Going On The Wants List - Zoe Karssen I Heart Cats Tee at Frank & Doll!

Wednesday 30 November 2011

This one is simple. I totally heart cats. Pelecat Clancy-Egerton Esq. is my life and everyone knows it. I also heart tees, especially those of the cute slogan kind. And as my final point, Frank And Doll are one of the hottest new stores to catch our eyes this year, yet I am still to make my first purchase from there. So yeah, no brainer - I NEED this!

Zoe Karssen I Heart Cats tee, £50 at Frank And Doll.

Now to just get the boyfriend to look below into Pelecat's eyes while he sends him the subliminal message to buy me the aforementioned shirt....OBEY MY CAT!!

Apologies if any of you guys also got sucked in there. He haz powerz.

J - I Heart Christmas.
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MOAR Motel Leopard Please!

Motel have only gone and gifted me this yummy Motel Lyne Shift Dress in Leopard - £42, and wow, I love it!

Not being as svelte as I once was, I'm not body confident enough to rock one of Motel's famous body con dresses so I was super happy to see they were running a cute line of 60's style shift dresses this season, the Lyne is a curve skimming, flattering drop waist shift cut and I chose leopard because well, you can NEVER have enough leopard - RAWR!

For some reason, I totally expected it to be jersey but it's actually a really pretty silky crepe style material, so still just as hot for parties as it is for everyday - hurrah! The length is perfect (and I'm a shortie at 5'4) and the little front split is a nice little touch. Overall, fine holiday fun - take a look!

Annnnnnnnd, if you like this gorgeous new leopard print and style, you should totally check out the New Arrivals at Motel because for 24 hours there is a special 20% discount code - check it out!

Let's seeeee, things I want with 20% off.....

Jordie Leopard Stretch Denim Hot Pants - £38

Gabby Sequin Dress in Charcoal - £58

Motel is really THE place to get your party pieces this season - GO!

J - Motel ROCKS!
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It's All about MeMeMe! Summer Brights Nail Varnish Set at Find Me A Gift!

Tuesday 29 November 2011

So the weather outside is frightful, but lookey here, a little box of bright delights for our nails! The MeMeMe Summer Brights Nail Varnish Set - £14.99 from Find Me A Gift, is the perfect pick me up to the winter blues and would make a hot gift for any nail polish loving chick like mememe!!

The set is made up of four gorgeous polishes in a chic little gift box; a bright blue, an amazing acid green/yellow, a juicy tangerine orange and a hot pink!

I decided to go all out on these and wear them all at once (be gone S.A.D!) with a touch of leopard (helped out by my trusty black nail art pen) and I think they look awesome. I was really surprised to find that the MeMeMe polishes have a thick, square brush which gives really good nail coverage in one stroke. This is a good thing because WOW these polishes dry quickly! There's no hanging around here, you gotta get that polish on and run or risk drag, but this was cool for me because I'm a fast decorator anyway ;)

Two coats gave an even colour on all four shades, though I felt the orange needed a third to equal the desity of the others. Overall, I'm really happy with this set. At £14.99 it works out at just under £4 each, which is a lower end price but the quality is really good, and as a set these four colours work really well together. My favourite is the acid yellow/green, it's really unusual and would look awesome with a matte top coat over it.

So yes, another fine set from MeMeMe at Find Me A Gift, definitely worth checking out!

J - Rainbow leo on a rainy day.
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Scarfing Around in Charlotte Taylor

Sunday 27 November 2011

I've been a Charlotte Taylor fan for a while and we posted about her amazing repeat animal prints on silk designs a few months back, but now I've actually got my paws on one of her to die for scarfs! This is the Large Silk Elephant Scarf, and it's SO PRETTY!

Unfortunately we've had really strong winds this weekend, so for fear of it blowing off to Oz (Wizard of, not Tara of), or onto my lipgloss (ARGH!!) I took a little inside pic for now. You can rest assured that it will be joining me on a future weekend style post as soon as Mr Gustypuff settles down over here!

I'm just wearing it here over a Wildfox tee and some jeans, the 100% silk adds a bit of luxe to a casual outfit and I'm loving it! The colours are just gorgeous; soft and muted but with a lot of POP. A girl could get hooked on this kind of thing (eyes up Ant Blouse )- SQUEE!

J - Elefunking.
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Saturday Style - Faux Leather is the Truth.

Saturday 26 November 2011

I never wear dresses in the day, but I've recently added 4 really nice winter ones to my wardrobe so I'm trying to work them into some new weekend outfits, plus I'm also rediscovering my tights drawer, which is seemingly VAST - hurrah!

Today's dress is a fitted faux leather one from The Fashion Bible , paired with my fave chunky leopard cardi from River Island, opaque yellow tights from Matalan and yep, they're back - the Lita's ;)

That last pic makes me laugh, I'm so cheesy but sometimes you have to just let it out so game on.

J - Yeller.
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Rawr LOVES: Fashion Bloodhound & Alice Menter Jewellery!

Thursday 24 November 2011

This Rawr Magpie LOVES discovering amazing new jewellery designers & thanks to the awesome Fashion Bloodhound, I've just been introduced to the super stylish, Alice Menter:

Designer Alice is from my hometown (Bristol) and her incredible pieces have been featured in top fashion magazines such as Instyle, Stella, Marie Claire, Grazia & Drapers!

Inspired by her travels to Thailand, her pieces are unique and eye catching- perfect for any fashionista wanting to make a statement.

T's Top Pick:

Sadie in Silver- £160.
I absolutely love this. It's so quirky & would definitely add a bit of RAWR to any outfit!

If you want to drool all over Alice Menter's designs in person (amongst other MUST-HAVE jewelz & threads), I recommend checking out Fashion Bloodhound's pop-up store in Bath, from this Saturday. The store is going to be in Little Southgate for 2 months, so it's perfect for getting Christmas pressies.

If you aren't familiar with Fashion Bloodhound, it's an amazing online store that allows you to buy & sell pre-loved designer fashion. The new pop-up store will contain vintage items, second-hand items, as well as pieces that are new with tags.

FB is a great alternative to eBay & a celebrity favourite, you can get your mitts on all sorts of goodies from Mulberry bags to Siwy jeans! The next time I have a wardrobe sort out, I'm definitely sending a package to these guys because it's totz hassle free.

T- Wants to go shopppppppppppping thanks to FB!! XoX

All images credited to Alice Menter & Fashion Bloodhound.
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SO in love with WE ARE FAUX!

Monday 21 November 2011

I think I may have mentioned before that I am a false lash addict? I'm always on the lookout for new styles and brands that I haven't tried, so when I noticed that WE ARE FAUX were following us on Twitter I mooched over to have a nosey at their online store and WOW, SO glad I did!

Ladies, I give you, the WE ARE FAUX RUBIA, £15.50. I LOVE them. You can tell they're at the luxe end of the lash parade straight away. They're super soft and intricately crossed and the gold strands are fixed right in there and look sharp. They don't come with glue but I have a ton of it anyway, and application is a doddle when the bands are a good shape and hold firm like these. Do you like?

I decided to go with a soft green lid to make the gold strands pop, plus I was only off to the Co-op, but I can't wait to go black glitter on these bad boys, and they're going to look awesome with my Iron Fist gold sequinned skulls wedges! Matching your lashes to your shoes is a great way to pull an outfit together, trust me ;)

The packaging is a treat too, I felt pretty fancy receiving false lashes in a drawstring dustbag! It's a great idea though, my drawers are full of lashes in boxes (my lashes last for a verrrrrry long time because I iz careful), and I'm kind of loving the idea of hanging these ones up on my jewellery stand in their bag! I wish someone would invent a lash stand, a bit like a hat stand but for lots of pairs of lashes? And it should be in some sort of box or case so they wouldn't get dusty. Anyway, I digress - here they are in unopened glory!

Next on my WE ARE FAUX list are the Good Girl lashes - £20, which look anything but like they were made for good girls! Pyramid studs rule my world and pyramid studs on false lashes? Well, I obviously die don't don't I?

I wear false lashes like jewellery, they're just part of an everyday outfit to me, so dropping £20 on a pair of amazing ones like these is just like someone else throwing £20 at a necklace. Take care of your lashes after every wear (remove the old glue, clean the make-up off and set them back in their box for storage) and you can reuse them over and over, I often get way more than 10 wears out of quality pairs like these WE ARE FAUX ones, so pounds per wear isn't an issue here - hurrah!

J - So in love with FAUX.
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What's Hawt? Bjorg x Urban Outfitters!

More than a year ago I wrote a post about the uh-mazing Norweigan jewellery brand, Bjørg. Unfortunately it's hella pricey so I haven't copped any...YET.

Forget Versace for H&M, the designer collabo I'm most excited about this year is Bjørg for Urban Outfitters.

The new affordable range is inspired by Memento Mori, time travels, ancient myths and tales from the desert= I want it on me.

Grip Crystal Ring, Online Exclusive- £69.

The collection contains 12 different pieces, each equally mystical & mesmorizing.

Locket Necklace- £39.

This is soooo cheap for a bit of Bjørg!! I'd love to pop some pictures of my rents in this & make it the perfect keepsake.

Crystal Grip Amulet, Online & Oxford Street Only- £98.

My favourite necklace from the collection, I've always loved Bjørg's crystal pieces & I'm convinced this would fit right in with my other jewelz. WANT.

Grip Ear Cuff, Online & Oxford Street Only- £35.

This has J written all over it! I can imagine her rockin' this with some Evil Twin. Too cool for skool.

Caged Sand Amulet, Online & Oxford Street Only- £89.

The silver skull with crystal eyes makes the perfect plug for this sand filled amulet. I'm *almost* tempted to buy one and then smash it to get the sand out!!

What do you Rawrers think? Will you be asking for some bargain Bjørg for chrimbo? ;)

T- I wish there was an Urban Outfitters in Oz! XoX
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Sunday Style - Bella Seel Bobble Hat!

Sunday 20 November 2011

Today was a bit chilly and misty so I cracked out my latest hat, a Bella Seel bobble beanie - yum!

They are £29 from the Bella Seel online store, and you can choose from different colourways (mine is Elephant and Snow) and even whether to have a bobble or not. Personally, I like a good bobble, it's a bit of fun ;)

Made from 100% Merino Wool, it's super soft and really comfy to wear so no embarrassing hat marks on your forehead when you take it off!

If you're a hat fan, or you get up to lots of winter snow sports then you should check out Bella Seel , I bet their scarves and snoods are just as cosy!

J - Beanie baby.
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T NEEDS New Motel from ASOS!

Wednesday 16 November 2011

I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted the latest threads by Motel pieces on ASOS. These new print dresses SCREAM designer to me, yet they are so hella cheap it should almost be illegal:

Zoe Dress in City Print, £29 - Definitely my favourite, this dress makes me want to ditch Sydney for NYC. This is 100% on my Xmas list, family members & friends alike- you've been TOLD! ;)

Zoe Dress in Horses Print, £29 - Giddy up, giddy up! This reminds me of the awesome designer swimwear by We Are Handsome. For you Rawrers in the UK, summer is a distant memory, so consider this a pretty nifty horsey alternative. It's actually perfect.

Luckily for me, ASOS even offers free delivery in Australia, so getting my paws on these beauties won't be a problem! ;) Motel is also really popular in Oz and it's stocked in some of Sydney's coolest Boutiques...Pretty darn impressive.

T - Planning to get both dresses and pretend they cost 10 times the price! Muhahahaha! XoX
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Tuesday 15 November 2011

This is an exciting show and tell for me, who's in this amazing gift box?... It's my new Fuzzy Nation Chinese Crested Leopard Wristlet, and he is GORGEOUS!! At this point I should mention that 'he' is actually called Betsey J, but for some reason I prefer to refer to it as 'he', I think because if I had a real Chinese Crested, I'd want a boy! 'He' is from Fuzzy Nation online priced at £14.99 along with the other wristlet pieces. He's so tiny (I knew this!), you can maybe fit a lipstick inside him but I didn't get him to carry stuff around in, I plan to hang him off my belt loops, or attach him to larger bags, he's going to be my bit of cute frosting! I picked the Chinese Crested Leopard Wristlet because a) leopard print is my life, b) I come from a Chinese family and c) they're such adorable oddballs! Prepare yourselves for the cuteness....

I love the little touches. His handle turns into a lead (aww!), the little Fuzzy Nation zipper charm is too cute and I love his one silver paw, kind of a glam mark of authentication ;)

Do you love him?! If like me, you fell deep into these doggy eyes, you will ADORE the rest of the range! Fuzzy Nation model their pieces on a TON of doggy breeds from Pugs and Poodles to Terriers and Chihuahuas, there's something for every doggy lover and they would make amazing gifts! I want a larger Plushious Bag next, I've fell head over paws for the Frockstar Poodle and I'm actually a cat person!

A girl could get so hooked on these babies, so it's a good job that Fuzzy Nation pieces are also available from Menarys and AdHoc London - hurrah! Girls you will die when you see the silver sequinned Stella Pug with angel wings - GO!

J - Goggie eyed.
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Rawrgirls Review - Tie Towel!

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Those of you who like to dye your hair, or even use conditioning masque treatments, know what a nightmare it can be to protect yourself, your bathroom, your towels, the cat etc, from the drips and spills that randomly fall from your head in the time it takes for you to develop into a goddess? I usually spend that time sitting on the edge of the bath; cold, uncomfortable and still managing to ruin a towel or two as I dab at my neck or ears to get that itch that ALWAYS starts the minute you finish applying the dye - argh! So when I was asked if I wanted to review Tie Towel, a new home hair colouring accessory, I didn't hesitate - bring it on!

Designed by stylist to the stars John Woods MBE , Tie Towel is special because it’s totally bleach and tint resistant (unlike your long suffering bathroom towels), perfectly sculpted to fit the neck (so no creases where dye can run and escape to underneath and onto your skin) and features a little toggle to keep the towel securely in place until you're done and ready to wash it!

Here it is as modelled by moi, obvi not as glam as Louise from Big Brother who somehow manages to make it look hot in the Tie Towel ad campaign!

So, how was it? SO GOOD! It's very light, and the hands free nature of it means you are free to do other things while you wait without the worry of it falling off. We did have a few spills as per but the Tie Towel mopped them up no problems. Plus, because it's totally bleach and tint resistant you can dab away at those itchy bits without fear of ruining another towel, simply pop it in the washing machine and it'll be as good as new in one cycle, da daaaaaa! I know a few people might say a binbag tied around your neck is just as good but erm, let's be serious here - it's not. If you went to the salon and the stylist wrapped a binbag around you would you be happy? No, so why do it to yourself at home when there is a well priced AND reuseable item specifically for the job? Personally, even a normal towel isn't ideal for me, they just fall off and if I want to move around I have to keep hold of it which means I can't do important things like tweeting, stroking my Robert Pattinson stand up, breaking off a chunk of Galaxy or pouring myself a raspberry vodka. Priorities people, priorities.

Retailing at around £9.99 from Asda, Boots and Superdrug, it's well worth picking one up if you dye your hair a lot, it made a normally tedious job that little bit more enjoyable and relaxing, which is always a good thing :)

J - No more tears.
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Rawr Girl in Australia: Supré is tres super!!

Monday 14 November 2011

G'Day Little Rawrers, I'm baaaaaaaaack! ;)

It's been over 2 months of intense Australian culture-soaking & trips galore, but my paws are now firmly grounded in Sydney! I'm back to blogging my little leopard heart out and now it's time to introduce you to (the well overdue) awesome aussie store #2:

I first stumbled across Supré when I was stalking an aussie fashionista's blog a few months back. It's crammed with the latest fashion must-haves and amazingly, all at super affordable prices!!

For me Supré just defines 'aussie style'. It's effortless, wearable and full of asymmetrical cuts. I know that our UK readers (& J) are probably rockin' chunky knits & boots, but today in Sydney it was 38 degrees! Yeah. SO right now my current wants consist of these summuer beauties:

Denim Strappy Dress, $35 (£23)- So very Charley 5.0!? This dress is perfect for this denimaholic.

Chiffon Asymmetrical Skirt, $40 (£26) available in 17 colours (seriously). This will SO be mine. Not sure what my favourite colour is YET...I'm a bit spoilt for choice! Perfect with a little body suit & some sandals.

Epic Love Singlet $12 (£8). I hope they stock this in my local store because it's EPICly cute and reminds me of Wildfox!!

T Love Singlet, $12 (£8) - Another super sweet tee, Barbie-style. I can't wait to get my tan on so I can own this tank & get style-snapping!!

Denim Destroyed Shorts, $35 (£23)- Every girl in Oz owns tiny ripped denim shorts! It's a staple wardrobe piece, one that I'm keen to adopt.

Do you spot anything you quite fancy? (even if it's for next Summer!?), I have a feeling I will be posting half the shop home!* ;)

T- C'est SUPRE. XoX

*Unless I melt before I get there.
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Sunday Style - Why So Serious?!

Sunday 13 November 2011

I woke up today with a bit of bounce in my step! I don't know whether it was the raspberry vodka I had been sipping whilst watching Twilight last night that had given me this good feeling (good timez AND Edward Cullen in one hit?!) but I had an urge to wear something fun, so here it is...

I LOVE these 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Dark Violet skinnies, they're SO soft to the touch and super flattering. Plus, 7FAM jeans always make me feel thin because they're cut so well - BONUS! BF calls them my Joker pants, hence the title of this post, but I prefer to call them my Prince pants ;)

My sweater is from The Rock Boutique at ASOS. I am such a sucker for grey marl, I think it looks effortlessly cool. This is a real throw on and go top, and I love the tattoo style design.

My earrings, handkerchief around my wrist and this amazing necklace which was bought for me by my friend for my birthday a while back, are all Vivienne Westwood.

I did my nails myself, dalmatian print, using Stargazer 118 polish and their black nail art pen which makes it incredibly easy to dot away!

My shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Uniform Glitter Brogues from Zalando and my socks are from Urban Outfitters. I kinda love this combination, it's really over the top but sometimes you just have to just throw down.

So yeah...Why. So. SERIOUS?! And congratulations to me, for not wearing my Spike Lita's today ;)

J - A better class of criminal.
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