Dream Outfit of the Week....

Wednesday 29 February 2012

This is my kind of Spring look, a bit of sport luxe with a nod to nature. Of course, this is something I put together in my head. In reality I might just manage to get my paws on the dress, shoes and the ring, watch this space, but for now, a girl can dream!
Dream Outfit

The gorgeous taupe leather jacket is from Reiss, as is my fave piece of the moment, the Camilla grey dress, I think it could be so versatile and a key part of my S/S wardrobe.

The wedge trainers are the Ash Bowie's, which are waaaay up there on my must haves this season. The jewellery is by Les Nereides at Debenhams, there's something about this set that I keep coming back to, I hope it sales soon!

And finally, the bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs at Net-A-Porter. It's perfect in every way, siiiiiigh! You have just got to have a touch of neon this season, but I want more than a touch - I want this!

I gots to get me a second job...

J - Warming to the warm weather ;)

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BRR-RING, BRRR-RING! Debenhams Calling!

Tuesday 28 February 2012

I am literally (there's that word again) wanting a ring for every finger from Debenhams lately, I can't resist the amazing animal themed ones and there are A LOT! Here are my top 5. I figure I should probably space them out when wearing them all at once so 10 might be overdoing it a tad...

Star by Julian Macdonald Gold Crystal Owl Stretch Ring, £10 - my favourite, I heart owls in any form :)

Star by Julian Macdonald Silver Leopard Print Stretch ring, £10 - Love the curling shape, a different take on the usual snakes.

Jon Richard Moveable Crystal Turtle cocktail ring, £10 - I love the colours in this, plus errr, he moves?! I would not get any work done with this on my finger...

Mood by Jon Richard Gold Crystal Lizard Double Ring, £10 - This one is just fierce.

Betty Jackson.Black Brown Animal Print ring, £6 - The perfect leo print, and only £6 - MINE!

They're all so covetable, but I'll probably pick up the owl and the leopard pattern one first, I neeeeeed them!

J - Never enough fingers.
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Feb 27th 2012 is International Polar Bear Day!

Sunday 26 February 2012

Tomorrow is International Polar Bear Day!

To get into the spirit of things, I thought I'd don my Polar Bear SpiritHood, look up to the sky that we all share and send spiritual love to my fave bears :)

The lovely peeps at SpiritHoods have been donating 100% net proceeds to Polar Bears International and tomorrow is the last day so it's the perfect time to get your Polar Bear on and help keep them happy in their snowy climes for a long time to come!

J - Roller Polar.
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Saturday Style - Elephants on the Runway!

Saturday 25 February 2012

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The weather has been pleasantly mild this week so today I decided to break out of the skinnies and boots and head for a brighter, springier look of flares and heels :)

The jeans are MiH Jeans Marrakesh flares, now on sale from Have To Love. These are my favourite flares, the length falls perfectly over my shoes no matter how high they are (so much so that I have to pull the ankles up to show these ones off - I'm NOT rocking ankle skimmers thank god!). I've teamed them with my fave old Wildfox tee, my amazing Charlotte Taylor elephant scarf and some fun mint green platform heels from Runway Shoes.

The scarf is beautiful, it makes me feel a bit special when I wear it, especially when it blows in the wind - I get all dramatic and Mariah on myself.

I can't believe these shoes were only £22.99, the colour is gorgeous and perfect for setting off the light mint in the scarf.

This outfit is probably my first foray into spring dressing this year. Baby steps I know but hey, I'm getting there!

J - Mint.
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Hanky Panky x Hello Kitty Coming To A Lingerie Drawer Near You June 2012!

Friday 24 February 2012

Okay, so this has been blogged to death over the last few days but I'm loving it too so it's getting rawred - one of our fave lingerie brands Hanky Panky is teaming up with long time girlfriend Hello Kitty for a super cute collab launching in June this year! I die for the white set - adorable!

For those of you looking to complete the look, the fun oversized bow hairbands in the promo pics are from Chubby Bunny, the home of officially licensed Sanrio Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny hairband bows which are $30, amazing!

Hanky Panky's really are a girls best friend, I find their knicks ridiculously comfortable AND they look hot, so I'm really excited to see this collab in summer yey! :)

J - Desperately Seeking Kitty.
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Eyeball Seesaw - H&M sweater!

Sunday 19 February 2012

I had one of those must have moments yesterday. I walked past H&M, glanced in and saw the most amazing jumper by the door, it was gold and I actually thought to myself 'Noel Fielding jumper' as I veered off to the left towards it! I picked it up and BF said, 'Looks like something Noel wears on Luxury Comedy', I was like - 'I know right?!'. It was only £9.99 (also available online) and I didn't even try it on. I adore this thing, my only gripe is that it's a size L and it's still snug, yet I'm only a 12 on top. For me, this type of jumper needs to be a little oversize but hey ho. Here we are in our luxury comedic glory....

Check out the shine, it reminds me of chainmail despite just being a painted effect on wool! Feeling further inspired by Noel, I used orange, silver and blue shadows on my eyes and donned my glam gold We Are Faux Rubia lashes :) I also thought myself quite hilarious in deciding to wear my Debenhams Red Herring Unicorn ring, a la Fantasy Man who is definitely one of my fave characters from the new series.

I've had these Iron Fist wedges since last summer and have only wore them a few times, and possibly only picced them on here once before, but they are perfectly matched for this sweater so I'm sure they'll be getting a few more wears from now on.

I usually shop H&M online but I was really impressed with what they had in store yesterday, I honestly could've picked loads up. Hurrah for Noel sweaters!

J - It was the only thing on the list!
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Sunday 12 February 2012


Coco Marie are an amazing online (and instore if you're lucky enough to live nearby!) boutique, stocking the hottest brands such as Evil Twin, Mink Pink, Juicy Couture, J Brand and our new fave things, Model Mirror!

Model Mirror's are designed to light up the night when a touch-up is called for! For a taste of superstar pampering in the palm of your hand, these compact mirrors have 8 embedded natural LED lights (arranged to emulate a backstage makeup mirror!) which light up with the push of a button. They come in a range of fun, glam and modern styles priced between £19 - £22, and also boast a tres helpful 2x magnification, luxurious drawstring pouch/polishing cloth, replaceable battery and they come gift boxed!

Dim the lights, it's time for your close up....

This is my 'Excuse Moi' style. It reminds me of Miss Piggy, and I love the bold statement, very diva-ish! I actually couldn't believe how bright but natural the lights are, be gone tiny eyebrow hairs!

These beauty tools make perfect gifts, and Coco Marie have kindly given us 2 to give away in a Twitter competition - the hot pink Lush Leopard and the super hot black and gold Hippy Skull II! Each mirror will come wrapped in the gorgeous Coco Marie giftbags, perfect if you're feeling generous and want to gift your prize! Yeah, AS IF! ;)

So how do you enter to win one of these must haves? Here's the deets!

Step 1 - Follow @TheStyleRawr and @CocoMarieUK on Twitter.

Step 2 - RT the following phrase!

I'm tweeting to win 1 of 2 light up Model Mirror's with @TheStyleRawr & @CocoMarieUK! Details http://bit.ly/ABUzTR Ends 20/02!

And that's it! The giveaway ends at the end of 20/02, you can tweet as much as you like to show us how much you really want one, and this giveaway is open worldwide - hurrah! Every tweet will go into the draw and the winners will be drawn at random on the evening of 20/02.

Meanwhile, if you can't wait to see if you win, Coco Marie are offering FREE DELIVERY on any Model Mirror, and you can get 15% off anything on the site (even the bargainous sale section - I got a Juicy Couture bracelet for £21 BEFORE the 15% off!) using code RAWR15 - whoop!

Good luck guys!

J & T - Dancing in the dark.
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Mr Fox Satchel from Chelsea Doll!

Saturday 11 February 2012

Gorgeous online jewellery and accessory store, Chelsea Doll, were kind enough to send me the Black Mr Fox Satchel (£18) after I tweeted about how much it reminded me of my cat Pele, with his big eyes, little Batman-esque mask and cute button nose! I absolutely adore it, and I used it for the first time today so I thought I'd do a little show and tell.

Here he is close up. Excuse me referring to it as 'he', I have a tendency to bring things to life! He's bigger than I thought he would be, he's labelled as a mini satchel but easily holds my huge purse and phone in the main part with room to spare because my lippie and keys sit safely in the interior zip pocket - perfect! The faux leather material is sturdy and doesn't look shiny or cheap as it has a nice grain to it. The strap is adjustable, feels comfortable to wear (I have it on the longest setting in these pics) and it's perfect for wearing across the body. Anyhoo, regardless of all these plus points, he is well worth the £18 price tag for his ears alone - cuuuuuute!

It's an eyecatching design and the white is so bright I decided to rock an all black, focus on the accessories kind of outfit. My skirt is a faux leather pleated Oasis mini, top is H&M and drape cardi is from AX Paris. My tights are Jonathan Aston, boots are Jeffrey Campbell and all my jewelz are from the new Wildfox range. I even kept my nails neutral, choosing a selection of Mavala nudes and spring greens.

While I was out shopping with Mr Fox, an older lady of 60+ snook up on me in the Dessert aisle to tell me that she loved how I looked today, and that if she was younger she would definitely buy my bag and boots for herself - bless! I was chuffed, it was so nice to be complimented by someone whose wardrobe has probably seen some amazing pieces over the years, things we would covet now as vintage, and it was very cool of her to still embrace our modern styles even if she does feel she couldn't get away with them these days! I hope I'm just as stylish as her in 30 years time, I can't wait to stylestalk the young un's in M&S! :)

The Mr Fox Satchel, £18, is also available in pink and brown from Chelsea Doll. Every spring wardrobe would benefit from this awesome bag, even if it doesn't remind you of your pretty kitteh, it's still fantastically foxy!

J - Big love for mini satchels.
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Boys Who Aren't Stupid, Don't Get Rocks Thrown At Them When They Go To Chicks Rule For Val's Day!

Thursday 9 February 2012

I've loved Chicks Rule since I bought a super cute pair of 'I'm A Fox' PJ's from them years ago, then continued to harrass my friend Wendy with 'Trendy Wendy' gifts from there every chance I got (bless her for putting up with me!), so I thought I'd show you a few of the fun things they've got for the less romantic, more fun and games peeps out there this Valentine's Day :)

Show your man how you really feel with this David and Goliath To Women From God badge, just £1!

What guy doesn't want a pic of his girl's chesticles on his fridge? So give him this David and Goliath Photo Of My Melons fridge magnet (£2.50) with his heart shaped chocolate. Obviously ;)

And boys, Val's Day isn't just about secsi lingerie. I would adore this Sweet Lovin' Vest (£16) and Knicks (£7) set just as much - the knicks even come with a fortune cookie!

There are absolutely tons of fun things like this in Chicks Rule which makes it perfect for when you are normally ushered to buy divvy gifts for occasions like Valentine's Day! I long to live near a store but I have to find solace in tinterwebz, still, tons to choose from!

My next buy (whilst not romance related but too amazing to not show you) is definitely this David and Goliath Purrrrple Rain tee, £20 - HOW CUTE?! I see a cat, I see Prince, I see a cat in a Prince costume - I die. It's really that simple.


J - Stupid Factory Rulez.
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Therapy - I Need To Talk About It....

Tuesday 7 February 2012

So my New Years Resolution was to stay away from unnecessary purchases, and I did, for most of January - yey me. However, I now have to deal with the backlash of this, a February of constant WANTING. In order to get some sort of relief from this pain (at least until my car has passed it's MOT!) I have decided to share my most wanted pretties with you guys, so here goes...

1) Motel Jordan Skinny Jeans in Speed Galaxy Print, £48.
I don't have to spell it out do I? THE number one summer skinny for me. If my car doesn't pass the MOT and needs major work (salute), I can afford these by selling old shizz on Ebay regardless. MINE.

2)Wildfox Couture He Shot me Down leopard Dress, $210 - Wildfox Couture.
You see, I made the classic mistake of telling myself I would look and feel awesome in this once I've lost that stone by the end of March ready for summer, so now I need it. I can afford this if my car passes the MOT needing no more than a coat of wax.

3)Ash Bowie Grey Boots, £149 - Zalando.
I have only today realised I need these for summer, and now they're all I can think about. I can afford these if my car passes the MOT after needing new shoes himself i.e. tyres. Unfortunately he has 4 feet - pah.

4)Happily Ever After Ring, £10 - Cheap Frills.
I love the simplicity of this ring, who doesn't want it all to end this way? I can afford this even if my car turns into a Decepticon, hacks my bank account and robs me of everything I have, because I have a tenner in my purse - hurrah!

So I know I can buy at least 1 thing from my immediate wants list on payday next week, time and the car gods will tell if I can get the rest. No spend January was a bad idea, did anyone else do the same and feeling the pain now? OUCH!

J - Orrrrrr, I could get my bike out....
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A Complete Review of the Eylure x Katy Perry False Lashes!

Saturday 4 February 2012

I love Eylure false lashes and I love Katy Perry so I've been waiting for this collab to land for a good while now! I got my paws on the whole set this morning and as it's a snowy day, I set to trying them all out for you guys!

There are 4 styles in the new range at £5.95 - £6.95 from Boots, Superdrug and the usual suspects...
Sweetie Pie - A demure, natural hair lash on a light band.
Oh Honey! - A cross lash style on a light band, fluffy and flirty!
Cool Kitty - A spikey style on a strong band.
Oh My! - A layered double lash on a strong band.

Here we go...

Sweetie Pie in the box...

Sweetie Pie on the eye...A natural hair lash that is ideal for daytime, these are very slight but still manage to define your eyes nicely, especially with a pastel shadow. Personally I prefer the Eylure Nicola Roberts lashes with the sidekicks for a stronger daytime look.

Oh Honey! in the box...

Oh Honey! on the eye...I LOVE these ones, they're super light to wear but have a really full appearance, probably my fave of the 4.

Cool Kitty in the box...

Cool Kitty on the eye...I've never really been a fan of spikey styles like these just because I prefer a fluffy appearance, but they are cool for a night time look if you find the double lashes too heavy.

Oh My! in the box...

Oh My! on the eye...Very dense, double layered lashes for a dramatic look. They definitely do the job, look how thick they are! This style definitely looks better with full, strong eye makeup. One blink and these bad boys will blow everyone away!

You also get a cute little sticker with each style, which I thought was a nice touch. You can kind of see Kathy Beth Terry sticking them on her school locker! ;)

Overall, I'm loving the collection, as I knew I would. Eylure can't really go wrong for me, I'm a sucker for these collaborations because you know you're still going to get that amazing Eylure quality, with a bit of fun on the side! Hopefully, Katy will come back for a second round, like Girls Aloud did with the Festival range, and perhaps run with a similar line, I'm imagining candy floss pink and electric blue with glitter ahoy - YES PLEASE!

J - T.G.I.F - Thank God It's FALSE!
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WE HEART RAIN! The Heart Umbrella from FindMeAGift!

Thursday 2 February 2012

I was beaming when Find Me A Gift sent me this amazing umbrella for a stab at a Valentines Day gifts post, the Heart Umbrella is currently £12.99 in the sale reduced from £18.99 (so a bargain!), and comes in 3 colours; red, pink and hot pink! I took it to work last week and literally entered the office to a chorus of 'Oooooooh where is your brolly from?!' from the girls!

I took it down to the waterfront with me last weekend and had a play with it, it wasn't raining but it was a tad windy and it held it's own, whilst keeping the seagulls at bay and attracting a lot of attention from duck feeders (the trials and tribulations of blogging eh?!)! Can you believe how cute it is?

It would make a perfect addition to any Valentines Day gifts ideas for the more practical lady in your life; it's super sturdy and covers all (SO fed up of flimsy umbrella's!), really individual and very covetable! It's also perfect for a summer parasol too, especially if you bought the pink ones - for those Mary Poppins moments or a picnic in the park ;)

Check Find Me A Gift out for even more creative gift ideas, I HEART them (hee hee).

J - You can stand under my umber-ell-aahhhh.
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