Festival Feet

Thursday 27 May 2010

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SOOO, we're fast approaching the festival season and we all know what that means, RAIN!

I will be blogging on festival glamour shortly, but for now lets focus on the one ESSENTIAL item that every 'festival going' chica needs. Wellingtons.

Ladies I'm sure you are aware that wellies aren't merely practical, they are also a fashion statement. They can scream, "Yes I'm sensible, but damn am I stylish with it!" ;)

First up are the famous Hunter wellington boots.

All of the celebs rock these bad boys. Kate Moss at glasto being my personal favourite! She is the ruler of the Hunter wearers. Ashley Olsen, Rachel Bilson, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Ritchie, Kelly Rowland also love them...Need I go on?

Here's a piccie their Jimmy Choo collabo boots:

Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots, £255- Jimmy Choo.

Can you say UH-MAZING? These come in lots of other colours. I picked the red because I like to make a statement ;) A little fashionable twist on a classic. YUM.

Diamonte Holster Wellington Boot, AUD $112.95 -Holster. Also available in black.

All I can say is wow. These are the wellies for me! I love the detailing, diamonte studded buckle...Rock & roll!? Brand new style from Aussie brand Holster. HAWT.

Marc Jacobs Heeled rubber Wellingtons, £170 -Net-A-Porter. Also available in black.

These wellingtons are a dream come true for any fashionista. I wouldn't like to get mud on these beauties though. How chic!?

Joules Posh Welly With Bow, £59.00- Joules. Available in various colours.

Shown above in Marine. Absolutely gorgeous, the bow really makes such a difference. They really do look posh & pretty. YES, it seems wellingtons can look pretty. So cute.

KORS Michael Kors Stormy Rainboot, USD $125- Michael Kors.

Loving the stud harness detail, it really adds character. Uber cool Mr Kors, I'm impressed.

So there you have it- my wellie hot picks! :D Which is your favourite little Rawrers? Have you found any better? :) Someone take me to Glastonbury with them!?

T <3 XoX
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80's Purple Hot Tip Sunnies - NEED!!!

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Just had one of those reach for my wallet moments when checking out the 80's Purple New In section - their own label has produced these bad boys, the Hot Tip sunglasses, which amazingly at just $10 (yeah, take a second look, that's TEN DOLLARS!), stand out and scream summer style amidst a page full of Ray Bans, Carrera, Gucci and Ksubi!International shipping is just $5.99 for 1 pair, which is ridiculously reasonable and the low value means no customs fee, so erm.....MINE!!!

They are really similar to the Alexander Wang Katie F #16 sunnies that Lady Gaga was seen in last year, and Hot Tips come in nude, tortoiseshell, gloss and matte black (I went for matte black).

Or if you fancy your luck, right now if you sign up for their weekly newsletter, you will be entered to win 1 of 5 pairs for frreeeeee! What you waiting for? Have a look and sign up here! How good do they look on this chick? RAWR!

All images credited to 80's Purple, with thanks.

JC - if ya got a hot tip, you gotta bet on it!
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Stolen Girlfriends Club Jewellery Coming to Steal Your Hearts!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

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Stolen Girlfriends Club was formed in 2005 by two ex professional surfers Marc Moore and Luke Harwood. They state that the reason for starting their own brand was to make t-shirts that their girlfriends could wear home in the morning, awww sweet! All their collections are made in New Zealand (you know we love our far flung labels here at the Rawr) but you can buy the clothing line from places like ASOS, Doll Boutique and Liberty amongst others.

However, Stolen Girlfriends Club also has a jewellery line, 'Heavy Metal', that I have coveted badly for a while now and in my search to find it in the UK I discovered that, aside from purchasing it from kokoandme (Australia) or Superette (New Zealand) and getting hit by mega customs fees, I can't get my hands on it *sad face*....

....that is until it lands in Doll Boutique who I was told would be shortly stocking the AW10 Jewellery line by SGC themselves *happy face*!

This has now been confirmed by the lovely Doll Boutique tweeps who seem just as excited as I am at the thought of them stocking it (@DollBoutique) and I could not be happier, so I thought I'd treat the Rawrers to some ideas of what you can expect from this super hot amazing line.....

Heartbones Sterling Silver Pendant $140 AUSD

Safety Pin 'Pretty/Vacant' Pendant $140AUSD

Bow Tie Sterling Silver Ring $175AUSD

'Junk' Bolt STOLEN Sterling Silver Ring $269AUSD
Not sure what the prices over here will be yet but these are lifelong pieces, a style statement. I think I'll be putting some £££ aside for a Stolen Girlfriends Club ring first, I've fallen for the bolt but who knows what the line will bring once it hits Doll Boutique!

Images credited to Stolen Girlfriends Club.

JC - just waiting x
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Adidas Originals x Sennheiser, and We x Adidas Originals!

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Forever my favourite sports/leisure brand (and OH's football apparel of choice), Adidas has always been a staple in music and the music industry. Their iconic shoes and clothing have been worn by so many amazing artists on stage, as well as being referenced in their songs - think Missy Elliot, Run DMC, our own NDubz and even KoRn, who released a song titled A.D.I.D.A.S. (if you're not a fan I'll leave you to Google the meaning!).

Now I just love to see that little 'x' strutting next to Adidas Originals when they release a new collab, just the sight of it makes me feel all funny, and this time it's Sennheiser that got lucky. Adidas have now collaborated with the one of the most innovative high end audio equipment producers of the last 60 years to create the Sennheiser HD 25-1-II by Originals, tagged as ‘The Original Combination of Sound & Style’, which certainly looks to be true, these things rawr.
An instrument of professional DJs, Adidas has given Sennheiser’s supreme headphones a cool 3 Stripes style makeover. But they're not just style over substance, these headphones will handle extreme sound pressure, with the crystal clear highs of a Gaga synth down through the rumbling lows of a Moby bassline, and with the lightweight and comfortable design, they ensure an original sound experience.So, at £200, what do we get in the box? Well obviously your sweet headphones (with a rotatable ear cup by the way) and their nifty storage bag, but you also get a 1.5m cable to give you plenty of reach, an extra pair of super soft ear pads to make sure your ears stay comfy for a long time after you buy, and an adapter to ¼ ″ (6.3 mm) stereo jack plug.

And for those of you who know what the following symbols mean, and don't just judge headphones and speakers by sticking on your favourite track and turning up the volume, here's the science bit! Impendence: 70 Ω, Max. sound pressure level: 120 (1kHz, 1 Vms), Frequency response: 16-22,000 Hz, Impendence: 70 Ω, Max. sound pressure level: 120 (1kHz, 1 Vms). PHEW!
I am by no means an audio-equipment-ista but I think I know what's cool and these headphones tick all my boxes. Oh, except the 'Leopard print' box, but between you and me, I think Adidas have put that exclusive sample on hold until I confirm to them that my superstar DJ career has finally took off.....

There's more to come from Adidas Originals x Sennheiser too, look out for the CX 300 (in ear version) and HD 218 (Over the ear, white and Adidas Originals blue version - sounds hawt!) coming in July this summer. I can see OH's online shopping trigger finger itching already! In the meantime, why not treat yourself to the featured Sennheiser HD 25-1-II by Originals here!

Adidas prove time after time that they easily connect with our modern culture, fashion and music unlike any other sports brand. Taking their inspiration from these lifestyles only helps to connect them further to the many fans who aren't gym bunnies, footballers or athletes of any kind. To me, Adidas is a brand that I get just as excited about seeing what's New In as say, L.A.M.B., Wildfox or Dollbaby. I rush to the sample rail in my local Adidas outlet because it's fashion baby, not because I need a new top to sweat in (god forbid)! Some of us just want to listen to music in Star Wars sneaks, dreaming of leopard print Firebird pants and 3 Stripe corset dresses, and it's all good because Adidas Originals works it, and we x them for it ;)

All images credited to Adidas.

JC - still burning over not scooping the leo tracks, it burns! Mwah x
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Witchery Fashion

Tuesday 25 May 2010

I discovered Witchery while reading a fashion magazine in Vietnam. I was backpacking at the time but one cannot just turn off their inner fashionista! I jotted down their name in my handy notepad (along with a few other bits) and forgot about it...Until now!

Their prices range from totally affordable, to a little bit more expensive but SO worth it.

Leather stud gloves, AUD $69.96 -Witchery.

Leather & studs...My two favourite things in the whole wide world!? Yes please.

So like most (fashion lovers), I always get really excited when I discover a new store. Witchery is no exception! They have some REALLY great pieces. I personally love wearing clothing that isnt quite so mainstream, so aussie brand Witchery is perfect for that.

Hudson studded bag, AUD $329.95- Witchery.


For me, Witchery has a certain French Connection feel to it. It's very smart yet still very stylish. It also has lots of different price points to suit fashionistas on ALL budgets- which is great.

Gathered wallet, AUD $129.95- Witchery.

I really like the pretty gathering. How perfect for those summer nights out? Serena (Gossip Girl) would love this.

Cut-out tights, AUD $49.95- Witchery.

These tights are incredible. I LOVE them!

For unleashing my inner rockchild!

Poppy stretch ballet, $129.95- Witchery.

Who said flats had to be boring? Sooo pretty, yet comfy.

Witchery= Smart Simple Style.

So there you have it. An introduction to a stylish new Australian brand. Witchery, where have you been all my life!?

Tweetaholics be sure to follow them on twitter @witcheryfashion :D


All images credited to Witchery.
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Selfridges gets Scrumdiddlyumptious!

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Ooooooh, look what Selfridges are hiding in their food hall! Only the fabled Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate bar (£4.99), as nommy as Johnny himself!

It's exclusive to Selfridges, so this yummy bar full of toffee, cookie pieces and peanuts can only be found in the confectionary corners of the mothership foodhalls, along with the rest of the Wonka range and all the other mouthwatering treats! Yeah I know it's a fiver but it's a fivers worth of magic moments. If you're shopping online at www.Selfridges.com anyway, then you must surely have enough wonga for the Wonka, so go here and pop one in your basket for me!

Image credited to Selfridges.

J - In a world of pure imagination! x
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Review - Soap & Glory Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray!

Sunday 23 May 2010

Now despite being dark haired, I am a naturally pale skinned girl due to my lovely ginger daddy, and I have also struggled with an allergy to self tanning ingredients since I can remember. I've tried all brands since I was 14 but have always come out of it tingling and itching to distraction. Traditional instant rub on tans have never been a hit with me either, I just find them usually very false looking in colour if you are at your palest, and even worse, glittery. I mean seriously, other than Edward Cullen, who produces natural glitter from their skin when exposed to the sun?!

Anyway, I'm a massive fan of all Soap & Glory products, aside from being amazing value for money and smelling gorgeous, I've personally never found another brand that makes my skin feel so pretty, so I was super excited to hear they have now produced a rub resistant sun powder spray tan - Glow Getter (RRP £10 for a 100ml can).

The packaging is immediately recognisable as S&G, and I was surprised to hear a rattle when I instinctively shook the can! I was about to be very naughty and graffiti a wall....oh no hang on, I'm just here to bronze my leg, tut Jade.

So here's the spray down of how both a leg and arm application went.

I applied to my leg first. It says to spray approx. 25cm from the skin so I was expecting a wide blast, but it's surprisingly accurate at where it hits. The colour is quite dark when it hits your skin (compared to my pale blue tones!) but the good news is that it does not run so you don't have to spray and throw the can down to catch anything on it's way down to stain your flooring/carpet/towel etc! The smell is the usual sweet S&G fragrance (yum) and the consistency on the skin is an interesting liquid to powder, which makes it VERY easy to then rub in and blend into your skin. It blends really well, even into the usual trouble spots like your knees and ankles, and importantly it keeps allowing you to blend for a good time after it lands on your skin, so you don't have do the whole area in one spray in order to get an even coverage. I did my leg in 2 halves with long sprays (back and front) but I will be trying smaller areas next time as it's definitely capable of it. The colour is very natural, the best I've seen in a long time. A real matte golden glow colour, no orange or glitter in sight!!

Here are the before and after pics....

My totally natural pale blue leg, eeeeek, put it away!

Lovely, naturally sunkissed looking leg worthy of a pair of leo Rebecca Minkoff shorts! Hurrah for Soap & Glory!

Now addicted, I decided to really test Glow Getter on my hairy forearms. Would it still look natural or would the powder consistancy clump up and cling onto the hairs? See for yourself, impressive....

Pale arm, just begging to be exposed to the sun! Check out the gorilla hairs...

Naturally tanned looking arm, with powder free hairs still able to blow in the wind! Amazing.

So, we've seen how well Glow Getter goes ON to your skin, but how easy is it to remove? Well it simply washed off my leg with water and a normal shower gel, no problems, and I even tried a baby wipe on my arm and that removed it too so easy enough to remove in a hurry, for example if you got caught in a heavy shower and had concerns about it spotting or running, good to know. It does claim to be rub resistant but I still think it has potential to rub off on clothing and furniture, but then don't all of these spray on tans? Rub Resistant doesn't mean Rub Proof so you should always be careful.

Overall, I honestly think Glow Getter it has changed my opinion on instant tans which are products I have honestly never liked. Will this product stop me from using sunbeds when I have a special occasion to attend? Well I have a family wedding to go to in 2 weeks time and I'm intending to perfect my Glow Getter application over the next fortnight so I can show it off and recommend it to my pale blue skinned, ginger haired relatives. Being a Liverpool family, it's de rigueur to have an all year round glow, so I feel their milk bottle pain and hopefully I can ease it!

Soap & Glory Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray - no orange, no glitter, just sunshine in a can!

Check out Glow Getter and the rest of the Soap & Glory range at Boots, the mothership Harvey Nichols, or ASOS :)

JC - a real go getting Glow Getter ;)
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CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED! Bring Back Rob's Hair Giveaway! Win 'The Haunted Airman' on dvd!

Saturday 22 May 2010

So any Robert Pattinson fan worth her Diggory's has an opinion on the new hairdo(n't) he revealed on the Ellen show this week, where he joked that he had to shave it so close because he had 'a terrible infestation of nits...' - oh Rob ;)

Personally T & I can't wait for him to stop making his new movie, Water For Elephants, so it can grow back! I mean honestly, what do we run our fingers through until then?!

Anyway to encourage karma to bring us a swift return of the 'do, we are giving away a copy of one of his pre-Twilight films, the famed 'The Haunted Airman' made in 2006!
It tells the chilling tale of a World War 2 pilot Toby Jugg (Rob), wounded in combat, who comes home to recuperate in a remote Welsh mansion. The wheelchair-bound Rob begins to experience terrifying hallucinations and nightmares. Clearly traumatised by what he witnessed during the war, he is distrustful of everyone around him; from his psychiatrist to his devoted aunt. Are these simply the paranoid thoughts of a disturbed mind or is there a more sinister explanation?

This will intrigue any Rob fan, we found it highly amusing to see him pre-Twilight and in a MUCH lower budget movie than Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (is that the right reaction, I don't know?!) but it is a good story and definitely one for your Spunk Ransom collection ;)

To win this fun prize, and help bring Rob's hair back, simply make sure you follow the blog, then do the following!

1) Follow us on Twitter at @TheStyleRawr and tweet I'm helping @TheStyleRawr #BringRobsHairBack to win The Haunted Airman dvd! Enter here http://bit.ly/bmiApS

2) Comment below telling us your twitter username, and for an extra entry, tell us what role you would like to see Rob play once the Twilight Saga is complete?! Maybe you want him to be James Bond, Spiderman or Freddy Krueger?!

This competition will run until Monday 7th June 6pm and the winner will be informed shortly after that time. DVD is Region 2, so UK/European (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus apparently), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Greenland only entries this time please, next giveaway will be fully international promise! Good luck!

ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions Code: ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions
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Crazy Sun Protectors.

Friday 21 May 2010

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SO I figured that to tie in with our piece on swimwear, I would do a post on rockin' sunglasses!

It's EXTREMELY important to pick a pair of fabulous sunnies that suit your face. Here at The Style Rawr we're not afraid when it comes to fashion & we're always up for trying the next big look!

I hope you get inspired by these gorgeous sunnies. I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for that perfect pair.

Champion Aviators- Carrera. As seen on Gaga in the Bad Romance video! You can buy this style from Net-A-Porter for £79.

Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses, - Limited Edt. $525.00 From Patricia Field.
The gold pair were seen On Sarah Jessica Parker while filming the SATC2 movie! Wowza, these are HAWT.

Tom Ford Ace TF 152, £225- Tom Ford.

Tom Ford knows sunglasses. I think you could purchase these and still wear them in 5 years time, classic.

Natalie, £15.99- Jeepers Peepers.

These are SO cheap that if you bought them, it would feel as if you stole them... What a bargain! :X

Sienna, £160- Kurt Geiger.

Luckily for us, Kurt Geiger have introduced a new sunglasses range. I absolutely adore these sunnies- SO pretty! I can see myself rockin' these in some light denim turn up shorts, a Wildfox tee & some glad's...*SIGH*...

Suri, £69- Reiss.

Someone buy me these- NOW! So retro and SO uber cool. I sooooooooo want. Pretty affordable for Reiss too ;)

So there you have it- my top picks right now! Bring on summer already :D Which ones are your favourite? :)

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Shop Warm Pixie for Hot Knits and Mesh Bits!

Thursday 20 May 2010

Now I love a bit of Warm Pixie but it was SO hard to get hold of (the best things always are!) with only 3 exclusive TopShop concessions (Oxford Circus, Manchester Trafford and Manchester Arndale) fans without a local stockist kind of had to rely on online staple SpoiledBrat to provide all their Warm Pixie needs (and you have to be quick to grab your size!)....but not anymore because Warm Pixie have now launched their own online store - hurrah!!!

They specialise in knitwear with a twist. The designs are the type of fun graphic images you might see on a tee, but WP knit them into a soft, sexy sweater that will far outlive anything else in your wardrobe! Think along the lines of Sonia Rykiel and Wheels & Dollbaby knitwear, fun and sexy but with shapes and lines that will be around forever, this is not throwaway fashion! More recently WP have been producing hot stretch body con dresses and bodysuits (our Tara would wear the hell out of them with her model like figure, I'll stick to the knits!), proving they can lend an eye for style to jersey too. Take a look at some of our current favourites from the online store....

You know when you're browsing online and your eyes spy something so amazing it makes you jump up and scream 'Jesus, McQueen and Joseph!' in delight? Well this happened to me today on my first look at the WP online store and saw this bad boy.This gorgeous thing is the Mesh Panel Sweater in Black £35. I need it. I need it now. Well, I can't have it now because it doesn't release until next week but imma rock the secsi out of that thing when it's mine! Pre-order now to make sure you don't miss out!

Next up are 3 hot jersey dresses from the new body con line, heads up T!

Mesh Panel Zip Back Jersey Dress in pink (also available in black) £45. Super stretchy viscose jersey to flatter every party girl ;)
Wear with nude heels and set it all off with a hot leopard clutch!

Sports Mesh Colour Block Dress £49. Sports stretch jersey mixed with sexy mesh panels could take you from day to night with just a change of shoes!
I love how WP have styled this with leggings.

Frill Shoulder Jersey Dress £39. Sleek body con dress with ruffle shoulders, in super stretchy jersey to fit you perfectly. There is a sexy mesh panel on the front and a daring low back, yum! Classic LBD territory here, this would be a wardrobe staple for years, and at just £39 it's a steal!

Finally, here are some of my fave knits out right now, can you say adorable?

Carousel Ruffle Sleeve Jumper £53
Skull & Crossbones Ruffle Sleeve Jumper £53
Crop Flamingo Jumper £49
So yeah, this is probably one of the most exciting things to happen to my online world in a long time! If you too want to get multiple side eyes from colleagues when you scream with delight at your office laptop then hop over to the Warm Pixie online store here, register and receive a discount code for 10% off your first purchase! You can also follow them on Twitter at @WarmPixie

Warm Pixie knitwear - move along summer, I want some cold weather!

All images credited to Warm Pixie with thanks!

JC - stalking the postman for the next week or so... ;)
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Outspoken - It's Fergalicious (that had to be done right? I can't be the first?)!


Today I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the new fragrance collab between Avon and gorgeous Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie - Outspoken, tagline 'Say It Like You Mean It.' I wasn't expecting a sample at all but the moment I saw the AVON branded envelope I kinda knew what it was, the package just had that Dutchess feeling to it!

So, down to bizness, we've all wondered it....what would Fergie smell like if you went in for a fan girl hug and secretly sniffed her hair? What? I'm the only one who has thought about that?!... ;) Anyway, this is the official spec on the Outspoken breakdown:

Bold Top Notes - Iced Berry, Star Fruit, Wild Saffron
Intoxicating Heart Notes - Tuberose Absolute, Midnight Jasmine, Passion Flower
Fearless Background Notes - Racy Black Leather, Raw Ebony Wood, Smokey Vetiver

Yeah, I was kind of excited to smell the racy black leather part too! So I popped open the vial. For me, the berry notes hit you immediately, then drop to a sensual passion flower. It's described by Avon as a bold intoxicating scent, and I think they could have something there.

My nose instantly likened it to the classic Versace Red Jeans, probably because that also has bold berry notes, which isn't a bad thing, but it didn't feel immediately fearless or groundbreaking for that reason, which is a shame because I was hoping for crazy things from the Dutchess herself, but it is her first fragrance so I'll let her off with staying just a little safe this time.

Anyway, you should never judge a fragrance on what hits you straight from the bottle so intrigued, I dropped a little on my wrist pulse point and let it settle. This is when you get the 'Intoxicating Heart' rush. It's instantly warming and dare I say it, sexy (cringe). My first thought was literally 'Mmmm, it's a night time fragrance', which in my vocab means I'd basically wear it with a little lace and a smile on my face. The 'Fearless Background' notes aren't noticeable but I imagine they are there in some way to provoke an image, which I guess worked because when I asked my boyfriend to describe the unidentified smell on my wrist without using the usual adjectives he simply said 'Naked', with a straight face! That has to be a result right?

Avon say the bottle was inspired by a beautiful crystal decanter that Fergie saw on the day of her wedding to movie star Josh Duhamel!

From the photograph you can see that it has a diamond shaped top and a curvy shaped bottle. Personally, I was surprised by the simplicity of the design, I expected something more G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, but Fergie obviously had her sentimental reasons for the design so fair play to her for going her own way.

Outspoken has been created to reflect Fergie's combination of edgy, sexy rock chick who oozes confidence yet with mysterious femininity. I liked it straight away, but then I love Fergie, she rawrs. Celebrity fragrances will always have an immediate fan base regardless of the scent, the real test is if you could gift it to someone who isn't a fan and have them still love it. For this reason, Avon is the perfect representative for Outspoken. Fans like me will actively seek it out, but it will also be purchased by Avon fans who rub their wrists over those famously scented pages and simply love what rubs off!

Outspoken launches on 3rd June 2010 at £14 and can be purchased online here or from your local friendly neighbourhood Avon rep! Overall, I think Fergie and Avon had done a great job on her first scent, and I hope there are a few more coming our way in the future.

All images credited to AVON with thanks.

JC - my body stay vicious! x
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One Teaspoon

Little Rawrers! I have to introduce you to another hawt brand I've just stumbled across.

One Teaspoon is a funky-fresh Aussie brand, worn by celebs such as Mischa Barton & Nicole Richie!

Suicide Bodysuit, AUD $139.95- One Teaspoon.

If you didn't know already, you will soon know that aswell as being obsessed with denim- I'm bodysuit obsessed. HOW gorgeous is this!? Ah!

Glastonbury Top, AUD $45.00 -One Teaspoon.

The guys at One Teaspoon say that leopard is like a second language to them...Well I really only have only one thing to say to that- are we related!?

Hudson Studded Vest AUD $150- One Teaspoon.

This is ridiculously cool. Love it.

Treasured Tube Dress, $249.95- One Teaspoon.

This dress SCREAMS Serena from Gossip Girl to me. I adore it!

Leopard Bandit Short, AUD $89.95 -One Teaspoon.

EEEEEEK! I know you're all thinking what I'm thinking on this one! Oh boy. NOM!

I could honestly spend all day long posting items of clothing that I LOVE & need in my life from this brand. Aussie fashion never looked better.

Shop their online store here! Alternatively you can buy some items from ASOS.

Love T <3 XoX

All images credited to One Teaspoon.
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