Just Tealing You! #OOTD Wildfox Marianne Celestial Jeans, Damart and Becksondergaard.

Monday 24 February 2014

Is there a cheerier colour than teal?! *gives yellow a shove* What I like about teal is that it looks really good with black, without looking like you didn't know what else to wear with it. And so to today's outfit! 

You may recall Tara's Damart posts last week? Well it's my turn! I was sent a rather spiffy Damart Tunic Sweater in Peacock (basically teal) and it's yummy! A longline v neck sweater like this is just begging to be paired with skinny jeans and a scarf, so here we are! . . . 

Outfit: Sweater - c/o Damart, Jeans - Wildfox Couture, Scarf - c/o Becksondergaard, Layering tee - F21, Cape - LNA, Boots - Steve Madden, Necklace - F21, Bangle - Vivienne Westwood.

I've only just got these Wildfox Couture jeans (in the AdHoc London sale!) and I was totally going to go down the black or grey jumper route until I got this sweater. I popped it on top of the jeans in the 'to put away' pile, and cherried them all with this gorgeous Becksondergaard Leopol scarf and it was like a revelation moment when I saw them all together! The colour of the sweater makes the galaxy print of the jeans pop a little more and the scarf is, well, it's just bossy isn't it? ;)

T and I have long wondered about the fit of Wildfox Denim, seeing as it's now designed by Michelle Siwy we wondered if the fit would be the same as Siwy Denim, which T is a big fan of, but there were no online reviews. So for that reason, here's a quick little Wildfox Jeans review. 1 - They are true to size. I got the 29 which in UK sizes is just over a 12 (according to the size guide), and they fit perfectly - hurrah! 2. They are indeed mid-rise, so that isn't a lie ;) 3. They stretch in all the right ways and most importantly, don't loosen up as the day goes by (so basically like Siwy). 4. The legs are SKINNY, like, pull your socks off skinny. 
If you have any other questions about the fit feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer in a reply :) 

Look at how awesome the sweater and scarf look together?! The sweater has a really deep V, so it's ideal for this combo. The sweater incorporates the Damart Thermolactyl system which keeps you warm whilst looking stylish!

I took this outfit to Liverpool where my man and I bought toys and went to dinner at Almost Famous. It was yummy and we had a lovely day. I love Saturday's! How was everyone else's weekend? Keeping warm whilst looking cool? ;)

J - And I am tealing you, I'm not going!


  1. I love the colour of your jumper! Your scarf also compliments it so well x


  2. I really, really love your jeans - they are too pretty! Teal looks great on you too <3 xxx

  3. Wow the jeans are so cool love the pop of blue with the jumper and scarf

  4. Your jumper is an amazing colour, i love it so much ! great relaxed outfit that you've really made 'wow'
    Lauren x
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  5. Your jumper is such a lovely colour, it goes so well with those amazing jeans! xxx

  6. I'm loving that blue! Every time I see that shade of blue, I think of The Devil Wears Prada and THAT Miranda Preistly "this....this sssstufff" scene! x

  7. I love those jeans! You're right, I feel like I can't get away with wearing yellow too much but teal blue is a colour I adore! x


  8. I want your face! Those eyebrows and your killer jaw line. I need your genes. Your jeans are obviously great too. I like that you wore them with colour- I would have taken the easy why out and worn them with grey!

    Emma x

  9. The Peacock colour of your Damart Tunic Jumper is lovely. I can imagine you styling it in many more lovely outfits in the future.

  10. Those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teal looks gorgeous on you against your dark hair.. Maybe I should embrace a bit of peacock myself :D xx

  11. those leggings... yes!!!!!! love them! you look fab! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  12. I am loving this outfit! Those jeans are awesome & teal is such a good colour on you, it really makes everything pop! You are having a seriously good hair/wind moment in that first photo too! ;) Still giggling about 'pull your socks off skinny'... I have this problem on a weekly basis! Hahah.

  13. MEGA LOVE for the whole outfit. You girls make fashion look so comfy . x

    Dell x


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