Yumi Floral Jacquard Metallic Dress and ChloBo jewellery!

Friday 31 May 2013

Confession: I have *a bit* of a pretty dress obsession. The latest frock to join my collection is from Yumi Direct! It's perfect for SS13 and makes me think of summer fetes, freshly squeezed lemonade and ice cream. Nom.

ChloBo Bracelet
Photos by Liz Green
Yumi Floral Jacquard Metallic Dress
Dress: Yumi Direct - Necklace: Topshop - Ring: Forever 21

Yumi have delicious range of dresses this season but my eyes were instantly drawn to the metallic jacquard dress (£50). It has a really nice shape and because it's quite thick, it's great to wear during our unpredictable English summer. These snaps were taken by the harbourside where a passerby stopped me to compliment my dress and then asked if I was off to a wedding...I just laughed and thanked her but now I come to think about it, it is the ideal dress to wear to a wedding! Haha.

Bracelets: Top - Pearls from my travels in Vietnam, Bottom - ChloBo via The Muse.TV

Yumi Pink Dress

I love wearing pastel shades and thankfully they seem to compliment my pasty skin tone. The only downside with this dress is that it's dry clean only...Although I don't recommend it (a-hem) I did manage to hand wash mine with a posh delicate hand wash from M&S and it still looks as good as new.

P.S I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Company Style Blogger Awards! We went to the awards party on Wednesday night and had so much fun. We didn't win but we're honoured to have been shortlisted and this was all thanks to you guys. We love y'all *almost* as much as we love Robert Pattinson. Which is A LOT.

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Are you also pretty dress obsessed? ;)
T - Yumilicious. XoX
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Rawrgirls Review: Skullcandy Navigator Headphones!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Oh how I love it when fashion and technology collide! One of the coolest audio/headphone brands around at the moment is www.skullcandy.com and we were recently asked to review a pair of their new Skullcandy Navigator on-ear headphones.

Skullcandy Navigator on-ear headphones
Headphones: c/o Skullcandy - Tee: Brat & Suzie - Necklace: Punky Pins - Bracelets: F21 and Peru

I can still remember my first pair of Skullcandy headphones, a pair of rasta Smokin Buds. I loved them so much and wore them until they fell apart. These days it's all about the on-ear headphones, my boyfriend has been rockin' them for years but I've only just jumped on the bandwagon!

Skullcandy Navigator Black Headphones
Skullcandy Navigator Headphones

Whereas my boyfriend only cares about sound quality when it comes to choosing new headphones, I want good quality ones that still look stylin'... Cue the Navigator headphones! Although they come in 4 different colours, I opted for black because they're more classic and will go with everything. I like that they aren't too chunky and because of the aviator-esque style, they align with my ear shape for an all-round better fit.

Wearing Skullcandy Navigators

Obviously sound quality is still important and I'm really impressed! They provide a nice and smooth sound, much better than my old earbuds and perfect for blasting out my favourite tunes. They're lightweight, comfortable and adjustable, a great product for the price. Even my boyfriend was impressed by them and he's a headphone snob ha.

I'd definitely recommend these to all fashionable folk and to anyone who can't afford a pair of Beats. So my overall verdict? Amazing.

Do you own any Skullcandy headphones? Are you also a fan of fashionable technology?

T - Still Skullcandy Stylin'. XoX
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Brakeburn Clothing - British Streetwear Fashion!

Tuesday 28 May 2013

It's no secret that we love discovering brands before they become really popular. We were recently introduced to an exciting new British streetwear brand called Brakeburn and we predict big things for them!

Ladies Flamingos Boyfriend TeePhotos by Liz Green

My personal style varies from day to day because I dress to suit my mood. One day I'm a girly girl, the next day I'm a rock chick and the following day I'm a cowgirl. Today's outfit is quite tom boy-esque and features my new Brakeburn flamingo boyfriend tee

Women's Grey Champion Keds
Tee: c/o Brakeburn - Shorts: Siwy - Hat: H&M Kids - Trainers: Keds - Bracelet: Warehouse 

Brakeburn Clothing

I don't really own many pairs of sneakers but Keds are comfortable and relatively street (haha). I love the Flamingo print on this tee, it's really cute and the relaxed boyfriend fit gives off a sporty/surfer vibe. My Siwy jean shorts are unbelievably comfy and perfect for a harbourside walk or some outdoor sports. I'd definitely wear this outfit if I was going on a bike ride (obviously swapping the hat for a helmet).

Brakeburn T-Shirt

I have lots of active friends who wear brands such as Quicksilver, Roxy and O'Neill. When I wore this at the weekend they seemed really interested in Brakeburn which is a good sign. I definitely think there's a place for a cool new streetwear brand in the UK market. Brakeburn sell both men's and women's clothing including lots of graphic tees featuring fun prints such as ice lollies, ice creams and fairground rides. Delicious!

How would you describe your style? Would you wear Brakeburn?

T - Streetwear style stalker. XoX
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Today I'm Wearing . . . Ruby Rocks Ikat Bomber Jacket and a Maxi!

Monday 27 May 2013

Tis' a glorious day here so I went for something a little different and I think it's paid off. I don't usually wear maxi dresses because I think they swamp me, but the front splits in this New Look one seems to work by showing off my less than supermodel length legs - hurrah! 

The neutral colour of the dress gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new Ruby Rocks Ikat Bomber Jacket (£49.99) and I think it totally makes the outfit. It was featured as one of Heat mags fave bombers for this season and I can totally see why. I love the cool pattern and it feels silky soft. This is a size Large and it fits perfect (I'm a UK 12-14 on top), zipping up without any problems. Ta daaaaaa!

Outfit: Jacket - c/o Ruby Rocks, Dress - New Look, Wedge Trainers - Quiz, Necklace - Wildfox, Ring - nOir, Bag - L.A.M.B. x LeSportsac, Belt - L.A.M.B.

uk style and fashion blog outfit post ruby rocks bomber jacket new look maxi dress wedge trainers l.a.m.b. belt and bag

uk style and fashion blog outfit post ruby rocks bomber jacket new look maxi dress wedge trainers l.a.m.b. belt and bag

Check out the detail on the pattern, this is my perfect summer jacket as it will go with all manner of khakis, nudes and denims which is basically my sunshiney day wardrobe!

uk style and fashion blog outfit post ruby rocks bomber jacket new look maxi dress wedge trainers l.a.m.b. belt and bag

Whiter than white kicks from Quiz. I should've invested in Ash ones last year but I convinced myself that the style would be a one season thing, and erm, I was wrong, so now I've got cheaper versions in 3 different colours but I still really like these ones and they're super comfy, so go 'head Quiz.

uk style and fashion blog outfit post ruby rocks bomber jacket new look maxi dress wedge trainers l.a.m.b. belt and bag

And I'm off to see Iron Man 3 now, finally! Have a fun Bank Holiday weekend you guys!

J - Bombs awaaaaaaaay!
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Rawrgirls Review . . . Melt Ginger And Bergamot Luxury Handmade Scented Candle!

Sunday 26 May 2013

I'm a scented candle freak, there's one in every room in my house and I can't even remember what my house naturally smells like! So when we got the call to try one of the luxury scented candles by Melt, hand poured and made in England, I jumped at the chance!

I was sent Ginger & Bergamot (£21), which is described on the beautiful gift box as . . .

"Be heady. Weave spells. Enchant. Mesmerize - But above all - Shine! There are too many daisies in life." 

So I'm reading the box and I'm already going 'Oooooohhhh!' to myself because it reminds me of the whole Wildfox/SpiritHood way of describing products. It sits in a stylish glass jar, the candle itself is a nice neutral colour and it was pumping fresh notes up my nose straight out of the box.

There's a whole load of scenting going on in this bad boy, with Ginger, Bergamot, Lily, Rose, Green Apple and Clove listed, and the candle claims to have over 70 hours of burn time. I wouldn't normally go for this sort of scent because I'm a cake and fruit girl, but when it comes to candles I've learnt that you can always be pleasantly surprised when you think outside the box, so I sparked it up and sat back . . .

It literally took 5 minutes for it to throw it's fresh but flowery scent at every corner and boy is it powerful stuff! Some candles need to burn for a good while for the scent to start lingering but not this one, I'm impressed. A little goes a long way with a Melt candle I'm sure, the scent was so strong that I snuffed it out after 20 minutes and hmmm, let's see, it's now a good 2 hours since I 'turned it off' (BF always laughs when I say that) and the scent is still very much here! 

At £21 it seems expensive but I can vouch for the fact that you really don't have to 'use' that much of it to get a good scent throw going on, so in terms of pounds per wear it would definitely work out as value for money in the end. 

If you're a luxury candle fan I would definitely recommend Melt as a must try brand. I'm already eyeing up the Christmas version because I see it has my fave combo of vanilla and cinnamon in it - YUM.

J - Put your lighters up.
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SS13 Festival Fashion SpiritHoods UK Eagle Shawl - Vote Rawr and WIN!

Friday 24 May 2013

We've been repping SpiritHoods since 2010 so we were beyond stoked when they asked us to take part in their latest blogger competition! They recently launched their spring/summer 2013 collection which features some awesome new designs, perfect for this summer's festivals.

Selected bloggers were asked to pick their favourite hood and style it in in their own way. These pictures have now been uploaded to the SpiritHoods UK Facebook page, enabling SpiritHood fans to vote for the most stylish look!

Photos by Liz Green.

I was instantly drawn to the Eagle Shawl. Bald eagles are so majestic and there was no denying this was the most beautiful hood. It's so well made and because it's a shawl, I'll stay that little bit warmer at Glastonbury.

Eagles are the king of the sky. To be King one must possess extraordinary mental powers and vision. Those with the Eagle spirit act swiftly and with amazing precision, removing any obstacles found along the path.

I wanted to keep my outfit as simple as possible because it's all about the hood. I paired it with a simple white dress, some rings (including a claw ring - obvio), bracelets from my travels and some cowboy boots.

These photos were taken in a nearby forest, I was perching on tree trunks, climbing trees and all sorts! To me the backdrop keeps in with the spirit of SpiritHoods. The blogger with the most likes win a trip to Alton Towers and an extra SpiritHood (for Jade of course). By helping us win this competition, you can win too! 

If you become a Facebook fan and like your favourite image, you're automatically in with a chance of winning your own gorgeous SpiritHood. Sounds good, right!? Simply click here and hit like then become a fan of the page. Voting will last for 2 weeks and the blogger with the most votes by 12pm on Friday 7th June will be the winner!

So what do you say? Are you Team Rawr? ;)

T - Born to be wild. XoX

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Black, White And Unicorn All Over - A Wishlist . . .

Thursday 23 May 2013

I'm in a point and click mood, so this is when someone needs to hide my purse because I'm dangerous when I'm putting together a wishlist. Today's lusts are all about black, white and a little bit of uni love - behold . . . 

LnA Prescilla Maxi Dress from ASOS, £185 - I choked at the price of this but I still desperately want it. HALP.

Unicorn Tee from Voodoo Girl, £30 - It says, 'I Told You They Exist'. And they do you know. They do.

Unicorn Horn Necklace from Regal Rose, £32 - It's just TOO pretty, and comes in magical white as well.

Black and White Sleeve Jumper from Lavish Alice, £38 - Love the simplicity of this, but it's still totally awesome.

Star Spangled Dungarees from WAISTE, £48 - Cuuuuuuute! And I'd wear them with these shoes . . . 

. . . JS Letters Trainers from Adidas, £145 - Yes they're showy, but so am I ;)

And that's this week's wishlist, see anything you like? Gotta love a bit of purple unicorn magic against that monochrome!

J - Magic in Monochrome.
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Rawrgirls Review: Playful Promises Swimwear at Swimwear 365!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

I'm heading to Barbados this summer so for the past few months I've been scouring the internet for the hottest swimwear around! Barbados is home to the gorgeous Rihanna who always looks amazing at the beach, so the pressure is on to look good while sandy. I still have a few bikinis that I took travelling, but unfortunately my favourite one passed on to the big wardrobe in the sky after a fun snorkelling trip on the Great Barrier Reef. 

I've always been a fan of Swimwear 365, I wrote a guest post for them last year and when they heard I was heading to the Caribbean this summer, they offered me a piece of swimwear to review! They stock a great selection of brands which are suitable for all shapes and sizes, my favourites being Lascana, s.Oliver and Playful Promises.

Playful Promises Black Floral Print BikiniPlayful Promises Black Floral Print Bikini: c/o Swimwear 365

I always tend to be attracted to the quirkier brands which is why I chose this black floral print bikini by London-based brand Playful Promises. I was probably drawn to it because it's so similar to my favourite bikini (R.I.P) and I'm a sucker for a bright floral design with cute frill detailing. I love that you buy the top and bottom separately, not only does this allow me to pick and choose which two styles I like best, I can also buy two different sizes!

Swimwear 365 Review

My booty is much bigger than my top and sadly a lot of swimwear brands don't seem to cater for chicks like me. Thankfully Playful Promises is different, I'm assuming this is because they also sell lingerie and know the deal. I already have an underwear set from which made ordering easy because I knew I'd need the size S bottoms and XS top. The top is quite skimpy so I don't recommend sizing down unless you're a lot smaller up there.

Bandeau bikinis are perfect for tanning in which makes this one perfect for my trip. It also has a magnetic clasp to stop any embarrassing swimming pool incidents, pretty nifty eh? Swimwear 365 offer speedy delivery and have an awesome customer service team. I'd definitely recommend them to everyone!

T - So who wants to buy me the Hummingbird bikini? ;) XoX
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Women's Wear at The Hut.com!

Tuesday 21 May 2013

To coincide with The Hut's new women's wear collection which launched yesterday, I was given the chance to review a sample from their new range! Everyone knows that I'm a maxi dress addict so I (obviously) opted for this bright blue number...

The Hut Women's WearPhotography by Liz Green.

I like wearing blue because it tends to make my eyes pop and seems to compliment my skin tone (aka my pastiness). I wore this dress at the weekend when it was nice and humid, I love that the weather is gradually warming up allowing me to get my pins out. I started off by wearing it with my Primark cardigan but as the afternoon went on and the sun came out, I exchanged it for an ice cream.

Turquoise Racer Back Maxi Dress from The Hut
Dress: c/o The Hut - Belt: Anthropologie -Bracelet: Accessorize - Shoes: Bertie

Only a fellow fashion blogger can understand what it's like to pose for photos in front of a small crowd of strangers. This train is opposite Brunel's Buttery which is an extremely popular hotspot in Bristol. They're well known for making the best bacon butties in the South West and always have a queue at the weekends. Approximately 20 people were watching as I strutted my stuff and they ate their sandwiches haha. 

Turquoise Maxi Dress

As a rule of thumb, I always wear a belt with a maxi. This belt is my favourite, I really wish they'd make it in black! My wedges are a few seasons old from Bertie. They're actually called Tara and were named after me (no, really). My turquoise racer back maxi also comes in a yummy pink colour but I'm all about the blue. This is a size S/M and fits perfectly.

Have you shopped at The Hut before? Are you a fellow maxi dress lover?

T - All aboard the fashion train! XoX
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Twitter Competition! RT To Win Fashion Targets Breast Cancer River Island Goodies!

Monday 20 May 2013


Okely dokely, we've teamed up with the guys at Fashion Targets Breast Cancer this week to raise awareness with a little RT to win competition on Twitter! You can win this Fashion Targets Breast Cancer River Island goodie bag, including a super cute tee, lipbalm and bracelet just by logging into Twitter, following @FashionTargets and @TheStyleRawr then tweeting this special phrase! 

#RTtoWin with @FashionTargets & @TheStyleRawr! #WearYourSupport for #breastcancer research goo.gl/g7oux
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer River Island blog competition
We'll be tweeting it out too so just press RT if you see it, or copy and paste the tweet above and ta daaaaaa, you're in it to win it!

The contest will run until Monday 27th May and multiple entries are allowed as we want the #tags to get out there as much as possible so RT your little hearts out!

J & T - #WearYourSupport

ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions
Competitions Time
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Rawr Love For . . . Dahlia Straw Cat Ear Bowler Hat With Bow Trim!

Sunday 19 May 2013

You know when you see an item and it makes you go 'ERRRRRMERRRRGERRRRD IT'S SOOOOO ERRRRMERRRRRZZZIIIIINNNNG!!!'? Well, THIS.

I've had my black River Island cat bowler hat for years now and I adore it (I do believe it might've been the first one of it's kind to hit the high street) but this is a summer version and oh boy do I (strike that, WE) need it! 

Straw Cat Ear Bowler Hat With Bow Trim - £32 from Dahlia - It makes me want to go boating with an owl.
I have to admit, I did gulp at the price. £32 is a lot for a hat in my opinion but I did pay close to that for my Dr Martens Aggy Deyn Bow cap sooooo I definitely see this bad boy in my future!

J (& T) - In a beautiful pea green boat.
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SS13 Festival Fashion Featuring Bliss Clothing!

Friday 17 May 2013

Hopefully you aren't bored of my festival fashion posts because Glastonbury is less than 6 weeks away and I need to sort my outfits! My friends all know that I'm quite precious when it comes to my clothing, I like everything to be perfect and I can't cope if something has a hole/mark/unintentional rip. Therefore I'm trying to take a cheap wardrobe to Glastonbury so I won't care if it gets destroyed/torn/muddy in the name of fun.

Aztec Denim Shirt

This Vanessa Hudgens-inspired aztec denim shirt is from Bliss Clothing, a super affordable online retailer we were recently introduced to. At only £10 it's cheaper than Primark and pretty darn cute and ideal for throwing over a tee/vest. Mine is a size 8 but it has a nice, loose fit so it's more like a 10. The sleeves are long (which I love) and they're just the right size for rolling up.

Aztec denim shirt from Bliss Clothing
Festival 2013 style
Shirt: c/o Bliss Clothing - Skirt: H&M - Camisole: Topshop - Belt: Topshop - Necklace: Market in Chile - Boots: c/o Steve Madden - Blue ring: Primark

I'm wearing it with a strappy camisole from Topshop, this cute lace skirt from H&M and my Steve Madden studded cowboy boots. My skirt retails for about £24.99 but I copped it from eBay for less than half that! Bargain. I still haven't decided if I'm taking my cowboy boots with me, it depends if there's a heatwave at the end of June... I'd cry if they were ruined.

Aztec denim shirt
I'd say this outfit is just right for frolicking in the Glastonbury fields and if it's chilly I'll simply add a huge oversized sweater or cardigan. Since it's really affordable look, I wouldn't mind having a mud fight in it (if I could shower afterwards ha). Huzzah!

Are you heading to a festival this year? Have you shopped at Bliss Clothing before?

T - Savvy summer style shopper. XoX
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Vanessa Hudgens: Festival Fashion 2013 Inspiration!

Thursday 16 May 2013

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens and her beautiful bohemian style! When I win the Euromillions this Friday, I plan on moving to LA and buying her entire wardrobe. We're both huge Wildfox fans and we have a few of the same pieces (for reals), but at the moment I can't get enough of her wearing Jen's Pirate Booty.

Vanessa Hudgens Coachella Festival Style
Photo credit: STS / WENN

Vanessa has such a perfect festival style. I'm off to Glastonbury 2013 next month and I'm hoping the sun will shine so I can also get my 'boho chic' on. This picture was snapped at last year's Coachella and I heart it so much. I'd definitely rock this look and a long waistcoat is #1 on my festival want list...Someone please buy me this Electra Vest!? ;)

In case you aren't familiar with the brand, designer Jen is a well-travelled, Malibu babe with an awesome personal style. She describes her style as part gypsy, part bohemian and part pirate! If I lived in cali I would make it my mission to dress like a pirate 24/7.

Vanessa Hudgens Boho Style
Photo Credit: Boutique To You

How amazing is this El Matador Mini Dress? When I'm an honorary cali girl, I too will wear outfits like this to buy my groceries. It's so effortless and look amazing against Vanessa's cinnamon tan.

Vanessa Hudgens Denim Shirt
Source: Denim Blog

Jen's Pirate Booty also have a few denim pieces and my favourite is this Guipil Texas Tuxedo Shirt. Denim shirts with woven patches are too cool for school and I'm taking a more affordable version to Glastonbury. This outfit has inspired me to clash prints and be a bit more adventurous. I nearly squee'd with delight when I spotted a cream lace skirt in River Island yesterday, it's so similar to Vanessa's! As much as I love the fringed bag, I think a backpack is more Glastonbury appropriate so I'm searching for the perfect one...

Are you a fan of Vanessa Hudgens? Have you heard of Jen's Pirate Booty before?

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T - Wannabe pirate. XoX
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Rawr Love For . . . Violet's Knickers - Designer Lingerie & Loungewear Boutique!

Tuesday 14 May 2013


I'm a lingerie addict, have been since my mum bought me my first bra (none of that Tammy Girl printed cotton nonsense for me, I went straight for a white lace number with appliqued doves on it!) and as the years have gone by my craving for the good stuff is still with me. I love unusual and risque but well made lingerie, so finding Violet's Knickers, an online luxury boutique stocking an eclectic mix of designer lingerie, swimwear and loungewear, was a bit of a moment for me!

Each piece is handpicked by the mysterious and sophisticated Violet, and she makes sure there is something for everyone; decadence, playfulness, sensuality and femininity. So who is Violet? Check out this fun video for a glimpse of her lifestyle (I too now want to drape bow suspenders around my bedroom!) . . . 

“I hope I can help you create a lingerie, swimwear and loungewear wardrobe for you so glamorous you won’t want to put your clothes on”. Violet

I've bookmarked the store in my favourites on the off chance that the boyfriend might fancy buying me a naughty surprise. And by naughty surprise I mean this Kriss Soonik Kristal Monarch Suspender Top - £90. It's totally underwear as outerwear worthy which means it's like buying two items for the price as one. I'd wear this as a top with skinnies and a lightweight slouchy cardi, or denim shorts and biker boots, it's too pretty to just keep for one set of eyes to ogle! ;)

The Style Rawr UK style and fashion blog Kriss Soonik garter suspender top lingerie

So what else do we love? Check these bad boys out!

Another amazing piece from Kriss Soonik, the Inge Fishnet Beach Wrap - £130, is intended for the beach but it could be so much more than just a holiday cover up! I'm loving the little hood, so how about a cute layer for an everyday outfit, and obvs a saucy cover up for your fave lingerie set? Gotta love a multi tasker.

The Style Rawr UK style and fashion blog Kriss Soonik lingerie

Tara and I have long swooned over the Made By Niki range, it's ridiculously luxe and gorgeous, and this Barbie Pink String Playsuit - £199, is a total stunner.

The Style Rawr UK style and fashion blog Made By Niki lingerie

Finally, I'm lusting after my own piece of Tatu Couture since T got her paws on the body she featured last week, and this Mila Slip - £180, would be my pick for after hours. I wonder if I can convince my man that I would magically transform into Mila Kunis when I put it on? ;)

The Style Rawr UK style and fashion blog Tatu Couture lingerie

This love is serious. I could spend a fortune on this webby so please, someone please remove my purse before I do something I won't regret at all. 

Violet's Knickers ladies, do it!

J - Trenchcoat and my underwear.
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Ruby Rocks in Dreamland for SS13!

Monday 13 May 2013

Is it summer yet? We've been preparing for the warmer weather by prepping our skin and completing our SS13 wardrobes! One of our favourite online stores at the moment is www.rubyrocks.co.ukRuby Rocks is crammed with feminine vintage-esque pieces and bright statement prints which we want all over us.

You may have already spotted us rockin' RR in some of our recent outfit posts, we just can't get enough of their SS13 collection! A few days ago we were sent a link to their Ruby Rocks in Dreamland movie, it's uber whimsical and full of yummy pieces for us to drool over...

We'd quite like to play dress up in that wardrobe. Can we audition for the next movie? ;)

The pink dress in the video is beautiful, we especially love the cut out detail at the back (any excuse to use our magic bras). At the moment we're a bit obsessed with peacocks and we both own dresses in their amazing peacock print. While browsing their YouTube channel we stumbled across last season's AW12 video which is also rather cool and worth a watch.

We actually visited the RR stand at Pure London earlier this year and fell in love with their range of shoes. The leopard print wedges are definitely on our want list. If you're a fellow Ruby Rocks lover, make sure you're following them via Twitter and Facebook so you can keep up with their collection news! They even run the odd awesome competition or two and y'all know we love giveaways.

Have you heard of Ruby Rocks before?

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T & J - It's true, Ruby Rocks! XoX
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Karma Chameleon's!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Last week we did a guest spot for Karma Clothing, styling one cute £11.99 peach babydoll dress two ways, Rawrgirl style! Here's a sneak peek of the two looks but you can read the full post HERE!

uk style and fashion blog karma clothing peach babydoll tshirt dress and illusion tights.

UK style and fashion blog karma clothing peach babydoll tshirt dress and jeggings.

Karma have this dress is loads of other colours and it's really versatile. We really enjoyed guesting on their blog so please check it out!

J & T - Peachy Keen Jelly Bean.
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It's a Onesie Warehouse Weekend!

Saturday 11 May 2013

Today is the first day of my much awaited week off and I'm celebrating in style by rocking my new zip up LOVE Print onesie (£20) from Onesie Warehouse. The lovely Lucy at OW sent me it about a week ago and it's already pretty tricky to separate us for longer than a wash cycle! 

Onesie Warehouse stock all in one's for men, women and kids in a wide range of styles, starting at £15 :) I love that this thick cotton one is form fitting all over because it's nice to look kinda hot even when you're not trying to be, but for this reason I'd consider sizing up if you're after a looser fit (this is an L/UK12). The hood is a great hide behind for those dark Sunday morning moments and you can keep your phone or a sneaky stash of M&M's (ahem) in the kangaroo pocket which is always handy. PICS!

uk style and fashion blog onesie warehouse review post

I love the graffiti print, I feel like I could just bust out a slick dance move on the way to the kitchen from the living room ;) Oh, and please excuse the puddytat, basically if I'm on the bed, then he's on the bed!

uk style and fashion blog onesie warehouse review post

So this is finally my week off and I'm the happiest girl in the world. Let the onesie wearing commence!

J - Big LOVE.
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Festival Fashion 2013: Wildfox Tank and Stud Biker Boots from SoYouShoes.co.uk!

Friday 10 May 2013

My outfit inspiration comes from all different places, I read a lot of blogs (shock) and style stalk a number of celebrities. I'm heading to Glastonbury 2013 next month so I've been checking out what the celebs wore to Coachella 2013. I loved what the Victoria's Secret angels were rockin', those girls have such a natural style! 

Ludi Delfino looked awesome in a wildfox tee, shorts and boots, so I decided to wear something similar today and channel my inner angel.

Glastonbury Fashion 2013
Hat: M&S - Vest: Wildfox - Shorts: Hudson Jeans - Bracelet - F21 - Biker boots: c/o SoYouShoes

Vanessa Hudgens Demi Lovato and Fearne Cotton have all been seen wearing studded biker boots and I'm an absolute sucker for this style. I've had my eye on some different designer pairs for a while now but my heart skipped a beat when I spotted these biker boots for only £40 from SoYouShoes.

Wildfox Festival Fashion

Wildfox vests are perfect for throwing over a bikini/tube top and pairing with ripped denim jeans. Alessandra Ambrosio, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale have all been papped wearing theirs and I have a few (aka 5ish) myself. This beauty was given to me by one of my favourites on my birthday - I really like the Asymmetrical hem!

Affordable Studded Biker Boots from SoYouShoes.co.uk!

Here's a close up of my biker boots, as you can see they cope well with mud which is good! These snaps were actually taken in the rain so I like to think of today as preparation for Glastonbury haha. It may rain but I'll try my hardest to keep stylin'.

SoYouShoes have tons of cute styles at really affordable prices, I definitely recommend giving their site a browse if you haven't before. I'm in between sizes but I took the smaller size in these and I still have room! They're really comfy and I think they look like they're worth more than £40.

Are you heading to a festival this year? Where do get your style inspiration?

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T - Wannabe festival angel. XoX
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Today I'm Wearing . . . Ruby Rocks Eastern Peacock Dress at Fuse Fashion!

Thursday 9 May 2013

I'm so into shirt dresses right now, they're such a cool shape and easy to wear. Today's outfit post features a beautiful printed button up dip hem shirt dress by Ruby Rocks at Fuse Fashion.

The Ruby Rocks Eastern Peacock Dip Hem Dress - £39, instantly caught my eye because I grew up staring at silk prints and embroidered pictures similar to this pattern in my grandfather's house, lost in the bright colours and delicate drawings. It's quite long on me, but I belted it up and ta daaaaa, one super cute dress for summer! My grandpopz would be proud of me embracing my oriental heritage ;)

Outfit: Dress - c/o Fuse Fashion, Bag - H&M, Boots - c/o SoYouShoes, Belt - New Look.

UK Style & Fashion Blog Outfit Post Fuse Fashion Ruby Rocks Eastern Print Dip Hem Dress

I took inspiration from Bai Ling's costumes in Wild Wild West and styled it up with some east meets west flavour by teaming it with black leather and fringing on both my boots and bag, adding some vibrant purple nail polish to pop against my bag!

UK style & fashion blog fringed H&M mini rucksack bag outfit post.

The dip hem on the dress gives me a nice sense of security. I knew I'd made the dress shorter than it was meant to be, but the longer back and long sleeves made sure that my modesty was firmly intact all day and I felt really confident even when hit with a River Mersey summer breeze!

uk style and fashion blog ruby rocks at fuse fashion eastern print dress and western boots.

The boots are from So You Shoes - £35, and are my new fave shoes for sure. They're the perfect skirt and dress boots, that rare breed that you can look down on and smile at :)

uk style and fashion blog so you shoes western boots fringed boots outfit post

The pattern of the dress is so vivid and busy that I went without jewellery for today. Tis' a special piece that comes between me and my jewelz but I felt it was a stand alone print that spoke volumes by itself. I'm not sure I'll ever wear it as a knee length style (I'm too short for that really) but I couldn't be happier with how it looks belted. This dress is definitely going to be a summer fave, I think it would look really cute with strappy heels for a summer wedding too!

J - Little China Girl.
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