A Touch of Frosting and Cheap Frills!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Frosting one's paws is always top of a Rawrgirl's list of things to do, and this means a constant flow of hot nails and cool rings. My latest bits of hand candy come from Cheap Frills, who specialise in vintage style jewelz of the cutest sort.

I'm a total kitty cat girl, so the Cat Ears Rings - £6 each, are a must have! I'm breaking all the rules by wearing both tones at the same time, but we all like to live on the edge occasionally ;) The other yummy is the Cicada Bug Ring - £6, I love his sparkly yellow eyes and he really knows how to set off my new Boots 17 Magnetize Polish, the metallic green makes it all feel beetle-esque.

Do you like? I'm totally hooked on these Cat Ears Rings, I can see them getting worn out from so much loving so it's a good job I have two! Go check out Cheap Frills!

P.S. YES. The Boots 17 Magnetized polish IS the shizz and you need it.

J - Feline Fingers!


  1. Ahh the cat rings are so cute! I've seen a lot of these magnetised nail polishes - they look pretty good. Unusual idea.


  2. I love love love the cat ear rings!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  3. OMG! These are great. love the cicada and kitten ears ring. -xx

  4. THOSE NAILS, amazing. The cat/wolf ear rings are amazing, and i mean rings in the shape of ears, not earrings *AHEM* haha


  5. I freakin NEEEEEEED those cat ear rings! I've become so feline that my partner puts cat toys in gifts for me (as well as the important stuff like choclate!)

  6. I so need the cat ears ring! And that nail polish.


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