Rawrgirls Review . . . GOSH BB Cream!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I have been slow to jump on the BB cream train, mainly because even at this age I still suffer from spots and imperfections so I doubted their ability in terms of coverage. Anyhooooooo, along came GOSH with their new BB, and seeing as I swear by their cream blush, I decided to give it a pop!

Titled as an 'All In One Foundation, Primer, Moisturizer', this product boasts of colour adapt technology, water resistance, is loaded with 'good for your skin' ingredients and a handy SPF15.

I chose shade 03 Warm Beige, and I was spot on first time. I wasn't having a particularly good skin day on Friday when I first tried it but I felt good enough to wear it alone, no foundation on top, and just a touch of concealer and cream blush. It went on really evenly, leaving a fresh and dewy look to my skin, and it lasted! I went shopping all day and got rained on (boooo!) yet my skin passed the sun visor mirror test on the way home. Converted!

The GOSH BB Cream comes in 5 adaptive shades and is in all good Superdrug stores now, at around £7.99 :)

J - Oh my GOSH.


  1. I love BB creams and recommend the maybelline one but I might give this one a try xo

  2. Love BB creams, all the ones i've tried i've liked apart from the Garnier one!


  3. Will have to recommend the maybelline one as thats the one my other half has told me to mention. Arm twisted up back

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  4. Intriguing. I've never bothered with BB creams myself, mainly because I'm very happy with the moisturiser/primer routine and the foundations I use. However sometimes I do use Gosh foundation as it is one of the only ones light enough for me so if their BBs are the same shades I may as well try one next time.



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