Accessories Online & Dogeared Make A Wish Bracelet.

Sunday 30 October 2011

Accessories Online is my favourite online designer jewellery store, I can say that with my hand on my heart. Everything is perfect; the brands, the prices, the service, and the store is actually local to me too - support your local businesses people!

I've bought a few pieces from AO over the past few years, but I've never tried Dogeared, it's a brand that has always intrigued me but the cute little pieces aren't something I'd buy for myself because they seem more suited to gifting, but maybe that's me. Anyway, I was lucky to receive a Dogeared Make A Wish Bracelet with Gold Dipped Elephant - £21.95, to do a little show and tell with, so here goes...

The packaging is suited to the brand. The Dogeared aesthetic is inspired by the natural beauty and casual cool of California and everything they make is Earth friendly and handmade in USA, so the simple card backing makes sense, plus Accessories Online popped it into one of their giftbags which makes it easier if you're gifting one.

The idea behind a Dogeared Make a Wish bracelet is that you make a wish when you put it on for the first time, then they are worn until they wear off, i.e. break (!) and that's when your wish comes true! My first thought upon reading this was wow, a nice idea but any way you look at this you're paying £20 for something that is ultimately going to break! Saying that, many of us don't think twice about dropping £20+ to gift a nice box of chocs or a bunch of flowers, which also don't last very long AND neither do they come with as much thought as one of these bracelets. Swings and roundabouts?

Anyhoo, I have to admit that I was surprised at how delicate the bracelet was, having never seen one of these in 'real life' I wasn't sure what to expect, but despite knowing that it was a thread bracelet I guess I was still expecting a bit more than a piece of coloured waxed cotton for an RRP of over £20. HOWEVER, the dipped gold charm is a delight and I suppose this, combined with the whole idea of what the bracelet represents, is what you are paying for. The charm is super cute and could turn out to be a tad addictive to a trinket lover like me!

It fastens with a simple gold ball and loop system, I've gave it a (gentle) tug and I doubt it's going anywhere. Plus the waxed cotton is quite pliable so it would be easy to adjust and fix into a new loop if you needed to. I guess once the cotton broke you could always keep the charms and rethread them onto something else, leather might give the same look.

I wouldn't buy one of these for myself but I can see the attraction in buying one as a gift which is probably what they are aiming for. Personally, I would want to make sure that my recipient is already a fan (and I'm sure there are already squillions out there!) because I don't think everyone would 'get it', and you don't want them coming back to you weeks later asking if you kept the receipt because it snapped off - nightmare!

They would make a nice collectible, and if you treated them with care they probably last a lot longer than intended. I do like the Dogeared range, and Accessories Online have a TON of it in stock, there's something for everyone; charm bracelets, pins, earrings, rings, necklaces - in choices of silver, gold, leather or cotton like these. I like the overall look of the Make A Wish bracelet, it's very cool, it's just a shame that they eventually break because I'd imagine a few of them together would look so much better than one, but then I wouldn't fancy spending over £100 to get that look and then have them all drop off one day. Saying that, if all my wishes came true at the same time then game on, let's get to showering in these bad boys!

Thanks to Accessories Online for the bracelet, which I promise to look after :)

J - Wishing hard.
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RawrGirl On The Scene Reports on....MANGO Style Night!

Saturday 29 October 2011

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Our RawrGirl on the London scene, Carly, attended the MANGO Style Night on Thursday, a super stylish soiree showcasing the AW11 looks that are tearing up the MANGO stores right now! Carly was treated to an amazing night of fashion and fun, with yummy snackettes, beauty treatments like blowdrying for attendees and a fab goodiebag! - JEALZ! ;)

MANGO Style Night showcased four main looks; Streetwear, Minimal 60's, Ladylike and Evening Wear, represented by these 4 mannequins.

Streetwear & Minimal 60's

Ladylike & Evening Wear

Streetwear is all about chunky knitwear, thick layering, fur-trimmed parkas, plaids and navy duffle coats. The stand out piece is the leather aviator jacket at £669 (GULP but GORGEOUS!).

Minimal 60's - think A-line dresses and mini-skirts, lots of colour-blocking in shades of red, white and grey and roll neck jumpers. The stand out piece was the camel coat at £114.

Ladylike is the most feminine look; a collection of day and evening wear that was very Chanel inspired (think Chanel blazers). An overall monotone colour palette, with the exception being animal prints; leopard and snakeskin. The stand out piece is the white blouse with black trims and bow neck tie at £49.90.

Evening wear is probably our fave look. It's all about mixing matte, fur and sequin finishes. The stand out piece is the red skinny jeans with a matte metal look at £54.90, but Carly also snapped us a close up of the leather trousers and cap-toe heels, which we LOVE!

There was also a selection of gorgeous accessories on show, how cute are the little snakeskin purses?

And of course, the goodie bag was a treat! Featuring CATWALK by Tigi Session Series styling cream, CATWALK by Tigi conditioning samples, CATWALK by Tigi A/W 2011 trends booklet, Teapigs Peppermint tea leaves and a bottle of Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut, all popped into a MANGO ballet-themed shopping bag with ‘We Love It’ slogan - cute!

Carly had an amazing time at the MANGO Style Night, which is good because we hope she'll be our girl on the London scene more often, we're loving her work - thanks C, and thanks to MANGO for having us! :)

J & C - Teamwork!
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Maggie Angus does Hallowe'en Chic!

Tuesday 25 October 2011

We are massive fans of Maggie Angus jewelz here, so when the lovely Anna dropped a memo through about a few pieces that were ideal for Hallowe'en, we had to pass it on! Check out da bonez!! ;)

Made from shiny silver perspex that catches the light as you move, you'll be sure to attract some vampy creatures of the night on the spookiest excuse for a party!

J - Muahahahhahahahahaaaaaaa!!! Evil laugh
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The Coast Party Dress Preview!

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Girls, the party season is a-coming and you know we will all be clamouring for gorgeous, glittering christmas dresses (if you're not already?!) so you're going to want to save this date - Thursday 3rd November 6pm is when the masters of occasionwear Coast, are unleashing their Party Dress Preview!

Be the first to shop the limited edition collection of sparklers, including these to-die-for little numbers. I can't decide between them so I featured all 3!

Sign up here to be notified when the collection launches, I know I'll be there, with christmas bells on!

J - Party Dresses in the hooooouse toniiiiight!
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Sunday Style *except this was actually Saturday night's style!*

Sunday 23 October 2011

I had an office type party to attend on Saturday night, just a meal and drinks, but it's always nice to show my colleagues my true style at times like this because I tend to dress a little bit on the boring side for work - gasp! Yep, think plain tops and smart trousers etc - YAWN!

So this was what I came up with, breaking off a little piece of fierce for them!

Charm Bracelet - Juicy Couture (a jewellery box fave!).

If any one outfit in my wardrobe represented my style it would be this one. I am ALL about leopard, leather and hardware! The Jeffrey Campbell Lita's are an absolute dream - my first pair bought for me by my amazing BF, they are everything I thought they would be and more! He has also ordered me the Cat Tapestry ones for Christmas - yum!

My friend Stephanie bought me the socks as a treat after we saw them go down The Look Show runway, they look so cute with the boots and I also can't wait to wear them with my glitter brogues.

I had a fun night anyway, and the boots were certainly a talking point. I always think it's really interesting to see your colleagues in their 'own clothes'! When you don't work in a uber trendsome office environment (we're in the construction industry so safety shoes and hi-viz waistcoats are de rigueur!) it's easy to slip into an outfit rut so I love seeing everyone dress up!

J - Sleeping in my boots :)
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This or That Tag! Lifted from The Beauty Belle!

Wednesday 19 October 2011

I saw this on The Beauty Belle and I LOVE filling these things in so here goes!

Blush or Bronzer?
Blush, I have to have a natural tan before I'll contemplate bronzer or I just end up colouring myself in one body part at a time.
Lipgloss or Lipstick? This is a tough one, but lipstick. Gloss doesn't have the same impact or satisfaction as a perfectly applied lippie!
Eyeliner or Mascara? Eyeliner. I do love a good scribble!
Foundation or Concealer? Concealer, foundation should never be used as a concealer, but concealer can hold it's own.
Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow? Colours. I am Aveline Boswell and the chick from Watching rolled into one.
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow? Pressed, for the love of a white tshirt, pressed.
Brushes or Sponges? Brushes, sponges make me grimace!

Long or Short?
I keep them short but I LOVE long nails.
Acrylic or Natural? Natural. How does a girl even pull up her knickers with acrylics on? They don't feel like part of your body at all!
Brights or Darks? Brights. I like my nail polish to look like a pick n mix.
Flower or no Flower? What the bejiggity is a flower?!

Perfume or Body Splash?
Perfume, but I do like to layer with a matching lotion.
Lotion or Body Butter? Lotion, slap it on and get dressed. No penguinning around for me.
Body Wash or Soap? Body Wash. Unless it's Lush soap, nom.

Jeans or Sweat Pants?
Bahahahahaaa! Jeans. Even my sweat pants don't like to be called sweat pants.
Long Sleeve or Short? Long sleeves. I have rugby player arms.
Dresses or Skirts? Skirts. Dresses haven't agreed with me since oooh, 2008.
Stripes or Plaid? Stripes. Monochrome stripes rock!
Flip Flops or Sandals? Sandals, but I find either a bit stressful unless I'm on my hols abroad.
Scarves or Hats? Hats, hats, hats! Beanies and bowlers, hoods and hunters - I LOVE!
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Studs. Who doesn't like a nice stud?...
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? Cowboy boots on Raylan Givens....sorry, what was the question?...
Jacket or Hoodie? Hoodie, hood up. I'm a wild one I am.

Curly or Straight?
Curly! Long, curly, big hair like I used to have (SOB!).
Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail. Buns remind me of my teachers despite being uber trendy.
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby's I guess.
Hair Spray or Gel? Hair Spray. I could never imagine using gel, it's for boys in the 80's who wore Jazz isn't it?
Long or Short? Oooh tough. Long. Short looks awesome, but as a girl who is currently growing it all back, I have to say long.
Light or Dark? Dark, sorry blondies but I love my dark hair.
Side-swept Bangs or Full Bangs? Full, I loved Tara's full fringe, she looked super hot!
Up or Down? Down. Down down down down.

Rain or Shine?
Shine, but not super hot shine, just not raining shine thanks. Does that make any sense at all?
Summer or Winter? Winter, I spend May-August just wishing I could wear leather again.
Fall or Spring? Fall. Autumn/Winter is well better than Spring/Summer imo.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, vanilla is weak.

Feel free to lift and pass on, I'd personally like to see Big Fashionista and Lara Lain take it on, just because! Let me know if you take it elsewhere so I can nose at your answers!

J - Nose disease.
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Stolen Thunder Heritage Midsummer Hare Necklace!


I'm loving the new Stolen Thunder Heritage range, dipped gold jewelz that are a touch more delicate and totally different to the Stolen Thunder Original range.

My fave piece is this super cute Midsummer Hare Necklace, £35. Look how teeny but perfect he is!

He's perfect for an Autumn wardrobe of oranges and browns, you can almost imagine him lolloping around the crispy leaves. Yep, that was 'lolloping', feel free to use it in a sentence today ;)

Check out the full Stolen Thunder Heritage range, LOVE the Owl and Hedgehog too!

J - Don't steal my Stolen Thunder.
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Sunday Style!

Sunday 16 October 2011

The sun was shining and I was feeling pretty good today so thought I'd share my outfit with you guys :)

The trousers are 7 For All Mankind Aviator pants, the tee is by Lauren Moshi, the belt is L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani and my boots are Dr Martens. Necklaces and ring are from Cheap Frills and that's a Vivienne Westwood handkerchief tied on my wrist, as per.

This is fast becoming one of my fave weekend outfits. I LOVE these 7FAM trousers, they're so comfortable but pretty fierce. This is my first Lauren Moshi tee and I can now see why they are so expensive, the material is amazing; so silky and soft and it falls perfectly. I think I may be hooked!

The necklaces are from Cheap Frills and are my new faves. I'm kind of obsessed with this vintage gold tone lately and loving the selection from Cheap Frills. These two yummies are called the Lucky necklace - £10, and the Archimedes necklace - £8, and I love how they look together, Archimedes has a shorter chain which makes it ideal for layering like this.

I've had this belt for years. My lust for L.A.M.B. comes and goes now but this belt has always been a steady fave, I love the Old English script. You can just see the gold Cat Ears ring - £6, from Cheap Frills again, I don't think I've taken this off since it landed last week! My nails are frosted with Mavala Acid Yellow, with their Color-Matt Top Coat over it. It reminds me of lemon meringue!

I got these Dr Martens Darla boots this time last year and they still look good now. They add a little bit of height whilst still rocking the stomper look I think an outfit like this needs.

And that was what I wore today! I'm going to try and do more of these posts, I love reading them on other blogs!

J - Coming in with the breeze.
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A Touch of Frosting and Cheap Frills!

Thursday 13 October 2011

Frosting one's paws is always top of a Rawrgirl's list of things to do, and this means a constant flow of hot nails and cool rings. My latest bits of hand candy come from Cheap Frills, who specialise in vintage style jewelz of the cutest sort.

I'm a total kitty cat girl, so the Cat Ears Rings - £6 each, are a must have! I'm breaking all the rules by wearing both tones at the same time, but we all like to live on the edge occasionally ;) The other yummy is the Cicada Bug Ring - £6, I love his sparkly yellow eyes and he really knows how to set off my new Boots 17 Magnetize Polish, the metallic green makes it all feel beetle-esque.

Do you like? I'm totally hooked on these Cat Ears Rings, I can see them getting worn out from so much loving so it's a good job I have two! Go check out Cheap Frills!

P.S. YES. The Boots 17 Magnetized polish IS the shizz and you need it.

J - Feline Fingers!
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Blogger Poses - ICON STYLE!

Tuesday 11 October 2011

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We very rarely do posts like this, but I just wanted to share some of my fave images ever of four of my fave chicks EVER. They're all inspirational, and I literally just noticed how style blogger-esque their poses are so I thought it would make a cool post!

The beautiful and amazingly talented drummer and singer Sheila E. As a kid I would watch my dad's Prince - Sign O' The Times concert video and just marvel at the awesomeness of Sheila and her stage outfits. Totally glam slam.

Grace Jones - I just love this shot, the colours and the ever masculine styling of one of the fiercest women to ever walk the Earth!

The hypnotizing Stevie Nicks. This woman ooozed style and swagger, there's not much more to say, and check out her pre-Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

And finally, the ultimate 80's rock video chick, Tawny Kitaen. Again, another of my childhood hero's, I used to think her hair was like a character from Jem & The Holograms!

All 4 totally different ladies, but they're all my own personal icons in one way or another and have been for as long as I can remember watching tv and listening to music. It just goes to show that a good style/girl crush stays with you forever!

J - In awe.
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Wildfox Liverpool Loves Ya, Baby Hippie tee!

Sunday 9 October 2011

If ever there was proof that Wildfox has a direct link to my WANT button, this is it. I was born and raised in Liverpool AND my dad was a long haired hippie so yeaaaaah, I NEED THIS!!

Karmaloop, $64.

J - Liverpool Loves.
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3:Eleven Boutique - Oh HALE yes!

Wednesday 5 October 2011


3:Eleven Boutique is run by twin sisters Georgina and Liz. It's one of the hottest boutiques around both in real life and online, and has been on our radar for some time (Wildfox stalking demands knowledge of every UK stockist!). So we're now super happy to introduce our exclusive 15% off discount code - STYLERAWR - hurrah!

The girls at 3:Eleven really know their stuff when it comes to choosing the most amazing brands across the globe and bringing them home to us here in sunny Cheshire! They stock the best in One Teaspoon, Wildfox Couture, MiH, ChloBo and Maison Scotch, to name but a few of the droolworthy labels on hand! So obviously you're going to want to use the 15% off code on something pretty right? Well here we are to help you along with a few top picks from the New In section!

I am loving this simple but leo hot American Retro Tracy Belt, it's £70 but a snip at £59.50 with our discount!

This One Teaspoon Winter Dinky Dress in Black is £109 but £92.65 with 15% off! It's feminine but fierce, we'd wear it over faux leather jeans with heavy boots ;)

Who doesn't love a bit of ChloBo?! This ChloBo Mini Noodle Ball Bracelet with Peace Charm is just £45 anyway, but type in STYLERAWR and it's yours for £38.25 - whoop, buy 2 and throw one away! No, don't, but you get the point.

And finally, you knew it was coming - the Rawrgirl tee of choice - Wildfox. we love this Wildfox Couture YES Baggy Beach Jumper, £95. These things are super soft and warm, but light, so perfect for layering with this season! Get it for a more agreeable £80.75 using STYLERAWR at checkout!

It's all good right? We're very excited to welcome 3:Eleven to our sidebar and we're sure the discount will be put to good use by us all (on the sneak, I've already successfully used it - just for testing purposes of course!) :)

If you like the boutique, you'll love the 3:Eleven Boutique blog too, where Liz and Georgina model the new ins (wouldn't you if you ran a hot boutique?!) and post their fashion life thoughts - go follow!

J - Hiding my purse...
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