#OOTD Iron Fist Faded Kitty Sweater at Blue Banana!

Friday 28 February 2014

I've always been a bit of a sucker for a look around an 'alternative' shop, as a teen I was obsessed with the slogan tees and edgy accessories in shops like Liverpool's legendary Quiggins. You can find some absolute gems in them and it was in these types of shops that I was first introduced to awesome brands like Iron Fist and Lucky 13, so I still head to them when I'm the mood for something different. Blue Banana is one of those stores, and it's where I got my new fave jumper from - the Iron Fist Faded Kitty Sweater (£36.54) :)

Outfit: Sweater - Iron Fist c/o Blue Banana, Skirt - H&M, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Bag - H&M, Tights - TK Maxx, Necklace - H&M.

It's oversized and easy going with a fun split shoulder. Not quite long enough to be a dress on me, but I'm sure some of you more petite girls could easily get away with it. I'm having to pop a little skirt or shorts underneath though, so as not to alarm anyone of a sensitive nature. This is the size Large and I'm a UK12, in case you're wondering.

The motif is a bit spesh isn't it? A skull made up of cute kitteh faces! I'm literally obsessed with anything to do with cats in fashion, so I just had to have this! Tara got me the necklace for my birthday, she always gets it spot on!

Cute bag alert! This tiny kitten is from the H&M Kids dept and if you ask me, they're totally missing a trick here by not running these in full size. Isn't it gorgeous? Shame I can't get anything more than my bank card and a £2 coin in it though! Oh, and the cat Lita's are back. These things just don't quit.

Do you ever hit up the alternative shops to get Emo with your bad self? Blue Banana have tons of amazing stuff for everyone, so don't be scared of having a nose just because the only heavy metal you're into is the buckles on your cut out boots and your new chunky chain from ASOS! Think awesome tees, exciting prints and kawaii accessories - do it!

J - Cool cat. 
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Somedays Lovin' and Rock N Rose at Spoiled Brat!

Thursday 27 February 2014

Somedays Lovin' Long Lost Lovers Tee
Longline Lace Maxi Kimono
Rock N Rose Amethyst Ring
Rock N Rose OSIRIS RingSomeday's Lovin Raglan: c/o Spoiled Brat - Jeans: River Island - Boots: c/o Daniel Footwear - Kimono: Missguided via eBay - Fedora: H&M - Rock N Rose OSIRIS Ring: c/o Spoiled Brat

Rawr Girl fave's Spoiled Brat, sent us a parcel of goodies last week to style in a blog post. I'm a huge lover of Aussie brands so picked this casual Long Lost Lovers Raglan from Somedays Lovin' and a beautiful piece of bling. This outfit is how I roll on Winter weekends, I like to feel comfortable and dress a little rocker-ish. At the moment I can't stop wearing these black ripped jeans even though they want to fall down. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to my denim but if you know of any affordable distressed jeans please let me know. I really want these but when did Levis get so expensive? Mmm hm.

My black biker boots are my most worn shoes but I'm dreaming of the day I own a pair of ASH titans. My Missguided lace kimono was an eBay bargain at £8. It was listed as maxi length (total LIE) but it's okay as a midi version. It's also supposed to be a size S/M but fits more like a large. As always, if you ever see a maxi one like this, I'd love you forever if you'd let me know.

I tend to wear the same jewellery, a lot. These three bracelets definitely need updating/adding to, I just haven't found anything suitable yet. I love ChloBo but I hope they come out with some edgier pieces, my skull bracelet of theirs is awesome. If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably noticed I have a bit of a weakness for Amethyst, druzy and crystal in general. This beautiful OSIRIS Ring is by Rock N Rose and is adjustable. I'd say it runs slightly on the large side but I just love how it looks on. Amethyst is supposed to be a calming stone which enhances spirituality and intuition...Who doesn't need more of that in their life?

We were recently interviewed by Spoiled Brat for their blog and gave some new facts about us and The Style Rawr. If you fancy a read, click hereAre you a fan of Australian brands? What type of jewellery is your favourite?

T - Rockin' English Rose.
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#OOTD - Lavish Alice at Spoiled Brat and Iron Fist Boots!

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Saturday night's alright for fighting, and as it turns out, it's also alright for getting a little dolled up ;) The perf time for wearing my new Lavish Alice dress from Spoiled Brat - hurrah!

This is the Lavish Alice Metallic Sleeve Dipped Hemline PU Dress (£44), and it is GOOD. Business at the front, party at the back is always a good time!

Outfit: Dress - Lavish Alice c/o Spoiled Brat, Jacket - TK Maxx, Bag - Topshop, Boots - Iron Fist, Tights - TK Maxx.

I'm not going to lie to you, the front creases really easily but if you went through life worrying about wrinkles all the time you'd never leave the house so hey ho! This is the size 12 and it fits pretty perfectly for a non stretch number, fine holiday fun. I just adore the colour of the PU back, is it silver or silver blue? I can't tell because it seems to flip in different lights, either way it's a showstopper.

These epic Iron Fist boots were a birthday gift from Ally and I thought they'd look perfect with this dress because they're also a bit girly tough! Surprisingly comfortable too!

The bag was a gift from Tara last year, I think it brings the shoes, jacket and dress together nicely. Gotta love a cute crossbody!

Lavish Alice are really bringing it this season (I seem to remember saying that last season too!) and Spoiled Brat have a ton of it just begging to be brought home! What's your fave piece?

J - Lavishly spoiled.
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Ombré Leather Jacket, Twist & Tango and Becksondergaard!

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Becksondergaard G-Lovely Feathers Scarf
Bristol Fashion Blog
Ashleigh Twist and Tango Leather Bag
Barneys Burgundy Ombre Leather Jacket
ASH Bowie Wedge TrainersJacket: Barney's at IL2L - Scarf: c/o Becksondergaard - Jeans: Meltin' Pot - Bag: c/o Twist & Tango - Fedora: H&M - Shoes: ASH

I own a few (ahem) different leather jackets but this is my first ombré one! I spotted the black/white version on mega babe The Little Magpie last year and now I've managed to get my paws on this burgundy one by Barney's at IL2L. Although I still want the other colour, I think this beaut is perfect for this time of year and I really like how it works with my new G-Lovely Feathers Scarf from Becksondergaard! I'm possibly the biggest Becks fan in the world. I own quite a few of their scarves which come in a whole array of different sizes, colours, prints and fabrics. This one is a little smaller than the others I own so it's the ideal size for wearing with jackets. They're stocked at lots of independent boutiques including our faves The Dressing Room and Coco Marie. I honestly want one of everything from their look book. SWOON!

My beautiful Ashleigh bag is from Twist &Tango, another Scandinavian brand I adore. I've been looking for a decent sized across the body bag for what seems like forever so I'm chuffed to now own this. When it arrived I spent a good 20 minutes lovingly rubbing leather cream into it... I'm going to cherish it always. It feels so luxe and I've noticed that Scandi brands really focus on quality, something which is important to me. I prefer to save up and buy premium items which will last me years, rather than spend my money on lots of cheaper bits which may fall apart. Quality over quantity.

These ASH Bowie Wedges are the comfiest shoes ever and I want them in every colour like Krystel Couture. She has the most epic ASH collection! In other news, I bought my sixth fedora last week and I have my eyes on two more. Time to admit I'm the Mad Hatter!? 

T - All about the accessories.
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Just Tealing You! #OOTD Wildfox Marianne Celestial Jeans, Damart and Becksondergaard.

Monday 24 February 2014

Is there a cheerier colour than teal?! *gives yellow a shove* What I like about teal is that it looks really good with black, without looking like you didn't know what else to wear with it. And so to today's outfit! 

You may recall Tara's Damart posts last week? Well it's my turn! I was sent a rather spiffy Damart Tunic Sweater in Peacock (basically teal) and it's yummy! A longline v neck sweater like this is just begging to be paired with skinny jeans and a scarf, so here we are! . . . 

Outfit: Sweater - c/o Damart, Jeans - Wildfox Couture, Scarf - c/o Becksondergaard, Layering tee - F21, Cape - LNA, Boots - Steve Madden, Necklace - F21, Bangle - Vivienne Westwood.

I've only just got these Wildfox Couture jeans (in the AdHoc London sale!) and I was totally going to go down the black or grey jumper route until I got this sweater. I popped it on top of the jeans in the 'to put away' pile, and cherried them all with this gorgeous Becksondergaard Leopol scarf and it was like a revelation moment when I saw them all together! The colour of the sweater makes the galaxy print of the jeans pop a little more and the scarf is, well, it's just bossy isn't it? ;)

T and I have long wondered about the fit of Wildfox Denim, seeing as it's now designed by Michelle Siwy we wondered if the fit would be the same as Siwy Denim, which T is a big fan of, but there were no online reviews. So for that reason, here's a quick little Wildfox Jeans review. 1 - They are true to size. I got the 29 which in UK sizes is just over a 12 (according to the size guide), and they fit perfectly - hurrah! 2. They are indeed mid-rise, so that isn't a lie ;) 3. They stretch in all the right ways and most importantly, don't loosen up as the day goes by (so basically like Siwy). 4. The legs are SKINNY, like, pull your socks off skinny. 
If you have any other questions about the fit feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer in a reply :) 

Look at how awesome the sweater and scarf look together?! The sweater has a really deep V, so it's ideal for this combo. The sweater incorporates the Damart Thermolactyl system which keeps you warm whilst looking stylish!

I took this outfit to Liverpool where my man and I bought toys and went to dinner at Almost Famous. It was yummy and we had a lovely day. I love Saturday's! How was everyone else's weekend? Keeping warm whilst looking cool? ;)

J - And I am tealing you, I'm not going!
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Mavala Metropolitan Collection Review!

Sunday 23 February 2014

Rawr nail faves Mavala have released their latest colours for this season, the Metropolitan Collection! This six piece set consists of the most striking and distinctive multi-tonal shades, formulated to deliver a rich and high shine dual chrome finish, and we have them to review!

Tara tried Pink Gold (an elegant rose gold hue), Metallic Blue (ultra-violet metallic) and Gold Bronze (gold base with bronze undertones). Jade tried Copper Violet (high sheen violet with copper accents), Emerald Gold (Irish green with gold tones) and Silver Chrome (molten silver). To the pics! . . .

Mavala Metropolitan Collection Review
Mavala Gold Bronze Polish
Gold bronze - intense!
Mavala Metallic Blue Polish
Metallic blue - striking and glossy!
Mavala Pink Gold Polish
Pink gold - super chic!

Copper Violet - bold yet sophisticated!
 Emerald Gold - high shine and girly!
 Silver Chrome - foil like!

Polish: c/o Mavala

Tara's fave was Gold Bronze, because Tbug loves goooooollllllld! My fave is a toss up between Tara's Rose Gold (yum!) and my Emerald Gold, which is like having mermaid fingernails - it's so pretty!

Mavala polish is free from parabens, fomaldehydes, toluene, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal, and as always, the formulation doesn't disappoint. These shades only need 2 coats to get a good colour, but 3 is probably the way to go just for pure density and shine. 

We can see this collection taking us all the way through 2014, there's a colour here for every occasion and trend. Find them at John Lewis and leading salons and retailers for around £4.75 each. Nice work Mavala!

J & T - Flip it!
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The Stuff Tin at ToxicFox!

I posted a pic of this cute wotsit on Instagram last week and quite a few of you liked it so I thought I'd post it up here for a little show and tell :)

ToxicFox has some awesome quirky little gifts, so I like to have a nosey every now and again when I feel like gifting myself! Referred to as The Stuff Tin and retailing at £11.99, this little metal box is just exactly that, a tin, but when I saw it, I actually smiled to myself because boy, does this message hit home! 

My man leaves all kinds of stuff everywhere. Basically, if there's a clear surface you'll soon find it littered with screws, Lego, wire, tape . . . whatever he has had in his pocket that day, and it drives me MAD. Soooooo, I presented him with this gift, and clear instructions that if it doesn't have a home anywhere else in the house, then it goes in this tin. 

c/o ToxicFox

Couldn't be simpler right? We shall seeeeee . . . . 

J - Tidy house, tidy mind!
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Posterhaste: Stylish Personalised Prints!

Saturday 22 February 2014

Walk With The Dreamers QuotePrint: c/o Posterhaste - Frame: The Range

I love Pinterest. It's where I get 80% of my style inspiration from and it's also great for home decor ideas. I'm in the process of slowly redecorating my bedroom, I have a new vintage dressing table and my room has just been replastered but there's still a long way to go. Right now I'm working on a photo frame wall for above my bed! There are a lot of collage photo frames on the market but I prefer the idea of buying lots of different shaped (white) frames and randomly spacing them myself, rather than getting one large generic one.

It's taken me a few weeks to build up my collection, I currently have 6 but I want at least another 4 and I'm going to slot them around my favourite framed quote. I created the above print online via Posterhaste and personalised the font/colours to fit the plan for my room. The idea is that I'll surround this one frame with photos of the dreamers, believers and cheerful people in my life. The family and friends who mean the most to me.

I'm not going to hang the other 5 I have until I've bought the rest, so if you know where I can buy any pretty white oval frames (somewhere other than eBay), please let me know! I can't wait for it to be finished, if you can't really imagine it, I want it to be something like this but way prettier. Obvio.

Have you heard of Posterhaste before? Are you a fellow Pinaholic?

T - You may say I'm a dreamer...
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The JustSingles Date Outfit Challenge!

Friday 21 February 2014

What you wear for a date says a lot about you, so it's important to get it right! Online dating site JustSingles recently challenged me to put together an outfit I'd feel comfortable and gorgeous in for a first date*, so here it is! 

My colour inspiration came from one of my fave movies Purple Rain, lots of black and purple! This outfit is a little bit edgy but still really girly and approachable, with an element of quirky fun, do you like? 
The dress is from Ted Baker. It's a perfect date dress because it's just suggestively sexy, and everyone looks good in an LBD! The leather accent is a little bit of me thrown in there for good measure ;)

The cute clutch bag is from Chelsea Doll. Basically, if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my cat. Best to get that out of the way on any first date I think and this bag would definitely encourage that conversation!

The shoes are KG by Kurt Geiger at ASOS. The colour is just gorgeous and it's important to make a shoe statement.

I'm accessorising lightly with some yummy statement earrings from A Midnight Wonderland and a rose gold cuff from River Island. Finally, the regal tones follow through to my frosting with a deep purple Urban Decay eyeliner, violet nail polish by Mavala and a chic matte Sleek lipgloss!

I think this outfit would make the right impression on any guy, paving the way for dazzling him with my sparkling wit and Cinderella charm OBVIO ;)

Anyone up for taking me out? 

J - Dating not hating.

*This is not a sponsored post, just a bit of fun!
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British Style: Damart Check Jacket and Riding Boots!

Thursday 20 February 2014

Damart Brown Check Jacket
Eclectic Eccentricity Quartz Necklace
The Style Rawr - Bristol Fashion Blog
Jacket: c/o Damart: - Cami: Topshop - Jeans: Matalan - Boots: Georgia Rose - Necklace: c/o Eclectic Eccentricity - Fedora: Accessorize

Another day, another piece of Damart outerwear, this time in the shape of a very British looking check jacket! Sunday was such a glorious day (and strangely mild) so I threw on some riding boots, this sweet jacket and went for a country stroll around Ashton Court Estate. If you read yesterday's outfit post, you'll already know that Damart is actually aimed at a more mature market but hopefully the way I've styled this is proof that fashion is for all! There are almost 30 years between my mum & I and we both shop in a lot of the same stores. The jacket is a wool mix and also beautifully lined - something a lot of cheaper stores don't bother doing these days. What makes it even better is it's currently half price! What a bargain. I now have my eyes on a floral twill printed jacket of theirs, I can't help but dream of my spring/summer wardrobe...

I've already featured this yummy quartz necklace in a few outfit posts but I wasn't pretending when I said it was my favourite - we're inseparable. I want the Eclectic Eccentricity Galactica necklace next because I'm a total dork who has just started watching Battlestar Galactica 10 years too late.

Would you wear a jacket like this? Are you a sucker for quartz like me?

T - Equestrian chic.
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Damart Faux Fur Collar Coat

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Mi Moneda Jewellery That Matches Every Outfit
Damart Faux Fur Collar Coat
Bristol Fashion Blog
Women's Tweed Coat ReviewCoat: c/o Damart - Blouse and Jeans: River Island - Necklace: c/o Mi Moneda - Fedora: H&M - Shoes: Next

New coats always make me happy! A few weeks ago Damart got in touch and asked if we'd like to style a few of their new pieces. It's traditionally a brand aimed at mature women but their latest collection is full of classic shapes and some really fun pieces suitable for any age. I actually like shopping at stores that are aimed at an older market because I'm less likely to see someone my own age wearing the same thing - huzzah! They very kindly sent me this beautiful tweed coat with detachable faux fur collar, which I love. Their garments are generally available in sizes 10-26, I'm usually a size 8 but I tend to go a size up in outerwear so this 10 fits perfectly. It's lined, really well-made and has a great cut. Although it's quite a sophisticated tailored piece, I decided to pair it with my River Island ripped black jeans, wrap blouse and favourite Mi Moneda necklace to make it my own.

Have you ever shopped at Damart before? Are you a fan of tweed?

T - Tweedalicious.
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Vote For Me In The Matalan Style Project!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

It's my turn to have a go at the Matalan Style Project, and I really need your votes please! The theme is Graphic Mix, which is all about bold monochrome prints and splashes of pink. We were all asked to style an outfit with a £50 budget based around the Graphic Mix Style Edit, so everything I'm wearing here is from Matalan - from beanie to boots! 

The black swing dress is just £12 and the pink textured raglan top is only £10! The amazing chunky chelsea boots are £24, and just gorgeous! And I finished the look off with a beanie and some socks, which were literally a few pounds each :) 

Outfit: c/o Matalan

I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for me by leaving a comment on the Matalan blog HERE, it doesn't have to be War And Peace, just a big fat JADE will do ;)

Cheers m'dears!
J x x x
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Pure London Show February 2014! #pure2014

Monday 17 February 2014

Just over a week ago I headed to Pure London, the UK's leading fashion trade show. It was my third time attending the show and as usual, I had an absolute blast! I hung out with the lovely Adora and we spent several hours making our way around Olympia (which is huge). It was really interesting to see what our favourite brands have planned for the season ahead, as well as discovering a few new designers!

We met a handful of other bloggers while wandering through the stalls, it's always nice to meet new faces and see a few familiar ones! Although I didn't manage to snag a full outfit snap, Sara did take this one of Adora & I after we got our Blogbranch photo booth on. Say cheeeese!

Pure London Trade Show Blog Review
Pure London 2014
Olivia Burton London
Olivia Burton Owl Watch
Olivia Burton watches.

One of my highlights of the day was meeting Jemma of Olivia Burton. I've been a massive fan of OB since early last year so it was fab to talk to her about their newest designs and get a bit of insider info. They've started to launch watches with new straps including some yummy pastel colours which are perfect for spring/summer. I really adore their latest range of smaller watches, The Dressing Room have a superb selection if you want to check them out! Coincidentally, another highlight was meeting Deryane Tadd of The Dressing Room, who is even more gorgeous and lovely in real life. Awww!

Collectif London
Mod Dolly AW14/15 CollectionShown above: Collectif Vintage London and Mod Dolly.

As you can imagine, there were A LOT of incredible threads on display. It was cool to visit some of the companies we worked with last year such as Sugarhill Boutique, Poppy Lux, Louche and Little Mistress, but discovering new brands is always exciting! We stumbled across Collectif London, who create 40's and 50's inspired garments which are fun and flirty. Adora was in love with this brand and I could see her wearing almost everything! Although I'm not really big on fashion from those decades, I did see several pieces I'd definitely wear. I think they have something for everyone. We also drooled over the AW14/15 Mod Dolly collection. This brand is a blogger fave, their plaid smock dresses are too cool for school and designer Amy is the sweetest. I definitely predict big things for them!

Neon Rose Maxi Kimono

My favourite item of the entire show was this Neon Rose maxi kimono. Oh my freakin' gosh. It's due to launch in June/July this year and I can't wait. A lot of 'maxi' kimonos are actually midi (ugggh) but this one is the ideal length and so pretty. SWOON.

The Rogue and Wolf Jewellery
Rogue and WolfJewellery from The Rogue and The Wolf.

I spotted a lot of super sweet bling but none compared to The Rogue + The Wolf. This jewellery brand is *so me*. I told the guys on the stall I wanted it all and I wasn't exaggerating. Their gothic designs remind me of Bjorg but without the price tag. Although they do sell more expensive pieces too, the majority is really affordable. I need to get my paws on a cage ring!

Zatchels SS14 Satchels
Zatchels Pastel Backpacks
Zatchels pastel backpacks.

Of course a trip to Pure London wouldn't be the same without a visit to the Zatchels stall! This season they've introduced backpacks... Oh boy. My favourite is definitely the mint one and I can totally imagine Jade rockin' the coral beauty! I did ask if they'd be introducing a lilac version but unfortunately they only have these 3 colours for now. I really want Zatchels to introduce camera bags, can you imagine how well they'd sell!? Every blogger would want one.

I want to say a huge thanks to the Good Results PR team for inviting me! I ended up leaving with a bag (or 2) full of treats so stay tuned for some upcoming outfit posts featuring my new goodies. If The Style Rawr were a boutique, we would fill it with brands from this show. It's buyer heaven!

Have you been to Pure London before? Which new product is your favourite?

T - Better start saving.
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