WIN! £25 each for 2 lucky Rawrers to spend at!

Sunday 28 November 2010


We are in love with, it's official. You see something pretty yet seemingly unattainable online, you check SB, it's there! They are THAT spot on with what's hot around the world! They stock the hottest brands, have amazing sales and are super generous with their discount codes (STYLERAWR for 25% off anyone?!) so we are super happy to announce that our new giveaway is for 2 LUCKY RAWRERS TO WIN A £25 VOUCHER EACH to spend at!

Let's seeeeee, if we had £25 to spend at SB, what would WE get?!

This One Teaspoon HATER tee is an amazing price at just £25!

We would die and come back to life, but sparklier with the Me and Zena Love Bites Vampire Ring, £12!

And okay, you know we would be putting £40 towards a Snow Leopard Spirit Hood at just £64.99!

So how do you win? This one is easy. Follow these 3 steps and you're on your way!

1) You must be a blog follower to take part, because you guys are the best and we love to see you all commenting! Follow the blog and leave a comment (anything!) on this post, Twitter and Facebook entries won't be accepted if there isn't a matching comment here so this is tres important!

For EXTRA entries...

2) Follow us on Facebook here and just comment on the wall!


3) Follow @TheStyleRawr and @SpoiledBratUK on Twitter and tweet the following phrase!
I am a #RAWRER sent from @TheStyleRawr and I want to spend £25 at @SpoiledBratUK! Enter here x

We know a lot of our followers already follow us on FB, and on Twitter, and probably follow Spoiled Brat on there too, so this should be easy!

So that's a maximum number of 3 entries per blog follower :)

The winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries, using on Friday 10th December 7pm, both winners will be notified shortly afterwards. As ships internationally, this contest is open worldwide but please note that all shipping costs are payable by the customer, the £25 voucher does not cover this cost, or any other costs that could be incurred from international shipping. For more information on international shipping, please check here.

Thanks y'all, thanks to the fabulous too, and GOOD LUCK!!

J & T - total spoiled brats!
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Ally Over the Ocean's Iron Fist Shoe Collection!

Serious. Shoe. Envy. No-one on the corner got swagger like A, especially when she's wearing a pair of these bad boys. Can anyone else say they have such a huge collection of Iron Fist shoes?! And I'm told this isn't the full collection! Ally, we salute you!

I'll be damned if I can't see a pair in there that I don't want!
Ally buys all her Iron Fist from Hot Topic stores in USA, but if like us you're in UK, check out their lookbooks here then find a local stockist here!

Another Ally Over the Ocean Iron Fist review coming later!

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Markus Lupfer LOVE.

Saturday 27 November 2010

While shop stalking one of our favouritest online stores, Net-A-Porter, we spotted some GORGEOUS new pieces by Markus Lupfer that we absolutely need in our lives ASAP!

Saint cotton T-shirt, £95- Net-A-Porter.
For all those good girls (like MOI) out there.

Sinner cotton T-shirt, £95- Net-A-Porter.
For the good girls gone bad ;)

These are definitely the best slogan tees I've seen since the Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Off the deep end' tee (that I still ADORE & cherish). So, er, someone buy me the Saint one for my birthday!? PLEASE!?

Wild cotton T-shirt, £100- Net-A-Porter.
Us Rawr girls are officially wild at heart & this tee would look PERFECT worn with our Spirit Hoods... *RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWR*!

Oh You Pretty Thing merino wool sweater, £225- Net-A-Porter.
My pretttttty! Sparkly, sparkly. Also available in grey, this cute jumper is perfect to keep away the winter cold while still looking utterly fabulous.

Sunday Best merino wool sweater, £195- Net-A-Porter.
I love how Net-A-Porter styled this jumper- I'll call it comfy chic! Again, a great way to stay wrapped up (England is a bit like a fridge freezer right now), while looking like the stylish fashionistas we all are.

The Sequin Spell cotton T-shirt, £140- Net-A-Porter.
"...And now you're MINE!" Oh so magical & witchy-rific. I'm obsessed with all things mystical *cough* Harry Potter *cough* and being able to incorporate that into my wardrobe!? Erm. SO cool.

We adore how playful & fun Markus Lupfer's tees/knitwear are! A bit like Jessica Kagan Cushman, we'd LOVE to be on the team responsible for coming up with all these slogans. Brilliant.

ML needs to adopt me. T XoX

All images credited to Net-A-Porter.
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Paws Up For and SpiritHoods!

So since stumbling across SpiritHoods on our regular trawls of the US online boutiques a few months back we have been more than desperate for one each, and now we have them - eeeeeek!!! The AMAZING stocks them here in UK (because they have super intuitive ideas of what's hot right now!) and we couldn't be more grateful to them!

T got the yummy Full leopard Hood, £125. SpiritHoods come with an inspiring description of the type of person = the chosen animal. As T chose Leopard her personality is described as 'The Leopard Spirit is able to blend in to many different circumstances with ease. People with this spirit find comfort in many different social situations yet also appreciate being alone. Often territorial and protective the Leopard naturally commands respect, without needing to demand it.' This is spot on, T is a natural commander of R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

I got my paws on the Full Polar Bear, £115. As a Polar Bear I am described as 'The Polar Bear is a protector. People with the Polar Bear spirit tend to look out for those around them. They are focused and goal driven animals, knowing what they need and doing whatever it takes to get it.' Yes, I am totally focused and know what I need, demonstrated by the 'Jade Wants For Xmas' favourites file on the lappy for BF to see!

They are PERFECT for this weather and boy do you get some jealz stares! Fully lined with satin, complete with discreet zipper pocket in the scarf section, and with a button fastening (which I used to keep it on when I wanted to lower the hood) they are an uber luxe version of the high street trappers and animal beanies. The faux fur is SUPER soft and the little 'pawkets' look adorable when you slip your chilly paws into them! It's also nice to know that SpiritHoods as a company contribute to the conservation of the gorgeous creatures they emulate with the Product BLUE items, where a portion of the price paid is donated to charity, read about it here on their own webby!

Check out the other styles available at, maybe you are a Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard or Panda? Treat yourself using our exclusive 25% off code - STYLERAWR!

RAWR!! J & T x x x
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Clothing At Tesco Giveaway - WINNER!

Friday 26 November 2010

So after careful deliberation worthy of Project Runway (that's RUNWAY peeps, we prefer to forget about CATWALK), we are pleased to announce that the winner of the £30 Tesco voucher, courtesy of the lovelies at Clothing At Tesco is.......


Alison chose this HOT Embellished Shift Dress at £22, and this Studded Bag at just £5!

It's an expensive, chic look and no-one would ever believe you had change from £30!

Congratulations Alison! We will be in touch via Twitter with details of how to claim the prize!

If you missed out this time, do not fear as we have another voucher giveaway launching this weekend for 2 winners! Eyes peeled fashionistas!

Thanks to everyone for entering!

Byeeeee, J & T x x x
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Boys Toys - A Gift Guide ;)

Thursday 25 November 2010

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It's that time of year again - CHRISTMAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!! But the present buying for the man in your life gets harder every time because like a good un', you want to stay original right? That's were we hope to help with some cool new bits that he probably hasn't seen.....

Take him back to his childhood schooldayz with this fun but tres stylish MANS bag from lifestyle GURU's Adidas ;) Adidas x Star Wars Boba Fett Backpack, £40 - Shop Adidas UK While you're there you should probably check out the Luke Skywalker Good Football Jersey, £60. If I post a pic of it here I might explode from the adorableness. Oh what the hellz, let's do it!

What guy doesn't like a bit of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'?! Like Peter Griffin, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe in Family Guy, they secretly love to belt it out GLEE style so why not let him wear it on his chest with this sweet Chaser LA Journey 1983 Japan Tour tshirt, £40 from Maybe DON'T tell him hottie Zac Efron has one exactly like it, it's like, THAT close to putting body glitter on your man and asking him to call you Bella. In his eyes.

Bright and fun PC (polycarbonate) watches are HUGE (think LTD), but if your man is more RDJ than JLS, why not treat him to a more discerning PC style?
Boss Orange have recently released a brand new range of mens PC watches in white, black, grey and khaki - and I LOVE them ;) Check out this bad boy White Bezel style at just £115, and that's not the cheapest!

Okay, this one is total silliness, but don't pretend you're not intrigued to see if these Beer Soaps, £4.99 each from Firebox, really have the individual smells of Newcastle Brown Ale, Stella, Guinness and Kronenbourg, that only a contestant on vintage gameshow YOU BET!, or your beer obsessed man, could tell apart?!

And last but not least, a fun alternative to a winter hat, a SpiritHood! My BF put my Polar Bear Full Hood on last night and looked cute as a button, as does their model here, so why the bejiggity not?! Check out the full range of mens hoods here at SpiritHoods, or find this adorable Half Leopard at, £64.99. RAWR.

And that's it for now, see anything you like for your unsuspecting other half? ;)

All images are credited as linked, with thanks.

J - Stand by your man.
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Yeah, I think I'd look hot in this, and what!? ;)

Wednesday 24 November 2010

So I was testing our new clickable to and I saw this, the Veronica Sheer Bow Detail Dress at £29.99, and now I want. I think it has to be done, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an LBD so much. So simple, so flattering, and since I'm having my hair cropped into a similar style to the model in 3 weeks, so potentially 'new me'!

Image credited as linked.

J - could get VERY misguided.
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Forever 21 hits the UK!

3 years ago while in Miami, I walked into my first Forever 21 store. Since that day, I've been obsessing over it's crazy cheapness & waiting for it to grace our shores. We gave the US Topshop, it was only fair they give us Forever 21.

WELL, the wait is over!

With the day planned months in advance, @Browniekins & I took a trip to the Birmingham Bullring for the GRAND OPENING of the first ever UK Forever 21 store!

3 floors of awesome-ness, we ran past Amber Le Bon (who was prancing around & posing for pictures), to get straight to the good stuff! Grabbing a goodie bag as we sprinted into the thick of it, we were two girls on one serious shopping mission.

They had a strict 'no photography' policy but @Browniekins (always being one for danger) risked being told off by getting this undercover snap:

We were pleasantly surprised by the prices. We were scared they may do an 'Urban Outfitters' & add a HUGE mark up on their pieces- but they didn't-Hurrah. We spent 3 hours in there before lunching and returning!

Some bargains of the day:

Frayed Skinny Jeans, £21.80- F21.
The yummy @Browniekins looks adorable in her distressed skinnies. For only £20!? Scandalous!

Fame Or Love Slit Pullover Hoodie, £17.80- F21.
Rather Wildfox-esque, we can't believe how cheap this cute hoodie was! More affordable than H&M but SO much more than a basic hoodie!?

Faceted Rhinestone Oval Ring, £5.80- F21.
I spent a good 20 minutes digging through the countless bowls full of rings! So much finger candy that I had to resist from taking a whole bowl full & dumping it into my shopping bag. BLING love.

Save An Egg Tee, £7.80- F21.
After spotting this online, we scoured the store for this sweet tee & grabbed the last Small! So cheap we almost wanted to pay twice...ALMOST ;)

My goodie bag.

The whole operation seemed to be monitored by a bunch of expert Americans who were on hand and shouting orders at the Brit workers! A beautiful pint-sized American turned to me in the fitting room & asked "Are you EXCITED!?" Me: "Hell yeah!" Pint-sized beauty: "I knooooow, RIGHT!?". Gosh I love Americans.

If you aren't close enough to the Birmingham or Dublin stores (one has since opened there!), you can now shop online, which means nobody misses out! I've noticed they do deals on the webby and if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% off your first order!

Overall, a rather productive day with tons of stylish pieces purchased! My work colleagues may think I'm crazy for taking the day off work but they just don't get it. Only a fellow fashionista would. Amazing.

T's Forever 21 dream finally came true. XoX

Images credited to Forever 21.
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MOAR Charley 5.0!

Monday 22 November 2010

I just had to show another new pair of Charley 5.0's because I went on luxe alert and paired them with my L.A.M.B. Crowther heels, the gold overload looked so hot I had to pic it! The jegs have gold eyelets with a rope tie, oooh la laaaaa! Yes okay, I may have lifted that from the Jedward Nintendo ad ;)


J - I looove gooooollllllllld!!
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Charley 5.0 & Wildfox Couture Weekend Wardrobe Show & Tell!

Okay, so this is pic heavy, but BF is getting better and better at taking blog worthy pics so I have to post his handiwork!

So I recently got my paws on the RIDICULOUSLY HOT Charley 5.0 Studded Mama's Boy jegs in Khaki (they fit like a dream!) and the gorgeous Charley 5.0 Once A Cheetah jacket (the lining SLAYS me!).

The new season of Charley 5.0 is the sweetest yet, if you haven't seen it, you need to get over to Revolve Clothing STAT!

Add a touch of Wildfox and a piece or two of statement jewellery to the Charley hotness and what do you get? ME!

This is the Wildfox Couture 87 tee in Black (I can only find it in Red now, at Spoiled Brat, £59.50) - I ADORE the studs on this tee, and you can see my NEIVZ Custom Necklace ($79, NEIVZ) peeking out too, I seriously never take this thing off!

Add to this my new GOGO Philip bracelet, a heavy metal and super chic open bangle with chain detail (stocked in TopShop, check the GOGO webby!) and I'm good to go!

If anyone's wondering the leo boots were from Next last year ;)

Don't you just love a good show and tell?

J - Rollin' in my Charley 5.0.
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