31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 28 - Something Everyone Has Now . . .

Monday 28 May 2012

We're all rocking the USA stars n' stripes now right? I got these jeans last year from Topshop and there was only a few pieces in there with the print; some shorts and a couple of vests, but nothing like the variety that's out there now! Craziness.

Got to say though, I prefer the the stars n' stripes to our Union Jack - bit unpatriotic but hey ho. How do you feel about this wearing flags trend? What other flags should we wear?!

J - Star spangled, um, legs.


  1. Truthfully I think that the USA flag is the best when it comes to interpreting it into our clothes. The colors are well matched and there are stars and stripes to top it off.

    Like for example I can't imagine wearing my country's flag on my clothes (Bulgaria's white-green-red flag.. that's just not gonna happen, ever). It all depends on the colors I guess.

    1. I agree, to be honest, I don't even think the Union Jack lends itself as well as the Stars n Stripes does. There's something a bit cooler about the US flag! Great comment thanks!



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