Look away T - this will blow your mind.

Monday 28 February 2011


The ultimate armour ring! Caged Knuckle Ring from ShopNastyGal,and only $18! We'd rock one on each hand, cuz you don't know which side they'll come atcha from, and we're ambi-swingers ;)

Image credited as linked.

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EEEEK! House Of Holland for Pretty Polly Fringed Opaque Hold Ups at SpoiledBrat!

These dropped into SpoiledBrat's New In at the weekend and I literally died. I am definitely thinking I could get away with dropping 20 squid on these bad boys once BF sees them!

Seriously, is HOH x Pretty Polly ever going to quit?!

Don't forget to use STYLERAWR at the checkout for a discount ladies!

J - shimmy shimmy shake shake ;)
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Oh give over. MOAR delicious Wildfox!? HELP US.

Sunday 27 February 2011

You heard right Little Rawrers, I've stumbled across MORE new season Wildfox! Oh my.

Wildfox Diamond Ring Sequin Tom Boy Tank, $138- Singer 22.

I think I speak for both J & I, when I say that we would definitely accept this as a substitute engagement ring from our beaus. A Wildfox bling ring!? Oh hellz yeah boy!

Wildfox Lion King Swing Back Dress, $190- Singer 22.

RAWWWWWWWWR! This tee was quite possibly designed for us. We're practically in the same family as the lion & we both love to RAWR. I'm convinced Lara Lain will want this too! ;)

Wildfox Make Out Sequin Tom Boy Tank, $138- Singer 22.

We would want to make out with ourselves if we were wearing this top. Fact. *MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*! Love it.

Wildfox Tiger Lily Marie Antoinette Dress, $216- Singer 22.

I can picture myself running down an aussie beach in this...MMM. Possibly the coolest maxi EVER? I think so.

Wildfox Sparkly Skeleton Sequin Surf Raglan, $148- Singer 22.

This ghoulish tee would fit in PERFECTLY with the rest of my pretend rockstar wardrobe. I'll take one for me & one for my pretend big sister, thanks very much! ;)

Wildfox Love is All You Need Robinhood Sequin Cover Up, $210- Singer 22.

We adore this little military number because seriously, all you need is love. It also comes in khaki green...How cute!?

As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of all the new 'premium' Wildfox & I definitely need some for my collection (which is bordering on obsessive). Is it bad when you can't remember how many WF pieces you actually have!? ;)

T NEEDS more Wildfox, ASAP. I have a total addiction to cuteness! XoX

All images credited to: Singer 22.
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Groupies Do It In Style.

Thursday 24 February 2011

T & I love graphic tees, and I've recently noticed that I'm getting quite the collection of music artist inspired tees (I loathe to call them band tees because a) I didn't buy them at concerts and b) well, it just sounds kind of wierd when it's Katy Perry on your chest!), plus there are a lot of hot tees out there that just hint at your chosen artist symbolically.

Check out my latest addition, this cool vintage look Amplified Motley Crue tee from Sugar Bullets, £20. As much as I am familiar with Nikki Sixx and the boys, I wouldn't say I am a huge fan BUT the Girls, Girls, Girls thing grabbed me because of the Gaga link. And it looks cool. See? This is why I hate calling them band tees! I'm sure a real Motley Crue fan would facepunch me for saying it 'looked cool'!

In other news...we absolutely die for this Too Late To Dye Young Lady Gaga tee - MoreTVicar, £19.99. It's everything a modern music tee should be - bold enough to make a statement without words. Hot blondes in odd positions!

And of course, LOVE this Madonna inspired BOY TOY tee $65, from current RAWR faves Prince Peter Collection.

I actually had a poster of Madge wearing the BOY TOY belt on my wall as a kid, I thought she was insanely pretty and copied her style whenever I could by cutting my lacey tights into leggings and gloves - bless me.

I was going to add a Biebz tee in to be ironic, but I figured this post is teetering on the edge already soooo I'll just move on....

J - I really am a Gaga and Prince fan. Quiz me.
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Last week I sat at my desk and spied yet another MASSIVE chip in my polish. It's heartbreaking, especially when your mani is only 2 days old, but it's life as a girl right? WRONG! Enter Rebel Nails wraps, heavenly packs of 16 nail wrap films that claim to last up to 14 days (as I write this I'm only on day 3 so I can't confirm that just yet!). As leopard print is my life, I immediately went for the Beige Cheetah Fur style, £6.99 for my first go (prices start from just £2.99). After watching the tutorial video on the Rebel Nails webby, I set to work. 15 easy mins later and I was done. For my first application I was super impressed, both with myself and the wraps! No mess, amazingly easy to use, and in my opinion, a gorgeous result! What do you think?

Friends have actually grabbed my hands with squeals of 'OMG who did your nails?!' thinking the intricate design was nail art!

To the touch, they just feel like glossy varnish as opposed to a foreign part sitting atop your nails and 3 days in they show no sign of going anywhere. For me, this is possibly the most exciting beauty find this year. Hassle free, affordable AND fun (I can't tell you how many of the fab patterns are on my to buy list!). If they truly last 14 days then I don't mind paying the price of a low-mid range nail polish each time, because trust me, applying these films sure beats the time taken and disappointment that a full home nail polish session can mean to us girls with busy lives!

Rebel Nails RAWR!

J - bring on the snakeskin.
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So last time we featured the amazing Caaaaaamden stylings of The Rock Boutique it caused a bit of a stir, so here we are again but this time with an actual haul of these gorgeous 80's style off the shoulder sweats, a hooded tank and muscle tank fresh from Jack's table :) Being us, we are totally planning outfit posts around these for this weekend but we just couldn't withhold the goods until then. Let the oggling commence...

It has a unicorn on it - SQUEEE!

I like to think this is what my heart would look like if I was cut open by McDreamy...

My fave grey marl with an RB twist.

Off the shoulder sweats don't get much cuter than this - sailor girl!

We just love how much love goes into the RB goodies, each one is individually printed so no two items are the same. You can find The Rock Boutique in Topshop Oxford Circus and online at Crystal Inc Boutique, plus if you join the Facebook group, you might hear whisperings of owner Jack creating his very own webby! Hey Jack! *waves* ;)

J - thinking The Rock Boutique should definitely rock more boutiques up this way!
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Forget William, we want to marry Prince Peter!

Wednesday 23 February 2011


Prince Peter Collection had us at hello when we came across this hot line on the NYLA Boutique webby, an investigation ensued and we were instantly HOOKED on their edgy, rock n' roll inspired graphic tees, sweats, jackets and leggings - all designed to be unisex-y. And even though it's obvi from the set below that Russell has lifted Katy's 'What's New Pussycat' tee, I'd like to see BF wrestle it out of my kung fu grip! ;)

See all the beautiful people in their PPC? We want to be in there with them. Prince Peter Collection collabs with artists and photographers to exhibit their images as wearable art, and by the hair of Patz do we want to collect these bad boys! Here's a few of our fave pieces, prepare to want....

My fave, as seen on Kitty Purry and our Russell, the What's New Pussycat tee, $65 at PPC online store or £55 at NYLA Boutique.

The Heal The World tank, as seen on Rhianna (girl crush!) featuring lyrics from MJ's classic eco tunage! $75 at PPC online store or £55 from NYLA Boutique. LOVE the open sides on this one, so secsi.

My second fave, the Oh You Pretty Thing tee, $65 at PPC online store or £55 at NYLA Boutique. The leo print extends all the way down the back too, and as I've recently had all my hair chopped off I've taken a fancy to rear details!

Punk icon Wendy O Williams is captured by the AMAZING photography of Mick Rock on the Sex Junkie sweater, so hot. $85 at PPC online store, or £70 at NYLA Boutique.

Now yes, a small part of me loves these leggings because they're named after one of my fave hair rock bands ever, but mostly I just love them because they roar hard. The White Snake legging in grey is $85 at PPC online store, or £45 at NYLA Boutique.

Prince Peter Collection is stocked in selected boutiques around the world, find your local one here. We currently have NYLA Boutique (with whispers of ASOS too) here in UK but we need MOAR or the UK might just lose us to the US forever. Is that what you want UK? Because that's what you're gonna get.

Prince Peter Collection - we do!!

J - a life in black and white.
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Monday 21 February 2011

So doggies and dalmatian print has been spotted all over LFW with Unique leading the way, and it's totally obvi that we need to be in on this now rather than later.

Dalmatian is a really easy print to wear without looking like (sighhhh) an obvious Cruella wannabe, so it's EYES OUT for some pre AW11 pieces that will keep us ahead of the pack this spring/summer!

If you have a summer wedding to go to this year, you couldn't really go wrong with a gorgeous spotty dress with a twist of doggy style!

This spotty sateen number from Lipsy will make sure you are ahead of the game before the print starts to drop in all sorts of fun faux furs and knits for AW11. Lipsy Frill Front Waisted Dress, £50 at Lipsy.

And if all over puppy love isn't your thing, accessorise!

Just flash a bit of well heeled leg in these Tiffany Quinn Dalmatian tights, just £6.95 at UK Tights! Love this print and they would look amazing under shorts for these cooler days!

Alternatively, stay with the cute goggie theme without going dotty.

This cute tee from River Island, £19.99, leads the way for me.

I think I'll go all out with a full on print that can be worn 101 ways, now if I can just find that perfect pelt..... ;)

Runway images taken from www.LondonFashionWeek.co.uk, all other images credited as linked.

J - your pedigree chum.
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J loves Penny Loves Kenny.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Years ago I found an amazing pair of heels in TK Maxx, a pink furry leopard print platform by Penny Loves Kenny, and I adored them until they died. Now Penny and her love Kenny are tempting me back into their naughty bed with this new style, the very 80's power dressing-esque 'Tetra', in Leopard, $89.99 from Heels.com. I die.

'Tetra' also comes in the Gaga Love Game colourway of blue grey and lilac, which is ridiculously hot, $89.99 from Heels.com.

I pretty much love them. Sigh.

Images as credited to Heels.com.

J - serious serious shoe lust.
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Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur Boots at Solestruck - THUD.

I want these in my bed. That is all.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur in Pink Cheetah, $194.95 at Solestruck.

Image as credited.

J - Serious shoe lust.
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Jessie J in Evil Twin!

Friday 11 February 2011

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So my eagle eye spotted the lovely Jessie J in a HOT pair of Evil Twin Cheap Trick Leopard Trousers, £54 from ASOS, in the Price Tag vid!

Evil Twin is a massive RAWR fave so I was so excited to see Jessie rocking these gorgeous pants! I LOVE the print, and I can't believe they're in the sale with most sizes still available - waaahhhh!

Check out the rest of the Evil Twin range at ASOS, including a skirt and sweater in the same print - I die for it all, it's fast becoming my favourite brand to stalk.

Images taken from video as linked to Youtube, image as linked from ASOS - with thanks.

J - doin it like a dude.
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Cracking Crochet! Feeling So Bohemian Like You...

Wednesday 9 February 2011

The one trend I'm absolutely loving this Spring/Summer is crochet! Oh my. It's popping up all over the high street & I really can't get enough of it.

I created the below Polyvore set with 2 of my FAVOURITE Crochet items from Topshop. I love the bohemian look, it's just so Kate Moss & Alexa Chung. Now those girls have style.

Miss Selfridge

If I were to switch the adorable crochet pumps for Hunter Wellies, then this set would be ideal festival wear!

ASOS, River Island, Urban Outfitters & H&M also have some great crochet pieces, so it's worth shopping around to find the item that best suits you. I'll just take one of everything at Topshop please ;)

What do you think? Are you also loving the crochet trend!?

I want it ALL over me! Doily T XoX
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New NEIVZ at SpoiledBrat.co.uk - I DO!!

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Soooooooo, Valentine's Day is coming up and I've kind of come to terms with the fact that long term BF Timcat probably isn't going to propose any time soon, buuuuuuuuuut, he could totally redeem himself AND make me giggle, if he presented me with one of these NEIVZ bad boys from SpoiledBrat.co.uk!

At just £19.99 this double sided ring gives you 2 looks for your money - too cute!

So if someone wants to give BF a nudge I'd be most appreciative :)

Image credited as linked.

J - Always the bridesmaid. Actually, never the bridesmaid either, SIGH.
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