Victoria's Secret Comes To The UK!

Friday, 17 August 2012

A few weeks ago the first UK Victoria's Secret opened at Westfield, Stratford! I've been waiting YEARS (5 to be exact) for it to hit our shores so was extremely excited when the first store finally opened. Living in Bristol *sigh*, I couldn't rock up the day after its opening, so frantically searched the interwebz for blog posts about it and found, well...not much at all.

Worth the wait? I say yessir!

I felt seriously let down by the London fashion bloggers (shame on you!) so waited 3 long weeks and made the much anticipated trip to Westfield. SQUEEEEEE. First impressions, uh-mazing. Just look at the windows!

Look closely & you can see what I was wearing ;)

I practically ran in & desperately tried to locate their PINK range. I was quickly distracted by a million bras & undies, talk about spoilt for choice! It's a smallish store, which also stocks their beauty range but I didn't even glance at that, it was all about the lingerie & loungewear for me.

So pretty.

It didn't take long for me to discover there was no PINK instore. Ummm!? I wanted a refund. My wardrobe is full of PINK loungewear, I won't wear anything else (except perhaps Abercrombie) & that's what I was there to buy! After the disappointment had sunk in, I made it my new mission to find the cutest lingerie set.

I choose you.

I decided on this gorgeous cherry blossom bra & knickers set. It wasn't cheap, the bra cost £49.50 & the knickers were £16. I don't mind paying that little bit more to get something special but I was a bit miffed when I realised the bra is only $52 in the US. Churz.

I need more PINK...

Although I was super happy with my purchase (I did get a free tote), I was disappointed by their sizing. A lot of their undies are one size only. Now this is probably okay if you're a 12, because that's basically what it is. For me (size 8) they were huge! I couldn't buy any nice thongs because they would've been baggy. The same goes for their knickers, the smallest they do is a small, which is a size 10. Again, not cool if you're an 8! They are a bit big on me but I wanted a set so just got them. I was told they only had XS's in 2 styles (only 2!?) but those styles were a bit meh.

In conclusion, I can't wait for the Bond St store! Victoria's Secret has confirmed to me it will carry the PINK range - phew. I also hope they'll have a bit more choice & perhaps they'll stock the XS's that exist online...A girl can hope.

T - Will forever keep Victoria's Secret! XoX


  1. wow...that REALLY surprises me that the UK just got their first Victoria's Secret. i thought they were everywhere. shows what i know! :P

    1. We're SO deprived over here, we don't have a Sephora either :( x

  2. I had wondered how well the US mercy sizing would translate in the UK. I'm a UK size 10 and wear an XS in their underwear here (sometimes it is baggy! I know I'm not a super small woman, so this is deeply frustrating.) so I imagine that they are going to have to work on their sizing in the UK. I wish that they would do more honest sizing here!

    1. It's so annoying isn't it!? The Angels are TINY, there's no way they're wearing Smalls! lol. I hope they sort it out, its strange how Gilly Hicks has great sizing but VS run large! Perhaps one day we'll live in a world with standardised sizing... X

  3. yay, this is great news!!! victoria's secret is amazing and i am so happy that they finally opened one over there! now that the UK can now enjoy victoria's secret, can the US have primark? haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

    1. Woooo hoooo! Thanks :) Okay sure, IF we can have Sephora. Trade you!? ;) xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh, VICTORIAS SECRET!!!! congratulations, you just made my day.
    Although the lack of Pink & overpriced garments is a little dissapointing, I love their underwear far too much to care.

    Sephora please follow suit and I'll be the happiest girl.

    Poppy x

  5. that's great news :)
    thanks for your comment, it means a lot to me. i'm following you now :)

  6. Hi, girls! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page!

    Love this post! The VS girls are seriously the most beautiful women out there!

  7. love their creative side they're using now!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  8. So jealous, I wish we had Victoria Secret in Denmark. :) x

  9. they need a UK online store too.

  10. Those window displays are IMMENSE. Check out blogger Drea's Little Junkyard - she works in the Bond St store!

  11. It looks amazing. I love VS, especially the fashion shows! I'm in London next week so hopefully I can make a sneaky trip :P
    Great post!


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