TBug's Xmas Shizz!

Thursday 30 December 2010

I for one turned a little emerald when I read J's Christmas Haul post. ER, amazing swag!? It's now my turn to share my fav pressies! I hasten to add that I'm UBER grateful for all of my gifts 0:)

From the gorgeous J pops (my big sister/twin):

'Love Potion No 9' Crew Neck T-Shirt

WILDFOX! Boy does J know me. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this tee :D It's my 9th Wildfox tee as well! Freaky ;)


The Christmas Glee album!!! YES I'm a Gleek & I'm PROUD of it.

From @Browniekins- my homie & compadre. She's my person:
Nail varnish, Kinder santas AND...
Jessica Kagan Cushman- Party Like A Rockstar Bangle in Black. (Via Spoiled Brat!)

I screamed and stared at this present for a few minutes. OMG. I know, I'm so spoilt it hurts. OH BROWNIEKINS.

From the rents:

Money, some F21 goodies, half of Accessorize AND...

Vivienne Westwood Crystal Teddy Necklace (Via Harvey Nichols). I've wanted this for years. I love my rents!


Blank NYC cargos

To help feed my cargo OBSESSION.

From Beckz (my partner in crime who lives on the same page as me):

Next Diamonds Perfume, awesome cheesy Xmas socks, enough nail varnish/make up to start my own beauty business & a nail varnish remover machine. I kid you not. AMAZING!

From Big Bro:

MOAR Wildfox!? Burning Bright T-Shirt (Via Doll Boutique)

From Little Bro:

An incredible armour ring from Topshop! Serious ring candy.

From Jammiekins aka Erica from the *Burrrrrrrrgh*:

MAC, 6 Beauties Play it Cool Palette.

Every year Erica buys me the most delicious-est make-up. I can't wait to use this!

From Lizzie 'G':

This ridiculously gothic necklace. Neck armour! The charms are actually silver, I was being fancy using a retro camera app ;)

That's enough show & tell for one day! I ask you to SHARE your hauls with us! We wannnna seeeee!!!

T is Spoilt & CURIOUS. XoX

All images credited to their sources.
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J's Christmas Haul!

Ho ho ho merrrrryyyyy chrissssssstmaaaaasssss!!
Don't pretend you aren't interested in what other people got for christmas, because we are ALL secret 10 year olds calling our friends at like 10am christmas morning to find out what we all got off Santa! So here you go, here's a selection of what I was lucky enough to unwrap, with a few pics :)

My fave bits were:

From Timcat, my beau:
Juicy Couture gold starter bracelet
Juicy Couture Pave Heart charm
Ann Summers Scandalous Body
Justified Season 1 dvds
The Broken Hearts Club dvd
Harajuku Lovers G Wicked Style perfume

From TBug, my sister from another mister:
SIGNED Katy Perry Converse sneaks! THUD.
Guess Gold Double Heart Necklace (it's a friendship necklace so of course one half is going straight back to T so we can be forever joined in fashion) :)

From Steph, my BFF:
River Island Chunky Leopard Cardigan - LOVE!

From Erica, our uber cool friend from the 'Burgh:
Lush Christmas Candy Box - NOM!!

From Timcat's sister Jayne:
Katy Perry's Purr perfume - yum!

From Donna, my manager and friend:
A hot pink zebra patterned Antler case to keep my Spirit Hood in, because she knows how precious I am about it!

From Jenny, Dad's ladyfriend:
Lifesize Edward Cullen standup. Yes, you read that correctly. LIFE SIZE!!


If anyone else is as showy as us and has a similar blog post they want to share, please post! I love to see xmas hauls!!

J - it's all about the receiving ;)
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J's Sofa Sale Shizz!

Now, I am a lazy girl at heart, and if I can do something without moving, then I will. So I didn't, and I shopped the sales online this year, here is my swag!

I was lucky enough to get in early and grab this Bear Hat from Very, at a very reasonable £5! It says 'Bear' but I think it looks more like a tiger, and as I haven't seen a tiger version on the high street it was begging to come to me!

I was also very lucky to get a super early VIP slot for the NEXT sale, where I picked up a few things I wanted at full price - the boots were £30 reduced from £70, and the amazing jewellery capelet was £10 reduced from £20 - hurrah!

These boots, I actually blogged about in July, but at £70, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, but at £30? HELLZ YEAH!

This hot piece of armour I figured would really dress up my fave Wildfox tees for those parties where a full on party look is too much, but you feel you need more than just skinnies and a tee - and I was right, it looks hot! Even if it does inspire a whole new posture just to keep it on straight!

Finally, I picked up these cool white feather earrings from Toppers, reduced to £7 from £14, for my NYE 20's theme ball. They are HUGE, and so luxe!

So did anyone else get any cool bargains? I know T did!

J - no 5am starts for me ;)
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Lovestruck - Pretty knits are RAWR hits!

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I recently got my paws on 2 gorgeous cardy's from www.lovestruckclothing.co.uk, there's nothing nicer than a sweet knit in the winter and I just love these pretty babies!

The Katrina Cardigan and the Lucy Cardigan both drew my eye because of the details in the embellishments, the pearls and rhinestones discreetly pop against the muted colours making them SO wearable for everyday, without making you feel overdressed just because you have a bit of sparkle ;) These knits are super soft, just right for wearing over light tees and lightweight dresses and I'd say the sizing is spot on. I got M/L (as a UK 12) and they fit perfectly.

Perfect for girly girls, and those of us who like a bit of ladylike chic every now and again!

There's a sale on at Lovestruck right now, and as well as their yummy own brand knits and dresses, they also stock RAWR faves Iron Fist , Motel and Irregular Choice, amongst others so go see!

J - not just starstruck, lovestruck too!
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Review - Clynol Powder Punch - WOW!


So, I recently marched into Toni & Guy, photo of Frankie Sandford on my iPod Touch in hand, and instructed my stylist god, John, to hit me up. Before I knew it, my waist length mane was whipped into shape and I LOVED it! I got home and started showing off my new do, when a friend (who herself has the most amazing short cut) said I needed to get myself a little pot of Clynol Powder Punch, and Google directed me to www.feelunique.com where it currently retails at an extremely reasonable £8.25 for a 50 ml pot.

The powder itself is so lightweight it feels like a little pot of nothingness but don't be fooled, the content is a hair miracle! Prior to blowdrying, I applied just my usual volume spray, thinking it best to test Powder Punch out by itself as much as possible, and dried as usual with a round brush. This is what I get, I do have naturally thick hair so it may already look quite full, but this was taken shortly after blowdrying, and it's weight also means that nothing keeps it up once that initial blowdry wonder wears off!

I then tapped out a teeny bit of Powder Punch into my palm, gently pressed my palms together (you WILL lose it all to a mini atom bomb if you go in with a clap or a rub!) and simply worked my hands into my hair. You can immediately feel your hair thicken but it doesn't harden, instead you can work and play with your hair until you are happy. Powder Punch produces an invisible matte texture so your hair just looks like it has this awesome volume and shape, but without all the gunky product issues you can often get achieving a style like this. PP is also happy to help you flatten as it is to help you foof. The right side, and the back, of my hair needs to be flat in order to make the funky left side pop, and I found that the product was just as effective on my business side as it was on my party side, helping me to smooth and flatten but without the greasy look that my usual products can bring to that area!

When I'd finished creating my look, a light spritz of hairspray sealed the deal and I was ready to go. It literally took less than 5 minutes, and I don't even think I needed the hairspray but I was so impressed with the look I didn't want to risk it!

I needn't have worried though, my style lasted all day, and I loved the fact that I could still rework volume into my roots through the day with a casual scrunch without reapplying, although the pot is tiny enough to carry in the smallest of bags on a night out ;) As the cherry on top, Clynol Powder Punch washes out easily with one shampoo, which is impressive for a product with such staying power. Overall, I am super impressed with my little pot of fun, it's definitely going to be a styling shelf staple from now on. I would even go as far as to say that it quite casually makes my volume spray, salt spray and wax completely redundant!

I still insist on using my hairspray to finish with, only now I have more confidence in it because I know my little hair hero is underneath! Take 3 products onto your dressing table? Not me, I just Powder Punch... and GO!

J - A converted Clynol fan.
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But You're So Wild-foxy! I Can't Let You Get Away From Me...

Monday 27 December 2010

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There's no denying it, we're addicted to Wildfox & we're ALWAYS after another fix! There are some FANTASTIC sales around at the moment & we've scoured the interwebs to find you the most BARGAIN-ESS-est Wildfox tees.

You lucky things, you.

Baggy Skeleton Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Was £67 now £32.95- Yogo ego
Spooooooooooky...Baggy, super cool & 50% off!

Shot Clean White T-Shirt
Was £65 Now £49- Coggles.
*BANG BANG* We're beautiful & dirty rich. My second favouritist tee right now! LOVE.

Black Sparkle Cheetah Tee
Was £65, Now £39- Spoiled Brat, also available in Gold!
As seen on Chezza, this Cheetah tee is just TOO adorable. Such a bargain too!

White Lightning Oversized Tee
Was £65, Now £45.50- Wildfox.
Oh so Gaga in her Just Dance video, this tee is lightning cool.

Love Is Everything T-Shirt
Was £60, Now £30- Harvey Nichols.
Full price on most other websites, this statement tee is spreading the WF. Love is everything after all!

Love Poison T-Shirt
Was £60, Now £30- Matches Fashion.
WF poison candy. Love can be dangerous...

T wants MOAR WF & is rather spoilt for choice! What tee is your FAV!?

P.S It's my birthday in 9 days ;) #imjustsayin

All images credited to their sources.
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Monday 20 December 2010

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Recently we've been super busy partayin' it up, wrapping pressies & stuffing our faces with delicious mince pies! HOWEVER, there is always time for a spot of underwear shopping...

Our new favourite brand on the underwear block? Hanky Panky!

HP first started in 1977, when designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend out of embroidered handkerchiefs! The original designs wowed retailers and industry experts and were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky.

Sheer lace camisole, £39.
Set of two cotton-blend lace thongs, £42.

Set of two lace thongs, £34- Net-A-Porter.

Based in NYC & produced in the US, each garment is made from the finest fabrics and is a fashion favourite of countless celebrities. Celebrity followers include Cameron Diaz, Kristen Bell, Rachel McAdams and the Kardashians!

Stretch-lace bra and briefs set, £75- Net-A-Porter.

"When I want to look sexy, I always wear my favorite panties by Hanky Panky." -Jessica Simpson

Set of three stretch-lace thongs, £51- Net-A-Porter.

Supposedly the most comfortable thong in the WORLD! I definitely would love some of these in my stocking this year... *HINT HINT*! They are a little expensive but delicious panties definitely make a girl feel good on the outside ;) It's all about quality over quantity afterall!

T wants a little Hanky Panky! RAWR! XoX

Be sure to stalk Hanky Panky on Twitter & Facebook for all the latest news!

All images credited to Hanky Panky & Net-A-Porter.
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And the SOURZ Winner is.....

Wednesday 15 December 2010

...as chosen by the ever faithful random.org/lists as always...


Congratulations on winning a yummy bottle of Winter Cranberry & Apple Sourz! We have sent you an email via Blogger with details :)

Thanks to SOURZ for the fab prize, and to everyone who took part! Merry christmas to all!

J & T - SHOTZ!
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And the WINNERS of the £25 Spoiled Brat vouchers are.....

Friday 10 December 2010

.....as chosen at random using www.random.org/lists as always....

....Josie301 and MissSarahJay!

We will be in touch shortly with details girls!

Sorry if you didn't win this time but we're ALWAYS running some sort of giveaway, and you know our posts are shizzy, so keep following and reading - mwah!

Thanks so much for entering!

J & T
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Giveaway! Win a bottle of Sourz Winter Limited Edition flavour - Cranberry & Apple!

Wednesday 8 December 2010

So who's up for a party?! Well we always are and there's no better way to start a party than with a round of SOURZ shots! So here we are to offer you the chance to win a bottle of the YUMMY Winter Limited Edition flavour - Cranberry & Apple!

Sourz second limited edition of the year is sure to keep us warm through the winter months! The Cranberry twist to the number one Apple flavour tastes amazing, it sends tingles through your tastebuds, trust us, we know!
It is available to buy at certain Tesco stores and Booker Cash & Carry, or find a local stockist here!

All you have to do for this one is get us all into the christmas spirit and post a comment below with a line from a christmas carol or song!

For an extra entry in the draw follow both @TheStyleRawr and @SOURZ on Twitter and tweet your christmas carol/song line to us there as well making sure you include the hashtag #WinSOURZ so we can spot you easily! Only 1 tweet per person please, this is an extra entry and must match the comment posted :)

Spread some christmas cheer!

Terms & Conditions - This contest is open to UK residents over the age of 18. If you win the competition, you will need to provide valid identification(s) to verify your age. The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries using random.org/lists at 6pm on 15th December 2010, the winner will be notified shortly after and the prize will then be sent direct from the supplier.

Good luck party people!
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I'm Just Putting It Out There, I Want To Be In These...

Monday 6 December 2010

So I'm putting together my new Revolve Clothing Boutique - Girlyougotstyle, and as much fun as it is, me and my credit card, we got issues. I want everything. Everything that's in my favourites, I want, so in the spirit of all good therapy, I'm going to share...

Hellz Bellz Ebony and Ivory Tee, $39. Minnie is ebony and Hello Kitty is ivory. Awww.

Sauce Pinkie Spike Hoodie, $105. Instant LOVE. Yes they ARE spikes on the hood. Effin' ridiculooouuuus.

Another bit of Sauce, the Cocktail Blazer, $167. Oh the studs!

Joyrich Tiger Heart Crew, $66. This just screams 'BUY ME!' to me, sob!

Literature Noir Boyfriend L/S tee, $88. Indeed, the motto of an angel.

And this is just a tiny portion of my wishlist!
So there, and breeeeeeeaaaaathe. Have the cravings gone? Errr, no.

These boutiques are addictive, go make your own and check out T's 'Little Rawrer' boutique too while you're there. I know the girls from The Bas Couture would LOVE this little corner of Revolve!

Images as linked.

J - I need help.
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NEWSFLASH! Wake up & smell the roses- this dress is HAWT!

Sunday 5 December 2010

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Oh em gee. Little Rawrers, let me introduce you to the hawtest little dress around right now:

Ouch. All Charley 5.0 denim is EXTREMELY flattering as it is, but this strapless number looks like it has some serious shape wear qualities.

We first spotted this dress in the Charley 5.0 Holiday Lookbook. We absolutely LOVE how it's styled in this picture. Completely BADASS but still super pretty!

A great view from the back too, this Smell The Roses dress fits like a glove. We imagine that the girls with some junk in the trunk, will be FIGHTING the boys off while wearing this!

The model is clearly loving it as much as we are! She looks so confident & who can blame her? She looks utterly fierce. We're just waiting to see which celebrity gets snapped wearing it first...My money's on Rihanna!

These beautiful organza flowers were made by head designer Yalenis herself & we have it on good authority that this is actually one of her FAVOURITE pieces!

"Where can I buy it?" you ask...

CHARLEY 5.0, Smell the Roses Dress, $228- Shopbop.

So you're in love with it too, right!? It's PERFECT for the party season. As a self-confessed denim junkie, I'm definitely up for ditching my jeans if it means I can slip into this little number & have the best of both worlds ;)

Angel's you've done it again! WE LOVE! T <3 XoX

All images credited to Shopbop/Charley 5.0.
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