A Complete Review of the Eylure x Katy Perry False Lashes!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I love Eylure false lashes and I love Katy Perry so I've been waiting for this collab to land for a good while now! I got my paws on the whole set this morning and as it's a snowy day, I set to trying them all out for you guys!

There are 4 styles in the new range at £5.95 - £6.95 from Boots, Superdrug and the usual suspects...
Sweetie Pie - A demure, natural hair lash on a light band.
Oh Honey! - A cross lash style on a light band, fluffy and flirty!
Cool Kitty - A spikey style on a strong band.
Oh My! - A layered double lash on a strong band.

Here we go...

Sweetie Pie in the box...

Sweetie Pie on the eye...A natural hair lash that is ideal for daytime, these are very slight but still manage to define your eyes nicely, especially with a pastel shadow. Personally I prefer the Eylure Nicola Roberts lashes with the sidekicks for a stronger daytime look.

Oh Honey! in the box...

Oh Honey! on the eye...I LOVE these ones, they're super light to wear but have a really full appearance, probably my fave of the 4.

Cool Kitty in the box...

Cool Kitty on the eye...I've never really been a fan of spikey styles like these just because I prefer a fluffy appearance, but they are cool for a night time look if you find the double lashes too heavy.

Oh My! in the box...

Oh My! on the eye...Very dense, double layered lashes for a dramatic look. They definitely do the job, look how thick they are! This style definitely looks better with full, strong eye makeup. One blink and these bad boys will blow everyone away!

You also get a cute little sticker with each style, which I thought was a nice touch. You can kind of see Kathy Beth Terry sticking them on her school locker! ;)

Overall, I'm loving the collection, as I knew I would. Eylure can't really go wrong for me, I'm a sucker for these collaborations because you know you're still going to get that amazing Eylure quality, with a bit of fun on the side! Hopefully, Katy will come back for a second round, like Girls Aloud did with the Festival range, and perhaps run with a similar line, I'm imagining candy floss pink and electric blue with glitter ahoy - YES PLEASE!

J - T.G.I.F - Thank God It's FALSE!


  1. Oooh, I like it! I've yet to try falsies but would definitely be convinced by these!

    The Awesome Lady

  2. Oh man, these are amazing! I can't get the hang of false lashes at all.

  3. I've been trying to find a review with photos of these lashes on for god knows how long and finally came across your blog, thank yoooou! I'm never that adventurous with lashes but always want something that's 'my lashes but better'. I think the first ones may be the way to go! x

  4. Yey! thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

    Steph, so glad we could help! :)

    J x


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