This is The Style Rawr, a British lifestyle blog!

The Style Rawr began back in 2010 and was founded by two women who shared a love of celebrity style, gossip, and beauty products. There have been some changes since then (sorry dico pants but you're so 2010) and it's now run solely by me, Tara! I live in glorious Bristol and work in Digital Marketing.

I love to travel, enjoy fitness for fun (when I can find the time) and I'm a new mama. I'm also vegan. I've been responsible for creating and managing influencer campaigns for DMOs across the world and now work in Comms for an agency (so copywriting and social media is my thing).

Since May 2010 The Style Rawr has been nominated for various blog awards and worked with some of the best fashion and beauty companies in the UK. It's also been featured in high street magazines and has collaborated with award-winning UK businesses.

Past collaborations include styling campaigns, store openings, hosting competitions, press trips, posing at photoshoots and creating editorial content for online sites and magazines.

I took a break from blogging (when copywriting and working with influencers is your day job, fun blogging can also seem like homework) but I'm now on maternity leave so I'm looking to use my brain again and focus on something other than keeping my baby alive. 

The Style Rawr's vitals:

Domain Authority: 32 (due to the gap in posting so expected to rise)

As of December 2021, The Style Rawr has a combined social following of almost 16,000.
  • Twitter: 7157
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  • Instagram: 1,999
  • Bloglovin: 2330
  • Pinterest: 1650
If you think you'd like to get to know me better, just drop me an email or tweet @TheStyleRawr