A Rawrgirl Day Out To Ad Hoc London, Kings Road!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Last weekend we spent an amazing night and 2 fun filled days in Lahhhhnnndahhhnnnnn, full of shopping, cocktails, shopping, cake, shopping, tube riding and shopping... Most of said shopping was done in our fave store ever Ad Hoc London on Kings Road! We've adored the online store for years now but never actually visited the store itself so obvi we were round there with bells on!

It wasn't hard to spot, straight away we were like, SQUEEEEE!!!

The fierce Ad Hoc girlz Suzy and Jessie showing out in SpiritHoods and fun partywear, and the gorgeous Kitty Candy who starred in the recent Ad Hoc video, in a The Ragged Priest jacket - yum! :)

The store is like an Aladdin's cave of awesomeness; literally wall to wall Wildfox, SpiritHoods, The Ragged Priest, LNA, Stargazer, Fuzzy Nation, and TONS of jewelz, wigs and fun stuff EVERYWHERE!

The Wildfox was incredible. Ad Hoc have been stocking our fave brand for so long that we were able to uncover some hidden gems from past seasons at amazing sale prices! Tees, cardis and dresses starting at £20 - DANGEROUS!! ;)

Seriously, don't you just want to dive in?! We spent hours in here and tried so much on, the Ad Hoc girls are so sweet and super helpful, we were chatting like old friends and having fun with the goodies for ages!

We had to tear ourselves away when it was time to go home, but we picked up a few pieces on our way out to keep us going until we can get back! Now we've been there in real life, Ad Hoc is definitely THE Rawrgirl happy place! We need pop ups in our home towns - guys, we can run them yes?! ;)

Lots of love to our Ad Hoc London sistas, thanks for having us round to your grotto, we miss chu!!

J & T - It's an Ad Hoc life for us.


  1. I din't know this store was still open, I used to buy loads of things here when I lived in London. Will have to look online now....... cue melted plastoc!

    1. We have another post cued to go live in a few minutes with loads more pics, it was such a cool place!

  2. I need to visit there in your honour soon since I was a stoopid head and missed out going with you. Looks aces!! So glad you had a good time xx


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