Happy i-Christmas From Ted Baker!

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Hey everybody, look at my early Christmas gift from Ted! Something super stylish to wrap your iPhone up in over these cold winter months - a Ted Baker iPhone flip case! It's actually a great gift idea for a stylish tech savvy gal pal, so I took a few pics for a little review style show and tell.

At around £30 from stockists such as Proporta, this sparkly pink patent case really looks the part if you're into designer tech accessories and comes dressed in a neat little gift pack :)

The iPhone 4 fits snugly into it and there is not much chance of it falling out (I gave it a good shake near a soft surface!) and you can access buttons and ports without removing the phone. It's lightly padded and smooth all over, I doubt there would be any hidden nasties to bite your phone whilst in transit. This happened to me with an old phone case, a bit of metal hidden under the lining scratched my screen as I slid it inside, so I give cases a good going over now!

There is an exclusive Ted Baker interior design pattern and two discreet slots for credit cards or money which is cool, an ideal place to put an emergency twenty should you lose your purse!

I'm loving this cute branded button on the outside of the pretty pink case, a little touch of Ted!

Overall, this feels like a really well made, protective (obviously to an extent, we're not talking about throwing your phone against a wall protective here!) and stylish case. Yes, you can probably get cheaper ones, but let's be honest, you're paying for a nice piece of Ted - the familiar quality, the lining design and the little button. I paid £50 for my boyfriend's Hugo Boss phone case, and it's very nice but I'm under no illusion that it's lined with unicorn hair or anything, it's still a designer accessory just like a purse and with that comes a price point. Call me a label whore, I won't deny it ;) Anyhoo, I would definitely feel comfortable gifting this to someone for Christmas, either by itself (it is well presented) or with a Ted Baker Body gift from Boots for a nicely rounded present. Go Ted.

J - In Love With Ted.
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I think we're all thoroughly aware of the embellished snapback scene by now, though I'm yet to buy into it. And then I saw this one from ADEEN on Karmaloop's new ladies only site Miss KL . . .

ADEEN The Meow Hat - $160. Umm, yes it's expensive, but girls, IT HAS A LITTLE PLASTIC TAIL at the back. I don't think I need to repeat that. 

So can anyone lend me $160? I promise to let you point and laugh at me all you like while I fold my arms, pop my collar and insist it's vogue. Hours of fun guaranteed.

J - Me to the OW.
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Like Some Baby Barbarella . . .

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Okay, so the galaxy/cosmic print is everywhere these days, but we still want it all over us and New Look are SUCH enablers! I can't stop staring at these little pretties!

Black Cosmic Heel Shoe Boots - £27.99. A nice change in heel shape from my chunky Lita styles. I'd pair these with a poofy full skirted LBD, or slick leather pencil skirt for Christmas pardies.

Purple Cosmic Print Studded Clutch - £12.99. I'm not joking, if you don't love this, I will fight you. There are no words for how cute this is. 

I could kick myself because I JUST had an NL giftcard and 'squandered' it on pesky Iron Fist leggings, and now I want these but have promised myself no treats until Christmas. TUT!
Can someone please nudge my Christmas shopping BF in this direction? Cheers girls ;)

J - Step in my transporter, so I can teleport ya, all around my heavenly body!
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Have Yourself A Sparkly Little Christmas! Pandora Christmas Charms At John Greed Jewellery!

Monday 26 November 2012

I'm a massive fan of charm bracelets, with Chamilia, Sabo, Juicy and Pandora all inhabiting my jewellery box(es!), so when one of our fave jewellery stores, John Greed Jewellery, offered to send me a few charms from the magical Pandora Christmas 2012 collection to have a lookie lookie at, I couldn't wait to get my paws on those pretty little boxes of silver sparkly goodness!

The Pandora Christmas Charms include gorgeous pave beads, hanging stars and cute festive styles such as a gingerbread man and a christmas stocking! I was sent the super chic Silver Crown (£25), adorable Christmas Stocking (£25) and the glittering Blue Pave Star Dangle (£35) to add to my collection, so here they are. And yes, I did arrange my own baubles thanks ;)

The Silver Crown is really nice for a £25 charm, detailed and expensive looking without needing any sparkle. It's festive without being obvious, so perfect for someone who likes to always have something from each collection but doesn't want to have a lot of themed charms clashing together. Also ideal for a little princess, or those who like to be treated like a queen!

The Christmas Stocking is so cute, and quite weighty for a £25 charm! A closer look reveals it to be holding a bear and I think, a doll, so it's perfect for a child. This would also be a sweet addition to a bracelet that represents life events, or as the starter charm on their first Pandora!

The Blue Pave Star Dangle charm is a little more expensive at £35 but the blue cubic zirconia stones sparkle perfectly against their silver setting creating a stand out piece. Dangle charms are pretty special, if you know a girl with a blue theme this would be the perfect Christmas gift!

SO pretty right? I'm also very fond of the Pandora Polar Bear from the range. He reminds me of Lorek Byrnison from The Golden Compass, so as well as being a beautiful winter charm, he would also represent courage, strength and friendship to me. Yes I know, I'm a big sappy nerd :)

The range of Pandora Jewellery from John Greed Jewellery is extensive to say the least. We love a good browse through the goodies, especially at Christmas, and now is the perfect time to do it because the store is running a Pandora £250 Blogger Challenge where you could win the bracelet of your dreams! If you want to get involved, hit the link to the challenge where you'll find the instructions to get you started, but hurry because the contest ends on 5th December!

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? Are there any charms on your Christmas list this year?

J - Fa la la la laaaaaaa, la laaaaa laaaaa laaaaaaaaaa!

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The Freaks Come Out.

Sunday 25 November 2012

Today's outfit is a little dark, and I was feeling feline ;)

The amazing Freak Of Nature Love Bites dress would be hanging in my wardrobe forever waiting for a suitable night out because I rarely go out on the town these days, so I decided to start wearing it as a skirt! My jumper is from TK Maxx and was only £15 in the Mod Box knitwear section. It's oversize with a slight dip hem at the back which is perfect for wearing with bodycon skirts and dresses like this. I'd seen similar ones in Topshop and River Island for £35+ so I was super happy with this purchase!

The Love Bites panther print is fierce, and the dress material is really nice and thick, verging on scuba-esque. It feels really flattering on and it helps that the dress is holding me in under the jumper, I'm just sad that no-one gets to see the studding and mesh work on it but I guess that just means I can wear it both ways and no-one will ever know!

My cute necklace is Ji Ji Kiki's Grumpy Kitty, how adorable?! I love how his little back paws have pad cut outs! My Prince ring was a custom order from Jewellery By Jaymie :) If you're looking for individual jewellery gifts for christmas you must check both of these guys out.

I'm finding it difficult to catch some nice light lately, the iphone camera is hating on dark colours in this dull winter light, this combined with the constant rain is going to make for a difficult outfit posting season! Oh to have one plain white wall in my house! Anyone else feeling this pain?

J - Meow.
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Yee-ha! Wannabe Winter Cowgirl.

Saturday 24 November 2012

I don't mind the cold but we've had so much torrential rain in the past week it's been impossible to get outfit pics. Apparently more flood warnings have been issued for tomorrow but thankfully the rain eased up today. Here are some snaps of the latest additions to my wardrobe...

Jumper: Lavish Alice - Skirt: Dahlia - Bag: Mischa bags (sold at BANK) - Hat: M&S - Boots: c/o Barratts 

My sequin tiger jumper is from Lavish Alice (£26), leather look skirt (£55) is from Dahlia and these yummy boots are from Barratts! I wanted to keep warm today so thick tights were a must, I've really missed wearing skirts/dresses due to this crummy weather. SIGH.

I've been contemplating getting a pair of cowboy boots for a while but I already own several different styles of long boots and I'm slightly lacking in the ankle boots department. These Stud Detail Western Ankle Boots (£45) clearly aren't cowboy boots, but they do have a hint of western about them which I love. Anyone know where I can buy some spurs? ;)

They come in brown too but I chose black because it goes with everything. Since I'm an annoying half size, I bought the size up and copped some handy insoles. They look rather cool with leggings/jeans but I prefer to wear them with tights and a dress/skirt because they're quite wide around the ankle.

This cute little fox ring is by Wildfox. Both J & I love their jewelz but I don't wear mine often enough, such a waste I know. My jewellery chest is really about to burst but a girl can never have too much finger candy! Right!?

Finally, this awesome Mischa fringe bag (£75) is from BANK. I know £75 seems kinda steep but it's the perfect size for me and I take it everywhere. Nom.

Do you shop in Barratts? What was the latest addition to your wardrobe?

T - There's a snake in my boots! XoX
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Bird Of Paradise Eyes!

Friday 23 November 2012

I was just having a play with my make up and lashes and came up with this creation which I thought would be perfect for seasonal costume parties! Ladies, Bird of Paradise eyes anyone?

I used Violent Eyes Rainbow Glitterati as a lid base (love these things for easy, super long lasting glitter colour!), colouring my eyebrow in green using Stargazer Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise, then extreme lining in the Pink version, dipping my lower lashes in Stargazer Mascara in Turquoise and finally frosting with Stargazer Feathered Eyelash 53!

I wish the clarity of the pics were clearer but this really was a 10 minute mess around in the bathroom moment, and I just grabbed my phone to capture the look! Do you like? I love these lashes, they look really heavy but they are actually really light and comfortable. Stargazer eyeliners are the shizz too, very opaque and long lasting, totally recommended for fun timez!

J - Preening.
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Christmas with Me & Zena...

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Both Jade & I are big fans of quirky jewellery brand Me & Zena. They sell statement jewels that have been spotted on some of the hottest celebs including Fearne Cotton, Ellie Goulding and Rihanna!

They've just released some new rings for the holiday season and I think a Me & Zena ring would be the perfect present for any fashionista pal.

Not sure which ring to buy for your stylin' friend!? Check out my top '5 Golden Rings' for a little inspiration ...

1. Me & Zena x Saatchi Gallery Paint Can Ring (£25)
This ring is a limited edition collaboration with the Saatchi Gallery. Give this to your arty friend for Christmas and you'll soon be promoted to BFF status. 

2. Magick Star Three Finger Pentagram Ring (£30)
As seen on our good friend Ally over the ocean, this pentagram ring is perfect for that one friend who is too cool for skool. 3 finger rings are only for the brave!

3. Jesus Loves You Cross Ring (£15)
JC rocks and so do cross rings! I'm cross obsessed so this would be an ideal gift for someone like me *hint hint*. It's cute but still has rockability and would look great when stacked.

4. Bright Eyes Rabbit (£25)
I'm pretty sure J would LOVE this oversized bunny ring, it even has Jade stones for eyes. If your friend is a critter lover or called Jade then look no further.

5. Snowed in House (£32)

My personal favourite, this ring reminds me of Disney Couture! It's the most expensive of my selection but still relatively affordable at only £32. This would be suited to someone who loves statement rings and snow/Christmas. Eeeep! Just staring at it gets me excited.

What's your favourite ring? Do you own anything from Me & Zena? I think I might have to treat myself to a golden ring or two!

T -  On the fifth day of Christmas... XoX
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Girls Will Be Girls . . . Hello Kitty x Forever 21!

Monday 19 November 2012

Last week I made a trip to the new(ish) Forever 21 store in the Trafford Centre and spent a good half an hour gawping at the Hello Kitty Forever line. I usually pass over the usual tees and nightwear featuring our beloved feline friend but this new F21 stuff has a grown up thing going on. Silky blouses in neutrals and contrasting brights with repeating patterns, cute tailored shorts, preppy knits with bold designs and accessories galore such as Le Sportsac-esque bags and knitted winter wear. I got a cute dip hem blouse in a chic nude colour with a yellow HK face pattern for about £17, and the knitted beanie and legwarmers you can spy in this post :)

Outfit: Hat - F21, Tshirt - George at Asda, Skirt - Oasis, Tights - Oasis, Legwarmers - F21, Boots - My Glamour Heels, Bag - BooHoo, Jacket - TK Maxx, Necklace - Maggie Angus.

The hat was about £9 I think and has ears and a big HK bow. Her face is there, but it's hidden in a few patterned patches, cute though and not too childish. The legwarmers are super soft and so nice, they seem way more expensive than the £8 I paid so hurrah! I literally could've dropped a hundred in there (there was a onesie guys - A ONESIE!) but I restrained by telling myself that when you're 21 (AHEM) Hello Kitty should be an accent rather than a whole look.

Have you seen the Hello Kitty Forever range? I know I still love that little kitteh, but as I get older I find I wrestle with what is appropriate attire for my age and what could just be embarrassing?!

J - Never can say goodbye.
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Introducing Amara.co.uk - Life ~ Style ~ Living!

Thursday 15 November 2012

I was recently introduced to Amara, one of those amazing online stores that makes you gawp for hours wondering how on our lord RPatz's earth have you never come across this before?! Every department is a designer homeware delight; ranging from funky Alessi kitchenware to everyone's fave Cath Kidston ranges and super luxe Mulberry goodies!

I am a bit of a homemaker, and I do enjoy a quirky accessory or interesting piece of furniture. Dressing my house excites me just as much as dressing myself, so when Amara asked me if I'd like to choose something to review their site with, I squee'd like Bree Van De Kamp.

I chose the Anorak Kissing Stags Double Duvet Set (£55) for a number of reasons :

1) It's reminiscent of Charlotte Taylor's beautiful repeating animal patterns that I long to drape myself in, so yes, of course I want to be wrapped up in it for my nightly 8 hours. Super stylish!
2) Errrr, it's practically Christmas and it's a reindeer pattern. Christmas jumpers are ridiculously fashionable right now and this is the homeware equivalent - hurrah! 
3) It's not too girly and it looks cat proof. I don't put my boyfriend through sequins and lace, and Pelecat Clancy-Egerton Esquire has the run of our home. Satin and claws don't mix ;)

Cue the deliberately stylised pic . . .

Amara delivered next day and by DPD, which is the awesome hourly slot courier service, their text message time allocation notification is a godsend for a working girl like myself. I'm really happy with the bed set! It's a thick and crisp cream cotton, and the black pattern is SHARP! 

Kitteh loves it too, unfortunately *sigh*. Luckily I have a throw that is usually underneath him.

Anorak specialise in these repeating animal prints, and Amara stock a ton of cool stuff from the range HERE, so be sure to check it out if you're into this sort of awesome graphic design.

I also have to show you these other picks I spotted whilst browsing, because they'd make ideal gifts, and as I mentioned before, Christmas is a coming peeps!

This Keith Brymer Jones Punk Smells Like Tea Spirit Bucket Mug (£14) just cracks me up. Look at the safety pin! It's part of an epic Keith Brymer range with cute slogans on each piece.

And I think we all love a nice bit of stationary here. Amara stock amazing Archie Grand notebooks in gorgeous colours with fun titles. I love this 'Fashionista's I Met And Liked' one (£10) for writing down the names and webbys of all you lovely bloggers ;)

It's the perfect stop for gift giving, whether you've got £10 or £500 to spend on someone, you'll find a unique present here. It's also a cool place to find interior inspiration, I found myself mentally placing all kinds of things in my home, imagining colour schemes and wondering if my cat would use a bowl that actually looked like him . . . Seriously, you'll love it, GO!

J - Smoothes down apron.
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Pretty in Primark!

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Recently during my daily blog surfing, I've noticed numerous outfit posts featuring stylish bargains from Primark. Jade isn't a fan of the store but my boyfriend often finds cute pieces in the menswear department, so last week I was on a mission to find something cute too.

Jumper: Primark - Top: c/o Glamorous - Skirt: Primark - Ring: Cheap Frills - Beanie: Forever 21 - Boots: Rocket Dog

The first thing I spotted was this sparkly sequin skirt (£16) from the Limited Edition range. I've been after a sequin skirt for weeks now but I'm not a fan of the ultra mini versions floating around. This one is absolutely perfect for me because it's dip-hem (my favourite) and it's not too heavy either. 

As a pinning addict, I've spotted several bloggers on Pinterest wearing chunky knits with sequin skirts and I love this combo. After finding the skirt, the hunt began to find a suitable oversized jumper to pair with it! My well-trained mum actually found this cream jumper (£12) which has small flecks of gold running through it, I think they match perfectly.

The jumper is a little sheer so underneath I'm wearing a cream blouse from Glamorous. The pearl collar is so pretty and I really like how it fits in with the outfit. As it's a little chilly, my beanie of choice is this neon number (£6) from Forever 21.

I love that adding a jumper to a sequin skirt makes it pretty casual. I wasn't sure if I had suitable footwear to them both until I remembered these yummy Satire boots (£54.99) from Rocket Dog.

They had somehow became lost in a sea of shoe boxes so had never been worn before but I rescued them and put them to work. They are so comfortable and I think they finish the outfit really well, I'd love them in another colour too.

Bristol is so pretty this time of year, this pic was snapped as the sun was setting and gives you a nice close-up of my collar poking through. My talented photographer pal Liz took these pictures, I'm hoping to get a DSLR this Xmas so all my blog pics will then look (almost) as pretty as these! 

Are you a fan of this knit/sequin combo?

T - Rockin' Primarni. XoX
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Once Upon A Winter Wishlist!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

We both love winter clothing and although we've been filling up our winter wardrobes for months, there are still a few key pieces we'd love to get our little paws on. Lo and behold, our winter wishlist!

Winter Wishlist

1. Republic dress - 2. Own the Runway jacket - 3. Dr. Martens Studded Satchel - 4. Lavish Alice Sequin Trousers - 5. Missguided Hat - 6. Ted Baker Gloves - 7. Ever Ours Boots - 8. Pretty Little Thing Dope Belt - 9. Butter London 'Scouse' Nail Lacquer

Republic have really stepped up their game this season, they have a great selection of knitwear including this gorgeous Soul Cal knit dress which comes in a few different colours. Since layering is key to keeping warm in the winter months, we'd pair it with this stylin' Aztec jacket from Own the Runway (the fur is detachable) and a 'Dope' belt from Pretty Little Thing. Rad.

We first spotted these gold sequin leggings on our blogger crush Amy aka The Little Magpie last month. Jade already owns a black sequin pair from BANK but these gold ones from Lavish Alice scream too cool for school. Rawr Girls love to stand out, want.

As for the accessories, this studded Dr Martens satchel is #1 on our list of must-have bags, our paws *need* the Ted Baker gloves and the red bowler (with ears!!) from Missguided is too cute for words. We've also noticed these cute Ever Ours boots popping up on a few of our favourite blogs, they'd look amazing with skinny jeans, leggings or with chunky tights and a skirt/dress...The possibilities for outfit posts are endless. 

The final item on our wishlist is the 'Scouse' polish by Butter London, available at Harvey Nichols. Jade is our resident scouser and this glittery blue shade was clearly made for her! We're almost convinced it would look amazing on, hopefully Santa will bring one for Jade so she can treat us to a review. 

What are you lusting after at the moment? Do you have a favourite item from our wishlist?

T - Walk-in winter wardrobe wonderland! XoX

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Feeling Lovestruck in a Christmas Jumper!

Monday 12 November 2012

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! This time last year I was sunning myself in Sydney and planning how to spend JC's birthday in the sun. It actually feels quite nice to be back in the cold, it means I can rock a statement jumper and woolly hat while crossing my fingers for a white Christmas (a girl can dream).

As mentioned in J's previous Xmas jumper post, our lovely pals at Harper & Lewis recently gifted us a festive Christmas jumper of our choice. I picked the Cream/Red/Navy Reindeer jumper (£28.99) because it's super Christmassy and it will pretty much go with everything.

 Beanie: Dorothy Perkins - Ring: Cheap Thrills - Jumper: c/o Harper & Lewis - Dress: c/o Lovestruck - Necklace: Mi Moneda (shown below)

Their sizes are unisex so mine is an XS - nice and oversized! Because it's so oversized I think it will probably fit the man in my life perfectly, if we're going to share our festive jumpers than we can buy twice as many, right!? They have a huge selection so it's definitely having a peek if you haven't sorted your jumper yet.

I quickly whipped off my jumper to give you a proper look at my new Lottie dress (£38) from LovestruckI've been a fan of Lovestruck after spotting it in BS8 (in Bristol) a few months back. They sell a whole bunch of vintage style dresses which are flirty and feminine, it's nice to finally have one of their pieces in my wardrobe!

P.S For those worried about my health, I was in the sun when these pics were snapped (hence the squinty eyes) and it was actually rather warm!? 

T - Praying for a white Christmas. XoX
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Haaaaaaave You Met My Friend Cheshire Oaks Christmas Tree?!

Sunday 11 November 2012

It was a beautiful clear wintery day so we decided to go check out the Christmas tree that was going up at Cheshire Oaks. They never disappoint! I decided to be a bit ridiculous and wear double pleather, which messed with my body temperature no end but looked mighty fine so hey ho!

Outfit : Shirt - Dimepiece LA, Dress - Really can't remember!, Jacket - TK Maxx, Hat - River Island, Boots - My Glamour Heels, Necklace - Maggie Angus, Tights - Pretty Polly, Bag, BooHoo.

I actually forgot I had this amazing fringed dip hem Dimepiece shirt! It's business at the front, party at the back and so cool. I love everything they do, they're way up there with UNIF, Evil Twin, Wildfox and Freak Of Nature in terms of fave labels. My cat ears bowler hat was a christmas gift last year from BFF Steph, it was from River Island but I noticed that Missguided have really similar ones in the New Ins right now so I dragged it out of hibernation sharpish! 

And here's the tree. It is MASSIVE! Cheshire Oaks always gets rammed near Christmas so I'd be surprised if we go again now, but at least I got to see it :) I also spied the new Lulu Guinness store which looked so pretty with all the yummy bags fresh on the shelves!

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

J - Feeling festive.
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