Sunday 30 January 2011


The Rock Boutique hails from super cool Camden in foggy London town, where every item is designed and hand printed with the kind of love and attention that I give to a Timothy Olyphant movie, i.e. A LOT. It's clear to see the passion and pride that creator Jack has in his line, RB garments are almost born, rather than made, in his workshop. Each item is individual to it's brothers and sisters, and before they leave home it's instilled in them to become a favourite piece in your wardrobe; a go-to sweater or grab and go hoodie, the ones you can always rely on for that instant feel good fuzzy.

The Rock Boutique has a concession in Topshop Oxford Circus (also known to us as the mothership), dropping in Bentalls Kingston and Bracknell, and for us non Londoners (SOB!) RB can be ordered online from Crystal Inc. Boutique. Prices are around £35 for sweaters and £38 for hoodies with smaller pieces like tees, vests and shorts falling in under that, and numbers are limited which just adds to how much I covet a piece!

Some pics from the Topshop concession....squeeeee! Love the sleeve rolls!

My personal fave from the Spring line is the Back in Black sweatshirt, £35 as worn by Cher Lloyd. It has a huge leopard print heart on the front, and is just crying out to snuggle in my closet with my other babies!

The fun, bright graphics are too cute, I see something new everytime I look at these snaps, and the huge 'R' motif has a collegiate style to it, making these sweats a must have item for Spring/Summer this year as I'm sure the varsity letterman/college trend won't have escaped anyone here.

And finally, even Barbie has a little love for The Rock Boutique, and if Barbz is working a look, you KNOW it's good!

SO. Follow The Rock Boutique on Facebook for news and pics, and if you already own some RB, upload photos to the page and you could win prizes (!), feature in the fan pics section and maybe get on the soon to be launched RB website, yey!

J - R is for Rock.
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What's Hawt? Traffic People!

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I first fell in love with Traffic People a few years ago, after spotting lots of gorgeous pieces in the HUGE Topshop in London.

Some of my favourite dresses are from Traffic People & they are pretty well travelled! I've rocked them in cities such as Miami, to countries like Vietnam & Thailand. I want to take them with me wherever I go! ;)

Flaming Flamingos Playsuit, £54- Traffic People.

Yesterday I visited the Traffic People boutique in Bath. It's hidden away but I was so glad I stumbled across it. It's full of gorgeous pieces!

They had lots of Spring/Summer 2011 pieces in & I especially loved the Monet Madness print.

Monet Madness - Jessica Rabbit, £51- Traffic People.
Such a perfect party dress & a girl can never have too many party dresses! ;)

Monet Madness - Blessings Dress, £98- Traffic People.
I NEED. When I walked into the boutique yesterday, this was the first piece I noticed. So eye-catching!

Flaming Flamingos - Blessings Dress, £67- Traffic People.

This Flaming Flamingos print is fun & playful! I love this maxi dress & the playsuit shown at the top of the post. Traffic People always have original prints which is what makes their pieces so special.

Cocktails and Infidelity - Scallop Dress, £59- Traffic People.

How pretty is this dress? It has such a gorgeous shape. I think my boyfriend would love it as well. *HINT**HINT* Muhahaha!

It's also available in Baby blue, Blusher Pink, Coal & Olive.

Cocktails and Infidelity - Ranch Dress, £62
- Traffic People.

Again, this also comes in the above mentioned colours. I personally adore the olive colour! Delicious.

They have LOADS of bargains in their 50% off sale, so be sure to check it out!

Make sure you 'Like' them on Facebook to be kept up-to-date with all the latest Traffic People news.

T really is addicted to Traffic People. If you're in need of something edgy & cool, then look no further! ;) XoX

All imaged credited to: Traffic People.
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What's Hawt? Stolen Thunder!

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Stolen Thunder was created (in the UK) by Alice Burlinson and Joy Frost. The label is inspired by playful childhood memories and everything is handmade!

Russian Doll Necklace, £37- Stolen Thunder.

I've been smitten with this brand since day 1. I gave one lucky pal the above Russian Doll Necklace (with the matching brooch) for chrimbo! It's handmade from bamboo and SO cute. Needless to say, she loved it ;)

Charm Bracelet, £42- Stolen Thunder.

Their designs are extremely unique with hand drawn graphics, teamed with diverse materials such as cherry wood, bamboo wood, supple Italian leather and vintage look chain.

These are my gorgeous little Nautical Stud Earrings, only £13.50! Again they are handmade from Eco friendly bamboo. Super quirky and adorable.

I love Gin/I love Tea Reversible Necklace, £31- Stolen Thunder.

J & I definitely need one of these each so we can have the Gin side showing at work & the Tea side showing at home!

I also have this gorgeous Russian Doll Face Statement Ring which you can buy for only £16.50. It's so sweet & I've had tons of compliments on it! She has such a cute little face.

I have a feeling I will be buying LOTS more Stolen Thunder in the future. Not just for me, but as gifts for my besties too!

Be sure to stalk them on Twitter & join their Facebook Group as well!

It's official. T LOVES Stolen Thunder and wants tons MOAR! XoX

Images credited to: Stolen Thunder & Me.
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New in at Topshop! I need. High Street LOVE.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

I just LOVE it when the sales start to end and all the new season clothes arrive. The first High Street store I wanna blog about (with lots of new goodies in) is Topshop!

Oh Topshop I love you.

Premium Rust Suede Stitch Biker Jacket, £150- Topshop.

YEEEE-HAAA! I NEED it. Eeek!! I already have the bag version of this jacket. I bought it about 6 years ago from Kookai but it's just as incredible as this bad boy. I'm going to use my bag everyday until I have enough money saved for this! YUM.

ATTITUDE Black Block Wooden Platform Heeled Ankle Boots, £90- Topshop.

RAWR! These boots are fierce. I can think of 5 women right now who would LOVE a pair of these in their shoe wardrobe. Girls, you know if I had the money...

White Lace Leaf Embellished Swing Top, £36.00- Topshop.

This is just SO pretty. I'm definitely trying it on this weekend if it's instore. Perfect for spring!

Stone Trellis Ring, £8.50- Topshop.

I do love finger candy. The turquoise stone is gorgeous and I'm a huge fan of filigree! For only £8.50 we should all buy one ;)

Black Multi Buckle Bag, £28- Topshop.

Buckle me up! This is such a sweet little bag, I adore the buckle detailing. Mother Monster would be proud.

Ohhhhhh Topshop. What do you do to me? I can't wait for more new goodies to appear! My NEED list is getting longer & longer... T XoX

All images credited to: Topshop
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Sale Bargains @ Net-A-Porter!

Monday 24 January 2011

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Oh golly. I can't quite believe how many incredible bargains there are at Net-A-Porter! With an extra 20% off sale prices, buying almost feels like stealing. Take a peek...

Wild Cotton T-shirt by Markus Lupfer, Was £100 Now £56- Net-A-Porter.

I featured this in a blog post last month but now my size has sold out! *SIGH*. Someone buy it & wear it for me!?

Skull-embellished Bangle by Alexander McQueen, Was £305 Now £97.60- Net-A-Porter.

Don't tell J. She loves her McQueen! There are lots of cheap McQueen pieces waiting for good homes...

Satin Ballerina Flats from J.Crew. Was £80 Now £44.80- Net-A-Porter.

I live in ballet flats in the summer! These are so sweet & will go perfectly with jeans.

Chilly Leather Appliqué Skinny Jeans by Superfine, Was £390 Now £156- Net-A-Porter.

These look like they belong in every rock chick's wardrobe. Wear with boots in the day & killer heels at night. Delicious.

Behind the Scenes Cotton T-shirt by Sass & Bide. Was £150 Now £36- Net-A-Porter.

My must have sale item. I'm currently working on how I can budget this in to my monthy spends...SUCH a bargain!

Strapless Chambray Mini Dress by Juicy Couture, Was £125 Now £60- Net-A-Porter.

A gorgeous summer dress from Juicy Couture! I love how it's styled, the blazer matches beautifully. Tres cute.

Monday's can be manic so I have the perfect solution for those Rawrer's feeling the strain. GO FORTH TO NET-A-PORTER & SPLURGE!! ;) T XoX

All images credited to: Net-A-Porter.
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New Wildfox. Freak out.

Sunday 23 January 2011

FREAK OUT. New Wildfox is showing up all over the place. HELP!!

Lightning Twice Surf Raglan Sequin Tee, $148- Singer 22.

This outfit is simple, yet awesome & the tee also comes in black! Love it.

Sequin Lipstick Tom Boy Tank, $138- Singer 22.

We NEED! J & I love our lippies, especially when they're covered in sequins.

Lion Surf Raglan Sequin Tee, $148- Singer 22.

This looks very much like an English Lion to me!? I feel like it's almost my duty to buy it...

Fox Antique Jersey Tee, $131- Black Label Boutique.

My FAVOURITE of the new tees! Well hello there little foxy. How adorable? I want to be a stylish version of Bret from Flight of the Conchords.

Hunter Jersey Box Tee, $131- Black Label Boutique.

Super cute too! Woof Woof.

White Cat Box Tee as seen on Alessandra Ambrosio, $132- Singer 22.

Alessandra & I always seem to like the same WF tees. This is my second favourite of the bunch but I REALLY want it. On a side note, this super cute model makes me miss my fringe!

Foxtail V-Neck Tee, $65- Wildfox.

J is absolutely in LOVE with this tee! She is a little Wild-Fox ;)

Bring on more WF S/S!! We're loving the new designs & can't wait for more Vive Le France pieces. Eeeeeeeeeek!

Someone hide my plastic. T XoX

All iamges credited to their sources.
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COCO and BISCUITS anyone?....

Wednesday 19 January 2011


Yep, kinda excited about this bunch of stills. Coco & Biscuits is the hot new sister range to The Rock Boutique, and both can be found at 839 Camden Stables Market, Caaaaaaaaaaaaaam-den Town, Lahhhhndahhhn NW1 8AH, whilst The Rock Boutique is concessioned in certain Topshop stores and stocked online at Crystal Inc Boutique (handy if like us you very rarely get to visit lovely foggy London town). The Rock Boutique range is bright and bold in colour and embellishments, but Coco & Biscuits has an edgier, worn in to be worn out, ooooooohh - FASHION, look that we personally adore. Each piece is either hand printed, a ltd edition, recycled, or completely one off which just makes us want a piece of C&B even more.

Here are a few of our faves (and yes, I totally get that by a few, I mean 'a lot' - it's hard to choose!), check a wider range out on the Coco & Biscuits Facebook page photo album if you like what you see. Which you will. GO!

Seeeeeeeeeeee? RAWR right? Everytime I preview this post I drift off into a dreamworld of C&B tanks and tees, Charley 5.0 zipper skinnies, worker boots and layering myself happy.......

Follow Coco & Biscuits on Facebook for updates and info, we totally have our eyes peeled for new stockists popping up in our local areas (oo-er!).

Dear Jack, we need them all, quickly please. Kthanxbai.

J - a total fashion whore, you know it ;)
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