Saturday 30 June 2012

It's no secret that I have a cat obsession, they are the most magical creatures on this earth and if you don't agree, I'm not joking, I will fight you.

When browsing an online store, my searches of choice are as follows, in this order:

But it's the CAT items that give me the most smiles, how can you fail to feel anything but happy in a cat print item?! If you read this blog enough, you will have seen my Jeffrey Campbell cat tapestry Lita boots many times, but they are about to be superceded in the 'Best item in my wardrobe with cats on it' category by this wondrous creation from Wildfox . . .

Wildfox Couture Cat Faces Sweater, $335 (or will be when it releases into my loving arms!).

Yes, it's HELLA expensive, but will I wear it for the rest of my life? Errrr, YES? I will be wearing this thing, smelling of pee and surrounded by 12 cats when I'm 85, so yes I'm buying it as soon as it drops, and therefore pounds per wear on this thing makes it potentially about 10p.

Here are a few less bank manager worrying items that we can play with in the mean time. It's the grooviest thing, it's the perfect dream . . .

New Look Cat Face Ring, £3.50. CUUUUUUUTE?!!

TUK Shoes Kitty Combat Boot, £55. Forget those girly ballet flats, cats are shhhh kickers so let's kick some shhhh in these!!

Celeste Stein Kitty (264) Tights, £12.95 at MyTights. At first glance these just look like a pair of busy tights, but get a little closer and oh! KITTEHS!!!

Irregular Choice Miaow Clutch, £45. Totally fierce.

Are you down with these LOVECATS? Ba-ba-da-ba-ba-da-daaaaaa!

J - Hello kitties!
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Oui Oui! Nous Vous Aimons Le Specs Sunnies!

Friday 29 June 2012

The weather yesterday was absolutely glorious so we whipped out our new Le Specs sunnies to snap for you! We both wanted new ones for the summer & we were absolutely chuffed when we found a super deal on Groupon.

Jade looking adorablz in her Le Specs aviators!

We're both pretty savvy when it comes to shopping & we've used Groupon in the past for various other deals, including an amazing American Apparel one last year. The latest deal to catch our eyes was for the Sunglasses Shop...

The deal cost £19 (each) & we received a £55 voucher for the store...Bargain!? They stock top brands such as Ray-Ban, Chanel & Tom Ford. Needless to say, we signed ourselves up! ;)

Tara has been after a pair of Le Specs since spotting some in Sydney earlier this year. Everything is a lot more expensive in Oz so she literally SQUEE'd upon realising Sunglasses Shop stock them. She loves her 'Gold Fever' sunnies!

We made a pretty big saving by buying them this way, partly because we didn't spend over our voucher (£55). We basically copped a designer pair of sunglasses for the price of a high street pair! Uh-mazing.

Have you used Groupon before? They're constantly updating their website with new deals so it's worth checking, every transaction we've ever made with them has been super easy. We can't wait to find another awesome shopping deal!!

T & J - We Love Our Crazy Sun Protectors. XoX
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Outfit Post: Dancing In The Summer Rain With Motel!

Thursday 28 June 2012

On Monday my *new favourite dress in the whole wide world* arrived from Motel. I wanted to wait for a sunny day to snap blog photos but my patience was wearing thin & my love for this dress was growing...So we did it in the rain!

It rained for 2 hours non-stop during this shoot but rain doesn't stop Rawr Girls posing on cue.

The dress is so pretty & feminine, I feel super girly in it. I would probably describe my style in general as 'gritty' but I do have a softer side too, as shown here!

It's the Annali Strapless Cream Bustier (£48) & I've paired it with a H&M Boater hat (kids section) & my Vivienne Westwood pearl bracelet. I love how summery it is, even in the rain.

Although it's pretty much hiding in every photo, I'm also wearing my Azendi Snowdrop necklace & some nude court shoes from New Look. It's such a simple look but I think the dress does all the talking. I'm absolutely in love with the beautiful bodice.

Are you also a fan of my new dress? I can't wait to try styling it with a leather jacket & biker boots for a grittier look ;) Motel also has an amazing sale at the moment, I ordered a gorgeous cardigan on Monday for £5! Such a bargain.

T - Dancing in the summer rain! XoX

P.S I just want to say thanks to my photographer pals Liz Green & Craig Allan - you guys have mad skillz.
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Every Rose Has It's Thorn . . .

Wednesday 27 June 2012

This feels like my 9200th chiffon dress outfit in like a month, so in case I'm actually turning into a girl, I decided to pair this gorgeous super floaty and floral Wallis dress with my new super fierce and epic The Ragged Priest denim jacket from Ad hoc London, and my Jeffrey Campbell Lita spike boots - yey me!

I think the contrast looks hella cute and makes me want to waft around town feeling all fashiony and shizz.

Wallis have an awesome sale on right now, time to get some end of summer deals girls!

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St Tropez Style - Guest Blogger @ Swimwear 365!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

I was recently asked to write a guest post for the awesome Swimwear 365. They asked me what I'd pack for a holiday to St Tropez & being a self-confessed travel addict, I was super happy to oblige!! Here's a sneak peek of what I chose to pack for my imaginary trip:

My post is now live so please head on over to their blog by clicking here & check it out! I just want to say a huge thanks to the team at Swimwear 365 for letting me share my swimwear inspiration, it was so much fun! :)

T - 8 days until my holiday. SQUEE. XoX
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Rips And Holes And Pins - Oh My!

I do love a good cover up, I hardly ever buy summer jackets or coats for this reason, I just have a bevy of cardis instead :) My Siren London 'Milla' cardigan £26 is getting heavy rotation lately, it's nice and chunky but full of cool rips and tears so my skin still feels like it's getting some summer fun!

Why oh why do all the most flattering shots happen when you move your damn hand?!

This cardi comes with a stackload of safety pins. It looks cool when they're all on but it can get heavy if you wear it all day so I take them out and rearrange them as I want to wear them with each outfit, tres versatile! Here I only have 2 sets of pins in there but it works just as well with no pins, or all of them, it's a personal choice which every girl has to make for herself ;)

My skirt is from H&M (a new fave), my tee is Wildfox, the bumbag worn on my shoulder is Topshop and my earrings are ASOS.

If you like it but think black is a bit dark for you, this cute cardi also comes in peach (Mimi £26), a softer approach to punky pins ;)

What do you think, are pins for you?

J - Tear it up.
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Rawrgirls Review ... Neäl & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion from

Monday 25 June 2012

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A while ago I was lucky enough to win the Neäl & Wolf Volumising Trio Gift from, a gift box set which included the full size Neäl & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo, Daily Conditioner and Elevate Volume Lotion, each retailing from £10.95 to £11.95.

Until receiving this set I'd never used Neäl & Wolf products, but now I have been using them for over a month I just have to share the love! The range includes only 10 must have products, all aimed at being simple but effective - has them all here.

The shampoo and conditioner are what you would expect from mid range range haircare, pleasant enough to use in every way, but the real star of the show is the Elevate Volume Lotion, £10.76 for 200ml.

I've always been obsessed with volumising lotions and potions that are applied to wet hair before blowdrying, so I like to think I know what I'm talking about by now, and this one continues to make me happy even though I've been using it every day since it landed on my doorstep! I quickly learnt that you only need a tiny amount to do the job, this means that a bottle lasts forever! Aside from that, my hair has never behaved itself so well during a blowdry. This product volumises the roots, slinkifies the length and manages to somehow hold a curve (I blow under because my bob is growing out) all by itself, without feeling heavy or greasy afterwards. I used to use a root volumiser and/or a protein spray/shine spray AND a blowdry lotion, now I just use this! Seriously, if this bottle had a spray nozzle I would probably try to see if I could use it as hairspray too.

Good stuff, and if you too are forever striving for bigger hair, then I totally recommend Neäl & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion, one of those rare beauty essentials that you stumble across out of sheer luck - literally!

J - Going up!
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My Very Very Very Hot Dress!

11 comments's New In's over the last few weeks have been killing it, so when My Voucher Codes said I could choose a Very item on them for a feature in an outfit post, I knew exactly what I wanted - the Love Label Dipped Back Long Sleeve Dress, £35! has always been one of my fave places to buy from because delivery is super fast, this dress landed on my doorstep the day after I ordered it and I LOVE it! It's rare to mail order a dress in an off the wall style like this, and just put it on and think YES, that's awesome - hurrah! This dress is a slinky stretchy cotton, which is perfect for the cut, it just drapes and falls like a dream, and it's SO flattering.

I've used my Topshop bumbag to hike it up a little and to make it a touch shorter because I'm only 5'4 but I don't think anyone would wear this type of dress without a belt anyway, it's probably just too much black to pull off without breaking it up with something somewhere.

I love the dipped back flows behind me as I walk, these hems are addictive! I think it looks awesome with my studded and spiked accessories too, kind of contrasting against the soft touch material.

All in all, fine holiday fun, I couldn't be happier with my new dress :) I can see myself wearing this forever; for nights out, over skinnies in the winter, over shorts in the summer - it's just as if Very read my mind and designed my perfect dress!

J - VERY happy.
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Tibi Or Not Tibi? A Designer Look From Matalan!

Sunday 24 June 2012

I fell in love with these Tibi dresses at The Editeur last month but I don't have a designer budget - sob!

So the moment I spied the Matalan Be Beau Abstract Print Jeans £22, I thought TIBI and snagged them to make my own summer Tibi inspired look by pairing them with nude and pastel shades - ta daaaaaa!

The mint vest and yellow cardigan are both from George at Asda, the nude heels are from Next, the nail polish is Mavala Frozen Berry (the yummiest lilac!) and the necklace is a VERY old one from Mikey. I think it really works right?! I'm feeling very smug right now ;)

J - That is the question.
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Ring the Alarm!

Thursday 21 June 2012

Recently I've been looking for an affordable USA flag jumper because although I absolutely love the UNIF one, I can't justify spending £85 on one at the mo! Luckily I found this awesome alternative from Siren London...


It has a nice relaxed fit (I'm wearing the S/M) & it's good quality too. It's called the America Jumper & I've just spotted it's now in their sale so it was £32 and now it's only £16! Bargain :O


Can we get a close-up? ;) Yummmm.


I decided to pair it with my DIY studded shorts (from this post) & my star Converse. I can't believe my 9 month tan has faded already! Thankfully I'm going on holiday again soon so I can top it up.

Studded Denim

I thought the shorts were a little long at first but I've now decided I really like the length! I hope y'all appreciate my studding & distressing skillz. I've just bought some vintage Levi denim from eBay, various dyes & a whole load of cone studs so watch this for more DIY denim posts!

So are you a fan of this outfit? I already have my beady eyes on a few other pieces from Siren London, particularly the dresses for under a tenner. I need to start planning my holiday wardrobe all over again!

T - Bring on July 4th! XoX
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There Ain't No Pardy Like An Ad Hoc Pardy!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

The highlight of our recent lost weekend to foggy London town was finally getting to visit our fave online store and Twitter pals Ad Hoc London IN REAL LIFE on yummy Kings Road, and it didn't disappoint!

We met the Ad Hoc girlz; Suzy, Jessie and Kitty, who were super cute, and had a ball playing around in the store trying everything on (no exaggeration) and generally having fine holiday fun in our fave place everrrrrrrrr!!!

Here are some of our fave snaps from the mothership....

J wondering if this spacey little combo would fit in her satchel *whistles*. . .

Tara and THE DRESS, as it has since become known :)

Jade doing a Price Is Right Showcase Showdown on The Ragged Priest shorts. Check out the happy face!

Bears mean srs bsnss. Growl. Arggg. SpiritHoods can change a girl, and there are A LOT of them in Ad Hoc! You just gotta let them have it out and then they'll become firm friends ;)

LOOK. AT. ALL. THE. WILDFOX. And this was only one corner of it, it was EVERYWHERE! All we needed was RPatz (or 'Symbol' as we now call him out of respect) to walk in and it would've been Rawrgirl heaven.

These amazing The Ragged Priest pieces had to be wrestled out of Tara's kung fu grip. If we were all rich girls . . .

Looking at me looking at chu!

SAUCE. That is all ;)

We had SUCH a good time, and picked up a few fierce pieces which you will see popping up on outfit posts over the next few weeks! If you've never visited Ad Hoc you must go, it really is like being a kid in a candy store, there's SO much to fondle and the prices are ridic (think Wildfox starting from £20 and full size Fuzzy Nation doggy bags at £20!). It's only a little place but there is so much more in store than online, this was literally our faces for about 2 hours while we wandered around :O


J & T - Phoning Home to Kitty Candy!
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A Rawrgirl Day Out To Ad Hoc London, Kings Road!

Last weekend we spent an amazing night and 2 fun filled days in Lahhhhnnndahhhnnnnn, full of shopping, cocktails, shopping, cake, shopping, tube riding and shopping... Most of said shopping was done in our fave store ever Ad Hoc London on Kings Road! We've adored the online store for years now but never actually visited the store itself so obvi we were round there with bells on!

It wasn't hard to spot, straight away we were like, SQUEEEEE!!!

The fierce Ad Hoc girlz Suzy and Jessie showing out in SpiritHoods and fun partywear, and the gorgeous Kitty Candy who starred in the recent Ad Hoc video, in a The Ragged Priest jacket - yum! :)

The store is like an Aladdin's cave of awesomeness; literally wall to wall Wildfox, SpiritHoods, The Ragged Priest, LNA, Stargazer, Fuzzy Nation, and TONS of jewelz, wigs and fun stuff EVERYWHERE!

The Wildfox was incredible. Ad Hoc have been stocking our fave brand for so long that we were able to uncover some hidden gems from past seasons at amazing sale prices! Tees, cardis and dresses starting at £20 - DANGEROUS!! ;)

Seriously, don't you just want to dive in?! We spent hours in here and tried so much on, the Ad Hoc girls are so sweet and super helpful, we were chatting like old friends and having fun with the goodies for ages!

We had to tear ourselves away when it was time to go home, but we picked up a few pieces on our way out to keep us going until we can get back! Now we've been there in real life, Ad Hoc is definitely THE Rawrgirl happy place! We need pop ups in our home towns - guys, we can run them yes?! ;)

Lots of love to our Ad Hoc London sistas, thanks for having us round to your grotto, we miss chu!!

J & T - It's an Ad Hoc life for us.
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