Five Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday 2 May 2018

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For most, it's not always possible to travel to far-flung destinations without lots of saving and planning. So after we got married, we had an affordable post-wedding trip to Spain, followed by a slightly more expensive (& exciting) mini moon to Copenhagen, in Denmark.

Flying to Scandinavia from Bristol is becoming easier than ever, as new direct flights are continuing to pop up to cities in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I'd heard such good things about Copenhagen, so we planned a five day trip to this buzzing city. 

Partly due to work commitments and partly due to the fact we're rather spontaneous travellers, we didn't research much before we went... although we did receive a few tips from friends who had been previously (cheers)! Most people only visit for a weekend, but as we were there for longer, we could take our time to really explore. There's so much to see and do in this incredible city, but I've selected just a handful of my favourite places to visit / things to see. 

In case you're considering a visit in the near future, here are the my top five things to do in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen in October
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