T's Barbados Trip: Part 2!

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Hopefully you read part one of my Barbados trip since it's now time for part two, featuring a lot more snaps! If you haven't gathered by now, Barbados is beautiful. I wanted to visit for more than a decade, my friend has family there and I remember begging her to take me when we were just 16 ha ha. Good things come to those who wait, and thanks to my travel fairy godmothers (and godfathers), one awesome competition and one lucky tweet, my dream came true.

Barbados beaches

I like to call myself the 'palm walker'. If there's a walkable palm around I will strut on that thing and then jump off. This picture was taken on my last day when I had the worst hangover in the world thanks to the The Old Jamm Inn. You might not be able to tell because I'm in paradise but I was actually dying and it was 100% worth it. The bar had a live acoustic set and nomtastic cocktails. Hellz yeah.

Barbados travel photos
Why are boys such show offs? ;)

My beach photos were taken on Dover beach but we did have the opportunity to visit some of the more popular beaches on the island. A few notable ones are Mullins beach which is really cute but extremely small, Accra beach which is nice and the incredible Bathsheba beach - possibly my favourite I visited. Accra beach is home to Champers Restaurant, a delicious restaurant where we ate the best food we've had in 5 years. The last meal I tasted that was this good was in Hoi An, Vietnam back in '09. A girl never forgets.

It's rated #1 on Tripadvisor for restaurants in Christ Church and deservedly so. The staff were extremely friendly and we were on the decking with a view of the sea. So romantic! Definitely make a reservation here if you visit the island.

Bajan crab
Don't eat me!

We also headed to Oistins on Friday night for the famous Oistins fish fry. The area comes to life and tourists and locals flock there to party, eat good food and be entertained! If you head to Barbados, you must swing by. We tasted yummy flying fish, jerk chicken and ribs. We aren't the biggest seafood fans but had tons of fun anyway, there was lots of street dancing aka drunk locals on stage WERKING it. Amazing.

Ocean Two Hotel Barbados
Ocean Two Christ Church

Our hotel had a bunch of cool pools but I'm much more of a 'jump in the sea' kind of girl. One of my favourite days on the island was when we went on the Jammin' Catamaran Cruise. We had two snorkelling stops and one for swimming. 

Jammin' Cruise Barbados
Jammin Cats Cruise

It was essentially a party cruise! We had unlimited free punch and heard lots of jammin' tunes. The crew were hilarious and definitely made our trip that much more exciting. It was super windy so no cute floppy hats allowed, I strapped this one to my head and attempted a last minute fishtail braid to stop my hair from going everywhere.

Free Jammin Punch
Several rum's later...

We only saw a handful of turtles but they were adorable. It's funny how they look kind of miserable but I love them. There were lots of drunk Americans on board (makes a change, it's usually us Brits) so it was also fun to people watch. I remember screaming 'don't let leopard pants get me!' ...That girl was loco.

Bajan turtle

I had such a wonderful trip and I'm sad it's over. I definitely want to visit Barbados again, next time I plan to go with my friend so we can explore more of the island. Bajans are so friendly and the staff at Ocean Two were fantastic. It's situated in St. Lawrence Gap which is the lively area full of restaurants (our favourite being Harlequin Restaurant) and bars.

I'm definitely going to hit up Crop Over next time, perhaps I'll even bump into Rihanna! ;)

Barbados sunset
Sunset at Dover beach.

My incredible competition prize also included a HTC One. This phone has been rated the top phone on the market and after playing with it for a month, I can see why. I've never had a phone with a decent camera so it was perfect for taking snaps when I was out and about with my DSLR. Here are some of my favourite HTC One pictures:

1. Jammin' punch / 2. Shameless selfie / 3. Sam trying to balance / 4. Dusk beach scene / 5. Sending my love / 6. Ocean Two hotel / 7. Walk on Bathsheba beach / 8. Oistins Fish Fry / 9. Rainbow fun

They're such good quality! It even copes well in low light and I love the Zoe function. Free wifi at the hotel meant I could use Instagram so a few of these photos may look familiar to you.

I hope you've enjoyed my posts and I have one more outfit post lined up. If you're thinking of heading to the Caribbean soon, I definitely recommend Barbados and Ocean Two. Feel free to ask me any-travel related questions.

Thanks so much to HTC, Roc Nation, Ocean Two and the Barbados Tourism Authority for organising one of my favourite holiday's ever! I'm such a lucky Rawr girl.

T - Needs another vacation. ;) XoX
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Outfit Post: Lashes of London in Barbados!

Monday 29 July 2013

Last Friday I wrote my first blog post on Barbados! While I'm on holiday in a hot country, I always look really casual in the day and try to make more of an effort at night. My suitcase was crammed with maxi dresses for the evening, and my new Lashes of London dress was perfect for the manager's cocktail party on day one!

Jolie Maxi Dress by Lashes of London
Bajan fashion

I think it's pretty obvious that I have a maxi dress problem. I've actually lost count of how many I have. Seriously. I know I say this about all of them but I really do like this jolie silk maxi dress (£65), a lot. It's 100% silk so it's floaty and cool, ideal for summer holidays to Caribbean islands. 

Lashes of London dress
Lashes of London
Dress: c/o Lashes of London - Belt: Topshop - Sunglasses: French Connection - Hat (shown above): La Redoute

I think the neon pink binding is the cutest! This is a size 8 but it fits more like a size 10 so I'd recommend sizing down in this style. I also learnt it isn't that wide at the bottom so no large strides or you'll get in trouble ha ha.

The beach outside Ocean Two Barbados was perfect for taking outfit snaps. I had a small audience of fellow tourists while taking this photos but I didn't mind. As you can see I did get a little sunburnt even though I was constantly slapping on the sun tan lotion! Pale girl problems.

Are you also in love with maxi dresses? Have you sorted your summer holiday wardrobe?

T - Watercolour wanderer. XoX
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What I Wore Today - A Wildfox Day!

Sunday 28 July 2013

A dull but still warm summery day is a no brainer, I always reach for my faithful Wildfox Cat Faces knit and the shortest shorts in my wardrobe from All Saints to counter the cover up ;)

The Wildfox Lennon jumpers cost a small fortune but they're so worth it. The knit is so fine and lightweight and the shape is SO flattering. They actually LOOK expensive, which is always nice when you're dropping £200+ on something. I wear a medium and it's so roomy and relaxed I don't even feel like I'm wearing it!

Outfit: Sweater - Wildfox Couture, Vest (just seen) - H&M, Shorts - All Saints, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Bag - Wildfox Couture.

uk style and fashion blog wildfox cat faces lennon sweater

Rocking a messy side fishtail, I'm so glad loose plaits are in fashion this summer because it's a million times easier to look effortless when you can actually mess up your hair on purpose!

I've had the canvas Wildfox bag for years. I use it when I don't want to carry anything heavy, or take focus away from a busy piece of clothing, like my jumper today.

uk style and fashion blog wildfox cat faces lennon sweater

Before I go, I just want to proclaim my love for He-Shi fake tan. It's amazing, I can't find fault with it at all (other than the fact that it makes my legs itch, but then they all do!) and if you are looking for your next fake tan buy I urge you to try one of their products! It's changed my summer!

J - Wildfoxy.
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Truffle Shuffle Wishlist! This Could Get Messy . . .

Saturday 27 July 2013

The sun always brings out the playful side of me, and that means a good nosey at Truffle Shuffle for some fun fashion! Cue the wishlist! . . . 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

1. TS EXCLUSIVE My Little Pony Sweater from Mr Gugu and Miss Go - £39.99. Oh my Patz, it's just so amazing. I'd keep it simple with ripped boyfriend jeans and retro trainers!

2. Hollywood Shipwreck Icon Life Series TShirt - £19.99. LEO. We swoon now and we definitely swooned then! I think he's just asking to be paired with some khaki cut offs and white pumps. Take me to the beach!

3. Gold Plated Mickey Mouse Silhouette Bracelet from Gogo Philip - £14.99. Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, HEY MICKEY! 

4. R2D2 Star Wars Tin Tote - £8.99. As a teen I had an adorable pink DKNY tin tote that I would carry as a handbag. As a grown woman I really want to carry one that looks like a cheeky droid that bleeps. Go figure.

5. Ladies Supergirl Nightdress with Cape - £19.99. I don't think I have to explain this one. It has a cape?!

6. Grace Slave To The Rhythm Tshirt - £24.99. I LOVE Grace. She's a sharp dressing, eccentric style icon and her music roared. This tee would look awesome over some sequin leggings and fierce boots for a night out. Pull up to the bumper baby!

Like anything you see? 

J - Daddy, I want a Truffle Shuffle!
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T's Trip To Barbados: Part 1!

Friday 26 July 2013

As most of you already know, I've spent the past week in beautiful Barbados! Sadly I'm now back at home and reminiscing about my awesome trip away. I took a gazillion photos, so instead of one picture heavy blog post, I figured I'd split my adventures into two separate ones (or possibly three ;).

We stayed at the Ocean Two hotel in St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church. I already had an idea of what to expect but nothing could prepare me for the awesomeness of our room, which was essentially a one bedroom luxury apartment with a sea view. Wowza.

Ocean Two Hotel Barbados

We had two TV's, a kitchen, balcony, luxurious bathroom (complete with rainfall shower) and a HUGE bed. I was actually squeeing with delight as a member of the hotel staff showed us around, she even started giggling because I was that excited. I was having a serious oh em gee moment. Just look at that view!

We arrived in the afternoon, so on the first day we just showered, relaxed and then headed to the manager's cocktail party in the bar... Free rum punch for all! The hotel had invited some cool artisans and we bought an illustration from a local artist while we sipped on free drinks.

Although I'm well-known for being a beach bum, we did have a few activities planned so we could learn more about the island in order to fully appreciate it. First up was the Island Safari Barbados!

Gun Hill Signal Station, Barbados
Island Safari Barbados
Little Bay, Barbados
Little Bay, Barbados.

Our driver Charles was extremely informative and pretty darn hilarious! We visited lots of Bajan beauty spots including Edge Cliff, Bathsheba, Little Bay and Joe's River Forest. Bathsheba beach is one of the most photographed in Barbados and my friend's mum also grew up there. It has such a dramatic coastline and it was so nice to stroll up and down the beach. 

Bathsheba selfie!
Bathsheba Beach, Barbados.

Sam & I were the only ones drinking the free 'Jungle Juice' aka rum punch. Americans are so darn classy! Who cares if it was 9am, we were on holiday and it was after noon in the UK ha ha. The scenery was breathtaking and I spotted some gorgeous hummingbirds but they were too quick for my camera. Thankfully these little sheep (seriously, they aren't goats) stayed put. Awww.

Bajan Sheep
Where Rihanna grew up in Barbados
The house where Rihanna grew up.

The above picture may look a bit random but because I'm a proud stalker fan, I can confirm this is a paparazzi style shot I took of the house where Rihanna grew up! That's right kids. It belonged to her Grandma and although she wasn't born in this area (Newcastle), she spent most of her time growing up here. WAH.

I definitely recommend this trip to everyone who's thinking of paying a visit to this incredible country. All the best countries in the worlds are small islands, fact. 

Our hotel also had its own restaurant serving tasty but simple meals. Since we had our own kitchen, we did a fair bit of self-catering. However, we still went to some delicious restaurants and bars! Stay tuned for more info on that. I will also be sneaking in the odd (evening) Barbados outfit post in between these travel ones - just to keep you fashion heads interested!

Have you ever been to Barbados before? Are you going on holiday this year?

T -  Post-Barbados blues... XoX
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Have Johnny Depp On Your Kitchen Worktop . . .

Thursday 25 July 2013

. . . I know, I couldn't help myself. Anyhoo, my other half does the dishes in our house, but I could be tempted to dip my ladylike hands into the murky bubbles for a shot at playing with this afterwards! Cool British designer store Let It Reign presents, the To Dry For Hollywood Dishes Teatowel - £9.95!

The likeness to Jake, Johnny and co is uncanny, which means there's more than enough material here to entertain you while you transport yourself from the kitchen sink, to your LA pad with Brad!

This would make a really cute gift (as would everything on Let It Reign), and postage for teatowel orders is only £1 - hurrah!

J - Hands that do dishes.
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Rawr Love For . . . Wildfox Ballroom Sequin Cardigan at Nelly.com!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

It's a highly unfortunate moment when one is Googling around for a gold sequinned cardigan/jacket, and this mother funker by fave label Wildfox pops up at Nelly.com. It's BEAUTIFUL, but then so it should be for £379.95. Whatevs, I just can't get it out of my head, it's sparkle is all I think about. BLUB!!

uk style and fashion blog wildfox ballroom sequin cardigan gold

I love the oversized-ness of it all. And the styling of it in this pic is just exactly how I'd do it, even down to pairing it with leopard print. OH THE PAIN!!!

I have considered selling my life on Ebay, and even a well planned summer of robbing banks wearing ex-US President masks with my surfer chums, but alas I don't think it's ever going to be mine. So I shall sit patiently, hoping for a half price Nelly sale sometime in the future. SIGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Are we there yet? ;)

J - When you're in love with a beautiful cardi . . . 
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Bertie Be Mine! Vanilla Paris Handbag Heaven.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

We're loving the candy coloured leather lovelies at Vanilla Paris this season, but the ever evolving Bertie style has us drooling at every shade, finish and size! Bertie has a super luxe designer look but with a totally affordable price tag that doesn't mean sacrificing quality :)

uk style and fashion blog vanilla paris designer look birkin bags
Check out the full range, and more, at Vanilla Paris. Prices start at £65 for a clutch, enjoy!

J - Far from plain.
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One Strapping With Grafea . . .

Monday 22 July 2013

Hey everybody, come see my new Grafea Hari Rucksack! Amazingly, I won this neon bad boy on one of their famous Facebook competitions last week, so obvs I was taking it out for it's debut this weekend! 

Outfit: Dress - ASOS, Rucksack - Grafea, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell. And that is literally it, not even a touch of jewellery! I let the bag do all the talking on this one!

uk style and fashion blog grafea hari rucksack

It's just beautiful and got a few admiring glances walking around Liverpool. The leather is super soft and I love the lilac suede lining, such a cool contrast! I've seen other bloggers with these bags but never thought I'd get a chance to own one because they're £160, so I feel very lucky!

uk style and fashion blog grafea hari rucksack

The tie dye dress is newly bought from the ASOS sale with the extra 10% off last week. I've been looking for a cute and simple cold shoulder t-shirt dress for ages and this one looked pretty good for £14 so I snapped it up and whaddya know, I love it! P.S. Check me out one strapping, Channing Tatum would be so proud of me ;) 

uk style and fashion blog grafea hari rucksack

Is everyone still loving the weather?! It's gone a tad overcast here this weekend but it's still hella warm so I'm still in total summer mode - bare legs and minimal make-up all the way! 

J - Grafea Girl!
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Rawrgirls Review . . . Dr Perricone Chia Serum!

Sunday 21 July 2013

Dr Perricone Chia Serum (£59.50 for 30ml) is a revolutionary serum that has been formulated to deliver superior hydration and transform dull, dry skin. Chia is an ancient, anti-aging super food from Mexico and South America. Full of fatty acids and nutrients, Dr Perricone has taken the Chia seed and combined it with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Pro-vitamin B5, Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin C, to create a highly concentrated multi-tasking serum that infuses this cocktail straight to the skin for health and vitality. Here it is! . . . 

Dr Perricone Chia Serum review uk style fashion beauty blog

Despite struggling with a spot prone face, I have quite dry body skin (literally starting at my neck and ending at my ankles) so I was intent on seeing if this serum could solve my body woes. Chia Serum has so many different uses for the face and body. It smells like almonds, and you can apply it in so many different ways such as directly from the bottle, mixed with body lotion or facial moisturiser, over another treatment and even under or over make-up, so I tried a few out over the past 10 days with wonderful results.

Problem 1 - Dry, flaky skin on neck. 
I have no clue why my neck has recently started getting so dry I find it peeling and flaking, but it has been driving me crazy, and is quite ugly and embarrassing. I've had this problem for about a month and I tried applying more of my usual facial and body moisturisers but nothing was hitting the spot. 
Apply a drop or two of Chia Serum directly from the bottle, warm between palms and apply to the whole neck, massaging in until absorbed and repeat twice a day after showering. It literally got rid of the problem on the first day, and after 3 days I noticed that the skin on my neck was totally soft and supple so I reduced the application to once a day. 10 days later and it's like the dry spell had never happened, hurrah!

Problem 2 - Itchy, shaving rash on lower legs.
I shave my legs every day so of course that area is going to get a little tetchy with me but this darn itchy shaving rash just won't be tamed and it's summer so I need to get my legs out! I've tried body lotions and even rash creams but they just irritate it even more.
Applying 2-4 drops to each leg twice a day straight after showering for 5 days sorted the original irritated areas out, then I just added a drop to my usual amount of body lotion (Nivea) after that and fingers crossed, the rash hasn't been back since and my shins feel lovely and smooth now. I don't remember a time when they felt this good actually!

Problem 3 - Mid-afternoon dry facial skin.
I work in an office and despite using a good BB cream base, I often find that by mid afternoon the atmosphere has made it dry out causing some dry, peeling spots between my eyebrows, on the sides of my nose and chin. 
I was sceptical about using Chia Serum OVER my make-up, I figured it would just ruin it to be honest, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Just 1 drop into my palm, then lightly tapped into the offending areas by fingertip, sorted this problem out in a snap without ruining the rest of my make-up or needing to re-apply and leaving a fresh, dewy glow. This is such a make-up bag saviour that I'm going to decant a small amount into another container so I can keep the original bottle safe in the bathroom!

Problem 4 - Dry, white cuticle skin.
I had been struggling with dry cuticles for a while, probably caused by overuse of nail polish remover and bleach, and an underuse of hand/nail cream. Oops, totally my bad. Even using a cuticle oil daily wasn't really working.
This is one I discovered by chance, simply because I'd been applying concentrated Chia Serum to my body every day with my hands! Both my hands and cuticles have transformed and I wasn't even trying! I imagine Chia would make fine work of my feet in the same way, with the help of some overnight socks, so I might give that a whirl next.

We're all different and this is one hell of a multi-tasking product. It's expensive yes, but I've solved 4 problems in the last 10 days meaning I won't have to keep buying and trying other products, and I've only used approximately one fifth of the bottle's contents! 

I'm definitely starting to appreciate the benefits of expensive skincare and the prices don't scare me anymore. I figure that I'd think nothing of dropping £100+ on a pair of shoes that I'd probably wear twice a month, or £50 on a special perfume (which doesn't last forever!) so why do I grimace when I consider buying a skincare product that is more than £25?! When something works, and Dr Perricone Chia Serum definitely does for me, then the benefits for my skin far outweigh the hit on my purse, and this makes me just as happy as a new dress does :)

J - Chia convert.
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I May Not Be Your Style . . .

Saturday 20 July 2013

I am very rarely seen outside in a vest. I have a thing about the tops of my arms, as in, they're not like Cameron Diaz's so I basically hate them. Thing is, the weather has just been SO hot, I had to give in. And if you're going to give in, you might as well give into Prince.

I'm a massive Prince fan and I got a couple of Prince vests from the world's largest music tshirt storeTShirt Subway, a few weeks ago. You've already seen the Lovesexy one in another post, but this one features the Dirty Mind cover, which is just too cool. Literally it seems, in this heat!

Outfit: Vest - TShirt Subway, Shorts/Dungarees - Own The Runway, Sunglasses - Ralph Lauren at Sunglasses Shop, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Watch - Timex.

uk style and fashion blog music tshirts Prince

The sun is doing a good job of exposing my bra. I'm sure Prince would approve of this so we'll run with it ;) Unlike the Lovesexy vest which is a cute swing tank style, this is longline and fitted so it's nice to be able to mix it up between the two. The selection is pretty vast at TShirt Subway, so if you're looking for something particular (it's so hard to get cute Prince tops) then definitely give them a look over!

uk style and fashion blog music tshirts Prince

I found these Jeffrey Campbell pumps at TK Maxx for £39.99 about a month ago and I have wore the shizz out of them ever since. They're just so comfy, so if you like them and spy a pair in your TK, I suggest you have a try on!

uk style and fashion blog music tshirts Prince

Dear Tshirt Subway, can we please have some Britney designs? It's Britney bitch!

J - Can we layer up yet? ;)
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Madam Rage Blogger Challenge Part 2: Wedding Guest

Friday 19 July 2013

If you read yesterday's blog post, you'll know that I was recently asked by Madam Rage to take part in their Blogger Dress Challenge! I was asked to style one dress in two ways. Yesterday I featured my festival outfit and now it's time for part two.

I decided to make just a few simple changes to yesterday's look in order to transform my dress into an appropriate, wedding guest outfit.

Madam Rage Colbalt Blue Dip Hem Dress
Dress: c/o Madam Rage - Blazer: Glamorous - Shoes: New Look - Bracelet: Primark

I removed the feather tie belt and swapped my fringed waistcoat for this classic pale pink blazer. I don't like to dress too over the top at weddings and I expect all my guests to return the favour some day! I wanted a cute, pretty look, so swapped my cowboy boots for these nude pumps.

Madam Rage Bead Neck Dress

The beading is still noticeable but I think it looks less boho with this blazer over the top, it's just sweet. I also removed my fedora hat and swapped my jewellery for a classic flower bracelet.

Madam Rage Dress Review

This bead neck dipped hem dress is extremely versatile and you can achieve a dressier evening look with a few quick changes. Cobalt blue always works well with nude and I just love wearing this colour. The dip hem is also perfect for dancing in when the wedding reception starts! 

At only £28 it's a bargain wedding outfit. This one is a size 8 and I'd say it fits true to size, I like that the feather tie belt that comes with it is detachable, I'll definitely be using that with other dresses!

Do you think this look is suitable for a wedding?

T - Currently on a beach because this is a scheduled post... See what I'm up to! XoX
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Madam Rage Blogger Challenge Part 1: Festival Look

Thursday 18 July 2013

I was recently invited by Madam Rage to take part in their Blogger Style ChallengeI was allowed to choose my favourite dress and then given the task of styling it for both a festival and a wedding. 

I opted for this really cute blue dress because it screams festival fashion and I'm obsessed with the colour blue and anything dip hem.

Madam Rage Bead Neck Dipped Hem Dress
Dress: c/o Madam Rage - Fringed waistcoat: c/o TK Maxx - Fedora: H&M - Cowboy boots: Steve Madden - Ring: My Flash Trash

There are lots of reasons to love this beadneck dipped hem dress (£28). Firstly, it's really affordable. I would definitely expect to pay almost double the price for a dress of this quality. The beadwork is gorgeous and I really love the cute little feather belt.

Madam Rage Blogger Challenge

The beading is probably my favourite design feature, the sweet wooden beads are just so boho! Chiffon is extremely cool and flattering so this is perfect festival wear. 

Madam Rage Festival Look

I paired my dress with an oversized fringed waistcoat from TK Maxx, a fedora, some simple jewellery and my favourite Steve Madden cowboy boots. Because this dress is dip hem, it's also perfect for wearing with wellies! It is slightly sheer so I recommend wearing a nude underslip underneath.

What do you think of this festival look? Please stay tuned for part 2 of this blogger challenge tomorrow!

T - This is a scheduled post. Click here to see what I'm up to in Barbados! XoX
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SS13 Monochrome Trend at Mina Clothing!

Wednesday 17 July 2013

I can't quite believe I'm embracing the SS13 monochrome trend in today's outfit post! I was anti-monochrome until the day I spotted this awesome blazer from Mina. I think sometimes black and white can be a bit boring but this is one of my favourite outfits of the year so far.

monochrome blazer
Mina inner city abstract printed blazer
Inner city abstract printed blazer c/o Mina - Top: Topshop - Skirt: H&M - Fedora: H&M - Belt: Topshop - Necklace: Low Luv x Erin Wasson - Cowboy boots: c/o Steve Madden

I first noticed the maze print blazer (£52) on the gorgeous Kim from Sweet Monday. I love the oversized fit and although it's listed as a blazer, it looks more like a kimono to me! It also comes in a beautiful pink and white colour but I think this monochrome version makes a great statement piece.

Mina maze print blazer

I like how loose and lightweight it is, it's perfect for summer but its also a great transitional piece for AW13. Since it's so warm at the moment, I decided to pair it with a cute lace skirt from H&M. My 'star power' gel nails seem to really stand out with this outfit which I love. I hope you like this look as much as I do!

*This is a scheduled post because I'm currently sunning myself in Barbados! If you want to see what I'm up to, be sure to hit up our Instagram and Facebook page.*

Are you a fan of monochrome?

T - Busy getting my 'tan on'. XoX
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They're Not Violet's Knickers, THEY'RE MINE!!

Tuesday 16 July 2013

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win some designer lingerie from Violet's Knickers, a Ludique Luscious bra and knicks set worth £76! I just had to show you guys before I wore it because I know some of you are really into pretty scanties like me.

The Ludique Luscious set is made to order (squee!) and features a bikini style, front fastening racerback bra and cute briefs with cut out sides. I'm quite well blessed in the chest department but this bra still gives me plenty of support which is cool, let's face it though, this probably isn't the sort of lingerie that you'll wear for doing the supermarket run ;) PICS!

The material is a cotton tulle giving a sporty mesh appearance, and it's super soft, I can barely feel it against my skin which is exactly what you want in lingerie. The colour is just gorgeous, I can't even describe it, it's like a really bright cornflower blue maybe? 

I can imagine Jessie J rocking this set, the high waisted pants and sport luxe racerback bra remind me of the outfits in her new video for Wild

Violet's Knickers is probably my fave lingerie store right now, the styles are always amazing but they are now showcasing a brand new range, Elai, and it's breaking my heart! Eva Lai launched Elai after graduating from London College of Fashion and her graduate collection was featured on vogue.co.uk and tatler.com! Now VK has Eva's first collection with all items made to order and it's STUNNING! 

Get yourself signed up to the newsletter if this is your sort of thing, and I've also got the site bookmarked in my favourites. Dear boyfriend, you know what to do. Lots of love, J x

J - Expensive taste!
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