Lucky T - My Christmas Loot!

Monday, 31 December 2012

Some people hate these posts but some people (including me) LOVE them. So if you aren't a fan, close your eyelids now. I was pretty spoilt this Christmas, I received lots and lots of lovely gifts from my amazing family and friends! Here is a selection for your viewing pleasure...

Sephora Lip Set (from Ally Over the Ocean), Princess Cadance, Fame perfrume & a GHD air from J (I know, she's awesome).

Cute collar necklaces.

Regal Rose pendant (c/o Brownie), work boots necklace, Topshop bracelets, Accessorize bracelet & a super cool ASOS hand chain. 

Stackers rose gold jewellery box (from Brownie), H&M set of 3 rings, MinkPink stacking rings (also from Brownie) & Topshop spike ring.

Bjørg anatomical heart necklace from my boyfriend.

I haven't featured all the chocolate, smellies, clothes and make-up that I was given, or my new DSLR (which is making me snap happy) but I'm thankful for it all. 

Although I love all of my presents, this Bjørg necklace is definitely my most treasured gift. Bjørg is my favourite jewellery designer but it's rather pricey so I was taken by surprise when I unwrapped this beauty! I adore anatomical hearts and my adorable boyfriend. Awwww.

I've also just decided to quit blogging for the rest of the year, it's been fun but I need a break. See you in 2013! ;)

T - Lucky Little Rawr Girl. XoX


  1. Ha your quitting blogging comment scared me for a sec!! The air - lucky you, and that jewellery box is to die for!! Happy NYE xxxxx

    1. Bahahaha!! Thanks Tali :) Happy New Year to you too! <3 xo

  2. Hahahah oh Tara, I actually went 'noooooo' at the end... then realise where in the year we are :| I'm an idiot.

    I love the jewellery box and rings - good old Brownie :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. So many lovely gifts!Happy 2013! May all your wishes come true :)

  4. The heart necklace is adorable! Happy new year :)

  5. Those collar necklaces are gorgeous! .. very jealous of the ghd air, they're amazing! Happy New Year :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. Looks like you got some awesome items! Jealous of that Sephora set!

    Happy new year! xo

  7. Love looking at what people got, you must have been very good as you got some lovely things!

    Love what you did at the end of the post, I was shocked for a second until I realised 2012 was over!happy new wishes for 2013

  8. Happy new year! Lovely bits

  9. Haha, I got a little nervous when you said you were going to quit blogging! Then I got the joke.

    You got some wonderful gifts, I love all the jewellery and I am jealous of you getting a new camera!

    Corinne x

  10. I love these posts too, I wish I'd thought to do one myself! Oh well, next year!
    You got some seriously amazing gifts, I think the necklace is my favourite too, as I'm obsessed with anything anatomy related as well! The Princess Candance is a close second though, how adorable! :D

  11. Aww how lovely! I bet your happy, I would be! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Megan xxx

  12. Tehehehe, I got a My Little Pony too! I'm considering going to PonyCon this year if you'd like to join me..??!

  13. I read the sentence Ive decided to quit blogging and was shocked until I finished it hahaha! I love posts like this, the necklace is gorgeous and so are your collars! Glad you had a brilliant christmas, happy New Year hope you have a brilliant year :)


  14. You got so many pretty presents, love all the jewellery and the collar necklaces are beautiful! xo

  15. lovely gifts! happy new year!

  16. I like people sharing what they got :) The whole point of blogging is sharing. Lovely gifts you are a lucky little rawrer. Love that Jewellery box! I got new bra sets, MAC make-up, coffee machine to help along my addiction and money yippee. Happy New year xxx

  17. I'm so jealous of your Princess Cadance pony! She's the sweetest! :-)

    rachelpan xo

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  19. Such lovely gifts! Lucky you! :)



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