Rawr Girls LOVE: Jewelz and Cookies!

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Since my blog outfit photographers are on annual leave, I decided to snap some pictures of my new favourite things. First up are these Monica Vinader moonstone earrings from Charles Fish:

They are sooo pretty. They arrived in a gorgeous Monica Vinader bag and inside was a little box with this pouch in. I love them! Charles Fish also stocks top jewellery brands such as Alex Monroe so it's worth taking a peek at their online store if you're in need of some new bling. I'm currently trying to avoid this Bumblebee necklace...

COOOOOKIES. Peanut Butter to be exact. I can't stop eating these bad boys and it's all The Dressing Room's fault. Their Twitter team suggested I bake them & now I'm barely eating anything else. The recipe is from The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and it's crammed with other delicious nommy's if peanut butter isn't your thing. HELP ME.

Last week I picked up this necklace from the Topshop sale for £3.50, what a bargain. It reminds me of Bjorg/Erin Wasson/Pamela Love but obviously on a much cheaper scale. I love the feathers & it's really long so it will look great with maxi dresses.

Have you bought any bargain/delicious jewelz recently? Sharing is caring! ;)

T - AKA the Cookie Monster. XoX
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Lust Have - Warehouse Canyon Print Dress!

Sunday 29 July 2012

I was browsing the New In's yesterday and this dress literally made my jaw drop - how gorgeous is this Canyon Print Dress, £70, from Warehouse?!

The print is amazing, so detailed and inspired, and the whole design looks SO expensive. I could easily see this walking down a high end runway.

We would team this dress with a chunky pair of flat boots like these gorgeous studded ones from Matalan (just £40!), a biker jacket such as my new H&M faux leather one which was only £29.99 and some navajo inspired accessories - cuuuuute!

Totally in love with this outfit idea now, gahhhhhh!!!

J - Canyon see what I mean? ;)
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FRIDAY FUNDAY! The Making Of A Domestic Sith Lord . . .

Friday 27 July 2012

DERN DERN DUUUURRRNNNN DUN DEH DUUUURRNNNN DUN DEH DUUURRRRNNNNNN! Check this out you weak pathetic fools - I have a Darth Vader Apron!

T will vouch for the amount of Star Wars merch in my house, basically if it has Lucasfilm on it, I'm on it, so when Truffle Shuffle asked me if I wanted to pick out a piece from their retro movies line I headed straight for this £12.99 piece of essential equipment knowing EXACTLY what I could do with it for a post!

The apron comes in a neat tube, about the same size as your lightsaber handle, so it's ideal for gifting. . .

It's a good size, suitable for use by anyone as petite as Leia through to full on Wookie height. It's probably not going to work for you if you're an Ewok though.

It's a nice thick and strong durable material, and appears to have a water resistant coating on it which is handy when you're giving the Death Star a good mop around. Those pesky Stormtroopers can be such mucky pups.

Unfortunately, whilst the apron may fend off the grease dissolving power of Cif, it seems to have defeated the power of the dark side, leaving just a pile of not very intimidating black threads on the tiles. TUT! ;)

We may be fashion bloggers, but sometimes you just have to let it out, drop the self conscious poses and get your geek on. I can't think of a better place to let your buns down than Truffle Shuffle!

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Thursday Thirst List - ASOS!

Thursday 26 July 2012

NEW SPOT!! Welcome to the Thursday Thirst List, a weekly spot where we spotlight our top 5 items from a single store's New In's. First up is ASOS, which is always a good time ;) Enjoy . . .

LnA Lisbeth Leggings - £85. These literally make us feel funny, like climbing the rope in gym class. Another LnA classic that will be in our wardrobes for years.

ASOS Limited Edition Cat Earrings - £5. Pretty kitties, sure to be snapped up by any crazy old cat lady like moi.

ASOS Jogger in Disney Print - £35. TOO. MUCH. FUN. And just a touch of Jean Charles de Castelbajac, which we likey. Wear with this seasons wedge high tops and a neutral toned boyfriend tee for a relaxed and playful look.

Lazy Oaf Batman Backpack - £55. We struggled to pick a feature piece from the jawdroppingly awesome Lazy Oaf x Batman line, but went with this bag because it's super easy to wear. Holy roomy back candy Batman!

Blue Valley Fringed Biker Jacket - £180. You're just too good to be truuuue, can't take me eyes off of yooooou . . . why are all the pretty things so expensive? Siiiiighhhhh.

So there you go. This is our ASOS wishlist for this week, all donations are very welcome indeed *checks blackberry for wierd men looking for young women to send gifts to randomly* ;)

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My New Look - The Lady Of The Manor!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Once upon a time I rarely shopped in New Look, but over the past couple of years my wardrobe has started to fill up with lots of their yummiest pieces! My latest addition is (another) dip hem dress:

I already own their dip hem skirts in electric blue & black which I absolutely adore. I've probably tried on every dip hem skirt sold on the high street & the New Look ones are by far the best for fit & value.

I'm wearing the Black Bandeau Dip Hem Dress (£24.99) which is amazingly priced considering it's only £2 more expensive than the skirts. I found it hiding behind a row of different dresses so was super chuffed to snag the last one.

It's actually listed under the Party Dresses section on their website which just proves how versatile it is. Although I'll mostly wear it in the day with boots, it would also look fantastic with some Lita's, a studded clutch & some glamorous make-up for a night out!

I decided to wear it with my favourite boots (Matalan), a dream catcher necklace from Urban Outfitters & an Accessorize cuff for a casual Rawr Girl look.

I feel so comfortable in it, it has a great fit & is perfect for hiding any lumps and bumps. I was running & jumping around the estate while posing for these snaps without the worry of flashing too much flesh. That's another great thing about dip hem dresses, they keep you covered!

T - She's a real lady. XoX
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Rawrgirls Review . . . FISH FreshFish Revitalising Dry Shampoo!

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Like most girls, I LOVE dry shampoo. Any girl that says she enjoys washing her hair is lying. Lying or really really in need of a lifestyle change. Anyhoo, my problem is that I love dry shampoo as I said, BUT the greasy haired girl's sweetheart Batiste hates me and my scalp. Bazinga. So I thank Patz for the new wave of branded dry shampoos that we have been blessed with over the past year or so, jumping on newcomers like Kim on Kanye, and with that I'd like to introduce you to my new fave - FISH FreshFish Revitalising Dry Shampoo, £3.49 from KMI and Boots.

Definitely more of a fresh maker than a masker, FreshFish does exactly what it says on it's purple tin. There is a white residue on application (show me a dry shampoo that doesn't at first) but this ruffles or brushes in nicely, disappearing quickly to leave happy hair that no longer screams 'I wanted an extra 15 minutes in bed today' - good times ;) The scent is really nice, I can't put my finger on it but it smells like summer holidays and sun lotion, similar to my fave Palmolive Almond Shower Milk, if you're familiar with that product. This is a good thing when you are trying to force good feelings onto yourself on a mid-week morning!

My only gripe, and I think this is probably a necessary evil for dry shampoo, is the ratatattat from the aerosol when you shake it. I don't know about anyone else, but it only serves to make me want to shake the can less than I should which isn't ideal.

Overall though, loves it and will definitely be buying another can to further encourage blatent snooze button hitting with confidence!

J - Thank Cod for FISH.
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You're The One That I Want! Grease Tee From Truffle Shuffle!

I've loved Truffle Shuffle for years, not only are they my preferred stockist for Junk Food, they also stock a whole ton of amazing retro tees & accessories. It's pure T Shirt heaven.

They have a massive selection of TV and Movie T Shirts & just looking through them all brings back happy memories about the good ole days...They just don't make films like they used to!

I have a real weakness for printed tees so after drooling all over their website, I ended up getting my paws on one of TS's coolest Grease Film T Shirts.

Even though the film had been out for well over a decade by the time I was at high school, every girl I knew wanted to be Sandy when Grease was on. I remember singing my heart out to 'You're the One That I Want' in music class & begging our music teacher to let us watch it again and again.

As a sweet young thing, I always dreamed of being a Rydell High cheerleader, so wearing this tee - Grease Rydell High Cheerleading T Shirt, £20 brings back fond memories of being an excitable youngster (because I'm SO old now - haha). I just wish I had it 10 years ago!

It has a really nice fit (this one is a size small) and like classic films, it's really well made. I paired it with my Victoria's Secret blazer, XX Hi Converse & Warehouse denim shorts to give off a wannabe cheerleader vibe.

I might re-watch Grease this evening for some more fashion inspiration because Sandy sure knows her stuff! She practically invented Disco Pants. ;)

Head on over to Truffle Shuffle if you're in need of a blast from the past, they also stock dudes clothing too! I'm currently eyeing up some mighty cool Ghost Busters T Shirts and my boyfriend is pining over the Top Gun tees. Spoilt for choice.

T - Gooooo RYDELL! XoX
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Sunday Style - Lovers & Friends Of Tribeca Shoes!

Monday 23 July 2012

The weather has been glorious this weekend, and non stop sun means non stop shorts so I dug a pair of Lovers & Friends leopard lovelies to pair with my new black wedge sneaks from hot new online shoe store Tribeca!

Once again BF and I went for a local 'walk' (I do believe that's what it's called when you put one foot in front of the other for a prolonged period of time), so I took the opportunity to get some sun and shadow soaked pics :)

I've had these shorts for ages but only took the tag off them yesterday (TUT!), they're super silky and verge on nightwear but dressing them down with a plain-ish Wildfox tee worked so I'm sure I'll be wearing them more often now - yey! Once again I'm rocking my trusty hands free Topshop studded bumbag (this thing is becoming the new cat Lita's), and lightly accessorising with the Vivienne Westwood handkerchief T got me a few Christmas's ago wrapped around my wrist for a splash of colour.

And now to introduce my latest pair of wedge high tops, black and velcro strapped this time, from new local to me store Tribeca Shoes - £30. These are more Ash-alike than my nude pair, but without the Ash-alike price, and I love them! Such a little detail, but I love the white sole. I have an issue with black trainer style shoes, I think because we could wear them for school so I now associate all black trainers as yawnsville! The white sole makes them pop a bit more and tricks my brain into accepting them, and I'm so glad it has - how cute are they? ;)

They have both lace up and velcro fastenings, but they also have a side zip which makes it easier to get them on and off. They're so comfortable too, I literally hiked up a hill in them without one complaint!

I could totally get hooked on Tribeca, the styles and prices are top notch plus they have free delivery and 15% off your first order using code TRIBECA007 - go see!

J - Hiking is Vogue.
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Motel Style - A Chica In Love With Another Chika.

I'm the biggest Motel fan ever. I can still remember popping in to their Bristol store during free periods at college & falling in love with everrrrything.

The brand has come a long way since then (where did the past decade go!?) & my love for Motel has only increased. I was SO excited when I spotted this Chika Strapless Dip Hem Dress (£52) from their new Autumn collection!

The new season is full of gothic-inspired prints, their iconic bodycon dresses, as well as dip hem & peplum dresses. Although the weather is improving (finally) I think this dress is a perfect transitional piece.

My jewelz are both from EC One. I'm wearing my trusty Michael Milloy 'Forgive & Forget' Skull necklace & a striking purple Mojo studded wrist wrap/belt. I can't help but think this outfit would look amazing with Lita's!

I adore the leopard print bodice & I think the dip hem skirt gives it even more of an edgy vibe. You can buy the dress in different prints but this one is my favourite, it's sooo RAWR.

You can check out more of the Autumn collection in this YouTube video, the model is such a total babe:

Is anybody else in love with Motel's new arrivals? I can't wait to see what'll be next!!

T - Just a chica in love with another chika. XoX
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In The Wild - A Country Walk In Wedge Sneaks!

Sunday 22 July 2012

Yesterday the BF and I took a walk. This is unheard of for us, we usually don't do weekend walking unless it's from a car park to a mall, but it was such a nice day we decided to take some pics of me 'in the wild' for my usual Saturday Style slot. Adventurous non?!

I had already dressed when we decided to go for our walk, and as I was desperate to wear my new nude wedge sneaks from My Glamour Heels I threw caution to the wind and kept them on despite the mud and grass warnings. I imagine this is the type of diva strop Mariah's people have to deal with. Anyhoo, here I am, keeping very close to the 'path' and somehow managing to avoid any light coloured shoe vs nature mishaps - phew!

This look is made up of my fave Wildfox Extinct Is Forever Dress worn as a sweater (I LOVE these WF beach style sweaters and I need moar in my life), from Ad Hoc London, and teeny All Saints khaki shorts from TK Maxx :)

I love these shoes, I've struggled to commit to a pair of wedge sneaks all season but I finally threw in the towel and got my paws on these Nude Trainer Wedges - £29.99, from new online store My Glamour Heels, who only opened this month!

They look SO crisp, I just love that new white lace glare! My boyfriend commented on how small they make my feet look, I'm only a 5 anyway but they are super cute on your feet and really comfortable. They're not suede, nubuck or even faux suede but more of a strokeable velvet, yum! My socks are from River Island, I didn't like them when I first opened them so they've been unhappy in my sock drawer, but they look really good with these shoes so hurrah!

I've really taken to carrying my Topshop studded bumbag around on my shoulder, it's so handy, as is the ASOS leopard bow hairband around my arm. You never know when you might stumble across a heaving dancefloor and have a sudden need to tie your hair up. Even in the middle of nowhere ;)

Jewellery wise, the leopard ring is Betty Jackson from Debs, the cat and mouse wrapped around my jade band are from Cheap Frills, I love this triple combo - too cute. My bracelets are all totally different; the owl is from River Island, the heart is from Mood Jon Richard at Debs again and the rose gold band is Monica Vinader.

All in all, fine holiday fun. We're going somewhere else again today so no doubt Sunday Style will be another green one, stay tuned for more jaunts wearing inappropriate footwear to the wilderness of Runcorn and surrounding areas ;)

J - Girl Scout.
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Choo Choo! All Aboard The Glamorous Train!

Friday 20 July 2012

I think I love this blog photo location. I'm all over this train and wearing my new favourite colour again, Royal Blue!

I'm rocking the Dianna Dress (£34.99) from Glamorous. Not only am I dip-hem crazy (honestly, I've lost count of how many dippy dresses/skirts I own) but I'm starting to develop a Glamorous obsession.

Looking out for RPattz...

I just love their vast selection of affordable goodies. Obviously this outfit isn't complete without my signature Matalan boots (someone please buy me new ones, I fear for the day these die) & some bling.

My bling is also pretty glamorous, I'm rocking the L.A. Winged necklace (€195) by French designer Shourouk. It's a little pricey but I love it & will keep it forever!

So let me know your thoughts, do you think Kate would approve? I can't wait for our 'Summer' next week, I might even ditch the boots & wear sandals! ;)

T - Oh the flossy flossy! XoX
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Owning That Railway Track Like It's A Runway!

Thursday 19 July 2012

On Sunday I wore my new Nude Tailored Blazer (£26.99) & my gorgeous Coral Suede Ankle Boots (£31.99) from Own The Runway!

It was a beautiful sunny day in Bristol, so some friends & I went to the harbour to spend the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine.

Talk about the perfect excuse to pile on my cutest clothes on & snap some pics. I paired my latest blazer with a sweet camisole from Forever New & a pretty lace skirt from Next. I added my feather belt from Urban Outfitters to give it a bit more RAWR & my favourite Lovisa peace ring.

Check out my foot candy...Ay carumba!!

I'm absolutely in love with these boots & unsurprisingly, so are little girls. Sunday was really busy by the docks (everyone wanted to enjoy the good weather) so there were lots of people admiring my footwear, including mini people! 3 separate little girls stopped when they spotted me & pointed out my 'pink shoes' to their mummies...Aww.

I feel so girly & summery in this outfit. My blazer is perfect for throwing over dresses/wearing with jeans & the boots are perfect for wearing with...everything! I desperately need them in different colours.

Have y'all shopped at Own The Runway before? I've just been looking at their latest pieces, someone give me the blue biker jacket STAT! ;)

T - Everyday is a fashion show and the world is our runway. XoX
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OMG - Windswept but working it like a Royal!

Wednesday 18 July 2012

I've been looking for a simple jersey dress for a few weeks but didn't want to fork out a lot for one. After spotting OMG Fashion on Twitter, I was soon introduced to THE perfect (affordable) jersey dress...

I'm such a huge fan of Royal Blue this S/S because it tends to compliment my complexion & makes my eyes *pop*. This yummy Asymmetric Jersey Dress is only £17.99 and fits like a dream, not too tight but not too loose!

I've paired it with my favourite Low Luv x Erin Wasson cross necklace, Bjorg x UO locket & a Next cuff. To add a little more shape I added this studded leather belt from Topshop. Wearing my Matalan worker boots allows me to channel my inner Aussie girl & add a bit of KA-POW to my look!

I feel sooo comfortable in this dress. I think I might follow J's lead & wear a t-shirt over it so it looks like a skirt, that way I can get 2 outfits out of 1!

Not only do OMG Fashion sell super cheap goodies, they also offer free delivery which is fab. I now have my eye on some of their spiked shoes & an amazing 'Biker Chic' jacket that would look amazing with this outfit.

T - A little windswept but OMG, totz in love with this dress! XoX
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You Have No Power Over Me! Labyrinth Tee From Truffle Shuffle!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Truffle Shuffle is one of those online stores that just has you pulling a squee face at your screen as you browse, I think we've all had one of those 'OMG remember that?!' moments as you scan past the Movie T Shirts and retro merch galore - it makes you feel like a kid again?!

So in the spirit of feeling like a kid, I got my paws on one of TS's exclusive Labyrinth Film T Shirts and played a little dress up, inspired by Sarah and her play acting in the movie. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the garden patio beyond the back kitchen to take back the child that you have stolen. For my pose is as strong as yours, and my style is as great...

Yep, I have a tutu dress under the tshirt and I'm wearing purple DM's. Believe me, it took all my might not to rob the neighbour's Dulux dog and run around the patio marking out my progress with lipstick. I felt so impish in the tshirt, which is the You Remind Me Of The Babe Bowie Labyrinth T Shirt, £20!

I have always ADORED everything about Labyrinth; the amazing soundtrack (I used to do the Chilly Down dance in the living room in the summer hols), the beautiful masquerade ball scenes, Ludo and the rocks - ahhhhhh, memories! Annnnnnnd this is the part where I admit to harbouring a wierd crush on David Bowie in Labyrinth as a kid, maybe it was the tra la la tights or the eyeshadow skillz I don't know, but I'm still pretty darn happy to have him on my chest 0:) The tee itself is exactly what you would expect from Truffle Shuffle; quality cotton, a true to size fit (this is a ladies L) and a good print, plus the Labyrinth range is exclusive to them so if you see someone else wearing one, give them a little Truffle Shuffler wave and a wink ;)

Be sure to check out the retro movie t shirts featuring Goonies, Star Wars, Marvel, Clueless, Grease and even more childhood faves at Truffle Shuffle, it's officially awesome!

J - Who me? Nooooo, I'm just a worm!
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Rawrgirls Review - AKA Liquid Eyeliner!

Monday 16 July 2012

I'm obsessed with liquid eyeliners lately after recently perfecting my flick technique, and I love this Grey Blue (£7) colour from new brand A.K.A Cosmetics.

The colour is a very pretty, well, grey blue (surprise surprise!) and as well as by itself, I also tend use it to add a flash of colour over an already applied black baseline, especially when I'm wearing false lashes as I am here (Eylure Hed Kandi Twisted Disco) to conceal any join lines :)

The consistency is really good, generally needing only 2 coats to get a firm block colour, and the brush is fine whilst managing a good sized line first time around and is easy to wield. As for durability, it pretty much lasts all day, with only a quick re-application of the outer flick required. I also like how it doesn't bleed into the corner of my eye if I attempt to line my upper lid all the way (my E.L.F liquid liner literally fills my tear duct with colour and scares the hell out of me for about 5 minutes until I've baby wiped it all out and ruined my make up!).

Overall, fine holiday fun and when my 9200 black liners have run out I totally plan to get this in black (I need to learn to kerb my addiction first) ;)

J - Fifty Shades of Grey Blue.
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