SOLD Design Lab Denim, New, Hawt- We LOVE!

Thursday 29 July 2010

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Self-confessed Denim Junkie T, REPORTING for duty!

Time for another Denim spotlight...Say hello to:

SOLD Design Lab are a HAWT new denim brand that have great styles, great washes and most importantly- a great fit.

We were lucky enough to be given their Holiday/Fall 2010 Lookbook, which is just FULL of swoon-worthy styles.

Some denim brands don't seem to understand that women come in all shapes and sizes but SOLD Design Lab have styles that can flatter ALL women!

Their denim is "pull on"...That's right, no zipper (but there's a button) and you just sort of *YANK* them up! Extremely form flattering, they hug your curves & makes you look & feel FABULOUS.

The brand is a bit exclusive right now (LOVE it!) but I've spotted that currently you can buy SOLD Design Lab Denim from Tee-Zone!

For more information visit their official website HERE. I'll let you know if I hear about more stockists & i'll do an updated blog post if we get anymore HAWT, topsecret information on them ;)

I'd love to get my paws on a pair! T XoX

Images credited to: Dietch PR
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Review- Phil Smith's Heat Protection Irons Straightening Mist!

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If you read J's review of Phil Smith's Big It Up Shampoo and Big It Up Conditioner HERE, you will already know that we were lucky enough to win a STACKLOAD of Phil Smith haircare products from Glamour magazine...& that we're doing a review of the products as and when we use them!

Phil Smith has more than twenty years in the industry and is one of the most trusted, skillful and inspirational names in the business, his products have won multiple awards! His ranges can be bought online at KMI Club and are also available at Sainburys! :)

Heat Protection Irons Straightening Mist:

Source 1.

Unlike J (who was born with the best hair on the planet), I have to work at my locks! I like them SUPER sleek and super HOT. This requires straightening...

I'm always worried about using my irons everyday & take my haircare very seriously. When J posted some Phil Smith - Be Gorgeous goodies down to me, I was excited yet WARY of this new heat protection spray!

The smell of hair products is EXTREMELY important to me. When I'm getting ready at 7am in the morning, I cannot work with overpowering, yucky scents that make me feel sick. I've had this is the past & I've been known to throw out heat sprays after 2 uses...I show NO mercy.


I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I was with the scent of this spray...Lets just say it's a rather familiar scent that smells quite "DELICIOUS"...So if you're a fan of that, you will be a fan of this ;) NOM!

Great protection (my hair doesn't feel like it's frazzling) & it goes on well- it's very 'misty' ;) It's hard to believe that it's only £3.99 because this product feels A LOT more expensive.

The only thing that scares me now, is that it's going to run out...I'm planning to stock up this weekend! I'm completely in love with it and I've already recommended it to atleast 5 friends.

So ladies, ditch whatever heat protection spray you're using now & get this bad boy. It's by far the BESTEST & it smells DELICIOUS!

T <3


P.S Check out Paul's official facebook page HERE!

Images credited to their sources.
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What's Hawt? Topshop- British Fashion, Too Cool for Skool.

I think Topshop is one of those stores that us Brits take for granted. Can you honestly imagine the UK highstreet without Topshop? Er...NO!

Leather Stud Slouch Bag, £120 -Topshop.

If I had to live inside one store, it would 100% be the Oxford Street, London Topshop. It's the most beautiful store on the planet. Fact.

Zip Swing Frill Neck Blouse, £35-Topshop.

The great thing about Topshop is that if you pick the right pieces, you can wear them every year without them going "out of fashion".
VELOCITY Heavy Studs Pumps, £22- Topshop.

It's extremely affordable yet it pays such CLOSE attention to catwalk trends.

Embroidered Mesh Top, £28- Topshop.

I have many Topshop items from more than 5 years ago, which are still GORGEOUS and in perfect condition.

ANARCHY Multi Buckle Wedges, £80- Topshop.

Before the US Topshop website launched, so many of my US fashionista friends were desperate for toppers. I've posted many a parcel overseas for a gorgeous fashionista in need...

They just had to get their Topshop fix!

Ruddle Rose Bib, £18- Topshop.

J & I are constantly on 'Topshop Watch', if there's an item one of us NEEDS & it's not online/is sold out in our local store, then we check ALL the stores in our nearest cities until we get our paws on it! We're dedicated baby.

Drape Front Waistcoat, £40- Topshop.

So this blog post is just us appreciating Topshop. We're sorry if we take you for granted, you rock our socks & we wouldn't be able to get dressed without you! ;)


All images credited to: Topshop.
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Rebecca Taylor F/W10 - Wrap Me Up In Leo!

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Rebecca Taylor is one of those designers that I imagine must know I exist somewhere because her lines feel like they speak to me personally, there is usually an element of animal print in there somewhere (the F/W09 Leopard Skinny Trousers pretty much killed me) and the models always look so fierce coming down the runway.

So I was browsing the ShopBop New In section (an essential lunchtime activity) when I had one of those scroll-stare-click-drool moments - Leopard print Rebecca Taylor winter outerwear.

Now anyone who knows me could tell you I have a massive leopard print addiction, and I have accepted my downfall and embrace it wholly, but these pieces rocked me hard.

Firstly, the Zip Front Hoodie, $395.
This fine lambswool knit in pale grey and powder pink makes for a really luxurious leo print, the shape is ideal for layering (another example of Rebecca Taylor Loves Jade) and as a practically permanent hoodie wearer, I pretty much need this in my life!

The Puffa Parka, $550 is a yummy down filled puffa jacket with snap off hood :)

It's total Serena in Gossip Girl NY winter chic, imagine with super skinnies or leggings and over the knee flat boots? I want it to snow now!

Finally, the super cute and totally wearable on top of everything in my closet, Puffa Vest $395, a snow leopard down filled super light sleeveless jacket with removeable hood and belt.

This would look cool layered over a chunky sweater and maybe denim shorts with tights and boots, or again with skinnies and boots, maybe a sweater dress on top.... This is my usual train of thought when I see something I like, try to keep up ;)

So, although there is a Rebecca Taylor Online Store , if you're outside of the USA/Canada like moi shipping is cheaper if you buy from Shopbop. If we're lucky, ASOS and Net-A-Porter who stock RT in the UK might get these bad boys and then we can avoid those nasty custom charges *happy dance* Get onto it guys, STAT! :)

All images credited to Rebecca Taylor and Shopbop, with thanks.

J - Waiting for Winter! x
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Nommy Items I'm LUSTING over & needinmyliferightNOW!

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If J & I were rich girls, just the sight of our closets would be sure to turn you all GREEN with envy! ;)

Below are just some of the items that I totally #needinmyliferightNOW but my purse (its evil!) just won't let me purchase...YET! ;)

Joss Studded Ankle Brogue Boots by Sam Edelman.

These are just PERFECT for A/W. Tucked into a pair of favourite skinnies or worn with a cute dress & tights, these are HAWT.

Mini Rio Feather in Black by Angel Jackson.
£222- Angel Jackson.

How pretty is this bag? I LOVE it. Paired with a simple LBD, all the other girls in the room would be JEALOUS! ;)

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Button Charm Necklace by Disney Couture.
£42.95-Accessories Online.

I ADORE this limited edition necklace. It's SO sweet, I love the detailing...I really need it :X

Maury Skinny Cargo By Frankie B.
$174- Frankie B.

I'm obsessed with these Frankie B. Cargos...But I'm sure u figured that out already!

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Tee by Wildfox.
£70- Spoiled Brat.

^My favourite new Wildfox A/W tee...I need it to add to my WF collection! I used to love that show as a kid! ;)

Carson Work Knee Boot in Black Leather by Office.

I love my work boots. These are SO perfect for those wetter/colder months that will soon hit little England...YUM!

SO who wants to dribble with me over this lot!? DELICIOUS!!! ;)

T needs these fabulous items in her life...


All images credited to their sources.
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Wednesday 28 July 2010

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The online designer store has been a firm favourite of mine for years now, my go-to place over the years for brands such as Siwy, Wheels & Dollbaby, Wildfox Couture and more recently my new faves Black Orchid and Sauce. It's glossy magazine style layout complete with moodboards and designer bios is like flicking through a Robert Pattinson calendar - super pleasurable and more than fulfilling! The service has always been top notch in my opinion, deliveries are fast and well presented with an amazing aftercare including free returns! is my kind of store, they don't just stock the hottest new brands, they introduce you to the hottest new brands. As a long time US online boutique stalker, it's cool to see a UK based online boutique stocking the same labels that my fave US boutiques are listing. The same labels that the hot celebs like Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie, Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox, Katy Perry et al are all currently seen out and about in.

Co-owner Natalie Jameson says, "...The goal at is to offer up those hard to find, exclusive/killer labels, the 'new names on the fashion beat', and the 'what's hot right now' by the 'cool crowd of tomorrow'. We mix the expensive with the more affordable, throw in all the seasonal 'must-haves', and then for good measure, add the essential yet stand-out staple lines. We deliver the fashion-forward their fix - the ultimate mix of Luxe meets incredibly Cool. "

Couldn't have said it better myself, Natalie really sums the shopping experience up, I love the Luxe meets Cool idea as that's exactly what me & T always strive for when putting a look together :)

The new collections are due in soon (I can't wait to see what they have in store for us this season) but in the meantime there is an AMAZING sale going on. Over the last few days, I've spied Siwy jeans starting at £30, Wildfox Couture starting at just £18, Jeffrey Campbell shoes at around £35 and Gypsy 05 at less than half price! Also right now until midnight tomorrow you can get 20% off all long leg denims (including sale items!) using the code JEANIUS. Click through and grab some style STAT!

All images credited to, with thanks.

J - long time Bunny Hugger :)
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Sneak Peek of A/W10 Kandee Hotness!


If you aren't already familiar with these Kandee Shoes Blue Raspberry Dragee studded heels that we have been mercilessly teased with over the last few weeks, where have you been? These gorgeous pastel heels have been wowing every fashionista on the block! Estimated to retail at around £150, quantities will be limited so head over to Kandee Shoes now and contact them to get your name on a list!

Anyway, now the guys at Kandee Shoes have let slip a little something more to wet our shoe loving appetites for the new collection, and it is HOT! Check this bad boy out - secsi secsi patent black! It's only a prototype but it's already hitting my OMGosh I need this! buttons!

I'm kind of in love and can't wait to see the new collection, Kandee have been dropping hints of more studs and leopard print so naturally, I die! I'm hoping for a leopard print studded version of the Milky Bar Boot - ahhhhhhhh!

This is one girl who will be following Kandee Shoes all over Twitter and Facebook for updates. How else am I gonna know how much kerching I need to fleece BF for over the upcoming new season? ;)

All images credited to Kandee Shoes, with thanks!

J - Kandee Girl!
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Hurrah we reached 500 Facebook Fans - Disney Couture Earrings WINNER!

Monday 26 July 2010

So thanks to every single one of our 500+ likers, we really appreciate it and we hope you stay with us, but there can only be 1 winner this time, and that lucky person chosen by

......Tjcp Mse WHOOP!

We have sent the winner a personal message via Facebook.

Thanks again to everyone, keep an eye out for our next giveaway coming soon!

J & T x
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I NEED.....NEXT Black Work Boots £70!

Sunday 25 July 2010

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I just flicked past these in the new NEXT Directory and flicked back for a second look, they're pretty hot black leather workboots that you can turn the collar up or down on. I also love the metal chevron details. They're £70 so they're not cheap but I think these would take me through the whole winter as they have that extra touch of versatility.

NEXT Black Turn Collar Lace Up Boots £70.

Image credited to NEXT.

J - backing away from the book.....
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Style Crush Of The Week - Katy Perry!

This week I have been mostly crushing on the delectable singer Katy Perry! Not only is she is a real pop STAR and a bit of a goddess, but she rocks the best accessory a girl could have - Mr Russell Brand, and she does it with such flair ;)

Katy first appeared to us as a retro cutie, often sporting a 40's pinup look or a bit of fun rockabilly charm, but as time passed, Ms Perry has shown herself to be a true fashion chameleon and a regular stunner in the style stakes.

So although we usually see Katy onstage in funky, sexy little numbers, offstage Katy has a really cool but fun casual style, she loves her graphic tees and tanks, and looks fabulous rocking Rawr faves Wildfox and Sauce. I love her effortless approach to making a statement.

Wildfox I Love French Boys tee.

Sauce Heart Eye Racer Back, still available at Spoiled Brat, £32.50.

Like us, Katy also has a keen eye for hawt denim. This year she has been seen several times in her hot zippered Work Custom Jeans and some AMAZING J Brand 901 leggings in Brigade $172 (I die every time I look at this pic!).

Katy's no slouch when it comes to accessories either. We all know she started a MASSIVE must have trend for the River Island Panda Beanie (so cute) but she also knows a purty piece of jewellery when she sees one. Katy loves her Maya Brenner 'California' state necklace, from $160 and the gorgeous studded and jewelled CC Skye Heroine Bangle, $100 at Black Label Boutique.

So we've celebrated Katy's casual chic, but I couldn't resist throwing in at least one pic of the Katy we know and love. Here she is totally working this secsi Dimepiece Designs Hold Me Tight dress, $90 from Karmaloop!

Russell Brand recently told ASOS that he thinks he's had an influence on Katy's look. He said "I think I’ve started to wear more colours and she’s started to go darker. She’s started to dress less like a pantomime character and is a bit more sexy – a bit grown up.” I think it's adorable that they're rubbing off on each other (ahem!). They have to be my fave celeb couple right now, I can only imagine that it's a good time had by all being one half of this pair!

So that was Katy Perry, this week's style crush. She's so hot, she melts our popsicles! I can't wait to sample her fragrance Purr when it's released, a cat shaped bottle seriously? Ahhhhhh Katy, I adore you......

J - Katy can I be your PA? I promise not to stare at Russell too much :)
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GE's Create by Jason Wu Camera Review- Simple & Stylish.

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Jason Wu is internationally known for designing clothing for Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore & Katie Holmes. He's a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design and an ex-Narciso Rodriguez intern. His debut collection launched in February 2006 and he's now seen as one of America's leading talents!

He recently joined forces with GE Cameras to create an extremely fashionable camera.

The wonderful people at GE Camera's selected me as the lucky winner of their Create by Jason Wu Camera competition...EEEK! As a fashionista who LOVES gadgets, my heart skipped a beat & I was SUPER excited to get my little paws on it.

Create by Jason Wu includes distinctive accessories that echo Wu’s signature style and love of luxurious details.

The camera comes in a grey leather which just OOZES style & I love the mixture of textures. I was really surprised by the high image quality and ease of use, its very easy to navigate through the different menus & with its 4GB memory, stores well over 1000 pictures. This definitely supersedes my Sony Cybershot!

It boasts a 3x optical zoom lens, 12 megapixel of resolution & a 2.7″ LCD screen. It's compatible with both Macs and PCs via a retractable USB...Genius! Forget memory cards, batteries & wires, this camera allows you to easily get your photos uploaded without any bother.

It also comes with a fashionable leather camera case, a microfiber camera pouch and wrist and neck straps. Stylin'.

Create by Jason Wu went on sale on Monday in Harrods, 3rd Floor, Micro Anvika. For only £169!

Grab yourself an affordable fashion piece...Who said cameras had to be boring!?

Be sure to follow @GEcamerasUK on twitter & "like" them on facebook!

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Rich & Skinny? I wish!

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I've been in love with Rich & Skinny jeans for a while now, their denim is hawt as it is, but they've recently released their take on this seasons cool cargo leggings and then gone one better with a new line of slinky silk cargos and harem inspired trousers which super intrigues me. For me, these silk babies would be amazing for a night out with a cool vest top, maybe a little embellished wrap or shrug cardi and of course, heels or open toe boots ;)

These are R&S's Cargo Leggings in Aloe, $172. I love the exposed button fly and copper signature R buttons :)

The new Silk Cool Cargo Crop in black, $176, is probably my favourite from the line. They silk makes them appear to skim the body and look so cool, and I love the tie hems so you can pull them in at whatever length you want :)

I also love the Slinky Pant in black, $187. They are a loose fit take on baseball pants, and I wasn't a harem fan but I could rock these bad boys for sure, they remind me of a glammed up version of my fave L.A.M.B. terry tracks that I sometimes pair with heels so I know it would work without even trying them on!

These new Rich & Skinny styles aren't readily available in UK right now (sigh), though Donna Ida has some R&S styles but you can order from our faves Shopbop (I love the way they have styled the Cool Cargo Crops) and Revolve.

All images credited to Rich & Skinny.

J - If I was a Rich (and Skinny) girl.... ;)
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