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Saturday 27 November 2010

While shop stalking one of our favouritest online stores, Net-A-Porter, we spotted some GORGEOUS new pieces by Markus Lupfer that we absolutely need in our lives ASAP!

Saint cotton T-shirt, £95- Net-A-Porter.
For all those good girls (like MOI) out there.

Sinner cotton T-shirt, £95- Net-A-Porter.
For the good girls gone bad ;)

These are definitely the best slogan tees I've seen since the Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Off the deep end' tee (that I still ADORE & cherish). So, er, someone buy me the Saint one for my birthday!? PLEASE!?

Wild cotton T-shirt, £100- Net-A-Porter.
Us Rawr girls are officially wild at heart & this tee would look PERFECT worn with our Spirit Hoods... *RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWR*!

Oh You Pretty Thing merino wool sweater, £225- Net-A-Porter.
My pretttttty! Sparkly, sparkly. Also available in grey, this cute jumper is perfect to keep away the winter cold while still looking utterly fabulous.

Sunday Best merino wool sweater, £195- Net-A-Porter.
I love how Net-A-Porter styled this jumper- I'll call it comfy chic! Again, a great way to stay wrapped up (England is a bit like a fridge freezer right now), while looking like the stylish fashionistas we all are.

The Sequin Spell cotton T-shirt, £140- Net-A-Porter.
"...And now you're MINE!" Oh so magical & witchy-rific. I'm obsessed with all things mystical *cough* Harry Potter *cough* and being able to incorporate that into my wardrobe!? Erm. SO cool.

We adore how playful & fun Markus Lupfer's tees/knitwear are! A bit like Jessica Kagan Cushman, we'd LOVE to be on the team responsible for coming up with all these slogans. Brilliant.

ML needs to adopt me. T XoX

All images credited to Net-A-Porter.


  1. Oh I really want one of these now.... Sigh! Even if I could afford one, I'd never be able to make a decision, I want them all! hehe Damn you T! x

  2. I think you need the Spell one!! ;) I need the Saint or Wild one...It is my birthday soon! Muhahaha! T <3 XoX

  3. Want the Spell shirt.
    I think we should have one of each for when each of the moods hit us.

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