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Thursday, 23 August 2012

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with the Mens sections of many high street stores, it's not really something I've ever gone in for before but now I find myself in every nook and cranny of River Island, which is my current fave haunt for the boys boys boys! Swinging both ways makes for an exhausting window shop but I have found some pretty amazing things for us girlies. Check it out . . .

Green Farm Scene Jumper, £38 - River Island. Oo-arrrrrr (chews straw). Oversize it, and this would be so cute with leather shorts, tights and boots this winter!

Brown Live Fast Die Young Belt, £18 - River Island. Bad Girls Do It Well. Or better as this could prove ;)

Grey Snakeskin Sid Stretch Skinny jeans, £35 - River Island. Who doesn't love a boyfriend jean, but patterns on the style tend to be limited on our side of the tracks, so go in for the real thing! You'd be surprised how small their jeans can run, and between us, the more 'way out' patterns like these can often be found in the sale section just waiting for a wily gal to give them a good home. Personally, I think these are just begging to be ripped up around the knees, come to mama . . .

Brown Stars And Stripes Wristbands (2 pack), £7 - River Island. These remind me of Ke$ha's whole dirty cowgirl look (which I love by the way!), get on my dainty girl wrist now!

Black Dog Bite Print Tshirt, £14 - River Island. Oversize it, take the sleeves off and get yourself a Givenchy Rottweiler look for approximately 7% of the designer price tag ;)

So what do you think? Do you often shop in the mens section? What's your fave place? Share with us!

J - Boys. Sometimes a girl just needs one. And his wardrobe.


  1. Amazing picks! I have never thought of looking in the mens section before but will have to give it a try.


  2. I always shop in the mens section! I especially love River Island's mens clothes. Non of my friends buy mens stuff and don't know anyone that does, so you have made me realise that I am not alone! Thanks!
    GeorgiaBite x

  3. I'm a big fan of wearing menswear, I like mens vests with bodycon skirts/dresses or oversized tees I can cute the arms off. I also love the jewellery from Topshop. That first jumper is amazing!!

  4. LOVE it ladies.

    You've proved once again why you RAWR

  5. Love that ferocious tee! Want it xoxo

  6. I always check out the mens sections for oversize hoodies and t-shirts. With the t-shirts I always cut the neckline off so its oversized and off the shoulder :) x


  7. Hi Girls! I spotted you were nominated for Cosmo, when I discovered I was, squeal! So just wanted to say congratulations and good luck!Sharon


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