What's Hawt? Stolen Thunder!

Sunday 30 January 2011

Stolen Thunder was created (in the UK) by Alice Burlinson and Joy Frost. The label is inspired by playful childhood memories and everything is handmade!

Russian Doll Necklace, £37- Stolen Thunder.

I've been smitten with this brand since day 1. I gave one lucky pal the above Russian Doll Necklace (with the matching brooch) for chrimbo! It's handmade from bamboo and SO cute. Needless to say, she loved it ;)

Charm Bracelet, £42- Stolen Thunder.

Their designs are extremely unique with hand drawn graphics, teamed with diverse materials such as cherry wood, bamboo wood, supple Italian leather and vintage look chain.

These are my gorgeous little Nautical Stud Earrings, only £13.50! Again they are handmade from Eco friendly bamboo. Super quirky and adorable.

I love Gin/I love Tea Reversible Necklace, £31- Stolen Thunder.

J & I definitely need one of these each so we can have the Gin side showing at work & the Tea side showing at home!

I also have this gorgeous Russian Doll Face Statement Ring which you can buy for only £16.50. It's so sweet & I've had tons of compliments on it! She has such a cute little face.

I have a feeling I will be buying LOTS more Stolen Thunder in the future. Not just for me, but as gifts for my besties too!

Be sure to stalk them on Twitter & join their Facebook Group as well!

It's official. T LOVES Stolen Thunder and wants tons MOAR! XoX

Images credited to: Stolen Thunder & Me.

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