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Friday 31 August 2012

One of the great things about Bristol is its awesome street art. A few weeks back it held the See No Evil 2012 festival where internationally renowned artists came and created incredible pieces on the walls/buildings of Nelson Street.

Not only has this made Nelson street awesome to walk through, it's also made it the perfect back-drop for outfit posts!

I've had this dress hanging in my wardrobe for a while now and I wasn't planning to wear it for today's post, unfortunately there was an incident as I left my house (lets just say I hope I do get luck) & the dress I had on was ruined by nature!

I'm so glad I had this one on standby because I actually think it's pretty darn cute on. It's the Pellar Lace Waistband Skater Dress (£25.99) from Missguided. The lace crochet detail is so pretty, I don't usually like cut-out dresses but I think this one looks really lovely because it's not too revealing.

As it's nearly Autumn (yay), I'm wearing my Pure Wool Bowler Hat (£19.50) from Marks and Spencer. I'm really looking forward to building my hat collection, Urban Outfitters have some super cute ones in at the moment.

My feather cuff is from Accessorize, armour ring is from Topshop & my studded ballet pumps (£25) are also from Topshop. I love these ballet pumps. I have 3 pairs of studded shoes so had to stop myself from buying another yesterday. I'm going stud crazy!

What do you think of this look?

T - One of those 'I like art' type girls. XoX
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Introducing Lashes of London!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

We were recently introduced to an awesome new brand called Lashes of London. Their S/S 2012 range is colourful, fun and deliciously flirty. I couldn't wait to get my paws on something and ended up nabbing this little number:

Although they've recently launched their online store (use LASHES10 for 10% off your first order), they can also be found at brand mecca USC - which is where you can also score my dress!

I'm wearing the Floral Dress (£45) which I absolutely adore. The print is just so pretty & I like the style too, the cut-outs are really sweet. I've had it for a while now but I've been waiting for the rain to clear so I could strut my stuff...It was totally worth the wait!

I've had a ton of compliments about it already, it's so girly and cute. I paired it with my Coral Suede Ankle Boots (£31.99) from Own The Runway and a Topshop bracelet.

Rumour has it their A/W collection is going to be incredible, I've seen a few pieces pop up on their website but I can't wait to see it all!

Are you a fan of Lashes too? Roll on Autumn!

T - Fluttering her Lashes. XoX
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Rawrgirls Review - Lady Gaga's Fame Perfume & Body Lotion!

Tuesday 28 August 2012

We have been so excited for the release of Gaga's first perfume, Fame, for aaaaaages now, so when it released last Thursday I ordered it without even smelling it! I know, I'm a crazy bar steward, but that's just how I roll ;)

I went with Superdrug because they were offering the matching body lotion (RRP £13.99) as a free gift with the purchase of the 50ml (£29.99) or 100ml (£53.99) at the time - awesome deal but it seems like that offer is no longer on, so I was lucky to catch that! Anyhoo, what does the blurb say? I lifted this from the Superdrug webby . . . 'Never one to accept the status quo, Lady Gaga's first signature fragrance challenges every existing industry standard. Where there was light, she brings darkness. Where there was transparency, she brings mystery. Where there was fruit, she demanded poison. The result is Lady Gaga Fame, an opulent, crushed-floral fragrance that's black in colour like the soul of fame but transparent once airborne.' I have to say, as poetic as the license is, it pretty much sums it up!

First impressions count, so what is the packaging like? FIERCE. It makes all of my Harajuku Lovers cuties run and hide. An imposing, impressively heavy monster of a bottle, finished with a gold claw like top. The liquid itself is supposedly the first black perfume to turn translucent when airborne - zazzy! We LIKE. The body lotion, in the grand tradition of all layering potions, favours a standard plastic bottle but still manages to pull off a pretty chic dressing table look.

Fame is definitely a bold scent. My first thought was that it hints at Dior's Poison with a touch of Cacharel's Eden, but that's until the fruity tones hit you and then it really comes into it's own. The notes are listed as atropa belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron and honey but I can't put my finger on any of these (like I know what belladonna smells like though?!)! After the initial spice and sensual floral, I sense rich fruits like berries and plums. Whatever it is, I know I really like it! The scent is long lasting and layering it with the matching body lotion just adds to the depth - yum!

I am in awe of the Fame body lotion, it has that immediate 'OOOOH!' factor that store SA's dream of! It's not the most moisturising cream in the world (like most scented lotions I guess) but it does have the added novelty of being a BLACK cream that disappears on the skin! *insert RPatz WTF face here* I defy you to not make the OOOOH! noise on first application. It definitely has more style over substance but you'd be buying it for the scent more than it's skin conditioning qualities I'd imagine so hey ho, let's enjoy the crazy colour goodness! ;)

Overall, good work Mother Monster, paws up for Fame and long may Haus Laboratories cater to Gaga's dream of helping us all smell as free as our hair!

J - Obsessively opposed to the typical.
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Girls Who Love Boys . . .

Thursday 23 August 2012

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with the Mens sections of many high street stores, it's not really something I've ever gone in for before but now I find myself in every nook and cranny of River Island, which is my current fave haunt for the boys boys boys! Swinging both ways makes for an exhausting window shop but I have found some pretty amazing things for us girlies. Check it out . . .

Green Farm Scene Jumper, £38 - River Island. Oo-arrrrrr (chews straw). Oversize it, and this would be so cute with leather shorts, tights and boots this winter!

Brown Live Fast Die Young Belt, £18 - River Island. Bad Girls Do It Well. Or better as this could prove ;)

Grey Snakeskin Sid Stretch Skinny jeans, £35 - River Island. Who doesn't love a boyfriend jean, but patterns on the style tend to be limited on our side of the tracks, so go in for the real thing! You'd be surprised how small their jeans can run, and between us, the more 'way out' patterns like these can often be found in the sale section just waiting for a wily gal to give them a good home. Personally, I think these are just begging to be ripped up around the knees, come to mama . . .

Brown Stars And Stripes Wristbands (2 pack), £7 - River Island. These remind me of Ke$ha's whole dirty cowgirl look (which I love by the way!), get on my dainty girl wrist now!

Black Dog Bite Print Tshirt, £14 - River Island. Oversize it, take the sleeves off and get yourself a Givenchy Rottweiler look for approximately 7% of the designer price tag ;)

So what do you think? Do you often shop in the mens section? What's your fave place? Share with us!

J - Boys. Sometimes a girl just needs one. And his wardrobe.
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Outfit Post: Embracing Autumn ft Tribeca Shoes!

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Autumn is coming, hurrah! After yesterday's A/W inspiration post, I figured I'd take the plunge & wear my first Autumn-ready outfit.

I absolutely love this skater dress from Topshop. It was only £20 so I decided to buy it in black as well. This yummy Aubergine (I think!) colour has sold out online which further proves you have to snap something up while you see it.

I've paired it with my new floppy wool hat (£8) from Matalan, studded Topshop belt & my most worn jewelz.

My tights are House of Holland's Mesh Super Suspender, originally £12 but I paid £4 from TK Maxx. I've just discovered they're only £3.60 at Debenhams so go grab them if you like them!

I can't afford Lita's (I wish I was J), so these Hannah Leather Shoe Boots (£25) from Tribeca Shoes are a great alternative. I don't tend to buy expensive shoes anyway because I usually scuff them so these are perfect for me!

They are so much nicer than a lot of faux Lita's and dare I say it, I can actually walk in these. Tribeca have fab customer service and I now have my eyes on their bargain Dr Marten style boots.

What do you guys think, am I giving up on Summer too early?

T - So long Summer, see you next year! XoX
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Rawrgirls Review . . . GOSH BB Cream!

Sunday 19 August 2012

I have been slow to jump on the BB cream train, mainly because even at this age I still suffer from spots and imperfections so I doubted their ability in terms of coverage. Anyhooooooo, along came GOSH with their new BB, and seeing as I swear by their cream blush, I decided to give it a pop!

Titled as an 'All In One Foundation, Primer, Moisturizer', this product boasts of colour adapt technology, water resistance, is loaded with 'good for your skin' ingredients and a handy SPF15.

I chose shade 03 Warm Beige, and I was spot on first time. I wasn't having a particularly good skin day on Friday when I first tried it but I felt good enough to wear it alone, no foundation on top, and just a touch of concealer and cream blush. It went on really evenly, leaving a fresh and dewy look to my skin, and it lasted! I went shopping all day and got rained on (boooo!) yet my skin passed the sun visor mirror test on the way home. Converted!

The GOSH BB Cream comes in 5 adaptive shades and is in all good Superdrug stores now, at around £7.99 :)

J - Oh my GOSH.

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Victoria's Secret Comes To The UK!

Friday 17 August 2012

A few weeks ago the first UK Victoria's Secret opened at Westfield, Stratford! I've been waiting YEARS (5 to be exact) for it to hit our shores so was extremely excited when the first store finally opened. Living in Bristol *sigh*, I couldn't rock up the day after its opening, so frantically searched the interwebz for blog posts about it and found, well...not much at all.

Worth the wait? I say yessir!

I felt seriously let down by the London fashion bloggers (shame on you!) so waited 3 long weeks and made the much anticipated trip to Westfield. SQUEEEEEE. First impressions, uh-mazing. Just look at the windows!

Look closely & you can see what I was wearing ;)

I practically ran in & desperately tried to locate their PINK range. I was quickly distracted by a million bras & undies, talk about spoilt for choice! It's a smallish store, which also stocks their beauty range but I didn't even glance at that, it was all about the lingerie & loungewear for me.

So pretty.

It didn't take long for me to discover there was no PINK instore. Ummm!? I wanted a refund. My wardrobe is full of PINK loungewear, I won't wear anything else (except perhaps Abercrombie) & that's what I was there to buy! After the disappointment had sunk in, I made it my new mission to find the cutest lingerie set.

I choose you.

I decided on this gorgeous cherry blossom bra & knickers set. It wasn't cheap, the bra cost £49.50 & the knickers were £16. I don't mind paying that little bit more to get something special but I was a bit miffed when I realised the bra is only $52 in the US. Churz.

I need more PINK...

Although I was super happy with my purchase (I did get a free tote), I was disappointed by their sizing. A lot of their undies are one size only. Now this is probably okay if you're a 12, because that's basically what it is. For me (size 8) they were huge! I couldn't buy any nice thongs because they would've been baggy. The same goes for their knickers, the smallest they do is a small, which is a size 10. Again, not cool if you're an 8! They are a bit big on me but I wanted a set so just got them. I was told they only had XS's in 2 styles (only 2!?) but those styles were a bit meh.

In conclusion, I can't wait for the Bond St store! Victoria's Secret has confirmed to me it will carry the PINK range - phew. I also hope they'll have a bit more choice & perhaps they'll stock the XS's that exist online...A girl can hope.

T - Will forever keep Victoria's Secret! XoX
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New Look #HolidayHop Competition...Ibiza Style!

Tuesday 14 August 2012

The rather adorable Daisybutter has teamed up New Look to offer 4 lucky bloggers the chance to win a whole ton of summer clothing. To win, all you have to do is create a wardrobe you'd take with you for a weekend in Ibiza. You need to plan 5 outfits for 5 occasions. Check out what I came up with:

Travel Style

Red Jersey Skater Dress - Animal Print Faux Fur Plimsoll - Silver Peace Necklace and Earrings Set

Beach it.

Ombre Bikini Top + Briefs - Trilby Hat - Nia Sunglasses - Metal Vamp Sandals

Sunset Supper

AX Paris Dip Hem Dress - Blink Glitter Party Clutch - Metal Vamp Sandals


Tokyo Doll Pleated Maxi - Gold Cage Cuff - Orange Cut Out Swimsuit

Beach to Club

AX Paris Belted Playsuit - Multi Strap Sandals - Kandee Kali Leopard Boots - Spike Wrist Cuff

So there you have it, my final 5 outfits & all for under £400! As a seasoned traveller I know the importance of packing light & choosing the right things. So many of the pieces I've chosen would work well together for other occasions too! For more information on this amazing competition, be sure to check out Daisybutter's blog post.

P.S Please let me know what you think of my choices.

T - WOAH, we're going to Ibiza! XoX

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Saturday Style - Rawr Girl in London!

Saturday 11 August 2012

This weekend I'm in LAAAAANDAN! It's been pretty busy so far, I went to Westfield Stratford yesterday which was manic (& amazing). Today I have to get my bridesmaid dress fitted but figured I could sneak in a super quick outfit post.

I'm wearing a bird print Glamorous dress which was given to me by the amazing @Browniekins, just because she's sweet like that. I really like it, I think it's so cute & flirty! I've paired it with my bargain leather bracelet from Accessorize (£1) & my trusty Matalan sandals.

It's so gloriously sunny down here. I'm really excited about seeing the Olympic closing ceremony tomorrow, I can't wait to see which celebs turn up. I have been shopping A LOT so will definitely post more about that when I'm home, I've even been to Victoria's Secret...Eeek!

Is everyone having a nice weekend? We're having a family BBQ tonight which should be good. I hope you're enjoying the weather too!

T - Wannabe London Bird. XoX
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miadidas Customisers - Fred Butler

Thursday 9 August 2012

Gotta love everything about this video from the Adidas 'miadidas Customisers' campaign; a cool blogger, epic customising, our Olympics and of course, our Stella ;)

The 'miadidas Customisers' project was based at the Adidas Olympic Lounge in Stratford and featured some of the UK's biggest design talents.

Fred Butler, a props and accessories designer (she has worked with Lady Gaga!) and blogger, is shown here customising a pair of red adizero Prime SP sprinting spikes, using the material from gymnast Louis Smith's Team GB Stella McCartney Adidas kit in the design.

Yup, Fred looks pleased with herself, as she should! I love playing around with miadidas, but doing it in real life, in real time and with real materials, would just be awesome. Good work Fred!

J - Off to cut up BF's Mexico shirt to stick onto his F50's.
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Desigual x Monsieur C. Lacroix Rainbow L - Baroque Means Business For AW12!

Wednesday 8 August 2012

We have totally fallen for the heavily patterned trousers coming through for the new season, they make a welcome change to the flat pastels and ditsy specks of summer, and the new L collection from Desigual and Lacroix (sweedie!) has made us go all giddy for powerful prints!

The L line captures the memory of a timeless and baroque repertoire (be prepared for 'baroque' to transform into a magic word this season), with prints inspired by eighteenth century upholstery, oriental designs and floral touches. Check out these trousers, hitting Desigual at £104 each soon . . .

The last pair are my fave, quietly fierce :) Can you imagine these with an Equipment style shirt (stares jealously at Tara's!) and a pair of chunky heeled boots (she stares back at my Lita's!)? I'm salivating at my own fashion thoughts here.

Keep an eye on Desigual for the release of Desigual x Monsieur C. Lacroix because these bad boys won't be around for long!

J - Baroque-ing out.
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Fifty Shades Of Locked Up!

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Okay, so we all know where Anastasia Steele likes to keep her silver on a string, but I prefer mine on my wrist ;) This is my new i.d x-change Cuffs of Love friendship bracelet (from £26.99 at Find Me A Gift), a feisty new take on the friendship bracelet trend, as seen on the gorgous Kardashian gals - and moi!

Neatly gift packaged in a functional little clear pocket, these unisexy bracelets could be gifted to anyone that you want to cuff into your life foreverrrrrr! I'm not a stalker, that's kinda what it says on the tin, seeeeeee?!

Find Me A Gift are currently running with these bracelets in 6 colours. I chose grey because it's neutral without being beige, and I think the silver grey cord blends nicely with the silver coloured cuffs, which are actually 14k white gold! As Smash Hits used to say, 'swanky'.

A lot of friendship bracelets look a little lost on your arm by themselves because they're often flimsy, but the Cuffs Of Love holds it's own, looking strong and expensive. I've hardly taken mine off since it arrived so I'd definitely consider buying one as a gift because they're so easy to wear and very easy to love! :)

J - They won't let me out . . .
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Introducing Damsel in a Dress + £250 Giveaway!

Monday 6 August 2012

As most of you already know, we absolutely love discovering new brands! We were recently introduced to the extremely stylish Damsel in a Dress and quickly fell in love with their classic designs.

Currently stocked online and in various department stores including John Lewis, Damsel in a Dress specialises in beautifully cut evening dresses designed to flatter and enhance the female form. Each piece is handmade to ensure garments are of the highest quality, all embellishment is added by hand and only the finest fabrics are used.

The Damsel in a Dress concept is "Bond Street on a Budget", their pieces are luxurious, timeless & extremely versatile.

You can view the full collection by visiting their online store which stocks gorgeous fitted jackets, skirts and trousers and of course dresses, including bridesmaid and even their gorgeous Kate inspired wedding dress. We're huge fans of their bodycon dresses, they're designed to hold you in & give you an amazing shape, what more could a girl ask for!?

If you'd like to be a damsel in a beautifully cut dress, then enter our competition to win a whopping £250 credit to spend online at http://www.damselinadress.co.uk...Eeeek!? We know, we're SO good to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&C's: This contest will end at midnight on 20/08 (EST) and is only open to UK residents. The prize is £250 credit to be used online at http://www.damselinadress.co.uk. All entries must be made via Rafflecopter.

ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions
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Who Are You Calling A Muggle!?

Friday 3 August 2012

I love Harry Potter. The Philosopher's Stone was released the year I started High School so Harry & I pretty much grew up together. I remember reading the books as soon as they came out & being uber jealous of all the kids who got to star as extras in the movies!

I'm not ashamed to embrace my inner fangirl so when Truffle Shuffle asked me to pick a movie accessory, there was only ever one thing on my list (even in summer), a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf (£32.99)!

While I was trekking the Inca Trail back in March, I met a lovely Canadian girl and we somehow got talking about Harry Potter. She mentioned her boyfriend had bought her an amazing Gryffindor scarf and that was that, I had to have one too.

Of course I'm not a total dork so I accessorised my new friend with a Dip Hem dress from River Island & some Pretty Polly suspender tights. My geek glasses are to help me look more like a member of House Gryffindor! They're from Primark but I like to pretend they're Tom Ford glasses. A-hem.

The weather is cooling down and it'll be Autumn before we know it. I think this outfit is perfect for A/W and my dress is a great transitional piece. I love adding a touch of geek chic to my wardrobe, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to wear something attached to a fond memory. Awww.

Truffle Shuffle have tons of cute retro TV/movie accessories that are perfect for a trip down memory lane & for adding a dash of dork to your ensemble! I totally want Disney jewelz next.

T - Our daring, nerve and chivalry set us Gryffindors apart...That & our great fashion sense! ;) XoX
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