Sugarhill Boutique's Holiday Shop!

Saturday 31 May 2014

Honeys, I'm hoooooome! I arrived back in the UK this afternoon and I was greeted with a few treats, including this awesome new Mexican-inspired dress from the ever fabulous, Sugarhill Boutique!

Sugarhill Boutique Blog Review
Leather World Globe Watch
Sugarhill Boutique Holiday Shop
Mex Tex Sugarhill Boutique Dress
Dress: c/o Sugarhill Boutique - Belt: Anthropologie - Necklace: Next - Watch: eBay - Gladiator Sandals: Handmade in Vietnam

My dress is part of their awesome new holiday shop which is crammed with beautiful pieces perfect for wearing in the Summer or while on vacation! I opted for this Mex Tex Dress because it features an unusual Mexican tile print and looks pretty boho, which is my favourite style. I love wearing gladiator sandals on holiday and had this pair made a few years ago while in Hoi An, Vietnam. I designed them myself (thanks to some Dolce & Gabbana inspiration), picked the leather and went back 24 hours later to collect them. I think they work perfectly with my new frock, wouldn't you agree?

I try to travel relatively light and only take a few bits of jewellery/minimal accessories with me when I go on vacay, so to complete my look I simply added a belt, pendant and my new globe watch. Next week I'll probably feature some of my holiday outfits so keep checking back if you're interested! 

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials? Would you wear this dress?

T - Missing the beach already!
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Rawrgirls Review . . . Additional Lengths 100% Human Hair Wraparound Ponytail Hair Extension!

I already have long hair, that much is obvious, but when I pull it up into a high pony it still lacks that extra bit of oomph! Enter hair extension experts Additional Lengths with the 100% Human Hair Wrap Around Ponytail, at £60. I have a friend who wears ponytail extensions every single day while her hair grows to her desired length, so I've been intrigued by the style for ages. This one is 17.5" long, so it blends in well with the length of my own hair, and with 65g of human hair it feels light and easy to wear whilst still providing a ton of extra volume. 

It's available in a massive 17 shades, but I chose Darkest Brown, which also seems to have a slight chestnut tint to it which is handy because so does my natural colour (thanks ginger dad!). It's super soft and silky, kind of putting my own locks to shame, and really easy to pop in. Just pull your own hair into a high pony, securing tightly with a band, then slide the grips into the top of the bobble and wrap the covered part around your own hair. Once you're fully wrapped you just wind the small section around the base to hide any joins or clips - ta daaaaa! It took a few goes to get it right but like anything, practice makes perfect! And here's the finished result!

Hair extension c/o Additional Lengths
Additional Lengths 100% human hair wrap around ponytail extension review uk style and fashion blog
Additional Lengths 100% human hair wrap around ponytail extension review uk style and fashion blog

See how thick and bouncy it looks? It got me thinking, could I achieve the latest celeb fave thick ponytail plait using this extension? As it turns out, YES! I then got carried away and stuck some daisies in. It felt very Rapunzel in Tangled hair, so I did a few twirls around the garden to celebrate ;)

Additional Lengths 100% human hair wrap around ponytail extension review Rapunzel Tangled hair uk style and fashion blog
Additional Lengths 100% human hair wrap around ponytail extension review Rapunzel Tangled hair uk style and fashion blog

Looks cute huh?! And I could never have got such a full plait without the hairpiece, I love how it's the same size all the way down to the end where my real hair will always tail off into a thin point which spoils the effect. This is probably one of loads of styles that would be improved with the addition of this extension. I'm also wondering if I could pin it into a fuller, messier bun style?

Anyway, fine holiday fun, two thumbs up! I definitely recommend this product, and if you're in the market for something like this you must take a look at Additional Lengths. They stock absolutely tons of hair products from extensions and hairpieces of all styles, wigs and accessories like colours, electrical stylers and brushes - a one stop shop really!

J - Tangled!
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People Tree Black Zandra Rhodes Skirt!

Friday 30 May 2014

When I visited Pure London earlier this year, I had a look at some pieces from the People Tree x Zandra Rhodes collection. The prints are really fun and eye catching, and during my visit I fell in love with this voluminous statement tulip skirt (currently on sale):

Oasis Plain Dip Back Camisole
Zandra Rhodes People Tree Tulip Skirt
People Tree x Zandra Rhodes Review
Cami: Oasis - Skirt: c/o People Tree - Ted Baker Heels: c/o Very - Necklace: Accessorize 

One online review suggests it runs a size small but I'd completely disagree, I'd say it runs true to size if not a teeny bit large as I had to take my size 8 in at the waist! I paired it with a simple dip back camisole from Oasis, my orange Ted Baker heels and some bling for a smart casual look. 

People Tree is 100% Fair Trade and has been working with Fair Trade farmers and artisans in the developing world for more than 20 years. I know I've said it before but ethical fashion gives me the warm and fuzzies. Awww.

Do you own anything from People Tree? Are you a fan of statement prints?

T - Following the jungle trail.
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#OOTD Soaked In Luxury at Coco Marie, Wildfox Jeans and Inkkas!

Thursday 29 May 2014

I just had myself a very long bank holiday weekend, a five dayer instead of the usual three, and spent the time wisely - getting to know some new wardrobe friends :)

My grey sweater is by Soaked In Luxury at Coco Marie and I haven't taken it off since I got it. I've been wearing it with jeans, little flippy skirts, office trousers and even tying it around my waist as an accessory, so even at £59 it's probably already down to about a tenner in pounds per wear ;) Soaked In Luxury is literally just that, all their casual jersey pieces are so soft and comfortable it's unreal so they're well worth the money. This is a size L and it's just the right shape and length for me. It's perfect for this unpredictable errr, 'summer' we're having right now, not too heavy but not too light - Goldilocks.

Outfit: Sweater - Soaked In Luxury c/o Coco Marie, Jeans - Wildfox, Jacket - Ruby Rocks, Shoes - c/o Inkkas, Bracelet - A Midnight Wonderland, Watch - Casio Sheen.
uk style and fashion blog Inkkas shoes peru ethical fashion wildfox denim Soaked in Luxury Coco Marie outfit post

Check out the pretty lace detail on the shoulders. I actually put my hair up a lot more when I'm wearing this to give shoulder browsers a thrill ;) It gives it a a bit of a summery feminine look, which is what allows it to work so well with skirts I think. You'll definitely be seeing more of this one as the weather picks up - yey!

uk style and fashion blog Inkkas shoes peru ethical fashion wildfox denim Soaked in Luxury Coco Marie outfit post

I thought the neutral grey worked really well with my new Inkkas shoes, which are a cute pair of patterned showstoppers by themselves! Inkkas are made in Peru from authentic, local fabrics by skilled local producers. We instantly fell in love with this brand as Tara brought back a stackload of cute local bits from her travels in Peru, and seeing these colours and patterns brings back such good memories! 

uk style and fashion blog Inkkas shoes peru ethical fashion wildfox denim Soaked in Luxury Coco Marie outfit post

They're so comfortable and have attracted quite a few admiring glances from fellow shoppers. These are the Inkkas Coyote Slant Top (£60) and can be found online or exclusively at Topshop Oxford Circus.

uk style and fashion blog Inkkas shoes peru ethical fashion wildfox denim Soaked in Luxury Coco Marie outfit post

The awesome thing about Inkkas is that, aside from being super stylish and ethically sourced, for every pair bought they plant a tree in South America - the One Shoe One Tree Project. So that's something else to feel good about as you lace up :)

uk style and fashion blog Inkkas shoes peru ethical fashion wildfox denim Soaked in Luxury Coco Marie outfit post

So I'm back to work now and hating life as per. I wish I could always dress in my 'own clothes' every day like this. I mean, it's not like I have to wear a uniform, but office trousers are soooooo restrictive and I find it difficult to be fashionably imaginative at 7am in the morning . . .

J - Peru-se my wardrobe.
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The Rogue + The Wolf, MinkPink and Inkkas Review!

Wednesday 28 May 2014

We had a bit of British sunshine last weekend so I embraced it by getting my pins out in preparation for my holibobs! I was recently sent some treats from one of our favourite boutiques in the world, Coco Marie, including this epic MinkPink Pardon My Freedom Biker Coat (which is currently on sale)!

MinkPink is one of my favourite brands - those Aussie girls have some serious style. Their latest collection is incredible and is full of neons and Aztec prints! This biker jacket is a size small (UK 10)  which I'd say runs slightly large, so size down if you prefer a slimmer fit. It's surprisingly warm and ideal for chilly Spring/Summer evenings. 

MinkPink Pardon My Freedom Biker Coat
MinkPink at Coco Marie
The Rogue and The Wolf Queen of Hearts RingMinkPink jacket: c/o Coco Marie - Cami: Topshop - Necklace: c/o Mi Moneda -Shorts: Warehouse - The Rogue + The Wolf Ring: c/o Coco Marie - Trainers: c/o Inkkas

My adorable little ring is by The Rogue + The Wolf, an awesome new brand which both Coco Marie and I discovered at Pure London earlier this year! They have some gorgeous gothic pieces which range in price, so there's something to suit everyone - this one is an absolute bargain at only £8. The rings come in US sizes which fit true to size. I definitely need moooar in my life.

Inkkas Lynx Oxfords Review

My super cool sneakers are by Inkkas and are handmade by artisans in Peru! Just wearing them gives me the warm and fuzzies because they remind me of all the fun I had in Peru a few years back. They're Fairtrade, Vegan and are cut, sewn and stitched by hand using authentic South American textile. I'm an annoying half size but took a UK 6 in these and they are oh so comfortable. They've just launched their new collection in Topshop, Oxford Circus and are also available at!

Have you heard of Inkkas before? Do you shop at Coco Marie?

T - Feeling South American.
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Rawrgirls Review . . . Mavala Techni-Color Collection!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

This season Mavala are encouraging us to indulge in a little flamboyance with 6 bold new shades from their latest collection - Techni-Color

There's something for everybody in this collection, and I was lucky enough to be sent them all for review - to the colours!

Black Night - because a simple black would be too obvious, so Mavala have specked this one with a metallic green for that Maleficent gothic glam look! This is a 2 coat job, and the green is very subtle but you can catch it in the light. I do lurve this one.

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches Black Night

Arty Pink - a fun and bubbly pink with a subtle light reflective sheen. Again a 2 coater, but a bit tame for me, still it's quite pretty if you're into your pinks.

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches Arty Pink

Cyber Yellow - billed as a fluorescent yellow with green undertones, it's certainly very sharp in tone and changes colour in different lights. I've noticed it ranging from gold through to lemon sherbert and onto a stronger acid yellow. I would've preferred a cream to the metallic but that's personal taste. This is 3 coats and it looks great. 

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches Cyber yellow

Cobalt Blue - a fresh, bright blue with a solid cream finish. This is the type of finish I would've preferred on Cyber Yellow. It's PERF, and definitely my fave of the six. I have literally tens of different blues but this one just went straight to the top of my list. It's dense at 2 coats but a third seals the deal.

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches cobalt blue

Antarctic - white nails are set to be one of this season's must have looks and this is a great place to start. A perfect ice white with cream finish - yey! You can't go wrong with three coats of this and a tan, so I'm all set to work this one all summer.

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches antarctic

Orange Fusion - a melding of orange and red for a pop of colour. A 2 coater, and again like Cyber Yellow it shifts colour in the light. One minute it looks like a juicy orange, the next it's verging more on red. It's nice but I have brighter Mavala oranges in my collection. 

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches orange fusion

Individually, I have big love for Cobalt Blue, Antarctic and Black Night, but when worn together you can suddenly see why they are together in a collection called Techni-Color, it reminds me of the TV testcard! Black and white with a variation of shades that cover the other colours? I was surprised at how well they bounce off each other. Mavala you geniuses.

uk style and fashion blog mavala techni-color collection swatches
 Polish - c/o Mavala

It's no secret that Mavala are my fave nail brand, I have gazillions of these little bottles, so I was super excited to hear that they're launching in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool! No more scouring the internet for swatches before ordering online for me, now I can see them with my own eyes, and at £4.75 each this could be dangerous ;)

J - Techni-Covet.
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Traffic People Catching Dreams - Definitely Maybe Dress!

Monday 26 May 2014

Happy bank holiday Monday y'all! I'm celebrating by sporting my beautiful new frock from the latest SS14 Traffic People collection. I've been a fan of Traffic People since I was a young thang, they always create such unique and gorgeous pieces and I'm an absolute sucker for a pretty dress!

Tokyo Jane Bangles
Traffic People Definitely Maybe Dress
Catching Dreams Traffic People Dress
Dress: c/o Traffic People - Sandals: Paper Dolls - Necklace: Accessorize - Bracelets: c/o The Dressing Room 

This Catching Dreams - Definitely Maybe dress is a delicate lace masterpiece which is perfect for Spring! I'm wearing the size small (8-10) which I'd say fits like a size 8. I accessorised it with coral nails, a statement necklace and my favourite Tokyo Jane bangles from The Dressing Room. I really love this floral outfit, I felt good while I was wearing it so I'm glad the photos do it justice!

I'm all about block heel sandals this season and my snakeskin ones from Paper Dolls were made to be paired with this dress. The dress is a really good length too, it's labelled as a minidress but it's not too short, it's still a classy length.

Are you a fan of Traffic People? Do you like block heel sandals?

T - Feeling floral. 
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COMPETITION! Win a £310 Michael Kors Bag From Cavells!

Sunday 25 May 2014

Boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you guys with our newest competition! Top independent designer fashion boutique Cavells have kindly given us a quite frankly jawdroppingly beautiful Michael Kors Large North/South Leather Tote Bag in the super summery and uber cheery Mandarin colour! Worth £310, this must have bag features a buckled top with logo engraved lock, gold tone hardware throughout, double handles and adjustable shoulder strap, hanging luggage tag and a fully lined interior with inner pockets - siiiiigggghhhhhhh!! Isn't she a beauty?!

So how can you be in with a chance of nabbing this bad boy in time for some summertime showing out?! Easy, with us as always is our friend Rafflecopter who will take you through all your options to rack up those valuable entry points. 

There are only two mandatory ones; answer the question posed in a comment on this post (because we like to see a bit of imagination!), and sign up to the Cavells Newsletter (we're signed up and you can rest assured that it's a delightful and unintrusive piece of fashion focused communication with droolworthy boutique picks!). The other options are the usual social media follows you're used to, so it couldn't be easier! What are you waiting for? GO! . . .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This competition is open to all residents of the UK and runs from 25th May to 15th June 2014. There is no cash alternative to the prize. All entries will be counted and verified before the winner is drawn at random from all qualifying entries. 

Huge thanks to Cavells for such an amazing prize! Good luck everyone, we're totally jealous we can't enter, so do it for us!

J & T - Cavells Chicks
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Rawrgirls Review . . .Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner!

Friday 23 May 2014

Ahhhhhh, the search for a fake tan that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin has been a long and arduous one. I have recently found two rather excellent gradual tanners but the search for a full strength self tanner still continued, until now . . . 

Introducing Skinny Tan! When I got the call to try a sample I thought 'Why not? What's the worst that can happen? I'll suffer 3 days of itchy legs and that's nothing new!'. Skinny Tan sent me the Tan & Tone Kit (£36.99) which contains the Pre Tan Primer and 7 Day Tanner, plus they threw in two tanning mitts for good measure :)

Skinny Tan is billed as the world's first natural tanner that visibly contours your body and reduces the appearance of cellulite. A salon quality self tanner that develops into a golden brown colour that lasts for up to 7 days. Unlike other tanners, Skinny Tan uses only the highest quality naturally derived active ingredients to create a natural tan that won't dry or irritate your skin.

Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner blog review
Skinny Tan products c/o Skinny Tan

The Pre Tan Primer is a good, solid performing body scrub, no complaints there, but the real star of the show is the 7 Day Tanner itself. Using the large mitt, I applied it (quite haphazardly I might add) to every inch of my body. It goes on like a good old fashioned muddy, dark brown fake tan, which dries to a completely horrifying streaky mess, but I persevered and allowed it it develop overnight as advised. Now here's the best bit. NO SMELL. No freaking biscuit smell! I was even triumphantly holding my arm up to my man demanding he sniffed it, and even he had to agree - nothing, even in the morning! So I jumped up and showered the brown coating off to reveal the most perfect golden tan underneath! No smell, no irritation (oh the relief!) and a beautiful, even colour! 

Now I don't know about the whole toning cellulite claim (don't hate me, but I just don't have much of it to inspect!) but my skin did feel soft and smooth afterwards. One of the things I love about tanning is that you instantly feel thinner! Anyway, I was instantly hooked so two nights later I reapplied to get a deeper colour. My tan lasted for a further five days and faded pretty evenly. A girl could get used to this!

My first Skinny Tan experience may have been a sample but I will definitely be repurchasing, I'm very impressed and I can finally have a good fake tan all summer without the hard work and anxiety! Hurrah!

J - Skinny love.
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Joshua James Jewellery Pandora Rings Review + Offer!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Joshua James Jewellery ReviewPandora Princess Tiara Ring Review
Pandora Stacking Rings UK
Pandora Silver Black Onyx Heart Ring
Pandora rings: c/o Joshua James Jewellery

Pandora is one of those brands you can't help but love! Although I'm not really a charm bracelet kind of gal, I'm crazy about their finger candy. Joshua James Jewellery has an incredible selection of sparkly treats and are currently running an exciting 3 for 2 offer on Pandora rings! To celebrate this new promotion, they sent me a trio of my favourite rings to feature in an outfit post. I opted for the silver and black onyx heart ring, princess tiara ring and a silver heart stacking ring which I styled with my oriental maxi dress from Oasis! I think they work really well together, wouldn't you agree? Although it's hard to pick my absolute favourite piece, I think I'm leaning towards the statement heart ring... it's such an awesome size and I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it!

Delivery was extremely fast and each ring comes with a sweet presentation box, making them ideal gifts. The 3 for 2 offer runs from (today) Thursday 22nd May until Monday 26th May. This offer is fantastic as Pandora is a premium jewellery brand so getting a whole ring for free is pretty darn special.

Are you a fan of Pandora? Do you like to stack your rings?  

T - Rawr Girl Princess.
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Very Magazine Feature - Colour Block by Night!

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Last month, I was asked by to take part in a blogger challenge for the May issue of their magazine (which comes in an OK Magazine bundle)! I was given the trend 'Colour Blocking by night' and asked to create a look using a selection of their new in items.

I've worked with Very before (click here for my Bristol street style post) and it's always a huge honour to be featured in a magazine. The mag hit the shelves yesterday and I did a little SQUEE when I picked up a copy before work.

Very Magazine Colour Blocking by Night
Bristol Street Style Blog
Little Mistress Statement Necklace
Oversized White Statement Clutch
Ted Baker Mitla Orange Court Shoes
Colour Block Trend
Jacket: Love Label - Cami: Glamorous - Jeans & Shoes: Ted Baker - Necklace: Little Mistress - Clutch: PIECES c/o Very

Colour blocking can be quite a difficult trend to style, especially at night, but I'm really happy with my final look! I didn't want to go for a bog standard, bodycon dress, so chose pieces which were true to my style and that would work for other trends.

I've always wanted a real white leather jacket but I settled for this faux quilted version from Love Label. The reviews suggested sizing up which I regret doing as it certainly runs true to size. My Glamorous powder pink camisole is quite sheer but has a really loose, generous fit which I like! These awesome Anna skinny jeans from Ted Baker are uber comfortable and I adore the jade colour (which makes me think of Jade - awww). I wasn't sure how they ran so opted my normal size (26) and found they do loosen up quite quickly so if you're inbetween sizes, you might want to go for the smaller size!

I accessorised with a PIECES Sasa oversized clutch bag, a statement necklace from Little Mistress and these awesome Ted Baker Mitla court shoes in orange! I'm a 6.5 in shoes but the 6 fits perfectly and I want to invest in the black pair. They're officially the nicest heels I own.

I was also interviewed about my style and this trend, which you can read if you have a copy of the Very magazine! Are you a fan of colour blocking? Would you wear this outfit?

T - Doing it for the fame.
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#OOTD Mayan, Myself and I . . .

Tuesday 20 May 2014

The weather was glorious, but I had some new Wildfox jeans to wear so I needed a really cool top to let the sun in somewhere! Cue my new MinkPink Mayan Temple Tshirt from fave boutique Coco Marie! It's only £24, and so soft and well cut, plus I love the colours - neon peach and gold on grey and lemon - yum! I have the L and it fits perfectly with just the right amount of crop and drape. MinkPink always get it SO right, siiiiiighhhhh  . . . 

Outfit: Top - MinkPink c/o Coco Marie, Vest (under top) - George at Asda, Jeans - Wildfox, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Bag - Grafea, Earrings - c/o Orelia, Ring - The Rogue + The Wolf c/o Coco Marie, Bracelet - F21, Necklace - H&M, Watch - Casio Sheen.

uk fashion and style blog outfit post minkpink mayan top wildfox jeans grafea bag The Rogue + The Wolf Orelia Horseshoe earrings

And what a stroke of luck that my Grafea rucksack matches the neon in the top perfectly! I think I've found my new fave summer partnership :)

uk fashion and style blog outfit post minkpink mayan top wildfox jeans grafea bag The Rogue + The Wolf Orelia Horseshoe earrings

Tara and I have been dying to get our paws on some of The Rogue + The Wolf's rings since she spied them at Pure some months back, so we were stoked to bag one each from Coco Marie! I got the Rebel Ring in Black (£12). It's a smooth matte polyamide curve that narrows into a wicked spike. I guess you can wear it any way you like but I like it pointing down my finger. Check out the cool woodlike markings in the plastic. It's a pretty distinctive brand and I can't wait to treat myself to another one after no spend month ;)

uk fashion and style blog outfit post minkpink mayan top wildfox jeans grafea bag The Rogue + The Wolf Orelia Horseshoe earrings

I haven't taken these beaut Orelia Horseshoe Earrings (£15) out since I got them! I just love how delicate they are and the turquoise stones really set off a good summer outfit like this one. Turquoise just looks so good against gold! Orelia are into full sunshine season mode right now so if you're looking for some new jewels to compliment your tan I would definitely recommend taking a peek!

uk fashion and style blog outfit post minkpink mayan top wildfox jeans grafea bag The Rogue + The Wolf Orelia Horseshoe earrings

And Tara got me this necklace for my birthday this year and I really like the geometric shaping against the pattern on the tee, plus the spikes mirror the ring and the gold matches the gold on the top. I do love it when a plan comes together.

uk fashion and style blog outfit post minkpink mayan top wildfox jeans grafea bag

Is everyone on top of their summer wardrobe game by now, or do still have stuff to get? 

So as I write this, a post about a summer look, it's literally booming with thunder and lightning outside. Oh British weather, you eclectic mental beast you. 

J - I Should Coco.
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Ways to wear Fever London + a chance to WIN!

Monday 19 May 2014

A few weeks ago, Fever London invited me to take part in their latest SS14 blogger challenge! I was sent a dress from their new collection and given the task of styling it in three different ways. I'm a firm believer in purchasing investment pieces which will last and try to buy a few staple items each season.

If you haven't heard of Fever London before, they stock a whole range of vintage-inspired clothing, including a beautiful range of tea dresses which are perfect for Spring! As much as I love tea dresses, I wanted to give myself a bit more of a challenge, so opted for this lovely, sparkly prom dress...

Outfit 1: Heritage
Fever London Starlight Metallic Prom Dress
Ways to wear Fever LondonDress: c/o Fever London - Bag: Zatchels - Shoes: Chatham Marine - Necklace: Zara Taylor - Cardigan + Hat: H&M

Outfit 2: Occasion
Dress: c/o Fever London - Clutch: Bracher Emden - Bracelet: From Vietnam - Heels: Paper Dolls 

Outfit 3: City
Workwear Prom Dress
Fever London City WearDress: c/o Fever London - Blazer: Own The Runway - Belt: New Look - Bracelets: Tokyo Jane - Bag: Marc B. - Heels: Ted Baker

I wasn't sure how easy it would be to style this awesome Starlight metallic prom dress in three different ways, but I'm quite happy with the end results! 

Outfit 1: Heritage
My first outfit is based on the 'Heritage' theme and is a casual, daytime look. This was possibly the hardest outfit to come up with, turning a sparkly prom dress into an everyday look can be tricky! However, by adding some boat shoes, a boater hat, a satchel and a cardigan, I think I achieved a pretty and casual outfit. Wouldn't you agree!? 

Outfit 2: Occasion
Perhaps unsurprisingly, this combination came to me quite quickly! I added a pair of sandals, a statement leather clutch and some jewellery for a simple, feminine, evening look. The fit of the dress is just perfect, mine is a size 8 and I still have some room in it. If you're inbetween sizes, I would suggest going down a size in this style (unless you're curvier on top). 

Outfit 3: City
Who says workwear has to be boring!? By throwing on a pale pink blazer, adding a belt, some court shoes and an oversized bag, I've created a stylish, sparkly outfit suitable for work. I think this outfit is my favourite of the three!

Do you like how I've styled this dress? Which outfit is your favourite?

***If you fancy winning a £100 gift voucher to spend at Fever London, simply post a picture of you wearing the brand on Instagram, Twitter of Facebook with the hashtag #WearingFever! Their 3 favourites will each get a £100 voucher and the winners will be announced at 10am on Monday 2nd June 2014.***

T - Loving her new wardrobe staple!

*This post is in collaboration with Fever London.
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