Lucky T - My Christmas Loot!

Monday 31 December 2012

Some people hate these posts but some people (including me) LOVE them. So if you aren't a fan, close your eyelids now. I was pretty spoilt this Christmas, I received lots and lots of lovely gifts from my amazing family and friends! Here is a selection for your viewing pleasure...

Sephora Lip Set (from Ally Over the Ocean), Princess Cadance, Fame perfrume & a GHD air from J (I know, she's awesome).

Cute collar necklaces.

Regal Rose pendant (c/o Brownie), work boots necklace, Topshop bracelets, Accessorize bracelet & a super cool ASOS hand chain. 

Stackers rose gold jewellery box (from Brownie), H&M set of 3 rings, MinkPink stacking rings (also from Brownie) & Topshop spike ring.

Bjørg anatomical heart necklace from my boyfriend.

I haven't featured all the chocolate, smellies, clothes and make-up that I was given, or my new DSLR (which is making me snap happy) but I'm thankful for it all. 

Although I love all of my presents, this Bjørg necklace is definitely my most treasured gift. Bjørg is my favourite jewellery designer but it's rather pricey so I was taken by surprise when I unwrapped this beauty! I adore anatomical hearts and my adorable boyfriend. Awwww.

I've also just decided to quit blogging for the rest of the year, it's been fun but I need a break. See you in 2013! ;)

T - Lucky Little Rawr Girl. XoX
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What's New Kitty Hat?

Saturday 29 December 2012

It's been raining cats and dogs today so there was zero chance of me snapping an outfit photo outside. I'm afraid you'll have to deal with my Laura Ashley wallpaper backdrop... the show must go on!

I love this cute little Kitty bowler (£14) from! It brightened up today's ensemble nicely and looks adorable with my faux leopard coat. Puuuuuuuuurfect.

My sweet Tuxedo blouse (£45) is c/o Mina and my laser cut skirt is from Dahlia. I don't tend to wear that many girly outfits so it was a nice change to get my feminine on today, even if I got soaked while sale shopping.

I had these jewelz for Christmas (huzzah), the rose gold bracelet is from Topshop c/o my mum and my stacking rings are by MinkPink (thank you Brownie). I got so many yummy things this year and I can't wait to start wearing them all! Stay tuned for blog posts featuring all our new bits and pieces.

Now Christmas is done and dusted, roll on NYE! Have you planned your outfit yet? Decisions, decisions...

T - Bowler Baby. XoX

P.S You only have a few more days to enter our Dr. Martens competition!
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Secret Santa Challenge - Part 2!

Friday 28 December 2012

Merry (belated) Christmas! Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts this festive season. It's been all go at Rawr Towers and blogging has taken a back seat while we've been cramming our faces with chocolate and playing with all our new toys! 

If you read my earlier post, you'll know that this year we were asked by to participate in a special blogger Secret Santa Challenge. I was paired with the adorable Jess from Look What I Got and we were both given a budget of £25 to spoil each other rotten. I was extremely excited when my (large) parcel from my stylin' Secret Santa arrived...
I didn't know what to expect but since Jess I have similar tastes, I was convinced I'd love it whatever it was. We were told to be creative, I opted to be super savvy and save as much as possible (Rawr girls have expensive taste) but Jess...Let's just say I was blown away by how much thought/effort she had put into gifts. Introducing, my Christmas Survival Kit:
Each gift was numbered 1-5. My friends & I often number presents for each other so I loved this little touch. This is what I found once I ripped them open...

...HUZZAH! I'm y'all agree that this was a pretty epic idea and I'm chuffed with everything she chose. My favourite is probably #5 because it's just too cute and I'm always cold at night - girl you did well! ;)

In case anyone is wondering, Jess also opened my gifts and blogged about them here. I can now reveal what I gave her a Fiorelli Leopard Purse and a Lip and Nail duo by Illamasqua! She seemed rather pleased and I'm now convinced we're the Secret Santa dream team. OH YES.

Thank you so much for my amazing presents Jess, the award for the bestest ever Secret Santa present goes to you. You little doll, you.

T - 100% Survived Christmas. XoX
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A Liverpool Lush Spa Synaesthesia Experience!

Sunday 23 December 2012

Last weekend Liverpool was blessed with the opening of the largest Lush Spa in the country, and I went along for a Synaesthesia, the Lush Spa signature full body massage experience! Oh it's a hard life dontcha know . . . ;)

I was completely unfamiliar with what a Lush Spa offers, though you don't have to be a brainiac to know it's going to be freaking awesome, but I checked the webby before my appointment to get an idea of what to expect. Synaesthesia costs £125 for an 80 minute full body treatment which merges all the senses into a fully choreographed massage that will leave you a changed person, with an after effect that lasts for days. You choose a mood word (from a choice of twelve) and they create the experience tailored to your chosen mood, from scent, touch, sound and taste. Kinda exciting right?! Check out the vid . . .

Okay, so before we get to the spa deets, the new store is amazing! SO spacious and welcoming, with beautiful reclaimed wooden shelving and those wonderful Lush displays we know and love. It's a treat even if you aren't booked in for a spa delight!

And speaking of spa delights, my treatment literally started as soon as I walked through the door that takes you from the hustle and bustle of the store to the immediate calm and serenity of the spa upstairs. The spa itself is reminiscent of a warm farmhouse or countryside hotel; full of tactile materials and vintage trinkets, so quiet and peaceful that you actually feel like you have wandered into someone's kitchen whilst they are out picking herbs from the garden! The rooms are all set up ready for the different treatments, and it was really interesting to see how they are tailored with different lighting, layouts and decor hints. I loved the look of the room laid out for The Comforter, a £65 hot chocolate scrub and massage on marshmallow soft beds, surrounded by bubbles and scented with rose oil. It was like walking into a Turkish Delight room in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, totally magical.

Anyhoo, my lovely therapist Helen took a few minutes to chat a little about the Lush Spa and then went on to explain the Synaesthesia treatment to me, directing my attention to a huge board on the wall which was covered in words of different sizes. I was asked to clear my mind and choose the first word that stood out to me. I chose 'HUMOUR' because I had been having a few humourless weeks in work so it stood out to me and made me smile. I was given a chalk board to write my word on, which was fun because chalk is always a good time ;) The citrus based scent and essential oils of the Humour massage bar was to be the basis of my treatment. Helen then showed me over to a shelf full of bottles of different colours, shapes and sizes, all labelled with more words. She asked me to choose a bottle that appealed to me while she prepared my room. I was drawn to one of the smallest green bottles on the shelf because I've always been obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, so when I picked it up and read the label and it said 'CURIOUS' on it, I knew that was my bottle!

The rooms in the Lush Spa are just a dream. Even the toilet/shower room on the floor was like an exquisite boutique hotel room! The dim mood lighting and accompanying candles in my treatment room was immediately relaxing, with daylight peeking though tiny holes in the shutters like twinkling stars, and birdsong from my HUMOUR music cd (tailored to run with the massage technique) playing at a comfortable level.  Helen took my bottle of CURIOUS and dropped it into containers of dry ice, producing fantastical scented beakers of bubbling smoke which I LOVED!

I could tell this was going to be a real mini adventure. Helen told me to take my time preparing in the adjoining en suite area and when I was ready to just pop under the towels on the bed and ring a little bell. I didn't waste much time! The treatment started with a warm towel foot cleanse, followed with a facial massage which was heaven, especially when the cold stones were used, it felt so refreshing! The calming music and scents washed over me, and as the treatment moved onto my arms I was definitely starting to understand why people fall asleep! Helen spent at least 10 minutes on each limb with a cleansing tummy massage too, though time seemed to stand still because the sweeping motions sent me into total relaxation mode! When it was time for me to turn over, I already felt like I could just float onto my tummy! I was really looking forward to the back massage because I hold all my tension in my neck and lower back, and it didn't disappoint. I swear to Patz that I deliriously smiled at the floor with my face in that hole the entire time, it was SO good. When the massage was over, Helen told me to relax for a while and get dressed in my own time, I would also find Lush cosmetics in the dresser if I wanted to freshen up. My first thought on realising it was over was WOW. I expected to feel super relaxed but instead I felt super uplifted and happy! I played with the cosmetics and emerged to a nice cup of Humour tea waiting for me, along with a Lush tin containing my massage bar and a matching bubble bar, so I could continue my experience at home :)

Seriously, they aren't exaggerating when they say it lasts longer than just the treatment time. I was floating around town like a happy camper for the rest of the day, smiling at strangers and generally feeling very cheery! My skin felt amazing for days afterwards too, obviously an after effect of the oils in the massage bar and Helen's magic hands. I also noticed that my facial skin expelled a few toxins in the form of some small spots the following day, but they cleared up as quickly as they appeared and I've glowed for the whole week. I suspect £125 is too expensive for a lot of people, it probably would be for me in 'real life', but as an experience I would say it's worth it if you get the opportunity to do it. I've never really been one for white robe spas or pamper days but the Lush Spa is totally different. It just feels really special because the treatment is designed around how you feel on the day, plus you feel like your therapist and you are the only people in the building because it's a mini sanctuary up there, I totally forgot there was a busy store downstairs and it was a Saturday in Liverpool city centre outside!

Wow, I've written an essay, but it's hard not to gush. I can't fault it, and I loved it to bits. I'd love to book my boyfriend and I in for a Comforter, he loves getting pampered and that rose/chocolate scent is still in my memory bank, mmmmmm! 

Thanks to Lush Spa Liverpool for having me!

J - And relaaaaaaaaaxxxxxx.
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South West Blogger Xmas! #SWBXmas

Friday 21 December 2012

Last Sunday was SWBXmas! A bunch of bloggers from across the South West got together to have a little Christmas party in aid of Macmillan. There were about 50 of us in total and the party was held at The Birdcage in Bristol. 

Included in the small ticket price of £5 was a free present from under the Christmas tree, a piece of (delicious) cake and a cup of tea. We had lots of time to natter before we were split into teams for the Fashion Quiz! I'm quite competitive so was playing to win but unfortunately it wasn't to be. I think there were about 9 groups and we came 4th which was pretty respectable.

Dress: Jarlo London - Hat: M&S - Necklace: Vivienne Westwood - Bow Ring: (Mood) Debenhams- Stag Ring: Cheap Frills

After the quiz we could mingle again and the lovely girls at The Birdcage treated us to a cup of champers! I was so excited to mingle with some of my fave bloggers that I hardly took any pictures...Whoops!

I had such a nice time and it was sooo lovely to catch up with Amie (Credit Crunch Chic), Emily (emmerliejay), Laura (A Daisy Chain Dream) & my partner in crime Brownie (Soul Sparkler). I love these kinds of events because they're so great for meeting new people, I now have a long list of new blogs to read which I can't wait to get stuck into over Christmas.

I can't speak more highly of the venue. It's such an arty place that oozes vintage style with mismatched furniture and china, it even has a boutique selling vintage treasures! I snapped a few pics to show you but the photos don't do it justice, if you live in or near Bristol I definitely recommend you give it a visit.

After some more tea and live music, it was time to leave. We were given goodie bags with sweeties and a vintage scarf courtesy of The Birdcage. I was one of the last through the doors because I didn't want it to be over, it was too much fun.

In case anybody is wondering, when I ripped open my Christmas present I found a gorgeous necklace from Quirky Quartz! I haven't worn it yet but it's so so cute, I love crystals so it's the perfect gift for me. So many great sponsors supplied presents for the event but I think I got one of the best ones, huzzah! ;)

Has anybody else attended a Christmas blogger meet this year? I can't wait for our next get together, there were tons of bloggers I didn't get a chance to talk to and I'd love to do it all over again soon. If you're a local blogger but didn't make it to SWBXmas, you can join the community Facebook page to be kept in the loop for next time.

I want to say a huge thanks to Gina, HayleyLyzi & Bee for organising everything, they did such an uh-mazing job.

T - South West Blogger & Proud. XoX

P.S If you're also a SW blogger, make sure you enter our Dr. Martens competition!
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Thursday 20 December 2012

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A few months ago I featured a pair of yummy Sperry boots in an Autumnal outfit post. Although a few of my friends own a pair of Sperry's signature Top-Siders, I'm yet to buy any. I think the Sperry team are trying to tempt me into buying some boat shoes because they've been busy tweeting about their latest styles!

Bluefish - Black Leopard: £79.99

Bluefish - Linen Sand: £79.99

The 2 new styles they've been raving about are called Bluefish (shown above) and Angelfish (featured below) and they're exclusive to Office. These shoes are definitely an acquired taste, they're both uber preppy and scream 'Boat Club'...Rah Rah!

Angelfish - Purple Plaid: £74.99

Angelfish - Linen Oat: £74.99

Angelfish - Black Boucle: £74.99

In case y'all don't know, Sperry's an all-American brand well known for it's boat shoes and has been in the business for decades and decades. These 2 new styles are (unsurprisingly) really popular in the US! Although my taste in fashion is pretty eclectic, I've always been fascinated by the 'all-American' style and I love preppy clothing brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and the Gap. If Carlton from Fresh Prince was still around I'm sure he'd be rockin' a pair of these bad boys.

The cute plaid, leopard print and tweed detailing add a fashionable twist to a once regular deck shoe. Unfortunately I don't have plans to hop on board a sail boat anytime soon so if I do buy a pair, I'll be wearing mine with some skinny jeans and chunky knitwear - preppy in a subtle way!

I'd love to know what you think, are you a fan? My favourite is definitely the Angelfish Linen Oat pair. I like the shape and colour and think they'd work well with my wardrobe. If you like either style you should follow Sperry on Twitter because I've noticed they're giving a few pairs away! Fingers crossed I win some too so I can bag myself a preppy Abercrombie model.

T - Wants to join a boat club. XoX
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Rawrgirls Review . . . Superdry Neon Purple Perfume!

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Superdry have recently launched a new range of perfumes for us girls! The Neon fragrances are 4 individual 40ml scents (£35 each) designed to suit all occasions; Neon Blue is a light and fruity mix of pear, apple, melon, lily of the valley, jasmine and musks. Neon Pink is a feminine scent of bergamot, pineapple, galbanum, water fruits, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and musks. Neon Orange is a yummy invigorating scent of mandarin, orange, blackcurrant, orange blossom, pineapple, cedarwood and musks, whilst Neon Purple combines exotic fresh figs, green leaves, lily of the valley, cedarwood, sandalwood, dry amber, coconut, tonka and musks. 

I got my paws on Neon Purple so I thought I'd do a little review for tinterwebz :) 

The packaging is really cool; a hard, colour co-ordinated cube shaped box with a magnetic closure holds a weighty glass bottle with a black lid that flips off like a lighter (I'll tell you now that it's ridiculously addictive and you WILL pretend to be James Dean, or in a weaker moment, the Fonz at least). For a female fragrance it's quite a functional, even boy-ish bottle, but it suits the brand's style and fans will appreciate how it embraces the Superdry look, plus the colours are striking and really purty.

Anyhoo, hours of playing with the lighter-esque lid later and I finally got to the actual fragrance. First impression? YUM. The hit of coconut is immediate, and it's an ingredient I always enjoy in a fragrance (Harajuku Lovers G for example, really hits my spot). Combine the coconut with the warm scent of the figs, sandalwood and amber and it's like lying on an exotic beach - siiiiiiggghhhhhh. In short, I love it! If like me you are a sucker for anything that smells like holidays, cocktails and sunshine then you will want to add this to your dressing table.

This is definitely a scent I would want to re-purchase, which is a big deal for me because I'm very fickle when it comes to perfume. I don't have a signature scent, if it smells like candy or coconut I'm all over it, I love a good novelty shaped bottle and I have even been known to buy a celebrity perfume without even smelling it just because I love the chick (Gwen, Katy, Britney and Gaga, I'm looking at you girls!). Only a few favourites ever make it back for a second run at my pulse points, and this little bottle of deliciousness is now joining that list - hurrah! 

J - She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one can . . .
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Boots! Boots! Stripey Boots!

Thursday 13 December 2012

I only went and got my third pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's didn't I?! Annnd they are only the awesome stripey ones I've coveted for a year aren't they?! Annnnnnnnnd they were only in the Miss KL sale weren't they?! Booyah.

Outfit : Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Jeans - Levis 501, Tshirt - Wildfox, Jacket - TK Maxx, Bag - BooHoo, Ring - Ji Ji Kiki.

The jeans are my waaaay old 501's, I bought them pre-ripped but they've just got better over the years and the boyfriend fit never gets old, especially with the chunky platform-iness of the Lita's. They just get on so well. I know it's totally bloggerific but I really do love these boots, the shape and heel height is perfect for me so I shall continue on my merry way!

Cute ring alert! I've always been a sucker for owls (even when they weren't in the cool fashion animal crew with cats, foxes and horses) so when I spied this Little Owl Ring (£6.50) from Ji Ji Kiki  I just had to have him, he's so pretty!

I think I was only going to Argos to pick up a reserved toilet seat, but you have to take every opportunity to break in new shoes right? The home of the laminated book of dreams got a flashy footwear treat that afternoon.

J - A hoot in boots.
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Get Your Dr. Martens Customised For Free!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

I have some exciting Dr. Martens-related news for all the South West lovelies out there! Craft Creative will be at the Bristol DMs store customising old Doc’s for customers for free from 12 noon until 6pm, this Saturday 15th December. This is an amazing opportunity to re-vamp an old pair of your favourite DMs for zero pennies. Think studs, spikes, individual style and united spirit! The possibilities are endless. Huzzah! 

If you're feeling left out because you don't own any Docs, be sure to enter our amazing December competition so you can join the crew! We're giving one local reader (or anyone who can get to Bristol) the chance to win a pair. If you have a Facebook account it will take you less than 60 seconds to enter. We just want to see your style - no DMs required.

Let us know if you're planning to head in-store on Saturday, we'd love to admire your re-works of art! 

T -  Just what the Doctor ordered. XoX
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Hoo Hoo Hooooo! New SpiritHood Alert - Night Owl baby!

Tuesday 11 December 2012

It's always a special occasion when a new SpiritHood hits Rawrton, we usually like to celebrate with a pleasant flick through the 2010 Robert Pattinson annual with a bag of Mint Poppets or Schoko Bons. The arrival of Night Owl meant an invitation for a little VIP to join me for the debut shots - guys, meet Owler; my childhood friend, rock and confidante. I'm welling up just thinking of his little mussed up face. I hope my other childhood friend Stephy is reading this because she'll be like, 'Awww', or maybe 'She's finally lost it, and in public too.' ;)

Anyhoo, I won this pawsome feathery piece of prettiness from Self Service! To enter you had to say what SH animal you are most like, so I went for Night Owl because a) my little buddy Owler is an owl (it would be poor naming skills on my dads part if he was a bunny), and b) he was my night-time cuddle buddy since I was born so I feel a lifelong connection.

Let's break the Night Owl personality down to show exactly how it parallels to my life . . .

The Night Owl represents wisdom, truth and clairvoyance.
 I do indeed think I know a lot about everything, I rarely lie (preferring to fib) and I can read minds.

The Owl is often regarded as a messenger between worlds. 
I am always sending Tara links to beautiful things from the world of the interwebs.

The Owl Spirit is at home in the night and embraces darkness to their advantage. 
I enjoy sinking into a late night cinema seat and have been known to wear my comfy pants whilst doing so because no-one can see them in there.

Owls easily see through the facade to the core of things where truth lives and breathes. 
I know a full on Monet when I see one. Mmhmm girlfriend, you and I both know that isn't your natural eyebrow shape.

People with the Owl Spirit are swift and precise with their thoughts and movements. 
I see something epic in TK Maxx and I sweep in to snatch all sizes up whilst waiting for Tara to return my text about whether she wants said treasure or not.

Owls are highly aware beings awake to protect that which is sacred when most of the world sleeps.
I instinctively know when Pelecat Clancy-Egerton is in my wardrobe pawing at my Wildfox, and snap awake to foil his kitty plans before tragedy occurs.

So there you go, we were meant to be together right? Just like me and Owler. I gotcha buddy x

J - Spirited Away. 
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Christmas Treats - Ji Ji Kiki Jewelz!

Monday 10 December 2012

Christmas is getting closer and although there are a few super organised people out there *cough* Jade *cough*, most of us are struggling to buy the last of our presents. I've sorted my 2 Secret Santa gifts but since I buy for quite a few of my friends, I still have lots of other little presents to get.

I love giving jewellery at Christmas and recently the lovely Emma from Ji Ji Kiki sent us a some pieces to feature as giftspiration.

I've worn this golden glitter ring (£8.50) in 1 or 2 posts already because I love it so much! It's adjustable and comes in a few other colours including a rather yummy green. My other ring in the first picture is by Lovisa (an aussie store) - I think they work well together.

This adorable little fawn necklace (£10) is my favourite festive necklace by miles! It's really cute and Christmassy in a subtle way. I would 100% buy this for my of my gal pals if they didn't all read this blog...D'oh! There are a couple of other little bits I have my eye on, I really like some of the art prints and tons of pieces in the Christmas section...How adorable are these robin earrings!?

As a little Christmas treat, you can get 15% off your next Ji Ji Kiki order by entering 'RAWR15' at the checkout. Please note this discount will expire on 15/12, so we suggest getting your shop on ASAP! ;) Shipping is £1.65 or free on orders over £30. 

What's your favourite Ji Ji Kiki piece?

T - Off to finish my Christmas shopping! XoX
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Secret Santa Challenge - Part 1!

Saturday 8 December 2012

Last month we were asked by to participate in a special blogger Secret Santa Challenge! We were given the budget of £25 and randomly paired up with another fashion blogger. Since I won the coin toss (hurrah), it was down to me to represent the Rawr and give our chosen blogger the best gift(s) our money could buy! 

I was partnered with the gorgeous Jess from Look What I Got. Since I wasn't familiar with her blog, I read months worth of her previous blog posts to try and gauge her style. I wanted to find out as much info as possible so I could choose something she'd love. I even scrolled through weeks worth of tweets in the hope of finding some clues! I discovered she has a talent for nail art, is a fan of beauty products and loves statement jewellery. I also established pretty early on that we both share a love of animal print! She's stylish, fun and isn't afraid to stand out - she's my kind of girl!

After my research came the difficult part, the budget was £25 and we couldn't go a penny over. I noticed several bloggers on twitter using the #MSMSecretSanta hashtag and tweeting about how many gifts (plural) they had bought, and how excited they were that they had so much money to play with...Ooookay. I clearly have expensive taste because I found it really hard to keep within budget. I had visions of buying Jess designer pieces she'd adore but had to keep myself in check by remembering the budget. I decided the only thing to do was to get sale shopping, I wanted to give her something nice so the savvy shopping began!

I started surfing the interwebz looking for online stores with serious bargains. After a few hours of deliberation, I eventually bought 3 gifts! We were told to be creative but I wanted to get Jess something she'll actually like (I hope), so I decided to get creative with my shopping skills and not the gifts themselves. I wanted to make £25 stretch as far as possible but I still wanted to give decent presents, I just wasn't prepared to compromise on quality! I managed to save over 40% on the first 2 gifts and more than 30% on the 3rd - result. Us Rawr Girls know how to spot a bargain.

I'm not allowed to reveal what I picked but lets hope they go down well. They're already in the post and I'm a bit nervous, she'll be blogging about whether she loves them or hates them shortly so I'll keep you updated!

Is anyone else taking part in a Secret Santa this year?

T - Rawr Girl Santa XoX   
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Oh My Love! More Velvet Goodness....

Thursday 6 December 2012

My apologies for another outfit post featuring a velvet dress but what can I say? I'm obsessed! It's absolutely freezing in Bristol but it just won't snow. I'm so fed up of hearing about all those people up north with snow, they always have the most fun.

Dress: c/o Oh My Love - Hat: Primark - Rings: Ji Ji Kiki + Lovisa

This little number is the Sarah Peter Pan Collar Dress (£39) from Oh My Love. It also comes in black but I opted for my favourite colour of the season - wine! Because it's so darn cold, I've paired it with thick black tights and ankle boots (although I could secretly be wearing UGGs haha).

I really like the lace collar and the sweet cuff detailing. It's the kind of piece that can easily be taken from day to night and it has a pretty affordable price tag too. I remember first spotting Oh My Love on Rosie Glow a few months back and making a mental list of everything I wanted, it's all so cute!

Just in case any of you were worried I was freezing my socks off without a jacket, between shots I was wearing my new leopard coat from the Boohoo Boutique range. I paid £70 for mine but it's now £60 - bargain! It's so cosy and warm.

BRRRRRRR! Do you have snow? Wait...Don't tell me, I don't want to know.

T - Wants to be a Snow Leopard. XoX
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Pure Gold From!

Tuesday 4 December 2012

I'm struggling to accept that Christmas is in exactly 3 weeks. This year has just flown by and I can't stop thinking about Christmas parties and giving presents - it's so exciting! At the moment I'm crazy for everything velvet. I don't own any velvet leggings (yet) but after spotting this MinkPink dress on, I've started my very own velvet dress collection.

MinkPink dress (£63) - Zatchels Metallic Barrel (£40) - Ji Ji Kiki Ring (£8.50) - M&S Bowler (£19.50) - Zara Taylor necklace

I'm MinkPink obsessed and fell in love with this baby while scouring the women's clothing section. I can imagine this colour working well in the Aussie summer but I also think it's great for our Winter. There are so many black velvet dresses around, it's nice to wear something a little different!

It fits really well but I'd like it to be a tad longer, I'm not sure I'd wear it without tights unless I was Australia of course (duh!). My necklace is an old one from Zara Taylor (as seen on Fearne Cotton), I don't think they sell it anymore which is a shame because it's cuuute.

Last but not least, my first ever Zatchels (£40)! This brand has such a huge hype around it so it was nice to finally get my paws on something of theirs. I thought this little barrel would work well with my dress so ordered it from Zalando at the same time. It's really well made and comes with a  little dustbag for safe keeping. I'd love to buy one of their satchels so I could compare it's competitors. Maybe Santa will bring me one?

T - Hoping to be on Santa's nice list. XoX
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Rawr Love For Cherry Baby!

Monday 3 December 2012


Founded by designer Emma Turner, Cherry Baby creates kitsch, plus one off and custom, jewellery pieces by hand using recycled and vintage materials. Her cufflinks were recently worn by Sir Robster of Williams on the X Factor so mmhmm, we wanted a piece of that!

I picked out the Well Behaved earrings (£3), and matching necklace (£8) because the message on them is totally awesome - Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History!

They are silver plated, and come in a sweet Tiffany blue gift box so ideal for gifting, how cute?

These pieces easily look and feel more than £11 for the set. They feel very well made and totally look the part, and the chain and earring hooks are solidly attached so I feel confident that I'm not going to lose a piece. My first impression upon opening the box was that they looked liked something you would see for about £30+ from somewhere like Not On the High Street. I can see this set becoming a firm favourite of mine, I've already worn them constantly for 2 days!

Emma is offering free delivery until christmas plus a free pair of earrings with every order over £10 (I got a cute pair of Rose studs with my order), so fill your boots (check out the charm rings, addictively stackable!) :)

J - Oh behave.

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