Accessories Online & Dogeared Make A Wish Bracelet.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Accessories Online is my favourite online designer jewellery store, I can say that with my hand on my heart. Everything is perfect; the brands, the prices, the service, and the store is actually local to me too - support your local businesses people!

I've bought a few pieces from AO over the past few years, but I've never tried Dogeared, it's a brand that has always intrigued me but the cute little pieces aren't something I'd buy for myself because they seem more suited to gifting, but maybe that's me. Anyway, I was lucky to receive a Dogeared Make A Wish Bracelet with Gold Dipped Elephant - £21.95, to do a little show and tell with, so here goes...

The packaging is suited to the brand. The Dogeared aesthetic is inspired by the natural beauty and casual cool of California and everything they make is Earth friendly and handmade in USA, so the simple card backing makes sense, plus Accessories Online popped it into one of their giftbags which makes it easier if you're gifting one.

The idea behind a Dogeared Make a Wish bracelet is that you make a wish when you put it on for the first time, then they are worn until they wear off, i.e. break (!) and that's when your wish comes true! My first thought upon reading this was wow, a nice idea but any way you look at this you're paying £20 for something that is ultimately going to break! Saying that, many of us don't think twice about dropping £20+ to gift a nice box of chocs or a bunch of flowers, which also don't last very long AND neither do they come with as much thought as one of these bracelets. Swings and roundabouts?

Anyhoo, I have to admit that I was surprised at how delicate the bracelet was, having never seen one of these in 'real life' I wasn't sure what to expect, but despite knowing that it was a thread bracelet I guess I was still expecting a bit more than a piece of coloured waxed cotton for an RRP of over £20. HOWEVER, the dipped gold charm is a delight and I suppose this, combined with the whole idea of what the bracelet represents, is what you are paying for. The charm is super cute and could turn out to be a tad addictive to a trinket lover like me!

It fastens with a simple gold ball and loop system, I've gave it a (gentle) tug and I doubt it's going anywhere. Plus the waxed cotton is quite pliable so it would be easy to adjust and fix into a new loop if you needed to. I guess once the cotton broke you could always keep the charms and rethread them onto something else, leather might give the same look.

I wouldn't buy one of these for myself but I can see the attraction in buying one as a gift which is probably what they are aiming for. Personally, I would want to make sure that my recipient is already a fan (and I'm sure there are already squillions out there!) because I don't think everyone would 'get it', and you don't want them coming back to you weeks later asking if you kept the receipt because it snapped off - nightmare!

They would make a nice collectible, and if you treated them with care they probably last a lot longer than intended. I do like the Dogeared range, and Accessories Online have a TON of it in stock, there's something for everyone; charm bracelets, pins, earrings, rings, necklaces - in choices of silver, gold, leather or cotton like these. I like the overall look of the Make A Wish bracelet, it's very cool, it's just a shame that they eventually break because I'd imagine a few of them together would look so much better than one, but then I wouldn't fancy spending over £100 to get that look and then have them all drop off one day. Saying that, if all my wishes came true at the same time then game on, let's get to showering in these bad boys!

Thanks to Accessories Online for the bracelet, which I promise to look after :)

J - Wishing hard.


  1. Aw, that is SO cute. The elephant charm is different to the usual wishbone, i think i prefer the cute elephant! x

  2. Hey Sarah! It's very cute, they actually have a ton of other charms on these bracelets, it's nice to be able to choose one to suit the wearer. Like, I'd be stoked if someone bought me a cat lol!


  3. haha i like the cute instructions it had.

  4. This is so cute, I love elephants!


  5. Oh my! Me wanty this now! Elephants are my favourite animal as well! I love wearing lucky charms :) xxxx

  6. This is TOO cute!

    I have a Dogeared Skull necklace and it is probably one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I own! Luckily I got it in one of the ASOS sales too :)

    Majorly lusting over another piece from them!

    Clare x

  7. This is totally adorable - I want one!

  8. The tiny charm is a darling! I agree, 20 bucks for that is a bit much, but this would surely make a great gift.

    Am following you now, on Bloglovin.


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