Choo Choo! All Aboard The Glamorous Train!

Friday 20 July 2012

I think I love this blog photo location. I'm all over this train and wearing my new favourite colour again, Royal Blue!

I'm rocking the Dianna Dress (£34.99) from Glamorous. Not only am I dip-hem crazy (honestly, I've lost count of how many dippy dresses/skirts I own) but I'm starting to develop a Glamorous obsession.

Looking out for RPattz...

I just love their vast selection of affordable goodies. Obviously this outfit isn't complete without my signature Matalan boots (someone please buy me new ones, I fear for the day these die) & some bling.

My bling is also pretty glamorous, I'm rocking the L.A. Winged necklace (€195) by French designer Shourouk. It's a little pricey but I love it & will keep it forever!

So let me know your thoughts, do you think Kate would approve? I can't wait for our 'Summer' next week, I might even ditch the boots & wear sandals! ;)

T - Oh the flossy flossy! XoX


  1. This dress is just gorgeous! I love the colour and of course dip hem!
    Cara x

  2. Soooooo gorgeous. Love how the boots give it an edge.

  3. Stunning dress, I love how you have styled it! xox

  4. That is such a cool location for your outfit post! Blue looks great on you and I'm loving the boots xx

  5. Hi-low dress with black boots is amazing! You look adorably fab.

    P.S. Would be happy to exchange links with you. Let me know. :)


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