Getting Social With Disney Couture UK!

Monday 30 June 2014

We do love it when a brand knows how to work the social media angle and one particular brand has really caught our eye over the last few weeks, the very chatty and super friendly team behind Disney Couture UK! Now Disney Couture is by no means a new brand, in fact, it's been around for 10 years and Tara and I have always had quite a penchant for their adorable and often quirky Disney movie and character inspired jewelz (and clothes at one point!), but their UK based Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages have gone stella recently and the brand seems to be enjoying the love of some new fans, as well as re-catching the eye of some of us old boys. The fun chat and movie references have totally rekindled our love for the label, so we went a hunting for our fave pieces from stockists right now. To the wishlist! . . . 

Disney Couture Little Mermaid Sterling Silver Ariel Cameo Necklace - £49 at Zentosa. There was never enough The Little Mermaid DC for our liking, so this is a very welcome addition to the line!

Mawi for Disney Couture Minnie Mouse Heart Ring - £15 at Accessories Online. The Mawi line was awesome and we regret not filling our dwarf boots when it was all over AO and ASOS last year but hi ho, you live and learn. Regardless, this is a magical price.

Tom Binns for Disney Couture Mad Hatter Silver Necklace - £33 at Nettie Frolic. I have the earrings to match so I need this! The Alice movie rocked my world and literally everything Tom Binns did for the DC line was beautiful. Curiouser and curioser . . .

Gold Plated and Black Enamel Mufasa Lion King Necklace - £69.99 at Truffle Shuffle. We love the way DC changes up the designs, it would be so easy for them to just impose the traditional Disney animations onto everything but this Lion King necklace proves that it's not always about the cutesy big eyed animals.

Tom Binns for Disney Couture Cheshire Cat Stud Earrings - £23 at Aquaruby. Again, squeeeeee! I totally forgot these existed until I was browsing this stockist, and now I need them. 

Disney Couture Snow White Whistle While You Work Platinum Plated Bangle - £39 at Little Bo's Boutique. Sooooo pretty and girly, fit for any princess.

Do you own any Disney Couture? What's your fave movie and what would you like to see in the jewellery line? 

J - We're all maaaaaad here, mad for DC!
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The Dressing Room Summer Sale Preview!

Friday 27 June 2014

Tomorrow sees the launch of The Dressing Room's Summer sale and I was sent a few pieces in advance to style and share with you guys! I love sale time and The Dressing Room always have such an awesome selection, so I was excited to get my paws on some of the upcoming bargains.

2nd Day Palm Print Tee
2nd Day Slim Palm Short Sleeve Tee in White - WAS £50, NOW £34.

2nd Day tees are extremely soft and feel great on. This palm print tee makes me think of sunny California, I can just imagine wearing it with some ripped jean shorts, some Ray-ban's and a pair of flip flops while I stroll down Melrose Avenue...*SIGH* However, I still like it paired with my oversized boyfriend jeans.

Twisted Muse Crazy Cat Scarf
Twisted Muse Crazy Cat Scarf in Lime - WAS £49, NOW £32.

I'd never heard of Twisted Muse before but I'm sure you'll agree this scarf is hella cool - I love the splashes of lime green! They also have some pretty awesome knitwear so it's definitely I brand I'll be checking out in the future.

Becksondergaard Leo Flamingo Tee
Becksondergaard H Leo Flamingo Tee in Rosewood - WAS £49, NOW £33.

Oh how I love Becksondergaard! It's nice to try one of their tees on for size, this leopard print flamingo tee is just too cute and has a nice relaxed fit. It's perfect for wearing all year round. 

Becksondergaard He Loves Me Not Scarf
Becksondergaard He Loves Me Scarf in Marzipan (c/o) WAS £45, NOW £30.

This scarf (and tote bag) is my favourite! Becks scarves always have tons of material and feature beautiful prints like this dandelion design. I was allowed to keep my favourite item so picked this adorable piece, isn't it the sweetest? :)

The Dressing Room sale starts online and instore from 9am tomorrow (28th June) and the first 20 customers into the store on the Saturday will receive an extra 10% off sale items! If you're not local but you've signed up to their newsletter, be sure to check your inbox on Saturday morning for an exclusive 10% discount code to use online (before 1pm)! Eeep! 

Will you be shopping the sale tomorrow? Let us know what you buy!

T - Making a list.
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SunGod Custom Sunglasses! #justaddcolour

Thursday 26 June 2014

You might've seen me wearing these cute mint green and white sunnies in Tuesday's outfit post, they're by SunGod, and I made 'em myself! It's simple; choose your style (these are Classics), then play around with the colours for your frames, arms and lenses to create a combination that's perfect for you! At just £35 you can afford to create a pair or two specifically to match your holiday wardrobe, or how about designing a couples pair for you and your beau? The possibilities are endless. Well okay, not endless, but there are over 10,000 designs just waiting to be discovered . . . 

I chose a mint green frame with white arms (you can choose different colours for each arm if you're a crazy bar steward), and polarised smoke lenses, and they look awesome!

uk style and fashion blog sungod classic sunglasses review
Sunglasses c/o SunGod.

The scratch and impact resistant lenses block 100% UV rays, with an advanced polarised filter that reduces glare from snow, water and the road. I have to say, I found them very easy to wear on my jaunt around a local park on a VERY sunny day, fine holiday fun. LOVE the little etched SunGod logo too!

uk style and fashion blog sungod classic sunglasses review

The frames are made from a premium matte finish TR90 titanium plastic with a sweet brushed zinc logo to each arm for that extra design touch. They feel great both on your face and in your hand because they're lightweight but sturdy. I have expensive designer sunnies that feel too delicate to hold in your hand like this and I can't be doing with the drama of digging out a case every five minutes to be honest. This is where the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee comes in, basically, they're so confident that you'll be enjoying your sunnies on every adventure you can throw at these specs, they promise that if they break they'll just replace them, simple as! 

uk style and fashion blog sungod classic sunglasses review

I can't wait to make myself a pair of the new Maverick style that releases in July. I already have them planned, check these bad boys out, SO gangster glam . . .

uk style and fashion blog sungod maverick sunglasses review

Check them out and go have a play, who wants to wear someone else's design when you can wear your own? They're well worth £35, two thumbs up :)

J - SunGod-dess
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Get Some Dove Colour Confidence!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Rawrgirl bathroom shelf regular Dove has recently partnered with fashion designer Olivia Rubin to encourage women to ditch the trusty blacks and greys and inject more colour into our wardrobes this summer! 

Dove recently conducted a poll* to celebrate a campaign for their new Dove Invisible Dry deodorant and discovered that a huge 48% of UK women wear just 2 colours a day, with a third sticking to black, grey or dark tones. 30% of women said that black clothing is a way for them to hide or not draw attention to themselves. Personally I follow the belief that black is sexy, and therefore brimming with confidence, but I can see why some women might think the opposite. Anyhoo, it turns out that the top 5 colours that women most associate with confidence are:

1. Red (OBVIO).
2. Hot Pink.
3. Purple.
4. Black (int-er-est-ing).
5. Blue.

I think that these colours are the old skool confident boosters though, from a time of shoulder padded suits and lycra bubble dresses. I agree more with Olivia Rubin who says, 'Colour need not just be about the brights. Dig out the candy floss pink, sky blue, mint green and pale lilac and wear with winter greys or black opaque tights for a touch of spring all year round. Pastel colours are a great way of injecting some colour confidence into your clothes without going outside your comfort zone.' And with those pearls of wisdom I present to you MY idea of a colour confident outfit, as sponsored by Dove . . .

Outfit: Pink Dress - Jovonna at Topshop, Rainbow Cardigan - Topshop, Mint Green Shoes - Topshop, Pink Bag - BANK, Mint Green Sunglasses - c/o SunGod.

Dove Colour Confidence outfit post Topshop Jovonna Team Player dress festival cardigan mint green shoes rose gold bag SunGod sunglasses uk style and fashion blog
Dove Colour Confidence outfit post Topshop Jovonna Team Player dress festival cardigan mint green shoes rose gold bag SunGod sunglasses uk style and fashion blog

Yep, I'm a candy coloured treat for the eyes! I felt really confident in my hundreds and thousands rainbow unicorn hair cardigan, sugar dipped accessories and this cute pink dress emblazoned with my initial on my chest like some sort of cupcake themed superhero! This is my kind of colour confidence. I'm a girl through and through, so you better believe I'm taking advantage of my femininity - RAWR!! 

Dove Invisible Dry deodorant is now proven to leave no marks on 100 colours, liberating wardrobes everywhere this summer. Join me and show your colour confidence and upload a colour embracing snap of yourself to Dove Colour Confidence before 27th June for a chance to win some amazing prizes! 

J - Rainbow Connection.

*Research conducted by OnePoll amongst 2000 British women in May 2014.
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Reverse Floral Playsuit and Japonica London!

Monday 23 June 2014

This is my favourite outfit, since like, forever. I've been after a white lace maxi kimono for something like 9 months. Well good things come to those who wait because I nabbed this beaut by Japonica London in the Oxford St. Topshop store, last week.

I decided to pair it with my first ever playsuit from Aussie brand, Reverse. I've never been brave enough to wear a playsuit until now, I think confidence comes with age and I just felt like trying something new. The playsuit itself is beauuutiful and I desperately want the maxi dress version. The print is so lovely.

White Lace Maxi Kimono
Reverse Floral PlaysuitJaponica London Kimono
Reverse Floral Long Sleeve Playsuit
Playsuit: c/o Reverse - Duster: Japonica London - Sandals: New Look - Necklace: c/o Delilah Dust - Fedora: Accessorize

This outfit is the kind of thing I can see Aussie girls rockin'. It's sweet, bohemian and relaxed. I finished off my look with my favourite sandals from New Look and a signature fedora. Reverse has only recently hit UK shores and one of their biggest stockists at the moment is House of Fraser. Although I take an XS in their maxi dresses, this floral playsuit is a S (or UK 10). I like the loose fit and it's the perfect size for me.

Are you a fan of playsuits? Would you wear this?

T - Free spirit.
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Glastonbury Festival Survival Guide: What Do I Pack!?

Sunday 22 June 2014

Last year I went to Glastonbury for the first time! The week before, I was frantically Googling 'what to pack for Glastonbury' and 'where to camp at Glastonbury'. I did stumble across a few good blogs but I didn't find any that were written by fashion bloggers. I didn't want sensible clothing advice, I needed to know what somebody cares about outfits should wear. 

Glastonbury packing list

Although this guide is aimed at Glasto goers, I'm sure it's good for any type of camping festival. So here goes, here are 5 points I think any stylish girl should know before heading to Worthy Farm.

1. Where should I camp? 
I think this is the most important piece of knowledge I can pass on! Camping is important. Do your research, don't just wing this one on the day. Firstly, you need to get there early to get a good spot. We arrived at 7am on Wednesday and the car parks were packed. We then had to queue (with thousands of others) until 8am when the gates opened. It took us 2 hours to walk to our campsite because there were so many people! GlastoEarth is an incredible website with tons of info. I recommend reading their in-depth camping guide. We opted for a quiet-ish spot a little out of the way and away from the toliets haha.

By Thursday morning there was little camping space!

2. What camping gear do I need?

Us girly girls don't tend to know a great deal about camping. Don't buy a cheap tent and hope for the best. If it rains, you will get wet. Do your research and get one with a decent hydrostatic head. I recommend taking a self-inflating mat (at least 5cm thick) if you want a decent night's sleep! Don't bother with an air bed, my friend's got a hole in and it was game over. They do however sell air mattress at Glastonbury, they just aren't that affordable!

My recommended camping list:

  • Tent - huge tents are acceptable if you arrive on day 1 and camp somewhere a little quieter. A 3 man tent was roomy enough for 2 of us, try to get one with an inside porch!
  • Gas stove - if you want cups of tea/pasta snacks etc.
  • Cheap cutlery set - I nabbed some in the pound shop.
  • Camping chair - a must.
  • Picnic blanket - for sitting when out and about. Poundland had some great ones
  • Lots of baby wipes. Buy a portable solar shower if you're a clean freak.
  • Toilet rolls - You'll need them.
  • Torch/head torch - for navigating your way back at night.
  • Lantern - for the tent.
  • Backpack - to carry everything in!
  • Self-inflating roll mat.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Pillow - I took my own pillow and it felt amazing. You could always use a blow up one/your clothes.
  • Microfibre towel.
  • Ear plugs and an eye-mask - If you need quiet and darkness like me, you'll need these.
  • Water carrier - Poundland sold these last year but this year I bought one from the Range.
  • Black bin bags - for rubbish and muddy wellies.
  • Suncream.
  • Money wallet that goes around your waist (easily hidden)- so you can keep your cash/cards safe.

2. Should I take my car or should I get the coach?
This is obviously up to you but I would never get the coach unless I was rich/didn't drink alcohol. We used our cars to store booze/food so it was easy to make lots of little trips to the car. Camping equipment is heavy so carrying all your alcohol and clothes etc can be tricky. Unless you buy a fancy wagon of course (make sure it's fancy and not cheap, so many get abandoned on route).

3. How bad are the toliets?
Bad, real bad. I've done a fair bit of travelling, I've used squat toilets in Southeast Asia, stinky toilets in South America and even some shocking ones in Australia but nothing could prepare me for the Glasto toilets. It was all good on Wednesday, the porta loos were clean and there were no issues! By Thursday things started to get slightly worse and then when everyone arrived on Friday, things got bad, fast. I recommend buying a Shewee or a Whizz Freedom so you don't have to touch the toilets if you don't need to! Always carry baby wipes and toilet paper. You never know what you might find...

The flushable porta loos are the best but there aren't many on site. Make a note of them as you browse the grounds. Second best are the open air toilets. They're long drop so they don't smell so much. Porta loos are to be avoided from Friday onwards... unless they were just cleaned! WAH.

4. What do I wear!?
It was my first festival and I wasn't sure what the weather would be like, so I tried to take cheaper items in case they got wrecked. I felt like a scruff. Turns out most girls just wear normal clothes that they plucked from their wardrobe. Actually, most girls looked like they'd made a huge effort to look super stylish! Wear your cute little dresses and favourite jackets. Bring your favourite jewels (I'd still only take costume jewellery). A hat is a MUST. Next year I'm taking 2 so I can mix it up a bit.

My recommended clothing packing list:

  • Long wellies.
  • Short wellies (or ankle boots/something to wear if it's not muddy, the ground is very hard).
  • Flip flops (if it's sunny you'll feet will want to breathe, especially when you're by your tent).
  • Hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Waterproof jacket (I failed here, my cute khaki jacket wasn't waterproof so I had to wear a cheap plastic thing over the top).
  • Decent day backpack (I took a cheap Primark back that 10,000 other girls had. Take a relatively heavy duty backpack that you can fit your drink in).
  • Cardigan.
  • Jumper (I took too many knits, one jumper is enough).
  • Cheap digital camera (I took an old one, I don't recommend taking a DSLR).
  • An old phone (for when your smart phone runs out of battery).
  • Lots of socks - including long ones for avoiding wellie burn!
  • Day dresses.
  • Denim shorts and vests.
  • Jeans - gutted I didn't take any last year, it gets so chilly at night.
  • Leggings - for when it's a little breezy.
  • Big undies - in case there's a gust of wind!
5. What about my hair and make up?
Ugh. So non-fashion bloggers would probably just tell you not to bother. They'd say that everyone looks the same and perhaps you could hide your hair under a hat or a head scarf. Whatever! Braids are a good idea and I took dry shampoo and waterless foaming shampoo. Dry shampoo helped somewhat but by Saturday I wanted clean hair. I thought the Tresemme foaming shampoo would be just like washing my hair...I was wrong! It did remove the grease but it didn't really wet my hair that much. It helped but it didn't transform it.

If you want awesome hair, I recommend using an on-site hairdresser like Vanity Van. I didn't bother because I couldn't afford it, but if I could I would visit them at least twice throughout the festival. They recommend booking in advance and nearer the time you can do this via their website.

Make up
Keep it natural. Most girls had little make up on, just a bit of BB cream, some blush and lip gloss! The few girls who had shovelled the foundation on looked out of place and because it was so hot, their faces seemed to be melting off. Not attractive. I'd say falsies are a big no-no for the same reason.

I recommend gel nails if you can't be without polish! I used my Red Carpet Manicure home kit and survived the festival with minimal chips.

Gel nails for music festivals
Red carpet manicure gel nails.

So there you have it. I hope this was off use to someone! Glastonbury is a incredible experience and I can't wait to do it all over again on Wednesday. 

Are you heading to Glastonbury this year? Have you been to any festivals before?

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Festival Friday Wishlist - New Look!

Friday 20 June 2014

T's going to Glastonbury, so I'm going to see her off with a celebration of all things festival fashion from New Look, because our friendly high street style stop has really upped it's game this year . . . 

uk style and fashion blog festival fashion new look glastonbury style

White Paisley Print Kimono - £19.99 - Helloooooo loverrrrrrr!

White Palm Tree Print Wrap Skort - £17.99 - Are we over skorts? Nope, not ones with palm trees on them!

Tan Ethnic Print Tassel Backpack - £24.99 - We'll take 2 please, even though one of us isn't going to Glasto. Ahem.

Orange Tinted Loveheart Sunglasses - £4.99 - How cute are these?!

Gold Plaited Beaded Cuff - £5.99 - If you only take one bracelet, take this one, yum.

Black Contrast Trim Aztec Straw Trilby - £9.99 - Ahhhh it's a beauty, and looks so much more expensive than a tenner!

Are you prepping for any festivals this year? Please tell me so I can live vicariously through you all! I know Tara is making lists and checking them twice, I wonder if there's room for me in one of those bags . . . ;)

J - Festi frenzy.
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Reverse Clothing - Geometric Maxi Dress!

Thursday 19 June 2014

Australian clothing brands do it better. In a parallel world I'm probably a boho Cali girl or an Aussie living in Byron Bay. I can't shake my love for Australian companies, my latest fave is the totally rad, Reverse clothing! I was recently sent a beautiful maxi dress of theirs to style, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Reverse Clothing ReviewVanessa Hudgens Tusk Necklace
Reverse Geometric Summer Maxi Dress
Reverse Maxi
Summer Holiday MaxiDress: c/o Reverse - Jacket: HIDE label - Necklace (as seen on Vanessa Hudgens): Heather Gardner - Shoes: New Look 

My maxi dress collection gets bigger by the month, I like to be comfortable and to me, you can't beat a statement maxi. Fingers crossed these photos do this geometric maxi dress justice, when I saw it online I was intrigued, but wasn't blown away. In person it's absolutely beautiful! I love the side splits and gorgeous back detail. I'm wearing the small (size 10) which is a bit big for me so I'll have to get it taken in, thankfully the straps are adjustable and it has a drawstring waist. It's also worth noting it's quite sheer so I have a cheap slip on underneath.

Reverse has only just launched in the UK and is stocked at House of and Minnie's Boutique. I'm really excited about this brand, I adore their floral print maxi dress and even spotted a leopard full length kimono on their Instagram page the other day. SWOON. My pretty tusk necklace has been seen on boho queen Vanessa Hudgens... I wish I had it in the other colours because it's a real gem.

Have you heard of Reverse? Do you like Aussie brands?

T - Lil' breezy.
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The Breo Lustre Watch and SS14 Styles!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Who doesn't love a bit of new wrist candy? Uber cool watch and sunglasses peeps Breo sent me one of their hot new SS14 styles, the Lustre in Navy/Rose Gold, for a show and tell, and it's so pretty I'm gonna diiiiiiiie!!! 

Breo SS14 watch Lustre review uk style and fashion blog
Watch c/o Breo

Billed as 'an everyday watch for those who require a classier timepiece', the Lustre features a yummy, soft touch rubber strap in a choice of 6 colours contrasted with a brushed metallic face in either gold, silver or the beautiful rose gold a la moi. I just adore the navy blue against the rose gold and white hands, it's the perfect lightweight watch to compliment my fave denim based outfits but is easily dressed up for the evening too. On top of how good it looks, it's only £30! THIRTY ENGLISH POUNDS! I'm so shocked I can't speak. Have a look at some pics while I recover . . .

Breo SS14 watch Lustre review uk style and fashion blog
Breo SS14 watch Lustre review uk style and fashion blog

It looks so cool with a stack of random bracelets and looks way more expensive than £30, totally working my wrist ;)

The Breo SS14 range features 6 brand new designs in a huge choice of colourways, here are my picks for us chicks, perfect pastels for work, rest and play priced between £15 and £30. It's a no brainer, sport luxe for less! :) 
Breo SS14 watch Lustre review uk style and fashion blog

Breo's special S-Ion rubber material is said to improve concentration, circulation and relaxation (crazy but true!), so both your style and wellbeing are in safe hands! They also offer free delivery and a 12 month warranty. I'm totally sold, the Lustre is definitely my fave style, I can't recommend it enough. The grey and mint variations are just ridiculously cool, check them out!

J - Breo Breeeeeee-o!
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Festival Fashion Inspiration: Fringed Aztec Kimono!

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Festival season is now in full swing and boy am I excited! I'm hoping to attend THE festival of the year so I've started to plan my festival wardrobe *just in case*. In a dream world, I'd already have my own Coachella-inspired wardrobe, but this is the UK and I'm a poor girl trapped in a rich girl's body. Luckily, lots of high street stores have their own festival inspired ranges and one of my favourites is the festival hub at New Look!

I don't tend to wear a lot of branded clothing at music festivals, so I'm always on the hunt for affordable fashion which looks stylish but is easily replaceable if it gets damaged/lost.

Festival Fashion Outfits
Festival Fashion Fringed Kimono
New Look Aztec Longline Fringe Kimono
Wildfox Couture The Marianne Euphoria Jeans
Kimono: c/o New Look - Cami: Oasis - Necklace: Heather Gardner - Jeans: Wildfox - Bag: Zatchels - Shoes: New Look

I'm kimono cray cray, so if I do make it to an event this Summer, I will be taking a small stash of them with me. My latest addition is this longline fringed Aztec kimono which is a great statement piece and also purse friendly. Last June was a scorcher, so I wore my kimonos over dresses and shorts at Glastonbury. At the weekend I paired this Aztec beaut with my new Wildfox jeans from Adhoc London, my super comfortable block heel sandals and a simple cami. Obviously these kind of shoes are a big no no for festivals so I'd swap them for a pair of Hunters and I'm sorted for a cool day/evening.

What are your festival essentials? Are you attending any festivals this year?

T - John Wayne ain't got nothing on my fringe game.
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Kimono Summer Festival Style With New Look!

Monday 16 June 2014

So everyone's doing 'Festival Style' posts, and I'm not heading to any this Summer (or ever, for that matter), but that's not going to stop me from taking inspiration and working the Glastonbury/Coachella/Creamfields style essentials into a weekend friendly look!

It's all about the must have KIMONO. These lightweight cover ups are going down a storm this summer, and they're so easy to wear. This Brown Leopard Print Longline Cardigan (£22.99) from New Look (purveyor of MANY fine kimonos) is my idea of perfection. It's a slinky chiffon material so you don't even feel like you have it on, and it hits the back of my knees so you can wear shorts but still hide any personal rear thigh issues that would normally make you paranoid - hurrah! To the outfit . . .

Outfit: Kimono - c/o New Look, Vest - Tshirt Subway, Shorts - All Saints, Shoes - c/o Inkkas, Bag - Grafea, Necklace - Mi Moneda, Bracelets - ChloBo, Ring - c/o Mi Moneda.

uk style and fashion blog The Style Rawr Jade festival style outfit post New Look leopard kimono Inkkas shoes Grafea rucksack

I love the clashing patterns of the leopard and the aztec of my Inkkas shoes (which are the comfiest shoes in the world ever by the way!), against the neon Grafea rucksack. And yes, chiffon is impossible to control even with the teeniest poof of wind going on, but who doesn't love a bit of superhero cape action?! 

uk style and fashion blog The Style Rawr Jade festival style outfit post New Look leopard kimono Inkkas shoes Grafea rucksack

I've always been a Prince fan, and when it comes to music or band tees I only believe in wearing ones that you truly are a fan of, and this is my absolute fave. I'd love a vintage tour tee but they're hella expensive. I may invest one day *dreams*. Anyhoo, for weekend wear I've added my Mi Moneda necklace with the leopard coin to match the fab kimono. Obviously this sort of piece would not be coming to an actual festival with me!

uk style and fashion blog The Style Rawr Jade festival style outfit post New Look leopard kimono Inkkas shoes Grafea rucksack

So it's real easy to work the festival look -  just take the basics (shorts, vest, kimono) and add some cute shoes and accessories that you would never in a million years wear to traipse through a field in only to break/lose/ruin in a crowd of excitable drunk people. Ta daaaaaa!

New Look have created The Festival Hub, the ultimate guide to Summer festival fashion and fun. So even if you aren't going on a festival jaunt this summer, you can still channel the look and indulge in a little #fashfestfun of your own like moi! 

J - Kimono Krazy.
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AKA Rosa Maxi Dress at Spoiled Brat!

Friday 13 June 2014

AKA, or Also Known As hails from ooop North (or Winterfell as I like to call it these days) just like me, Manchester to be exact. They specialise in digital printing which I'm a big fan of, so I couldn't wait to get my paws on the AKA Rosa Maxi Dress (£65) from Spoiled Brat!

Outfit: Dress - AKA c/o Spoiled Brat, Jacket - Pull & Bear - Shoes - Dr Martens, Vest - Nudwear, Necklaces - Wildfox.

the style rawr jade uk style and fashion blog outfit post AKA maxi dress Pull & Bear leather jacket blueberry Dr Martens Wildfox jewellery

So, oh my Pattz it's just PERF! Maxi dresses don't often agree with me. I'm a tad top heavy so they just tend to extend the sticky out bits and make me look big all over. Buuuuuut, the side splits in this one really break the shape up to let my little legs poke through which makes me feel yummy rather than frumpy! It even has an above the knee dress lining so you don't have to worry about finding suitable shapewear. I knew there would be zero stretch in the chiffon crepe fabric so I ordered a size 14 (I'm usually a 12) and it fits like a dream - hurrah!

the style rawr jade uk style and fashion blog outfit post AKA maxi dress Pull & Bear leather jacket blueberry Dr Martens Wildfox jewellery

The back is really pretty. It's supposed to drape but as per I'm busting out at the front so the stretch doesn't really allow the material to fall properly *tuts at self* but I'm happy with it like this anyway. The back is just a cute bonus to a simply gorgeous dress!

the style rawr jade uk style and fashion blog outfit post AKA maxi dress Pull & Bear leather jacket blueberry Dr Martens Wildfox jewellery

Here I am layering up my Wildfox necklaces for a bit of a luxe grunge look. Isn't the grey/lilac pattern on the dress unusual? It looks like an x-ray of a pansy which is then popped into a kaleidoscope?!

the style rawr jade uk style and fashion blog outfit post AKA maxi dress Pull & Bear leather jacket blueberry Dr Martens Wildfox jewellery

I followed through on the girly grunge feel and the lilac in the dress with my blueberry Dr Martens. These bad boys always bring all the boys to the yard. And by 'boys' I mean 'admiring chicks with DM obsessions and a penchant for My Little Pony colours' ;)

the style rawr jade uk style and fashion blog outfit post AKA maxi dress Pull & Bear leather jacket blueberry Dr Martens Wildfox jewellery

I just loved wearing this outfit and I can't wait to get a chance to rock it again to be honest. I'm actually cursing the sun that is predicted for this weekend because I want to wear it so badly! Lets all do a rain dance! *ducks* ;)

Check out this dress and more from AKA pieces at Spoiled Brat, it's all kinds of awesome.

J - To the Maxi!
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Aila Cherry Red Dr. Martens at!

Thursday 12 June 2014

I was rather excited when I discovered my feet had 22,000 likes on Instagram. These beautiful Aila shoes from landed on my doorstep the other day and I couldn't resist taking them for a stroll.

Aila Cherry Red Dr. Martens
South West BloggersLittle Mistress Kimono
Aila Brogues Docs from Cloggs
Kimono: Little Mistress - Jeans: Hudson @ The Dressing Room - Necklace: Accessorize - Docs: c/o Cloggs

I love my collection of boots but I've been eager to try some new styles and my heart almost melted when I unboxed these Aila Cherry Red Brogues. They also come in white but I think this rich colour is just dreamy... Wouldn't you agree? I took my normal Docs size in them (UK 6) and they fit perfectly. 

I've ordered from Cloggs before and they always provide such a quick and efficient service, so I couldn't be more impressed! I actually visited the Dr. Martens factory back in '12 and since then I've become somewhat of a superfan. It's one of those brands which makes me proud to be British.

Do you own any DMs? Have you ordered from Cloggs before?

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Soaked in Luxury Avery Sweater at Coco Marie!

Wednesday 11 June 2014

I'm a big lover of Scandi brands, one of my favourite being Danish brand, Soaked in Luxury. They use high quality fabrics to create garments with the perfect combination of feminine shapes and urban styling.

My latest piece is the Avery sweater in Grey from Coco Marie. If you're a regular reader, you'll know how much we love Coco Marie and their uh-mazing range of designer brands! This super soft sweater has a beautiful lace shoulder detail and comes in a classic grey colour. I'm wearing a size small which is a UK 10, so it has a pretty loose fit.

Soaked in Luxury Avery Sweater
Coco Marie BoutiqueBristol Fashion Blog
Soaked in Luxury Sweater: c/o Coco Marie - Skirt: Goldie London - Boots: Rihanna for River Island - Hat: H&M - Belt: Topshop - Necklace: Accessorize

I wanted to style it a little differently, so paired it with a Goldie London maxi skirt, statement necklace and my awesome cut out boots from the Rihanna x River Island collection! I don't usually wear jumpers with maxi skirts but it's something I'm going to start doing more because I think this looks pretty cool, non!?

If you're into Scandinavian style, I definitely recommend checking out Coco Marie's full Soaked in Luxury range. I'm obsessing over that leather skirt... Who wants to buy me it!? ;)

Are you a fan of Scandinavian brands? Have you heard of Soaked in Luxury?  

T - Windswept.
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Win A Dress Every Month For a Year With the Dorothy Perkins #DPDressSelfie Competition!

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Today Dorothy Perkins launches an amazing new contest to win a dress every month for a year! It couldn't be easier to enter the #DPDressSelfie competition, grab your fave Dorothy Perkins dress, snap a selfie and upload to one of the social media channels with the hashtag #DPDressSelfie to be in with a chance!

#DPDressSelfie Competition

So here we are with our entries OBVIO! 

Tara wears the Blue Daisy Lace Skater Dress (£30). This is a frock we can see K-Middy wearing! It's feminine and pretty in a springalicious pastel blue. Perfect for pairing with ballet pumps and a leather jacket for a daytime look, but would be equally as stylish when worn on a night with some sandals and a bit of sparkle.


Tara is a bit of a selfie noob but above is how she looks while prancing around the house, and below is the finished outfit:

Blue Daisy Lace Skater Dress
Dress: c/o Dorothy Perkins

Jade wears the Petite Black Shirt Dress (£32). Dress up with heels and some statement jewels for an easygoing evening outfit, or belt it up and add some wedge trainers for a casual look!

And here it is how you'd normally see it! 'Tis a seasoned selfie taker that can get a full length shot so props to you if we can see your shoes ;)

Dress: c/o Dorothy Perkins

Imagine choosing a free dress every month for a whole year, that's like every social occasion and Christmas covered without spending a penny?! So if you have a Dorothy Perkins dress in your wardrobe, don't hang about, get your #DPDressSelfie on!

J & T - Dress You Up.
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