Too Dumb For New York, Too Ugly For L.A.

Thursday 31 January 2013

This weekend J & I will be busy snapping outfit posts in the Winter sunshine. Until then, I figured this Burger and Friends tee deserved some blog post lovin'! Apologies in advance for my fro, it's mane washing day and it has a mind of its own.

Tee: Burger and Friends - Bracelet: Forever 21- Necklace: NEIVZ - Jeans: Joe's Jeans

Oh how I love this tee. It comes in a few other colours/styles which I may also order! If you aren't familiar with Burger and Friends, they stock totally uh-mazing tees/sweats/hoodies, I definitely recommend checking out their Etsy store. There are a few UK boutiques who stock them but it's much cheaper to just order directly from BAF (as long as you don't spend too much & get hit by customs).

You may just be able to make out my new favourite tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint which was part of a Sephora lip set given to me by Ally over the ocean. Why don't we have Sephora here!? I would happily swap it for Boots.

Are you a fan of slogan tees?

T - Too Dumb For New York, Too Ugly For L.A. XoX
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T Would Love: Rainbow Magic

Tuesday 29 January 2013

So the rain is ruining my life*! It's really dark which is even making indoors blogtography impossible. During a break from repeatedly performing the sun dance, I created a little wishlist of my current wants. I call it, 'T Would Love'...

Rainbow Magic.

1. Moschino Cheap & Chic Rainbow Umbrella
Unfortunately a brolly is a must-have this week. I recently bought a heart-shaped one to cheer myself up but I think this rainbow umbrella is slightly more magical. 

2. Shiny Violet Ray Bans (RB4127 741/8G)
I've always wanted a super cool pair of ray-ban sunglasses and this violet pair is too cute. Bonus points for them being much cheaper than the ones the Wildfox model is wearing.

3. A Mermaid Gave Me This Pink Shell Necklace
Jade & I are both pretty smitten with I Love Crafty but this I'm Really a Mermaid necklace is definitely my favourite. Sidenote: Mad props to designer Laura for being from Bristol.

4. River Island Rainbow Shoulder Jumper
How adorable is this rainbow shoulder jumper!? I have to admit I'm impressed, I hope this is a sign of things to come from River Island.

5. & 6. Wildfox Rainbow Jumper & Shooting Star Jumper
Why am I so poor!? (I often ask myself). However, if I win the lottery this week I'm buying the rainbow jumper and the shooting star jumper... I might even buy a matching set for J!

7. BDG Ombre Rainbow Leggings
I think it's pretty safe to say every girl on the planet needs some rainbow leggings. Imagine them paired with any of the featured jumpers!? Rainbow heaven.

8. Links of London Rainbow Zebra Charm
I for one would never lose my keys again if they were being held hostage by a rainbow zebra keyring! Ooooh my. NEED.

So there you have it, my list of wants. Do you like any of my picks? Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the 'give T what she wants' fund, you know where I am.

T - R is for Rainbow. XoX

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Freak Of Nature - A Lookie At The Lookbook!

Monday 28 January 2013

Who doesn't love a well shot lookbook? The Freak Of Nature pic fest is full of cool girls looking cool in cool clothes, and is an inspired treat - behold! This collection is glamorous grunge and pentagram-tastic, the sundress with the star crossed back? Yowza.

We can't wait to see the lookbook for the next collection and the gunslinger looks filtering through on ASOS right now are really exciting, my fave is definitely the WANTED jumper, £38. I can definitely see Tara in this with her new ivory petticoat and cowboy boots, and I'd probably tear it up a little with some ripped up denim shorts or a little flirty skirt and bikers. Everytime I see it I envisage Stacee Jaxx telling us he's WANTED (waaaaaannnnt-ehhhhhhd!) - DEAD OR ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!! 

So yeah, it doesn't look like we're going to get over our Freak Of Nature obsession any time soon, which is fine by us because you can never have too much Vanessa Kortlang rock goddess goodness in your fashion life ;)

J - On a steel horse I ride (and yes, I do know it's Bon Jovi and not Tom Cruise).
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New This Week...Featuring Bjorg, Primark and Rockport!

Sunday 27 January 2013

So the weather has been pretty bad/all over the place this week. We had a crazy storm last night and all the snow is now gone *sniff*. Instead of an outfit post (we just had a freak hail storm a few minutes ago), I thought I'd share a few of my favourite bits/buys from this week.

On Thursday my boyfriend surprised me with this belated Birthday present from Bjørg jewellery. I had no idea they even sold earrings so was really surprised when I ripped open my gift and found these:

...A pair of Herkimer Diamond Studs Earrings. I absolutely love raw crystal so these are perrrfect to me. Most girls love polished diamonds but I honestly prefer something a little more unique, these Bjørg bad boys are just the ticket! My man knows me well.

I've made it pretty clear that the one trend I'm obsessing over this SS13 is Western. I made a pinspiration board full of all my favourite pieces and one thing every wannabe cowgirl needs is a good western shirt. There are plenty of them out there (well, online) but they aren't that affordable. I nearly freaked out when I spotted this bargain in Primark:

Such a steal at £10! The embroidery needs tidying up a little and it took me a while to find one without a flaw, but I'm over the moon with this little purchase. I promise to feature it in an outfit post next week, I just wish it was shorts weather! I definitely need a pair of dream cowboy boots to wear with it.

My final new item of the week is this Presia Envelope Clutch by Rockport. At the risk of sounding like a total ditz, until recently I had no idea Rockport sold fashionable shoes/accessories, I thought they just sold walking shoes!? A few months ago I noticed Push PR promoting them on Twitter and ended winning a pair of shoes for being a follower. Along with some shoes, they sent me this:

...and I love it, possibly even more than the matching shoe boots! Their webby is definitely worth a browse and there's info on UK stockists too. These new exotic Rockport bits will also be featured in separate (haha) outfit posts when it gets a bit warmer. 

Are you fan of any of my new pieces? Did you buy anything exciting this week?

T - Loves her wardrobe. XoX
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Ringing In The Inspiration With I Love Crafty!

Saturday 26 January 2013

Normally I will build an outfit around a key piece of clothing, sometimes I'll build one around my shoes or a bag, but rarely will I create a look from one solitary piece of jewellery. Jewellery is usually something that accentuates an outfit rather than inspiring one right? Not today!

I was gifted the amazing RAD ring (£12) from I Love Crafty, a piece from the hot new Modern Romance collection, and it's been something of a muse to me since I held it in my hand! The collection features double sided pieces in bold red and gold heart shapes etched with cool, old school phrases on them in our fave Old English script and the odd aciiiiiiiiiid smiley! Check it . . . 

I was so taken with my new ring I built today's look around it! It has a 90's feel to it so naturally I thought, what would Cher Horowitz do? My computerised revolving wardrobe selected a statement mini, oversized coat (it's way classic), mini backpack and cute hat - obviously!

Outfit: Hat - River Island, Top - Wildfox Couture, Skirt - Missguided, Coat - Reiss, Bag - H&M, Tights - Pretty Polly, Boots - Steve Madden, Ring - c/o I Love Crafty.

I so need my fringe trimming, I look like I can't see! Anyhoo, I snagged the coat in the Cheshire Oaks Reiss outlet store for a nifty £98 from £249 (Josh would be proud of my thriftiness) and the gold skirt was a sporadic Missguided sale purchase that has paid off big time, I've wore it so much that I'm considering ordering the silver version! The bag just called to me, as a nineties teen I had so many of these mini backpacks but by '96 they were totally over and the epitome of last season so I think I flung them all. Fashion does indeed move in cycles but I have to admit that I didn't think the 90's would come back as it was hardly epic at the time!

Without the ring I doubt I would've put this red top with the gold skirt, ever, but I think it looks, well, RAD?! I Love Crafty is a feast for girls who love pretty perspex jewelz and statement pieces. I'm still majorly in love with everything from the past collections too, you have to check them all out on Etsy - the Feline Fatale and I'm Really A Mermaid collections being my faves!

J - Totally Rad.
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Give A Little Love on Valentine's Day With Pandora & John Greed Jewellery!

Friday 25 January 2013

John Greed Jewellery's Pandora Valentine 2013 Collection is sure to be tugging at a few gal's heart strings (and therefore a few guy's purse strings!) this Valentine's Day! The 'Love Story' collection features everything you need to give a little love and literally wear your heart on your sleeve, and I am particularly loving the themed charm sets which start at £50, and are a really cute way to gift Pandora charms!

John Greed Jewellery were sweet enough to send me a couple of charms from the Valentine range, and they are just adorable. 

The Pandora Silver Turtle Doves Dangle Charm is £35 and my favourite from the collection. A sign of true and complete partnership, they sit on a dangle heart with 'Love' engraved on it. I love what they represent for couples that have been together for a while, or even those that intend to be, and the design is a romantic alternative to a heart. 

The Pandora Silver Love Heart Charm is £30 and has a more youthful and fun feel to the design, featuring 'Love' engraved in 8 different languages, this would be perfect for a carefree spirit and travelling girl like Tara!

Here they are presented together as a set, with a little Val's Day poem that I came up with ;)

I honestly don't think Pandora could come up with anything as effective and suggest they hire me as Chief Seasonal Collection Jingle and Ditty Writer Extraordinaire immediately. Ahem.

Anyhoo, how cute are they? I'm super flattered to be one of John Greed's Pandora Valentine's this year! Have a peek at the Valentine's Day Gifts For Her and Valentine's Day Gifts For Him, all at £30 and under, there really is something for everyone in there and jewellery is always a good time ;)

J - Loveheart Bear.
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This Is The Story Of A Girl...

Thursday 24 January 2013

It’s fair to say I own a respectable amount of footwear, I’m no shoe princess but I do love a good pair of boots. While backpacking across Australia last year, I became obsessed with the Aussie style and loved how they would wear boots with almost every outfit! It could be 40 degrees and those fashionistas would still be rockin' a bowler, denim shorts and some biker boots. Majah props for that.

Since I was on a round the world trip and had no space/need for boots, I figured I'd put my new obsession on hold and wait until I was on UK soil before splurging. A few months later I was in a cute hostel in Bolivia, catching up with my fave blogs while my boyfriend cooked (those were the days). By chance I ended up on the Matalan website and that was when I first laid eyes on *THEM*, my perfect Aussie girl boots.
It started as an online romance.

Afraid I might trigger the fraud squad, I emailed my mum the deetz and asked her to order a pair for me. 2 months later I was home and they were on my feet, permanently. Does anyone remember these outfit posts?

...Along with this one and this one?

It got the point where my good blogtographer pal Craig turned to me one day and asked, "Tara, really!? You’re wearing those AGAIN?"…Whoops, he was right. I decided to put them into 'blog post retirement' but still sneakily wore them on my days off. Now 6 months have passed and they’re looking a bit tatty but I just can’t part with them. Or can I?

A custom 'Boots Valentine' cupcake c/o the talented Becky from The Piping Fairy. Further proof I am a bit obsessed.

Although I still appreciate Australian style, times change and my favourite trend for SS13 is Western (view my Wild Wild West Pinspiration board). Fringing, shirts with embroidery, cowboy hats, you name it - I’m all over it. The key piece from this trend I can’t live without out is something American girls look like rockstars in…Cowboy boots! I've noticed Next have a great selection of western boots and I *think* I could be persuaded to give up my old boots for the PERFECT pair.

My top picks:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Yee-haw! My favourite is probably number 4, the Black Glam Western Boots (although I love them all). Not only would they look great with denim, they’d go perfectly with a floaty dress or a tutu/petticoat, the embellishment is just ridonkulous. I really don’t think any girl should go without a pair this Spring/Summer, they suit everyone. Even celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the Olsen twins and Kate Moss have been snapped wearing them.

Yesterday I took my online obsession to the next level (ha) and drooled over the western selection instore. Is it time to move on? Dearest biker boots, it's not you, it's me...

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes? Will you be wearing cowboy boots this SS13?

T - aka cowgirl Delaney Sydney. XoX

Note: This shoe story is an entry in to a competition for a Next gift card via the lovely Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream. Visit her blog for more info!
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Happy Birthday To MEEEEEE!

Wednesday 23 January 2013

It was my (insert age of your choice here) birthday on Monday, and I got some amazing gifts from some amazing friends; including a Game Of Thrones boxset from Ally, an ever so cool What I Wore Today book, Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Rock wraps and cute earring goodness from Carly (to be seen in future posts!), humungous Katy Perry Meow perfume set from my future sis-in-law, RPatz Eleven Paris tee from Daddy, a fierce Topshop studded heart bag from TBug and loads of other pressies like Amazon vouchers, jewelz, lovely jubbly smellies and cashola from all my favourite people :)

I took a few of my fave wearable gifts; an adorable River Island leopard print sweater from BFF Stephy,  a totally amazing The Ragged Priest coat from Tara (be jealz entire world) and River Island pvc trousers and Steve Madden boots from my lavahhhhhh BF, and went for a play outside in the snow - huzzah!

The COAT. What can I say, T really excelled with this one! It's absolutely gorgeous and totally me. I am particularly loving the gold studs because my other studded jacket has silver ones so having both colour options makes Jade a happy girl. Even my fringe is flicking with giddiness.

Being surrounded by the height of winter, whilst sweltering in pvc trousers is a strange and unusual experience, but one I recommend. The jumper is so cute with a perfect leo pattern (I'm particular and my bestie knows this), and is a rather flattering size 10. I can always count on Steph to boost my ego ;)

The peace sign beanie is Wildfox Couture, from about 2 years ago. I kind of bought it, then somehow forgot about it for 2 winter's, then found it still tagged and nestling between two SpiritHoods in December last year. Oops, but hurrah for it's new lease of life in 2013!

I fell for the River Island trousers last year, stupidly hesitated to buy them and then discovered they had sold out, so imagine my RPatz WTF face when I found them on a local store sale rack for £10! Imagine my further surprise when BF took them off me at the checkout and paid for them! Tom Cruise air punch. He'd already bought me these much coveted Steve Madden boots (oh the gold studding of it all!) so the trousers were the cherry on top of a very yummy birthday!

I had a quite simply marvellous birthday weekend so a big thanks to everyone reading who contributed to that, and I'm looking forward to littering future posts with my newbie bits and pieces! In the immortal words of my mum, ooooooh I did well! Right, I'm off to document this outfit in my What I Wore Today book ;) 

J - We Gonna Gather Round, Like It's Your Birthday.
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Introducing The Label Line, Where Emerging Designers Gather!

Tuesday 22 January 2013


As many of you know, we absolutely love discovering new stores/brands. We recently stumbled across a new online boutique called The Label Line, which sells high end pieces by emerging designers. Their philosopy is: ‘Be bold enough to make a mark, be controversial enough to create a hype and brave enough to make a statement’...Considering this is just how we roll (and caring is sharing), we thought we'd blog about it and share some of our favourite items! 

They stock both menswear and womenswear along with a range of accessories. I'm a huge fan of the statement jewellery section which features gothic style rings and unusual jewellery pieces featuring 'twisted horses'. It's definitely worth a peek, the edgy Smith/Grey designs are all handmade in London and are truly magical. If only we were rich girls...

Our fave picks:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

1. The Unicorn Loves Ostrich Dress by Natalie B Coleman
This greyish/pink ethereal dress is our favourite garment from The Label Line. It features a gorgeous romantic train and comes with a removable lambskin leather belt. Although it's slightly out of our price range, it would make the perfect evening dress and is definitely red-carpet worthy.

2. Black Leather Ankle Boots by Ming Pin Tien
These boots are made from natural materials and promise to be extremely comfortable. We personally think they're a great alternative to Jeffrey Campbell platforms. At least if you buy an upcoming designer you're less likely to spot another person in them. Our advice? Snap them up before they're 'cool'.

3. Peachy Blossom Scarf by Charlotte Hudders 
Handmade in Italy, this scarf features an intricate blossom design which is perfect for all SS13 outfits. We think it would look incredible paired with lace and could be worn casually in the day or used to spruce up an evening look. The colours are extremely pretty, we both want this.

4. Raglan Sleeve Sweater by Ashtiani
A fantastic fusion of textures and pastel shades, this sweater ticks all the right boxes. It features patent leather shoulder patches and icy-blue mohair, both of which work perfectly with the cream base. We love the raglan style and the fact it's slightly oversized.

Have you heard of The Label Line before? Do you have a favourite piece?

T & J - Now saving for a new investment piece. XoX
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SS13 Iridescent Trend at Lashes of London!

Monday 21 January 2013

I'm really excited by the iridescent trend that is set to take over this Spring/Summer 2013! I already own a iridescent skirt from Motel that has me feeling mermaid-tastic, but my latest shimmery number is a sequin tunic dress by Lashes of London.

Hat: M&S - Dress: c/o Lashes of London - Belt: Topshop - Skull bead bracelet: Chlobo - Other bracelet: Mikey 

I instantly fell in love with this dress when I spotted it in their 'New In' section. I remember seeing heavily sequinned All Saints dresses a few years back but they were so heavy they felt like armour. I was pleasantly surprised when this one arrived, although it's a little heavier than your average sequin dress, it's still really comfortable and doesn't weigh me down at all.
Jeggings: Charley 5.0 - Boots: Dr. Martens

The yummy pink/green colour is perfect for S/S but since it's so cold at the moment I decided to pair it with some jeggings and my Dr. Martens. I like trying to make sequins more casual and wearable. Although it would look amazing with heels and a bit of a tan in the summer, I still think it'll work in the colder months if worn with something underneath.

One of the best things about the Pilosa oversized sequin dress is the fact you can flip the sequins the other way to create any design you want. The sequins are pale pink/peach on the reverse, online it's shown with a dramatic design but this time I chose a more subtle and sporadic print. It's nicely lined and also has shoulder pads which create a lovely silhouette. If the print is putting you off, you can wear it as one block colour by making the sequins face the same way.

At £95 it's definitely an investment piece but I think it's worth saving up for, it's unusual and really well made. It's also a great party dress that's guaranteed to get you noticed and more affordable than the armour sold at All Saints. If dresses aren't your thing, you can buy a (cheaper) cropped tee version too. Huzzah!

So are y'all a fan of the iridescent trend? Would you wear this?

T - Why try to fit in when you were born to be different? XoX
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A Very Merry Un-Birthday Wishlist!

Friday 18 January 2013

It's my birthday next week, so in the true tradition of blogging I thought I'd put together a little dream wishlist of some of my current favourite things - brace yourself . . .

Let's start with the animal print knee highs from Wolford, £19, I'll be foxing up my Cher Horowitz look with these this season - imagine with a cute little skirt, oversized coat and beret? I'm totally convelling.

I'm a huge nail polish fan and I intend to splurge some bday cash on a few little luxuries! Top of my list is Illamasqua's Raindrops (grey jelly) and Devotee (pink rubber), Butter London's sparkly blue Scouse (for the Evertonian in me) and the Nails Inc Black Leather & Skulls set from ASOS. That should keep me busy for a while ;)

How cute are the pristine Superdry Gym Special shoes? And just £12.99, so I'm sure I can stretch some card cash on them, all set for those sunny Spring days! And Patz forbid the person who steps on my super bright whites.

Tara will laugh at the Evil Twin pvc trousers from ASOS STILL being on my wants list. I was staring at them when they were £100, now they're 50% off at £50 and I'm still staring at them willing them to drop to 75% off. I know they will, and I'm not going to be tutting at myself for ordering them too early when they do finally hit the magic number. This game is on and I will triumph. Don't judge me.

Finally, I dropped by Ted Baker to check out the new ins today and fell hard for their new prints, my favourites being Safari and Wild Horses which are both to die for in literally everything they have put them on. Just crushing hard on the Jorie Wild Horses print dress, £129 which is totally fierce (the neon pink zip?!) and the Tasoula Safari printed matinee purse, £99, is to DIE for. The little gold dog clasp? GASP!

Soooooo, my very merry un-birthday weekend starts today so everyone keep their fingers crossed for miscellaneous birthday windfalls and maybe I'll get to treat myself - hurrah for getting older! Kind of.

J - Where's the cake?
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I Love My Wildfox Rainbow Horse and Becksondergaard Stars Scarf!

Thursday 17 January 2013

As mentioned in my previous post, I love shopping in the January Sales! On Monday I noticed that the Donna Ida sale was now 75% off and headed straight to the Wildfox section. My luck paid off and I scored this super cute Rainbow Horse tee!

heather gardner jewelry
Wildfox tee: Donna Ida - Necklace (as seen on my style crush Vanessa Hudgens): Heather Gardner - Hat: M&S

Wildfox unicorn tee
FYI: Yes I am dancing with my camera remote in hand.

It was £70 now down to £17 but postage was a fiver, ouch. Anyhoo I can't really complain because £22 for this gorgeous tee (last one in my size) is uh-mazing. I've paired it with a lace skirt from Next but I have my heart set on buying an ivory petticoat to wear with it (and all my other WF tees).

Becksondergaard star scarf
MinkPink bangles: Spoiled Brat - Becksondergaard scarf: c/o The Dressing Room - Rings: Fuse Fashion

This beautiful Becksondergaard scarf is from The Dressing Room, who also have an awesome sale on at the moment! It's made from so much material and is super soft, I think it fits in well with my unicorn tee - tres magical. This particular style has sold out but they still have other cute ones in stock. I actually chose some of my favourite sale items from their boutique for a blog feature, so feel free to check it out!

Are you a fan of my new tee/scarf!?

T - Friendship is magic. XoX
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Errrr, YEAH We Want Robert Pattinson On Us?! Eleven Paris At ASOS!

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Seriously, we salute the genius at Eleven Paris who came up with this one, our lord Rob on a tshirt?! We'll take two please!

Eleven Paris Robert Pattinson Moustache T-Shirt - £40 at ASOS. The boyfriend will despair but hey ho, ORDERED!!

Check back next week to see how I fit into RPatz's face. Oh the innuendo possibilities and crazy search word/phrase LOLZ opportunities this could bring . . . 

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My January Sales Secrets Revealed!

Tuesday 15 January 2013


Like most savvy shoppers, I love snapping up a bargain or two in the January sales. Since my birthday is on 5th January, I usually have some extra cash to play with which I tend to blow in the sales. I’ve spent the past decade perfecting my shopping and I now Iike to pretend I'm a semi-professional sale shopper!

One of my birthday bargains from Was £20 Now £14. Only £12.60 with 10% off code!

We were recently contacted by Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine from money saving-site They invited us to take part in their 'January Sales Secrets Challenge' and provided us with a styling budget of £80 to hit the sales. The aim of the challenge was to find the best bargains on the interwebz and provide some tips on how to be a smarter shopper. 

With £80 in my purse, I headed straight to after spotting a tweet saying their sale was now up to 70% off! I wasn't really sure what I wanted so I let my spidey senses take over and started browsing the sale by my favourite brands. I bookmarked all items of interest and then starting looking at different stores. I used Facebook and Twitter to find out who had the best sales and continued to bookmark all the things I loved. When I was finished looking, I began sorting through my options.

My first purchase was this Wildfox Globe T-Shirt:
Kitty Bowler: - 'RAWR' Necklace: NEIVZ - Wildfox Tee:

Was £70 now £35. It wasn't 70% off but I was instantly drawn to it because I love to travel and I love Wildfox. I opted for black over white because I wear black all year round and it isn't as sheer. I noticed ASOS were offering a discount code for a further 10% off sale, which made it £31.50. Uh-mazing. 

My next sale bargain was a pair of MinkPink Smooth Operator leggings:
MinkPink Bangles: - House of Harlow Cross Ring: -  Circle Ring: ASOS 
MinkPink leggings: 

Was £49 Now £25. Diffusion have a fantastic sale which is worth checking out, I almost paid full price for these leggings in November! These days I've started to choose leggings over jeans because they're just so darn comfy, these ones are also nice and thick. Diffusion only offer free delivery over £75 so I paid £28.99 including postage. Also shown are my birthday bangles and a House of Harlow Rose Gold Plated Wraparound Cross Ring:

Was £31.95 Now £15.98. I spotted this House of Harlow cross ring while clicking through the store and put it straight in my basket. A good piece of jewellery will last for years and therefore makes a great investment piece, even costume jewellery like this. There were no further discount codes when I ordered but there was one a few days later.

The last of my budget was spent on this Pieces Blex ring:
Was £7 Now £3. Since this ring only cost me £3 from, I could afford to be adventurous! I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not but I was pleasantly surprised. I think it’s unusual and will work with most edgy looks.

Total spent: £79.47
Money saved: £78.48

I could have picked items with greater savings but I didn't want to spend for the wrong reasons. These were the perfect choices for me, here is some advice so you can make the right sale choices for you…

T’s Top Tips:

1. Use Social Networking sites to find out information about current/upcoming sales.

2. Bookmark your favourite items throughout the year and then check back during sale time.

3. Wait for further reductions (only for the brave).

4. Always look for an additional discount code.

5. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!*

6. Read the store’s returns policy before you buy.

*One of the most important tips for sale shopping. Before you commit, ask yourself the following questions:

a) Do I really need it? Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap/has a huge saving. 

b) Do I love it/can I live without it? Even if you answered no to question a) but you love something so much that you can’t stop thinking about it, perhaps still buy it as long as your answer is yes to c)...

c) Can I afford it? It’s not a good idea to overspend and whack your sale bargains on a credit card that you can‘t pay off. Be smart, buy what you need and what you love IF you can afford it.

Are you a savvy sale shopper? Do you have a favourite item from what I bought?

T - All shopped out. XoX
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