly with the Not on the High Street collaboration with The Luna Cinema! They are treating friends to VIP tickets to a screening of their choice... Can you guess which film I picked? I'm heading later this year and it will be my first time at The Luna Cinema! I can't wait! I'm sure I'll cry more the third time around.

I couldn't be happier with my selection of carefully selected treats. I have the best pretend big sister on the planet.

*Jesy Little Mix voice* My turn! Well what a coinkydink because I have the best pretend baby sis on the planet T! A gift from Tara is always super special because let's face it, the girl has taste for days and knows exactly what I like, sometimes even before I know myself, so when two rather large deliveries from NOTHS arrived I think I literally squealed at the postie. 

I opened the biggest box first and found this amazing Crochet Letters and Ampersand Cushion Set by The Letter Loft, a dad and daughter team from Ledbury who specialise in stylish, homemade letter and word items. They were beautifully individually wrapped in tissue and finished with a flourish of petals, so perfect for direct delivery gifting which is what I usually use NOTHS for. T knows I love a good initial item and that I'm obsessed with anything that has a J on it, but I adore the fact that this little set can represent both me and Tara, and also me and Tim! So thoughtful :) The whole set looks so cute on our armchair and the grey colour T chose ties in with our neutral decor. Thank you T Bug!

The Letter Loft Cushion set Not On The High Street

The Letter Loft cushion set c/o NOTHS

The next parcel was tall and flat so I was definitely thinking it was a whimsical print of some sort but nothing prepared me for what I found inside. Dig if you will the picture . . . of my all time idol, Prince, drawn as a cat! I literally laughed out loud, he is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen! This Prince Giclee Print Cat In Prince Wig by Jo Clark Design is pretty much my fave thing ever right now, and the purrrrfect gift for me. All of Jo's items are created directly from hand drawn illustrations, they're so quirky and fun! 

Jo Clark Prince Cat Print Not On The High Street

Jo Clark Prince Print c/o NOTHS

Jo Clark Prince Cat Print Not On The High Street

I love that T has put so much thought into this gift, she knows I miss Prince so much and wanted a stylish nod to him in my home, but I couldn't really find anything that wasn't 'music merch' and that's just not really my style. Also, CATS. I don't think I need to say anymore about that. I just can't stop smiling at this, and that's the sign of a gift well done. Tara, you are a legend.

International Friendship Day is a United Nations day that promotes the role that friendship plays in promoting peace in many cultures through solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation. You don't have to express it through a gift, but maybe take five minutes today to reach out to a friend and let them know how spesh they are to you :)

Huge thanks to Not On The High Street for the opportunity to put big smiles on our faces!

J & T 
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Oasis Maxi Dress: Bristol Street Style

Tuesday 25 July 2017

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Do you love re-discovering old pieces of clothing as much as me? Granted, I can no longer fit into 50% of my wardrobe (those people who say you'll gain weight once you're married are right) but every now and again I'll find an old gem in my closet!

After working in retail for a long time, I've accumulated a lot of clothes. I'm going to do a car boot sale soon because my wardrobe is bursting at the seams! Sadly I know I'll only get a couple of quid for my expensive frocks and jeans, but I'd rather they go to a good home than sit gathering dust.

Bristol Blogger
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Another Zara Smock Dress

Friday 14 July 2017

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A few days ago I saw a tweet from a fellow blogger that made me chuckle - "Remember when outfit of the day posts were outfits people actually wore that day." Ah yes, the glory days. Today's post features an outfit I actually wore to work yesterday. It might look familiar because my last style post features the red version but it makes me happy, so YOLO.

On that note, I'm feeling inspired again so huge thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about why I took a blogging break! I wanted embrace the old school blogging vibes so we shot this in my favourite street style location, by my trusty train. Bristol harbour was bustling with tourists and two mature women were in fits of giggles watching me pose. UM, WHATEVER ladies, your laughter only feeds my fabulousness.

Oversized Zara Smock
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Zara Oversized Gingham Dress

Monday 10 July 2017

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Six weeks later... Okay guys, I have ALL the excuses to explain my absence! Busy work life, busy social life, a broken laptop and generally feeling a little uninspired but I am BACK. I definitely didn't intend to take a blogging break. I work with awesome influencers on a daily basis so sometimes blogging can feel like homework, especially when your 9-5 means you have to be invested in the numbers and stats.

I've decided to mentally separate my personal blog from my day job and just post whatever I fancy posting, because I fancy sharing it. Basically, random outfits (because generally, those are the kind of posts I enjoy reading most and this is a fashion blog). Working with professional influencers is extremely inspiring and darn right fun, but comparison is the thief of joy and sometimes it's impossible not to feel like a small fish in a HUGE ocean. 

Oversized Gingham Zara Dress
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Ethical Fashion: Makki Eel Skin Accessories

Tuesday 30 May 2017

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I was first introduced to the British & Italian designed brand, Makki, a few years back at a Pure London trade show. I was instantly drawn to the unusual panelled design and on closer inspection, discovered how buttery soft their accessories were to the touch.

When the lovely PR explained more about the brand my interest suddenly increased - Makki's luxury handbags and accessories are made with using eel skin. I'd never heard of bags being created from eel skin and was very impressed to learn how passionate the team are about sourcing, manufacturing and selling products responsibly.

Eel skin is known for its durability and Makki's beautiful pieces, although designed in the UK, are produced in South Korea. Manipulating eel skin requires a high level of skill as it's very technical, so Makki's manufacturers train for years to be able to master this craft. According to ancient Mythology, carrying Eel Skin brings love, health and prosperity.

Brand Attic Anita and Green Dress

Makki Slim Purse Hot Pink
South West Fashion Blog
Makki Ethical Eel Skin Purse
Makki SS17 Bag
Bristol Harbour

Dress: Brand Attic - Slim Purse: Makki (c/o)

My aubergine Makki purse has lasted 3 years and rather surprisingly (to me), is still in incredible condition. The brand recently launched their SS17 collection featuring new styles and vibrant spring/summer shades. I love a good statement piece and while I was browsing the new range, this slim purse in hot pink caught my eye. It's such a vivid colour and I like that it's slimmer than my existing Makki purse. It also gets bonus points for being ultra lightweight, having a zip section and lots of room for cards. 

Eel skin is 2-3 times stronger than cow hide, doesn't hold water marks and is scratch proof. Although I'd class Makki's purses and bags as investment pieces, I genuinely believe they are worth the price tag... It's all about cost per wear! My water bottle has leaked several times over my large zip wallet (dripping wet) and it's never left a mark after drying.

Have you heard of eel skin accessories? What's your purse style? - T
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Gingham Bardot Off the Shoulder Top

Wednesday 24 May 2017

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Summer has arrived! This week is going to be HOT (by English standards) and I'm looking forward to wearing some cute clothing... I've missed my maxi dresses and fringed accessories, and I can't wait to dose up on some vitamin D. 

Before we were graced by glorious sunshine, we had a patch of warm-ish weather where I went a bit bardot crazy. I'm drawn to nearly all bardot pieces but my new favourite off the shoulder top is this number by F&F. I just love the sweet bell sleeves and the floaty shape.

F&F Gingham Off the Shoulder Top
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