Ooh La La Large Cup Lingerie!

Saturday 30 November 2013


I've had a recent bra resize, still in the E's but dropped a back size (hurrah!), so I needed to invest in some new bras STAT, luckily D-K cup lingerie aficionados Large Cup Lingerie offered to help me on my way with a couple of new sets - yey! LCL believe in giving our busts and confidence a double boost, because feeling gorgeous starts underneath it all. Can I get an a-men up in hurrrr?! 

This saucy little number is the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Underwired Balconet Bra. At £30 it's averagely priced for this sort of piece, I usually expect to pay around £20-£30 for a branded 'large cup' bra. This is probably my fave of the two styles. I love the pin up inspired design, and the sumptious peachy cream on black colourway. This bra really does it's thing when worn, so this pic isn't doing it full justice but I'm not about to strip off sooooo use the clicky to see how it looks on the model . . .  Let's just say that it's a true shelf stacker pushing you up where you need to be, leaving you looking and feeling pretty darn hot! The matching Bikini Briefs, at £12, are flattering and complement the bra perfectly. This is the type of set you'd want your man to pick out for you given half the chance - fingers crossed girls!

And this is the Tutti Rouge Birds Of A Feather Underwired Half Padded Balconette Bra! It's currently on sale at £15.60 and worth every penny! Sweet and feminine whilst being hella strong and supportive (like Oprah), everything you know and love from Tutti Rouge. I love the half cup effect, you still get the full support of the underwired padded cup but without that full cover which can often spoil the look of a larger cup bra. The colours remind me of a cupcake; pastels on a creamy buttermilk - yum! The matching Skirted Short (basically my new fave style of briefs!) is also on sale at £8.40 so it's a total bargain right now! This is the type of set you'd treat yourself to, or maybe buy for your bestie. Be sure to check out that skirted short on the model via the link, they are too cute!

Excellent recommendation service, great prices, fast delivery = a very happy customer! I'd definitely recommend checking out the styles and sizes of lingerie and swimwear available from these guys, even if you're overseas because international delivery is free! 

Survey says? Large Cup Lingerie, my lady lumps salute you! 

J - My cups overfloweth.
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Oh Santa BABY! Christmas at Truffle Shuffle!

Friday 29 November 2013

This weekend sees us ringing in December so let's get some Christmas up in hurrrrrrrrr! Luckily, we have Truffle Shuffle in the house to kit us out in festive attire! These are a few of our faves from their Christmas T Shirts and Jumpers range . . .  

And this is what I'll be trimming my tree in this weekend! The Little Miss Christmas Hoodie - £34.99, a design exclusive to Truffle Shuffle :) Little Miss Christmas works hard all year round getting presents ready for Father Christmas, and I too make sure I'm super organised for the big day so this hoodie is the perfect christmas jumper for me!

I love the crisp white cotton and little hood. This is a size Large, you want to get some movement in for getting your arms around those big gifts! It looks real cute with jeans for popping out and grabbing some extra wrap, then once back home just throw those joggers on with it to get down and dirty on the floor with your swag! 

If you don't yet have your Christmas jumper or t shirt, then you must check out Truffle Shuffle, there's still plenty of time to nab one and tinsel up your life!

J - Dashing through the snooooooowwwww . . . 
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Rawr Girls Review: Gwynedds Loungewear!

Thursday 28 November 2013

If there's one thing celebrity watching has taught me over the years, it's that loungewear isn't just for indoors, it's for life. I was recently sent a piece of luxury loungewear from Gwynedds, an awesome (and relatively new) brand which is stocked at Zalando and Minnie's Boutique.

Gwynedds Loungewear Review
Gwynedds Fundi Leaf Print CardiganCardigan: c/o Gwynedds - Boots: c/o Steve Madden - Rings: My Flash Trash & ASOS

This beautiful Fundi leaf print cardigan is from their AW13 range and is just too darn amazing to be worn solely on the sofa. It's extremely soft because all of their loungewear is pre-washed. Each print and embroidery is individually handmade so no two pieces are the same, making every garment extra special. It comes with a massive oversized hood which is perfect for snuggling up in and hiding from the cold. When I have it on, I feel like an Autumnal samurai warrior! Gwynedds has a great range available at Zalando, I've actually been eyeing up their basic tees and sweatpants...I think one of their sets will be going on my Christmas list!

Anna Lou of London Gold Social Dog Tags

I paired my cardigan with my trusty Steve Madden Albany boots, some tights and this personalised gold social tag from Anna Lou of London. I feel so comfortable in this outfit! My cardi is a size medium (sample size) so as you can tell it's oversized but I quite like how roomy it is.

Have you heard of Gwynedds before? Are you a fan of loungewear?

T - Fighting the cold weather with fashion! POW POW. XoX
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A Rawr Day Out at Liverpool One! The Ice Festival and Las Iguanas!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

I love Liverpool, it's really the only city I feel at home in, and it's my fave shopping destination! Not many people know this, but the construction company I work for was actually part of the team that built the Liverpool One mall over 5 years ago, so I feel an affinity with the place and therefore like to spend as much of my salary there as I can. You know, giving back and all ;)

Anyhoo, this weekend my man and I popped to town for a look at the Liverpool One Ice Festival, a fun attraction for all ages now open from November to January! For a start, the place looks so festive, with stunning, modern decorations all over the place, but when you get to Chavasse Park just behind the shops and right by the restaurants and bars, that's where the winter wonderland really starts!

There's an open air ice rink which looked a ton of fun, and I bet it's lit up like a christmas tree at night, but I really couldn't wait to get to something a bit cooler . . . 

. . . because inside the Apres Cafe Bar, is the Ice Bar! Yep, a bar made entirely from ice and running at -5 degrees! For £7.50 you get a 25 minute slot to enjoy the atmosphere (chilly) in a foil poncho (stylin'), gorgeous ice sculptures and a yummy shot of something adult (ahem) to warm you up!

It's a room literally made of bricks of ice! Thank god the floor wasn't though, that would've been a lot of fun ;)

Drinking something clear and cool from glasses made of ice without gloves is an interesting experience!

This photo cracked me up when I saw it, I look like an alien discovering a new species. Obvs I had to touch the bear - RAWR. The faces you pull when you think people aren't looking though. Rocking this season's metallic's too btw ;)

This is a beautiful ice dress, so pretty. All the girls were lining up to get a shot of it, I guess we all want to be a snow queen!

Ice penguins! So cute. And yes, I totally wanted to stick my tongue on everything.

It was well worth the £7.50, especially with the vodka shot, and would be a fun way to start a girls night out! One upside to being in a below freezing room for half an hour is that you think it's really warm outside in the real world afterwards!

Once we got outside we spotted a pair of adorable reindeer waiting for Santa to arrive at the grotto! I fell in love, how cute?! I swear he posed for me, we had a connection.

There are over 50 places to eat and drink at Liverpool One, so after a bit of shopping we went for a meal at Las Iguanas, a South American restaurant. I've never been before but I'd definitely go back, it was so delicious and the service was faultless. 

I had a mushroom burrito and sweet potato fries, and Tim had a jalapeno burger and curly fries. We were so full after our mains that we just couldn't stuff dessert in, and that's unheard of in our house! YUM. Obligatory meal shot . . .

We had a really great day out, and it's always nice to explore local places a bit more than you usually would on a normal shopping day. I guess I'm lucky to consider Liverpool city centre my local shopping and leisure centre but I do take it for granted. It was really good to take a bit more time to look around the non-retail side of Liverpool One for a change, I'm usually so intent on getting my shop on that I miss so much going on in the social side of it! Chavasse Park is a sweet hangout full of things to see and do, and I'll be setting an hour aside next time I visit to swing by and have some lunch too :)

Hope you enjoyed my day out diary!

J - Santa Claus is coming to TOWN.
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Ann Summers - Fit To Flaunt!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

We were both recently invited to take part in the Ann Summers Fit To Flaunt campaign, helping women all over the country into the correct bra size! They recently conducted a survey into British bra buying behaviour and found that while over half of women claim to have had a bra fitting within the past 6 months, 60% are still wearing the wrong bra size! Totally crazy girls, we need to sort this out STAT!

I was assigned to the Liverpool One store (one of my fave haunts anyway) where I was greeted by the lovely store manager Paula. We discussed what size I wore currently (36E), my preferred style of bra and knicks in a set (balconette and shortie briefs) and then chose the Pure Lace Electric Purple Balconette Bra - £18 (with matching Pure Lace Electric Purple Short - £8) to try on. Paula took me into a well lit and spacious black and pink fitting room with a large mirror and a chair, where I showed her how my current bra fitted. She determined with one pull at the back that it was too big, and suggested that the cups were gaping a little too, so she suggested trying the 34DD or 34E, which she had brought in with the 36E anyway. Once I had the 34E on I could tell straight away that the fit was much better. I had lost a bit of weight over the summer (I'd only been fitted into a 36E in April this year) so it makes sense that my back size had reduced. To be sure, I tried the 34DD on anyway but the cups were definitely too small and I was very aware of the bones pushing into me. 34E it is then - thanks Paula! It sounds so obvious, but taking the time to try a bra on instore really would make all the difference to the amount of badly fitting bras in my drawer. I'm definitely going to have to get myself out of the habit of just grabbing 'my size' and heading for the till, I'd probably save so much money! 

Anyhoo, I LOVE this set, the colour is to die for and it's super flattering. So flattering that for my Fit To Flaunt pic, I popped my leather shirt on over it and let it peek out a little. I NEVER do this, but I felt quite confident in my lady lumps that day ;) Control yourselves . . . 

Since I'm a Bristol based blogger, I picked the Cribbs Causeway Ann Summers store for my fit! I've never been fitted before so wasn't really sure what to expect. When I walked in I was approached by the gorgeous Kaya who was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease within minutes. She showed me around the shop floor and talked me through all the different ranges. She asked what type of styles I usually wore and I explained I was a push up kind of girl - I need all the help I can get!

She explained the plunge bras are the best for fitting and my eyes were drawn to this Pure Lace Emerald Bra - £18, anyway. I just love the colour! I also picked out another balconette bra which she picked up in a few different sizes. 

Ann Summers Emerald Lace Set

We headed to the fitting room and she had a look at my current bra was fitting. She checked the back and the straps and determined that it looked like a good fit but suggest I try on a few different sizes anyway, as sizes can vary from store to store.

Kaya was absolutely amazing, she was so sweet and helpful, and didn't mind running back and forth to the fitting room with different sizes. In the end, we decided the plunge bra (shown above) was the perfect fit for me! Turns out I was good at guessing my own size all along, because the 32B I usually wear, fit like a dream.

Bristol Fashion Blog

I'm wearing my new set in the outfit above! Perhaps an oversized jumper isn't the best way to show off awesome undies but this is how I dress everyday in Autumn/Winter. I wanted a set that fit well and that I could wear on a daily basis, this one ticks all the boxes! I opted for the matching Pure Lace Brazilian (£8) because I hate VPL and it's really cute.

Huge thanks to Ann Summers for treating us and giving us a stress-free experience to make sure we're wearing the correct bra size.

Have you ever been for a bra fit?

J & T - Ready to flaunt. XoX
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ShopStyle Christmas Giveaway! Win £1000 shopping vouchers of your choice! #ShopStyleParty

Monday 25 November 2013

Who wants to win £1000 worth of shopping vouchers for a retailer of your choice? Can you imagine what you could buy with that sort of purse bumph?! *drifts off into shopping stupor trance ...* 

Well, awesome online shopping destination ShopStyle are giving you the chance to win just that, plus the opportunity to create your own unique Editor’s Pick on the webby, with their new ShopStyle Christmas Giveaway

To enter, create a Christmas/New Year Party outfit using pieces from ShopStyle, pop it into a moodboard style blog post like we have here, detailing why you have chosen your items and then email the link to shopstyle@shopstyle.com! If you're sharing your post on Twitter and/or Pinterest then make sure you include the hashtag #ShopStylePartyThe contest runs from Monday 25th November to Sunday 16th December, so plenty of time to enter! 

This is our little party look, as an example of what an entry might look like. We're such wallflowers . . . 

Whistles Agnes Sequin Maxi Skirt £275 - This was the starting point for our outfit. Tara is crazy for sequinned maxi skirts right now, and whilst silver is proving hard to find, this gorgeous black one will see us through the party season!

Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Double Breasted Silk Vest £290 - We wanted the top to be cropped, but something special, and this vintage JPG number is just stunning plus there's a slim to none chance of bumping into another chick wearing the same thing!

Dune Blazing Twisted Stiletto Heel Court Shoes £89 - We're both in love with these purple courts because we both think the heel looks like a unicorn horn, so they couldn't be a better match for the purple and gold unicorn print on the JPG top!

Sarah Angold Studio 'Orra' Bracelet  £706.38 - Expensive, but a real beauty. Loving the purple fade and gold studs.

Sarah Angold Studio Cia Earrings From Bottica £325 - Hmmm, to drop or not to drop? That was the question. We decided to keep it simple with accessories and let the clothes do the talking this time.

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Dor Orfevre £18 - For delectable gold nails!

Marni Medium Leather Bag £230 - The bag had to be simple and chic. Tick, and TICK!

Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Lipstick £27 - Finally, a slick of nude lipstick. Plus we had to get a bit of leopard print in there somewhere right?!

Overall, we think this is a unique look, combining high street, designer and vintage for a fun but classy party outfit! 

So not too difficult right? It's practically online window shopping, and you can get a ton of ideas for some real life outfits too (obvio we're never going to get our paws on £700 bracelets and vintage JPG, but a girl can pin right?!). Cue the T&C's (click here to read them in full) and a quick recap . . . 

How to enter:

- Entrants must create a blog post which includes a visual representation of their ultimate party season outfit made up of items from ShopStyle to enter the competition.
- Entrants need to notify ShopStyle of their entry via email by midnight on 16th December 2013 (shopstyle@shopstyle.com) and must include their name, email address, full postal address, phone number and a link back to their entry post.
If you're sharing your post on Twitter and/or creating a Pinterest board using your selected pieces then make sure you include the hashtag #ShopStyleParty. You can find ShopStyle on Twitter here and Pinterest here.
- Open to UK residents aged 16 and over.

Prize & judging:

- The winner will receive £1000 worth of retail vouchers (of their choice) and the opportunity to create their own unique Editor’s Pick (Shop) on www.shopstyle.co.uk based around their party style.
- The competition will be judged by ShopStyle’s fashion editor, Gemma Cartwright, and the winner is to be announced on the StyleNotes blog on 23rd December 2013.

Good luck guys, this is a big one so it's definitely worth a shot. Please share your post with us in the comments, we'd love to see what you've created! And think of us when you win yeah? *COUGH two pairs of the unicorn heels COUGH* ;)

J & T - Fingers crossed!

Competitions Time
Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com
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Tokyo Jane Giveaway from The Dressing Room!

We love Scandinavian brands and one of the coolest brands to come out of Denmark is Tokyo Jane. We've featured them on the blog before, but today we've teamed up with our good pals at The Dressing Room to give you the chance to get your paws on a stack of bangles!

Crumpet Cashmere & Wool Check Biker JacketCheck Biker Jacket: Crumpet - Hudson Jeans and Bangles: c/o The Dressing Room - Boots: Georgia Rose

When it comes to jewellery, for me it's all about creating layers and stacks. Necklaces look awesome when layered and bracelets and rings look better when stacked. I love nothing more than a good stroll in the Autumn and Bristol can be surprisingly pretty at times. When I win the Euromillions, I'm planning on buying one of the mansions across the road from where these snaps were taken. ;)

Tokyo Jane bangles range from £15 - £35 so there's something to suit every budget. You can just buy one and wear it alone or get a whole bunch and bling it up like me. They also sell some pretty awesome necklaces. Do you like how I've styled mine? I think it's always nice to wear a bit of colour in A/W.

Bristol Fashion Blogger

If you fancy joining the Tokyo Jane tribe, enter our latest giveaway below and you could win 4 colourful bracelets! They're great for wearing all year round or for giving as gifts. I'd be super chuffed if a pal/loved one surprised me with some on Christmas day.  

Tokyo Jane Competition
You could win these 4 bangles!

To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter via this Rafflecopter form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & conditions: This contest will end at midnight 01/12/2013 and is only open to UK residents. The prize is 4 x Tokyo Jane bangles from The Dressing Room. All entries must be made via Rafflecopter and will be checked and verified.

T - Paws crossed for y'all! XoX

Competitions Time
Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com
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Wonky Woolies Bobble Hats!

Sunday 24 November 2013

One good thing about Winter is that we can hide the odd bad hair day whilst keeping snug as a bug in a good knitted hat, so we were really excited to be given a couple of these fab bobble hats from Wonky Woolies! Individually handmade in Scotland from super soft Cashmilon yarn, we think these are going to be a Rawrgirl winter essential!

Jade is a bit of an owl lover, so this Silver Grey Owl Hat - £22, was first choice to set off one of her fave coats for the season, the cobalt blue biker. 

Outfit: Hat - c/o Wonky Woolies, Coat - c/o Tesco, Shirt - Warehouse, Jeans - 7 For All Mankind, Boots - Steve Madden at Dune.

Wonky Woolies Blog Review

Wonky Woolies bobble hats are a perfect fit. They are fully lined, so no itchiness, and the bobble is a nice weight so you don't get that annoying bobble drag. These hats will not be leaving your head even if you let it slouch a little like J!

Bobble Hats
Silver Grey Owl Hat

Tara loves pastels for Autumn/Winter so opted for this girly, Silver Grey Wonky Hat (£20) which is 100% acrylic and slightly more delicate. It's been super cold this weekend but thankfully our hats are just the right size for covering ears and as J has shown above, they have the ideal amount of slouch.

Wonky Woolies Review
Jumper: Primark (old) - Jeans: Rihanna for River Island (last season) c/o River Island - Boots: Dr. Martens - Bag: From Bolivia - Gloves: c/o Forever 21 - Hat: c/o Wonky Woolies

Silver grey wonky hat
Fleece Lined Docs

We're both suckers for anything British made and we'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of these babies. Wonky Woolies do stock quite a few other styles including some adorable lace ones which are definitely worth checking out!

Have you bought any new knit accessories this year? Are you a fan of bobble hats?

J & T - A tad wonky. XoX   

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Secret Santa Saturday! My Name Necklace - Initial Infinity Necklace!

Saturday 23 November 2013

My Name Necklace is the place to go if you're after a fun personalised piece of jewellery this Christmas! I've been a bit of a name necklace lover since Carrie made it acceptable in the 90's, but lately I've been really into my initials, it's a really cool and discreet way to rock the trend :)

I'm a big fan of the TV show Revenge, and if you are too you'll know that it's totally helped to revamp the infinity symbol into a fashion statement, so when I spied the Initial Infinity Necklace - £32.90, I had to have it! How pretty?!

c/o My Name Necklace

It's made from 0.925 sterling silver, hangs on an 18 inch (variable) sterling silver Rollo chain and features a teeny little silver disc charm (mine is engraved with 'J', obvio) plus a dinky freshwater pearl to finish it off! It's adorable, and would make the perfect gift!

There are SO many styles to personalise on My Name Necklace; necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets, in gold, silver and acrylic, either plain or embellished with pearls, Swarovski crystals and even diamonds - you could literally kit out all the ladies in your life on one webby! 

Christmas delivery is guaranteed so be sure to check it out if a name necklace is on someone's list!

J - Carrie me home.
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Secret Santa Saturday - IWOOT Travelogue Holiday Memories Set!

This week's Secret Santa Sunday has been moved forward a day - HUZZAH! We're hoping to provide lots of helpful gift ideas in the run up to Christmas, so keep checking back every weekend if you want to be inspired. This week's feature is from IWOOT, one of the most awesome gift buying stores on the interwebz.

Travelogue Holiday Memories Set IWOOTc/o IWOOT

The Travelogue Holiday Memories Set (£12.99) is the perfect gift for those friends/loved ones who love to travel. I know from experience that travel journals are extremely important for logging memories and random quotes/musings while backpacking/flashpacking. I still love reading my first travel journal from 2007 every few years, I met lots of interesting people and had a few crazy experiences in the USA. Sadly I only filled in 1 month's worth of entries from my 2009 trip to South East Asia and nothing from my latest round the world trip to Australasia and South America. Thankfully I still have all the emails to my friends but it's not quite the same...

I really wish somebody had bought me one of these, it contains tips and advice, scratch off maps and space for diary entries, checklists and more. It's a good size too, sometimes it's tricky writing in those tiny travel journals you can buy in Paperchase.

The multicoloured cloth (or Aguayo) above is from Bolivia. It reminds me of the time a pregnant store owner asked us to look after her shop in La Paz while she left to get some more stock from a nearby stall. She put a stick in the doorway so everyone else knew it was closed and we just waited patiently. Upon her return she said she knew she could trust us because we were British haha.

Do you know anyone who is planning a RTW trip? Have you shopped at IWOOT before?

T -Reminiscing. XoX
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Swarovski - Moments To Give Collection!

Friday 22 November 2013

This week we were kindly treated to a selection of beautiful treats from Swarovski's new Moments to give campaign, featuring the one and only Miranda Kerr! We both received these pretty gift boxes crammed with some of this season's loveliest Swarovski gifts.

Swarovski Moments to Give Collection

Swarovski UK Review
 c/o Swarovski

It felt like Christmas had come early when we opened our packages to find this gorgeous bundle of goodies. We're both huge fans of Swarovski, Jade can't go past a store without popping in, we even thought she'd nab her engagement ring in there at one point! We'll probably get the most use out of the adorable Crystalline USB Key & Ballpoint Pen Set (£59) and we're going to feel so fancy writing our Christmas cards with that glitzy pen!

Fit Silver Shade Pierced EarringsFit Silver Shade Pierced Earrings - £99 (as seen on Miranda Kerr)

Swarovski Purity Bracelet

There's nothing better than a surprise parcel of yummy frosting, we feel like such lucky gals and it's really put us in a good mood ready for getting down with some Christmas gifting of our own!

Huge thanks to Swarovski!

J & T - All that glitters . . . 
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Make Like One Direction and Vanessa Hudgens in a OnePiece Norway Onesie - 20% Discount Over Hurrrr!


Guys, this is a pretty exciting one for us, we've joined the OnePiece Piecekeeper team! OnePiece is THE onesie brand. The original and best, loved by everyone that gets their paws on one, including a ton of celebs! 

As Piecekeeper's we've been given a special 20% off OnePiece code to share! Enter 31THESTYLERAWR at checkout (valid until 1st December 2013) to save a packet!

They make perfect gifts for men, women, kids and dogs (yes I said dogs!) and with Christmas looming it's the perf time to grab one at a discount. I got my man the traditional Lusekofte Onesie Navy and it feels like he hasn't been out of it since it arrived. Sometimes I'm even in there with him, it's THAT cosy ;) The good news on that front is that OnePiece jumpsuits are totally unisex, so if you're a guy that's into pink, or a gal that's into heavyweight camo, you can always get what you want ;)

Even 1D have their own Hands by One Direction OnePiece range featuring their actual handprints! 

Rawrgirl fave Vanessa Hudgens and her sis Stella teamed their black OnePiece jumpsuits with Spirithoods for Halloween. This could almost be us. Could this girl get any cuter?!

Annnnnnd, total honey Ed Westwick has been seen in quite a few different styles. SWOON.

Yes okay, that last one was a blatent excuse to get Ed's fine ass back on the blog. Boy sure does know how to relax on set. RAWR.

Anyhoo, our point is if you're in the market for a high end onesie, or know someone who is, this week is an ideal time to get ordering using our code and bag 20% off! Prices start at £59 and get way up there into the £200+ mark, but they're totally worth it if you have the moola to throw at one. These are a few of our fave styles (including everyone's favourite style, Harry Styles) . . .

Get a move on though, this code only lasts for a week and expires on 1st December 2013. It's always nice to find a discount for an expensive item, so we really hope this helps to make someone's Christmas shopping a little easier this year! Get yourselves on over to OnePiece now for a nose!

J & T - Piece on Earth.
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