A Rawr Day Out at Liverpool One! The Ice Festival and Las Iguanas!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I love Liverpool, it's really the only city I feel at home in, and it's my fave shopping destination! Not many people know this, but the construction company I work for was actually part of the team that built the Liverpool One mall over 5 years ago, so I feel an affinity with the place and therefore like to spend as much of my salary there as I can. You know, giving back and all ;)

Anyhoo, this weekend my man and I popped to town for a look at the Liverpool One Ice Festival, a fun attraction for all ages now open from November to January! For a start, the place looks so festive, with stunning, modern decorations all over the place, but when you get to Chavasse Park just behind the shops and right by the restaurants and bars, that's where the winter wonderland really starts!

There's an open air ice rink which looked a ton of fun, and I bet it's lit up like a christmas tree at night, but I really couldn't wait to get to something a bit cooler . . . 

. . . because inside the Apres Cafe Bar, is the Ice Bar! Yep, a bar made entirely from ice and running at -5 degrees! For £7.50 you get a 25 minute slot to enjoy the atmosphere (chilly) in a foil poncho (stylin'), gorgeous ice sculptures and a yummy shot of something adult (ahem) to warm you up!

It's a room literally made of bricks of ice! Thank god the floor wasn't though, that would've been a lot of fun ;)

Drinking something clear and cool from glasses made of ice without gloves is an interesting experience!

This photo cracked me up when I saw it, I look like an alien discovering a new species. Obvs I had to touch the bear - RAWR. The faces you pull when you think people aren't looking though. Rocking this season's metallic's too btw ;)

This is a beautiful ice dress, so pretty. All the girls were lining up to get a shot of it, I guess we all want to be a snow queen!

Ice penguins! So cute. And yes, I totally wanted to stick my tongue on everything.

It was well worth the £7.50, especially with the vodka shot, and would be a fun way to start a girls night out! One upside to being in a below freezing room for half an hour is that you think it's really warm outside in the real world afterwards!

Once we got outside we spotted a pair of adorable reindeer waiting for Santa to arrive at the grotto! I fell in love, how cute?! I swear he posed for me, we had a connection.

There are over 50 places to eat and drink at Liverpool One, so after a bit of shopping we went for a meal at Las Iguanas, a South American restaurant. I've never been before but I'd definitely go back, it was so delicious and the service was faultless. 

I had a mushroom burrito and sweet potato fries, and Tim had a jalapeno burger and curly fries. We were so full after our mains that we just couldn't stuff dessert in, and that's unheard of in our house! YUM. Obligatory meal shot . . .

We had a really great day out, and it's always nice to explore local places a bit more than you usually would on a normal shopping day. I guess I'm lucky to consider Liverpool city centre my local shopping and leisure centre but I do take it for granted. It was really good to take a bit more time to look around the non-retail side of Liverpool One for a change, I'm usually so intent on getting my shop on that I miss so much going on in the social side of it! Chavasse Park is a sweet hangout full of things to see and do, and I'll be setting an hour aside next time I visit to swing by and have some lunch too :)

Hope you enjoyed my day out diary!

J - Santa Claus is coming to TOWN.


  1. Aww what a magical place! It seems like you had lots of fun and yes I would love to take a picture with the ice dress! Hope you write more of these! xxx

  2. Liverpool One is an awesome shopping/eating destination! The ice bar looks so much fun, and I love that photo with the bear - you look amazed! xxx

  3. City is looking awesome! Need to travel there one day :)


  4. This sounds awesome, I went ice-skating at the weekend which was fun apart from all the times that I fell over!

    Maria xxx

  5. Wow just loved the ice dress it's beautiful :') loved your alien feature also especially with the metallic coat haha :D sounds like you had a great time I have never been to an ice bar before :( x

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  6. Love the Ice Bar! Have not been to this one in particular, but visited a similar in Budapest a while back and loved it! http://www.gourmesso.co.uk/


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