ASOS Blogger Style Challenge: Restyle Your Classics!

Thursday 30 January 2014

A few weeks ago I was contacted by ASOS and asked to take part in their latest blogger style challenge - restyle your classics! The aim of the challenge was to show how one key purchase could refresh your existing wardrobe by mixing and matching it with items you already have... Re-styling on a budget! I was asked to create 5 different looks suitable for everyday wear.

I was doubly excited because I was given the task of styling the oversized coat! I've bought quite a lot of coats this season but none of them have been oversized or pink. I decided it was time to jump on the pink coat bandwagon by embracing this lovely fluffy cocoon coat.

ASOS Fluffy Cocoon Coat
Light Pink Fluffy Cocoon Coat: c/o ASOS - Tee: Marc by Marc Jacobs - Jeans: Meltin' Pot - Satchel: Dr. Martens

Urban Fashion Blog UK
Pink Coat: c/o ASOS - Tee: Local Heroes - Jeans: Stella McCartney - Sneakers: Nike Blazer Mid Suede

L.K. Bennett Rosamund Bag
Cocoon Coat: c/o ASOS - Dress: Crumpet London - Rosamund Bag: L.K. Bennett - Shoes: Primark

You can view my other two outfits on the Fashion Finder website, along with looks from the other bloggers who took part in this challenge. I think my favourite outfit is probably the first one! Alexa Chung also has this 'off the deep end' tee and although I've had it for years, it's still one of my favourite casual pieces. I also love one of the other outfits shown in the link above, can you guess which one? ;) I'm so predictable haha. I'm really glad I took part in this challenge, after wearing this coat all weekend I fell in love with it. This one is a size 8 and is the perfect fit. It also comes in light blue or grey. The blue is quite dreamy.

Which outfit is your favourite? Are you part of the ASOS Fashion Finder community?

T - Huge thanks to ASOS for asking me to be involved! X
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Daisy Street: The Smock Dress

Tuesday 28 January 2014

The smock dress has been seen on super stylish celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung! Initially a was bit sceptical of this trend as I'm somewhat lacking in the rack department, but I'll try almost anything once and in this case, I'm glad I did.

Smock Dress UK
UK Fashion Blog
Daisy Street Smock DressSmock dress: c/o Daisy Street - Biker jacket: Warehouse - Shoes: Next - Hat: H&M - Necklaces: Regal Rose + Blue Bayer Design NYC

I received this Daisy Street tribal smock dress last week and I've been waiting for the weather to brighten up ever since. It's an absolute bargain at only £13.49 and ridiculously comfy. This is the size S/M and although the jacket is hiding the true size, it's essentially a size 16 skater dress! Although I love the oversized fit, I popped a bandeau underneath to make it fall better and added a belt to cinch it in.

I tend to save my money and buy more expensive items but this little beaut proves you don't have to spend a lot to create a statement outfit. I now want the 'Aztec Grunge' version of this dress!

Are you a smock-aholic? Have you shopped at Daisy Street?

T - Feeling tribal. XoX
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Smock My Bitch Up!

Monday 27 January 2014

Smock dresses are right up my street. My Daisy Street in fact, seeing as this grey one is from there! I kill myself I really do. Joking aside, they cover a multitude of body sins (of which I hide many) whilst looking quite cool and it's looking like they'll be pushing their way into our 2014 fashion lives as one of the shapes for summer, so I figured I needed to make friends with the style now. 

The Ives Oversized Tee Dress is currently in the sale for £11.25 in this grey marl colour, and also comes in burgundy and black for £15.99. One thing to note, these things are HUGE. I got a S/M and as a 12-14 I wouldn't normally order a size Small in anything but as you can see, there's plenty of room here! M/L would probably be more suitable for anyone over a size 16, though obviously I haven't seen it, I'm just assuming. Anyhoo, the quality is top notch, a nice thick grey marl cotton, and I'm totally sold on the style. To the pics! . . . 

Outfit: Dress - c/o Daisy Street, Tights - Pamela Mann (at BANK), Shoes - Dr Martens, Jacket - TK Maxx.

It's just the right length for me, not too short but not unflatteringly long. The empire line also sits where it should be which is nice. I've had so many empire lines that sit too high on the bust or too low and near the waist which just ruins the whole dress, gahhhhh! #fashionproblems The jacket is an old fave, you've seen it a million times before over the years but it never gets old. If only it was real leather!

Grey marl is probably my fave colour after leopard print (I know), it looks perfect with pretty much any other colour and makes the ideal neutral. To amp it up a little, I wore it with these gawpworthy galaxy print tights by Pamela Mann which also look amazing against my blueberry Dr Martens :)

Obligatory close up shot. I'm wearing pink eyeshadow today instead of my usual grey, I don't know if you can tell but it made me feel like I had like, ZERO make up on my face for some reason. I kept looking in the car mirror and thinking I'd forgot blusher and concealer or something - weird! 

So, smocks. Who's up for a bit of this then? :)

J - Smock Dat (and various other 'smack/smock' puns).
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Melita Rose - Amaretto Soy Candle Review!

Sunday 26 January 2014

My love of scented candles began just over a year ago when I was given a selection for my birthday. Although I think candles makes lovely presents, I haven't bought many for myself. I guess most of my spare cash goes on clothes and accessories! That being said, I did invest in a few Christmassy scents this year but my favourite candle of all time was given to me a few weeks ago, for my birthday.

Melita Rose candles are individually hand poured and made from 100% natural soy bean wax. As they're completely natural, they're healthier and don't release any nasty chemicals when burned.

Melita Rose Amaretto Candle
Melita Rose LondonSoy Candle Review
Melita Rose Amaretto Soy Candle c/o Coco Marie.

Earlier in the month I placed a cheeky order from one of our favourite boutiques Coco Marie (who have an amazing sale on right now) and the super lovely Jen included this Amaretto candle in my package as a little birthday treat! The leopard print pouch is rawr-tastic and the candle smells good enough to eat/drink.

It has a really strong scent, it smells like cherry with a hint of almond thrown in for good measure. When using it for the first time you're supposed to burn it for at least 2 hours and no more than 4 hours, until the whole top is liquid with wax. I kept it going for the full 4 hours because I really couldn't get enough of the nommy scent... It really is that good! I would 100% recommend this candle to anyone who likes Amaretto. 

I'd definitely re-purchase it and I can't wait to try some of their other scents, the Champagne Pomegranate sounds equally as tasty.

Are you a fan of scented candles? Have you heard of Melita Rose?

T - Thanks Coco Marie! XoX
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Red Label Flocked Kimono and Traffic People Coat.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Oh boy, it's absolutely freezing again! Thank goodness for fluffy coats, hats and tights. I like to think of today's outfit as art teacher meets the Night's Watch. I was feeling a little down last week after being mugged for my gift vouchers (huge exaggeration), so bought a new fedora to cheer myself up.

Fluffy Traffic People Coat
Red Label Flocked Kimono
UK Fashion BlogCoat: c/o Traffic People - Dress: Miss Selfridge - Kimono: c/o Red Label - Boots: c/o BANK - Hat: H&M - Belt: Topshop - Necklaces: Blue Bayer Design NYC + Low Luv x Erin Wasson

I'm glad H&M have decided to introduce a proper hat sizing system because although I can't fit my head into those tiny Topshop ones, my old H&M fedora kept flying off. Dramz. My kimono obsession continues with this new flocked beauty from Red Label (£28). I think it gives off a slight art teacher vibe and will be perfect for music festivals in the summer! It's also rather affordable and the size small and has a nice, relaxed fit.

I do love a bit of gothic romance so layered up two of my all-time favourite necklaces. I'm definitely going to make another Blue Bayer Design NYC purchase soon, the hummingbird skull necklace is calling me.

Blonde and Blonde cut out boots

These Blonde + Blonde cut out boots are now sold out but are such awesome quality, you can't beat real leather. In other news, I received a call at the end of last week to say a cleaner had found my gift vouchers in River Island so I wasn't secretly pickpocketed after all. Result!

Are you a fellow kimono lover? 

T - Night gathers, and now my *creative* watch begins. 
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A Champagne Birthday With Waitrose! And A Jerry Maguire Style Mission Statement About Life.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

I wasn't really feeling my January birthday this year for a few reasons; a) I'm practically mid thirties (GULP), b) it falls on a Tuesday (BLAH) and c) I've been feeling unwell and generally a bit bummed about 2014 so far, sooooooo when Waitrose offered to send us a bottle of their Brut NV Champagne (normally £19.99) for a celebratory occasion (inspired by their free champagne with every online grocery order until 31st January campaign), we knew what we had to do . . . 


Okay, so I'm not 21, and it's not Saturday night, but sometimes you just have to celebrate LIFE, and that the god Taylor Kitsch walks the Earth in human form obvio. So, put those two things together plus the fact that it's my birthday and you have one bottle pop worthy Tuesday on your hands, right?! YEAH! *Tom Cruise airpunch*

I was in work for the morning but even that turned out to be amazing because I was greeted by a ton of gifts (Amazon giftcard, Yankee Candles, purse, sweets and chocolate, jewelz!), cards and CAKE by my lovely workmates! :) By lunchtime I was feeling pretty good already!

When I got home there were loads more gifts and cards for me to open. Jewellery and a yummy leopard beanie from our T, a cute River Island cat sweater from bestie Steph, River Island cat pj's from Steph's mum (a love of cats and River Island runs in our family!), blurays from Daddy, OPI Jade Is The New Black and sweet accessories from Carly, Cath Kidston towels and Label M from Tricia, and good old cash money from the in laws and family friends - didn't I do well?! 

Then my wonderful fiance (I still smirk when I say or write that word!) Tim said, 'Hey girl' *imagine he speaks like RyGoz*, 'Wanna hit Nando's for lunch?'. Me - 'Errrrr, YEAH?'.

And now I'm sitting here writing this post after a Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake bath, sipping on school night champagne (both courtesy of Waitrose - cheeeeeaaaaarrrrrs!) with Timmy and reflecting on what has turned out to be a great birthday despite my reluctance to have it, never mind celebrate it! I realise that I actually have lots of reasons to celebrate turning 34 (there, I said it), and lots of reasons to put a smile on my face every day that follows on the way to 35. In fact, whilst writing this, the TV scheduling gods blessed me with birthday surprise eye candy in the form of a Taylor Kitsch cameo in John Tucker Must Die, AND Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood. Little things peeps, little things ;)

I guess what I'm trying to say, is we should all try to celebrate these little things in life just because they make us smile, because let's face it, the big things just don't come around enough ;) Can I get an amen up in hurrrrrrrr?!

What are you celebrating this month?

J - Birthday girl!
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My Dress Room Review: Burgundy Velvet Skater Dress!

Tuesday 21 January 2014

I ♥ velvet. I think it's a bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it, but I just can't get enough! This time last year I got my mitts on a burgundy velvet dress but it had a white peter pan collar which turned pink after one wash. Since then I've been on the hunt for a replacement and last week I was sent this beauty from My Dress Room!

My Dress Room Outfit Post
UK Fashion Blog
Glamorous Skater DressGlamorous Velvet Skater Dress: c/o My Dress Room - Biker Jacket: Warehouse - Bowler: Vans

I haven't bought anything by Glamorous for a long time but I like their garments and this skater dress (£32) fits perfectly! I find their pieces tend to run a little on the small size so I opted for the size 10 in this which is just right for me. It's beautifully lined and not too short - phew. I'm 5'7 and my legs are too long for my body which means I struggle getting dresses that cover the goods haha. 

If you haven't heard of My Dress Room before, they stock a whole bunch of affordable clothing and accessories so they're definitely worth checking out. As I believe nude tights should be illegal, I wore it with some over the knee socks and one of my favourite sale bargains, this Warehouse biker jacket.

I don't know about you but I'm already day dreaming of spring/summer, I've even bought a few bits for my holiday! Part of me is scared there will be lots of snow at the end of the month and I'll have to start wearing my huge coats again. Wah!

Are you a fan of velvet? Have you already planned your S/S wardrobe?

T - Burgundy baby. XoX
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Cat In A Hat! With Accessoryo, Wildfox, River Island and BANK.

Monday 20 January 2014

Guess who got a new cat ears bowler hat? Yup, after years of working my black one I decided it was time for a lighter kitty look for Spring and found this cute light grey one from Accessoryo! It was less than £10 and also comes in black, pink and red, I love it! To the pics . . .
Outfit: Hat - c/o Accessoryo, Jumper - Wildfox, Tshirt - F21, Jeans - BANK, Shoes - River Island, Bag - H&M.

It's amazing the difference one accessory in a lighter colour can make. Popping this grey hat on instead of a black one really lifts this outfit and brings out the pastels a bit more, yey!

These are my new baby pink cut out buckle boots from River Island, an early birthday gift from my man. I think they're the perfect crossover shoe to take me into the warmer months, and as I'm not big on sandals, the baby pink colour will still look good with shorts and skirts in Summer!

Accessoryo has a ton of amazing accessories, I particularly enjoyed the Hats & Caps and Bags sections :) As per I did a quick search for 'ears' and 'fur' and found plenty to amuse me, fine holiday fun, check it out!

How was everyone's weekends? I had a quiet one, but did manage to accumulate a few birthday gifts ready for tomorrow, squeeeeee! Toodles!

J - Birthday kitty.
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WIN! 1 of 4 Amazing InvisiBra's In Time For Valentine's Day!

Saturday 18 January 2014

Ladies you know how it is, you have the perfect backless or strapless dress and you find your underwear drawer sadly lacking in something that is both sexy and supportive to suit? Well we may have the solution with our latest giveaway because we have been given an InvisiBra By Lavalia quartet for four lucky girls to win in time for that big Valentine's date! ;)

Developed in response to requests for lingerie solutions to strapless and bare-backed tops, Lavalia London created the bra that would not only give women the support they wanted, but would also be soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Designed with femininity and beauty in mind, all InvisiBra’s are covered with exquisite fabrics and lace, making them attractive as well as functional. Available in sizes A-D, InvisiBra is also the only self-adhesive, strapless and backless bra that enhances cleavage! This video pretty much explains it all if you're unfamiliar with the concept . . .

Hollywood stylists such as Petra Flannery, Anna Bingemann, Elizabeth Stewart, Cristina Ehrlich and Kate Young have all requested the InvisiBra range to try on their clients. Collectively they style the likes of Uma Thurman, Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Diane Kruger, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Naomi Watts and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few, and we all know how amazing those gals look on the red carpet! Alternatively, you could forget the dress and just don a pair of jeans to strut down the high street wearing your InvisiBra and a smile like these hot chicks, but it's not really recommended in February . . . ;)

Anyhoo, in this competition you could win either 1 of 2 Josephine black InvisiBra's, or 1 of 2 Maia red Invisibra's (worth £48 each), in the size of your choice from A to D cup! Definitely not your average 'chicken fillets', so no more 'Look, what's that?!' *flings bra fillers across room while he looks away* with these bad boys! ;)

All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter below, accumulate as many entry points as you wish, and then sit back and think good vibes until we draw the winners (UK residents only, as stated in T&C's below)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck ladies, your lady lumps will thank you for entering! 

J & T - All killer, no fillet.

Competitions Time
Win competitions at
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OPI x Gwen Stefani Collection Nail Polish! Love.Angel.Music.Baby and In True Stefani Fashion!

Friday 17 January 2014

I love OPI nail polish. I love Gwen Stefani. But what do I love more? FIIIIIGGHHHHT! . . .  WAIT, HOLD UP! There's no need to choose because I can now love both together via the medium of nail polish - hurrah!

Pic courtesy of @OPINAILS on Twitter.

Yep, hand and nail gurus OPI have made Lambie dreams come true with their latest OPI Gwen Stefani Collection. It's everything we love about Gwen and a little bit more, so choosing my first buys from the line up of 7 shades was a bit of a task. I finally came to rest on Love.Angel.Music.Baby (sparkly gold satin) and In True Stefani Fashion (silver and holographic glitter bomb), and I nabbed them for a decent £8.96 each (plus £1.99 P+P, but with 10% off with the welcome10 code) from Tailor Made Nails

In True Stefani Fashion is one of the best OPI glitters I've had in a long time. The accent nail below shows two coats straight onto base coat, and I was able to get a pretty even coverage of both glitter and holo's with each stroke. I imagine you could get a pretty dense glitter nail in about 4 coats but you're a better chick than I am if you don't want to eat your own head when you try to get it off ;)

It also makes a really sweet glitter topcoat, as seen on my little finger in the next pic. Love.Angel.Music.Baby applies like a dream. The satin finish dries really quickly and while one coat gives a good opaque finish, two coats really seals the deal. I feel like this gold colour is the perfect accent to my engagement ring. I just need to find the perfect green polish for that finger now and we'll be so luxurious like Egyptian cotton ;)

I'm not going to lie, I'm also hella keen on Push & Shove, the chrome effect one night only silver shade, so maybe I'll treat myself to it with some birthday money if I'm still feeling the love! 

Let's round this off with a pic of the queen herself from the OPI campaign. Gwen, this love is, and always will be, serious. 

J - Feeling yummy head to toe, but especially on my nails.
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ASOS Match Brogues and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani!

Thursday 16 January 2014

As soon as my new ASOS brogues arrived I knew I had to wear them with some statement trousers. I headed straight to my wardrobe only to discover I just have the one pair! Seriously. This season I am going to buy at least 5 pairs of 'too cool for school' trews. Fact.

Gwen Stefani Lambstooth Cardigan 2004
Outfit Post, English Fashion Blogger, UK Fashion Blog, Style Blogger UK
Cardigan: L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani - Trousers: Primark - Hat: Vans - Bracelet: Vivienne Westwood - Shoes: ASOS

These tartan babies are from Primark and a fantastic buy at only £13 (last year). My beautiful lambstooth cardigan is from the L.A.M.B. Fall 2004 collection and was spotted on Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Gwen at the time of release! It's probably my favourite piece of clothing ever, even though it's considered a little short these days. I paid $325 for it back in the day which was a lot at the time, and I had to fight other girls in the LAMB community for it... Jade remembers what it was like! ;) When I wore it to a Gwen Stefani concert in 2006 (I was front row) she pointed at me and told me I was her favourite. Money well spent.

ASOS Match Brogues, Women's Leather Brogues, Black Brogues
Women's ASOS Leather Brogues

I've been talking about buying a pair of brogues for the past 6 months and I finally have this delicious pair all to myself. They were in the ASOS sale and were reduced from £45 to £22.50 with an extra 10% off. Such a bargain! Although I usually wear a 6, I can be a half size, Heidi advised me their brogues run a little narrow so I sized up to the 7. I have quite slim feet anyway but sizing up was the right choice, they are slightly loose but they'll fit perfectly with socks and the 6 would've been too small.

They're also so darn comfortable, I'm now keeping my eyes peeled for a shiny burgundy pair. Oh ASOS, you never let me down.

Do you own any brogues? What's your favourite item of clothing, EVER?

T - Still a Lambie. XoX
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New Mr Gugu & Miss Go at Spoiled Brat!

Wednesday 15 January 2014

So there I was moseying around SB's new ins when I spied some epic newness from Mr Gugu & Miss Go, helloooooooo new season!

Holograms and holographic prints are big business this season, and this Hologram Printed Snood Scarf (£34.99) is the perfect accessory for pre-Spring!

But hold up, there's a matching COAT! Yep, a Hologram Print Coat (£124.99). Good golly Gugu & Go, you bring the gawps. SB is running a few Mr Gugu & Miss Go printed coats right now and they're pretty epic, think flamingos and cupcakes, but this one is my fave by far!

Then I was like, errrrrrrmerrrrrrrrgerrrrrrrd, it's a dip hem unicorn dress! How cute is this Unicorn Trapeze Jersey Dress (£49.99)?! The print is also on the back, so everyone gets to see the magic ;) 
Gawddamn, I think we're going to see great things from this brand's new season drop. It's good to see them stepping out of the printed leggings, tees and sweatshirts box and expanding into more interesting shapes and heavier pieces like the coats and skiwear that can be seen on the Mr Gugu & Miss Go online store. Did you know there's even a nebula print bedset? Mmhmm!

J - Print-cess.
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River Island Wrap Blouse and Strappy Boots.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

I love this outfit! I've wanted a wrap blouse for a few weeks now and this baby (£30) by River Island ticks all the right boxes. It comes in 3 colours, (scary) lime, nude and black. I'm definitely planning on ordering the nude soon! This one is a size 8 and has the perfect fit, loose but not baggy, and longer at the back.

River Island Long Sleeved Wrap Blouse
UK Fashion Blog, British Style Blog, Bristol Blogs
Blouse: River Island at ASOS - Jeans: Meltin' Pot - Boots: Next - Fedora: Accessorize - Necklaces: Blue Bayer NYC + Regal Rose

I wore it with an old pair of Meltin' Pot jeans, my new strappy leather boots from the Next sale and the navy fedora I had for my birthday. This blouse was destined to be worn with long necklaces so I threw on some of my faves and added a bit of finger candy.

Strappy leather boots, leather cut out boots, Next boots
Strappy leather boots from Next.

I adore these boots. I ordered a 6.5 so they are a little big (I'm always a 6 in Next shoes) but I can deal with the unnecessary toe room because at £30 they were an absolute bargain. In other news, I'm having a miniature wardrobe crisis at the moment because I've gone down a jeans size. I'm now wearing all my skinny 'skinny jeans' haha. It's a pretty good excuse to shop but I can't wear 80% of my jeans wardrobe without them looking baggy in a bad way! I'm a girl who loves premium denim so I'm on the lookout for ridiculously crazy denim sales. Holla at me if you know of any!

Are you a fan of ballet wrap blouses? Do you like this look?

T - Urban ballerina. XoX
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Full Length Lace Kimono and Frankie B. Jeans!

Monday 13 January 2014

I still love this kimono! I've spent the past few weeks looking for a similar one in black or white/cream and I've come up empty handed. I like this Free People one but I was hoping to get one from the UK high street! If you know of any similar full length ones, please let me know.

Frankie B. US Jeans Blogger Review
Full Length Lace Maxi Kimono Duster Jacket
Bib Collar Statement Necklace
Maxi kimono: c/o Pretty Little Thing - Necklace: Marks and Spencer - Hat: Accessorize - Cami: Topshop - Jeans: c/o Frankie B. (old) - Boots: c/o BANK

My BFF jeggings are from US denim brand Frankie B. and I was actually sent them for review 3 1/2 years ago - wahhh! I cringed a little looking at my old photos from 2010, thankfully The Style Rawr has come a long way since then but thanks to uber babe and founder Daniella for hooking me up! I haven't heard too much about the brand in recent years but I did swoon all over Lorna's perfect galaxy jeans when we met up for Bristol Fashion Week last year. They're so soft! They have a really great range at Revolve, I especially like the new motocross skinnies.

I think I need to focus on rebuilding my premium denim wardrobe this year, cheaper denim is appealing because it's so affordable but it never lasts as long. Quality over quantity!

Are you a fan of premium denim? Do you like maxi cardigans?

T - Gothic cowgirl. XoX
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I Want To Love You - PLT!

Friday 10 January 2014

I've been intrigued by the whole skort thing since they dropped but this is my first one, the Brogan Leopard Print Skort - £20 from Pretty Little Thing. Obviously I love the pattern, and it was really just asking to be paired with my fave kitty accessories . . . 

Outfit: Skort - c/o Pretty Little Thing, Jumper - F21, Bag - H&M, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace - Chelsea Doll at Spoiled Brat, Tights - TK Maxx, Rings - Dogeared, New Look, and my jade band :)

The skort is a size L. I'm not going to lie, it runs HELLA small. When it comes to fast fashion I always order the L's because they do tend to run small in my experience and I'd rather have something a little loose than uncomfortably tight, plus I'm a lazy returner. PLT size L is supposed to be a 14 but this is more like a very small 12. I'm a standard 12, and I am busting out of this and could easily do with an extra inch around the high hip and waist measurements so just be aware! With that aside, it's really cute and makes a nice change from a skirt :)

My sister from another mister Ally got me this super cute H&M bag for Christmas, it's so much fun and I can see us becoming firm friends this year!

The name necklace from Chelsea Doll is one of my fave things right now, for obvious reasons. Tara has the tartan version which is also really cute. You can't beat a bit of CD! 
Speaking of T, the Dogeared 'J' ring was a Christmas gift from my pretend baby sis. I've been after a gold ring like this that I can wear full time, and as it's actually gold dipped I'm hoping it won't tarnish!

And the JC cat Lita's. Seriously, these things just never get old.

So guys, to skort or not to skort? That is the question. I know Tara isn't keen but I'm glad I tried one out ;)

J - Skorting around.
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