Black Milk Galaxy Leggings and Creepers from So You Shoes!

Thursday 31 May 2012

We are Black Milk CRAY & I've been lusting after a pair of Galaxy Leggings for what seems like my entire life...& now I finally own them. Yes, my world is complete.


This is an outfit-dream come true. I really love how the bright pinks look against the Galaxy Print! The print itself is from a photo taken by NASA of an actual galaxy. Er, epic!?

Equipment Shirt

My shirt is by Equipment & is from Six Whiting St. It's absolutely beautiful & is 100% silk. As it's so sheer, I wore it with my new American Vintage vest from one of my favourite online boutiques, The Dressing Room. They are both sooo soft!


My outfit is finished with the hottest shoes around right now, Creepers! I know they aren't to everyone's taste but I think they are sooo cool. You may have read my previous post about Rihanna wearing them & that girl knows style.

High Platform Black Creeper Shoes - £30

They're from the amazing So You Shoes & I think this is just the first of many outfit posts featuring them. I can't wait to get some Ragged Priest shorts to wear with them! I'm also planning to wear them with a Dip Hem skirt & a Black Milk swimsuit. Ohhh yes.

What do you think? To me this screams RAWR Girl!

T - Wants to buy a Spaceship & fly. XoX
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 31 - The Thing You're Obsessed With At The Moment . . .

. . . My PYLONES Cat Clothes Brush!!

I seriously adore this thing, it makes me smile that I have a cat shaped clothes brush to combat the cat shaped hairs all over my clothes! It was £15 which i guess is a lot for what it is, but it saves me time and works better than a lint roller, which you still have to buy refills for too, so pounds per use this is better value in my opinion ;) Plus it's shaped like a cat which is always a bonus.

At Pylones they make two promises:
1. Anyone who visits their store will feel they have been entertained and inspired to challenge the establishment a little - CHECK.
2. Anyone who buys from their avant-garde, transformational collection, sourced from around the world, will be asked ‘Wow, where did you find that?’ - CHECK!

If you have a store nearby you need to visit, it's amazing!

J - Possession obsession.
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Rawr Girls Love Luxury Brand Dominique Mosley!

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Dominique Mosley

We've been fans of the retro inspired luxury brand Dominique Mosley since last year, & now her latest collection has been released, we're UBER fans!

Designer Dominique is a Central Saint Martins graduate & her gorgeous designs have even been featured in top fashion magazines such as Grazia & Cosmo.

Rose and Chain Scarf - £80.

All of her pieces are made to the highest quality using the finest materials... So it's not surprising that her designs are adored by Fashionistas & shoppers from across the globe.

I currently own 3 scarves (I know, be jealous!) but I have my eyes on sooo many other things. Here are some of my favourites:

Boudoir Scarf
Boudoir Scarf (peach) - £140.00

I honestly think this is the prettiest scarf around right now! It's 100% silk twill & features a beautiful art nouveau print. This truly is what Rawr Girls dream of. It would add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
Rose Tote
Rose Tote - £85

I'm obsessed with this print. I've already put the Rose Shoulder Bag (£95) on my *WANT list*. Both bags feature leather trims & the vibrant print would look amazing with dark denim shorts or a white dress. Perfect for this sunny weather!

Flower Cosmetic Bag
Flower Cosmetic Bag - £24

This is such a super cute cosmetic bag. It comes in various different prints & is perfect for popping in your handbag. I definitely need one (or two haha).

Also, if you want your home to be as stylish as you, then take a peek at the new Homeware range. I think that J will be very excited when she reads this, she has a real soft spot for cushions & these would definitely compliment her interior decor. Her crib is totally Stylin'!

What do you think, are you also in love? I honestly can't wait to own more of Dominique's designs, everything really is so luxurious!

T - Predicts a future outfit post... ;)XoX

**Be sure to follow Dominique on Twitter & Facebook to be kept up-to-date.**
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 30 - Pretty Hair . . .

I've decided to show you 2 old pics at the points I thought my hair looked it's best over the last few years. It looks nice now, don't get me wrong, but it's growing out so to me it's neither here or there hair at the mo. Please excuse the phone pics (you can even see my really old phone in the last pic!). . .

This was taken just over 2 years ago, before I got it chopped off. You can't tell, but it was waist length at the back. I used to curl it and make it as big as I could! I miss this hair, I don't want to grow it as long as this, but I certainly want to be able to boof it up again!

And this is the first pic I took when I got home after having it all chopped off, about 18 months ago. I LOVED this style (I asked for Frankie from The Saturdays and that's pretty much what I got!) but after the second maintenance cut I missed having long hair and decided to grow it out. I'm still trying and it's now touching my shoulders. I'm glad I did it though, and I would do it again :)

So yeah, that's my hurrrrrr!

J - The long and the short of it.
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Outfit Post: Rawr Girls LOVE Brat and Suzie from Room 31!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

We've recently discovered a new online store called Room 31. It stocks a ton of affordable, stylish pieces & in particular - an incredible range of summer dresses! They sell brands such as Vero Moda, Vila, Yumi and our new obsession, Brat and Suzie.

Brat and Suzie
was created by two super stylish sisters back in 2009. Their pieces are animal-inspired and us Rawr Girls just can't get enough.

After browsing Room 31's Brat and Suzie selection, I stumbled across the Boston Dog Dress (£40) and it was looove at first sight. Being an uber doggy fan, I just knew I had to have it.

Boston Dog Dress

I decided to pair my new baby with a chain belt from Wallis, a bracelet from INCA & some worker boots from Matalan! It's such a casual outfit but I feel really good in it.

Boston Dog Dress

Are you a fan? :) I'd definitely recommend checking out Room 31's webby, it's crammed with cute pieces like this & everything a girl needs for the summer.

- T LOVES her new favourite clothes-pusha. XoX

P.S Make sure you follow their Blog & stalk them on Twitter/Facebook for news about sales, competitions & more!
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Rawrgirls Review . . .Superdry Nail Paint!

I was intrigued by the Superdry nail paint (admittedly, mainly because the bottles are cute with their individual designs!) so I got pretty excited when I was sent one of the new colours to try - Rose Pink, £6.

My first reaction, it's not Rose Pink, it's peach. Picky. Anyhoo, unfortunately, it's not a great polish. The colour is very pretty and definitely on trend, and I do applaud a clothing brand for having a crack at this, but the formulation is poor. It smacks of 80's polish that you would rob off your mum for some sneaky glam time when you were 6. Firstly, the smell is SUPER strong, which is very offputting. Secondly, it dries in light speed time which could be seen as a bonus, but not for me. I use a quick 3 stroke system usually, and when your first stroke drags as you try to apply the 2nd, and so on, it doesn't help. Thirdly, it took 5 coats to get a decent opacity, a little too many for me when I have similar colours from other brands that take 2-3 max, though the shine was pretty impressive as you can see, there's no top coat on at that stage. Lastly, it's chipped already and I only applied it last night which is very disappointing when I took the time to apply all those coats.

I've already had a rummage around the internet and found a lot of happy customers using it and loving it, so maybe it's just my personal feeling, who knows? I think £6 is a lot to pay for the quality I experienced (unless you're looking to get high off the smell!), but the design on the bottle is cute plus they have some nice colours so I suspect that will pull in a lot of Superdry fans regardless, and let's face it, it is a side line dabble of a clothing brand. I just think that if you're going to do it, you might as well do it well, like Topshop or American Apparel, so it's a bit of a shame really.

J x
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 29 - Face Of The Day . . .

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As bloggers, we spend a lot of time photographing ourselves in everyday looks. So for my Face Of The Day, I turned myself into a Twilight Saga Cullen vamp using an app, just for a change you know, one likes a bit of sparkle every now and again ;)

J - It's the fluorescents.
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Rawrgirls Review . . . Rosso Solini Designer Soles!

Monday 28 May 2012

I was recently sent some Rosso Solini Designer Soles to try out, and once I tried them, you could say I got a tad excited about the results!

A little bit of background first. Invented by young Irish entrepeneur Tara Haughton at just 16 (!), the idea was born when wedding confetti stuck to the sole of her shoe, the brand has grown from one colour to over twenty designs and colours that are exported to twenty countries, with Tara winning the coveted Enterprise Award 2011 - impressive yes?!

Tara was kind enough to send me several sets to try out; red, pink and a few sets of super cute polka dots and fierce leopard print, so I set to work!

I took a pair of purple leopard heels from and chose the pink 'Anna' Single Sole Kit (€8.99) for my first go. The kit includes 1 pair of peel off sticky back soles, 1 cleaning wipe and a trimming knife (which I thought was really thoughtful because who has something like that normally?!), plus full instructions. It was surprisingly easy! Basically, you do the sole part first, then use the offcut to do the heel, so obvi you have to weigh up the offcut piece carefully before making the cut but once you've figured out how much to leave then it's game on! My BF pointed out that I should've done 'BEFORE' pics but hey, we all know what the soles of our heels normally look like, and these ones were particularly ugly trust me, but now look how pretty they are!

My second go had to be the GI Jane leopard print (€5.99), a soles only pack, so I grabbed my old faithful Aldo black patent heels, which have seen a lot of wear over the years. I was worried about matching the pattern but really, it's so busy that you can kind of join it anywhere and it blends! How gorgeous do they look now?

I experienced a few small air bubbles, it's impossible to avoid them, but with a little coaxing you can make them so small they become invisible, and I love the high gloss finish on the soles, expecially on the plain colours, they look so glamourous and yummy!

Rosso Solini soles are SO easy to use, I was a bit nervous about wielding a knife near my babies but seriously, this is childs play! I can't fault this product, I can only imagine it gets easier the more you do, and what a great way to give shoes a revamp! Tara tells me that she has plans for new birthstone colours, and also letters to give your soles that extra bit of individuality with initials, names or words - amaze!

Big thanks to Tara Haughton for introducing us to her Rosso Solini Designer Soles, it's going to be difficult to wear plain soles after this!

J - Sole sister.
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 28 - Something Everyone Has Now . . .

We're all rocking the USA stars n' stripes now right? I got these jeans last year from Topshop and there was only a few pieces in there with the print; some shorts and a couple of vests, but nothing like the variety that's out there now! Craziness.

Got to say though, I prefer the the stars n' stripes to our Union Jack - bit unpatriotic but hey ho. How do you feel about this wearing flags trend? What other flags should we wear?!

J - Star spangled, um, legs.
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 27 - Inspired By Your Fashion Icon . . .

Sunday 27 May 2012

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L.A.M.B. was my life at one point even though I'm kinda over it now (sad face), but Gwen Stefani will always be my fashion icon, she's flawless in my opinion. Gwen has recently been seen in the Paige Edgemont jeans, and I was excited to see that if you google image 'Gwen Stefani Paige Edgemont', pics of me in my Edgemont's come up not too far away to Gwen in hers - STALK!!

Here are a few snaps of the L.A.M.B. I collected over the years, and something that might scare Gwen if she ever saw it - I am literally wearing her skin ;)

Gwen - Girl, you got style ;)

J - I want you all over me . . .
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 26 - What's In Your Bag? . . .

What's inside Mr Fox?!

Bag - Black Mr Fox Satchel, £18 - Chelsea Doll.

Light contents today! My big fat L.A.M.B. wallet (needs replacing desperately!), a few RAWR business cards (you never know who you will bump into), a mini anti-perspirant (you never know who you will bump into ha!), Benefit Dancing Queen lipgloss (a yummy sheer neon pink) and some ever faithful Eylure lash glue (ALWAYS have one of these in my bag).

And that's it!

J - Travelling light.
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 25 - A Totally You Outfit . . .

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Instead of doing an outfit pic, I decided to make a set depicting something that would be totally me if I could afford it! My style is a bit boyish; I like things loose, I'm generally never seen in a skirt, I love leather and studs and graphics, I'm not afraid of colour or clashing colours and prints, I like to be comfortable but fierce and I like unusual things. Here we go . . .

I've had my eye on the Louise Gray blue leather joggers from ASOS for a while, I have no clue why I haven't bought them yet.

The sweater is Wildfox, obvs, £80 again from ASOS. If this sales again it will be mine ;)

The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Edea Spike, $219.95 from Solestruck. Ugghhhhhh, SO nice it's untrue! Almost worth putting out a wishlist on BBM for ;)

The bag is a Lauren Moshi canvas tote, $88 from Revolve. I love the Moshi graphic prints, but her stuff is SO expensive, but worth it if you have the dollar. I have a tee and it's super silky!

I can definitely see myself in this outfit, but it will have to stay that way SOB!!

J - Always me.
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 24 - The Item That Brings All The Boys To The Yard . . .

You would think something like this would repel men, but for some reason (maybe they bring out the kinky side of them!) boys cannot get enough of my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes!

I don't see them as being particularly sexy, fierce yes, but sexy not so much. But dudes have approached me in GARDEN CENTRES in front of my boyfriend to tell me how much they like my boots, which is very wierd indeed! Still, if you're going to rock spikes on your shoes you have to expect some sort of attention so hey ho, but still, garden centres guys, really?!

J - Ummmm?...
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 23 - Something From Your Favourite Store . . .

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Why it's TK Maxx of course!!

My local TK is a safe haven for the female boss and I (not Tulisa thank god, but my actual real life office manager and good friend, D!). When we've had a tough morning in the man's world that is our place of work, we enjoy nothing more than a lunchtime mooch around TK Maxx. So here for your viewing pleasure is a taste of the stuff we have found on a few of those trips out :)

Hunter boots, £49.99 - YUM!

Melissa Odabash gold swimsuit, £12.99 - we literally felt like we had robbed the store with this one.

A flurry (yes I do believe that is the official plural term) of House of Holland x Pretty Polly tights, £3.99 each - this is becoming a regular occurance in TK, you need to check it out!

Cute one off top that was never to be seen again in another size (grrr D!), £9.99 - raver-tastic, looks hella cute with denim cut offs I imagine, though I wouldn't know seeing as I didn't get my paws on it ;)

TK is a lifestyle for me. I'm lucky because my local store is amazeballs, everything is super neat and well laid out, and considering we are only a small town it gets some ridiculous labels and unusual goodies in there. You must utilise your local TK, don't just go straight for the big city centre ones, they get ransacked every single day so a #FabFind is harder to snaffle. Check out your local store, you'll be pleasantly surprised! TK Maxx forever!!

J - Lunchtime Maxxing.
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RAWR LOVE FOR . . . BLINK Wedge Trainers!

I've been holding out for the perfect pair of wedge trainers this summer, and as the high street started to copy the designer styles my lust started to wane because basically, they all look the same and that puts me off. So I thought I was over the wedge trainer thing right? And that's when Blink, Bronx's sister brand, hit me!

Behold, my new fave wedge trainers! Obvs the leopard print and studded ones are my faves, but how nice are they all really? Waaahhhh!!!

And these are just a smidge of the selection of colours and styles available from Blink (think between 3-6 colour variations on the plain strap, glitter, zips and two tones!) The strap style (like the purple one shown above) are online at New Look in black, tan, stone, red and blue, right now for the amazing price of £59.99 each! Seriously, I've seen unbranded ones hitting £60+ so I'm well impressed by this! However, I'm desperate for the leopard or black studded ones, and I'm yet to find a stockist anywhere in the UK - story of my fashion life - always after something I can't have, BUT we have now discovered that you can pre-order the whole range at, all at $79.99 and they ship internationally (but watch those customs charges girls!) :)

So I plead to you, if you stumble across my faves anywhere online that is UK based, please come right back and let me know yes? There may be a reward in it for you. Well okay, maybe no reward, but you'll feel really good for helping a fellow fashion girl out ;)


J - BLINKing my lashes at the interwebz - find my shooooooes!
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 22 - Something That Was A Gift . . .

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Gosh, this was a tough one, I have received some amazing gifts over the years, but this is definitely one of my faves - my Juicy Couture charm bracelet. BF bought me the starter bracelet 2 christmas's ago now, along with the heart charm, and it kind of started something!

The whole thing, it weighs a ton!

The pretty Heart from BF, my first charm!

BFF Stephy got me the fierce Pink Dice (I like to think they help me make decisions), and BF got me the super hot Vampire Lips because I'm a vamp freak :)

My friends in work got me this gorgeous Bunny Mask charm just because I loved it, and BF again got me the Soccer Locker because it reminds me of him - football nut, but it also has a leopard print interior which represents me!

Finally, daddy got me these two; the Climbing Cat because we're all kitteh lovers in this family, and the Pirate Skull because he always laughs at my fashion obsession with skulls and bones!

I love this bracelet so much, I think because it reminds me of all the people I love, plus it's crazy fun. Juicy Couture charms are totally showy and over the top and that's why I love them :)

J - Charmed I'm sure!
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31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 21 - Something That Is Your Favourite Brand . . . .

Monday 21 May 2012


We think you get the idea ;)

J & T - Wild Foxes.
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