J's Christmas Haul!

Thursday 30 December 2010

Ho ho ho merrrrryyyyy chrissssssstmaaaaasssss!!
Don't pretend you aren't interested in what other people got for christmas, because we are ALL secret 10 year olds calling our friends at like 10am christmas morning to find out what we all got off Santa! So here you go, here's a selection of what I was lucky enough to unwrap, with a few pics :)

My fave bits were:

From Timcat, my beau:
Juicy Couture gold starter bracelet
Juicy Couture Pave Heart charm
Ann Summers Scandalous Body
Justified Season 1 dvds
The Broken Hearts Club dvd
Harajuku Lovers G Wicked Style perfume

From TBug, my sister from another mister:
SIGNED Katy Perry Converse sneaks! THUD.
Guess Gold Double Heart Necklace (it's a friendship necklace so of course one half is going straight back to T so we can be forever joined in fashion) :)

From Steph, my BFF:
River Island Chunky Leopard Cardigan - LOVE!

From Erica, our uber cool friend from the 'Burgh:
Lush Christmas Candy Box - NOM!!

From Timcat's sister Jayne:
Katy Perry's Purr perfume - yum!

From Donna, my manager and friend:
A hot pink zebra patterned Antler case to keep my Spirit Hood in, because she knows how precious I am about it!

From Jenny, Dad's ladyfriend:
Lifesize Edward Cullen standup. Yes, you read that correctly. LIFE SIZE!!


If anyone else is as showy as us and has a similar blog post they want to share, please post! I love to see xmas hauls!!

J - it's all about the receiving ;)


  1. ooo loving the life size edward standup haha!!! what a unique gift!!

    what the katy perry perfume like?

  2. I know right? I LOL'd at the size of it, and it keeps scaring the hell out of us. You see him out of the corner of your eye and jump every time, he's got both of us! We may have to find a better home for him than the living room!

    It's yummy! I can't put a finger on the scent but it reminds me maybe of warm pie (!), it's like warm and sexy, but fruity at the same time :)
    Word of warning though, the 15ml doesn't have the cute kitty bottle, it's like a purse spray cylinder, which was a bit disappointing because I thought I'd get a teeny kitty Harajuku Lovers style - oh well!

    J x x


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