H&M Fashion Against AIDS...

Sunday 29 April 2012

I must've been out of the loop because I literally stumbled across H&M's new Fashion Against AIDS line on Friday when I did my usual New In checks. If you didn't know already, 25% of the purchase price on the items in the range is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention. The funds go to 4 different orgs; United Nations Population Fund, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, YouthAIDS and Designers Against AIDS. Here's the new video - the styling is pretty hot.

It's amazing?! What a fun little line for summer! I immediately went ahead and ordered this dress for £19.99, it's the type of thing that makes me add to cart straight away, I need to have this in my wardrobe so I hope it looks cute!

I think it'll look good with my Lita's for a night out or Converse over denim shorts. Speaking of shorts, I think Tara will go nuts for these £14.99 ones! She might even get her studs out and go all RunwayDreamz on them...

Also loving this drape hem vest at just £14.99, it's a typical blogger top don't you think? Cue a million girls taking pics of it flowing in the wind with legs up to their armpits ;)

The accessories are hella cute too, this £9.99 headband would be perfect festivalwear, how gorgeous!?

The whole range is super covetable, check it all out here. H&M are really doing it for me this summer, I've bought most of my high street must haves from there this year, including a mini work wardrobe - impressive!

J - Educate.
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Rawr Love For The Beetlejuice Jacket At Prodigy Red!

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Black and white stripes have gone insane since I picked up the infamous Motel Jordan jeans last year, but I've been rocking the Beetlejuice look for a while now (smug face). One of my fave wardrobe pieces is my 2008 H&M stripey jacket, bought for one of my best friend's wedding because it matched the stripe in the L.A.M.B. clutch I was basing my entire outfit around (hardcore), buuuuuut time (and cake) has taken it's toll and I'm not as tiny as I was 4 years ago here...

Bless us, all young and tanned lol ;) Anyhoo, I'm looking to replace the jacket, and now is an ideal time to do it because there are a few options out there, unlike when I got it when there was just this one and I had to get an american gal pal to buy it from her San Fran H&M. The fashion lengths one will go to huh?!

My fave is this one from Prodigy Red, who have recently had a nice little webby overhaul :) Asha Gold Button Stripe Blazer, £19.99.

I love that it has a gold button, because the bag that I bought the H&M one to match has gold hardware, and the monochrome stripes and gold tones look SO luxe together, plus the price is amazing.

I've seen a few bloggers with this jacket now and they always look super cute in it whether with leggings or skinnies, or with a dress and shorts, it seems to be very popular!

What do you think? Are you with me in thinking monochrome stripes will always be a hot look, or are they not for you?

Check out the Prodigy Red online store while you ponder on that ;)

J - Thing's aren't always black and white, but they look better for it.
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Rawr Love For... Angelika London!

Angelika London was launched in 2009 by designer Olivia Anne, and combines art with fashion to create individual pieces featuring beautiful illustrations that we just can't stop staring at! The line first caught our fashion eye last year when it was stocked in some of our fave boutiques and we were instantly hooked on the amazing prints.

I know for a fact that Tara would go nuts for this Black Miley Dream Dress (£195) and the Green Seahorse Love Tank (£150) - dreamcatchers and seahorses are two of T's fave things :)

And I'm LOVING this Orange Tiger Dress (£185) and these amazing Grey Winter Wolf Pants (£125)!

Angelika London can be found around the world in some of the coolest places, when I saw Ushuaia Beach Club in Ibiza on the list I was like, hey, I've been there! I can see why AL is such a hit over in Ibiza and Australia too, the perfect laid back, beautiful places for these designs, I want to go laze on one of the beaches NOW!

We'd even wear the menswear, it would definitely work their way into our sides of the wardrobe if the Rawrboys got their paws on a few bits - which is maybe the only way we can get OUR paws on some AL right now seeing as we're saving for our September Lady Gaga LAHNDAHN trip, but girls can dream! The online store launches officially next week, and it ships internationally which is good news for AL fans!

Oh, and check the Angelika London blog out too, because as we all know, you can never have too much good fashion stuff to read ;)

J - Wolf Sweats!
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Peace On Earth..., Annnnnnd Around My Neck!

Monday 23 April 2012

Peace signs are everywhere right now, with the festival spirit spreading across the summer - free love and all that, a peace sign necklace is the perfect accessory for your denim cut offs and dainty head chain. This rainbow beaded one from cute store Raffles Bizarre - £8, is my fave because it's so different and simple.

I see myself wafting through a field of tall grass, tanned legs and long hair (obviously dreaming since I cut that one off myself a year ago!) in a white cotton dress, possibly heading into the arms of Keanu Reeves circa My Own Private Idaho era, with my rainbow beads radiating tranquility and possibly kicking off world peace.... siiigghhhhhhhhhh..... :)

J - Peas on earth
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Sunday Style - A Dungaree Day.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Yesterday I caved and bought the H&M dungarees I've been looking at for about 2 months, and I'm glad I did because I think I'm in love with them, they're just so cool! I teamed them with a cute Miss Selfridge tee that BFF Stephy got me for my bday, it's cropped but I can get away with it because the dungarees cover my ab failures perfectly - hurrah! PICS!

Do you love?! The bag is the very cute Fox satchel from Chelsea Doll , a fave for casual outfits like this. My belt is from New Look and I'm hammering it, like, the holes are ready to die any day now. The rings are from Cheap Frills and Debenhams, and the kitty bracelet is Swarovski, a gift from another friend, it's little face always makes me smile :) My nails are painted in the very juicy Mavala Mango Orange, I was trying to inspire the sun to come out!

I was feeling kinda smug last night when I saw Jessie J wearing her dungarees on The Voice UK, I got the feeling BF thought I was a bit crazy for buying them so Jessie wearing them on TV was kind of a win for me ha!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend - booooo to Monday!

J - Bib and brace yourself.
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Saturday Style - Ella Tino LBD And A Lorra Leo!

Monday 16 April 2012

Saturday was the boyfriend's birthday so after Everton upset him by dropping out of the cup, we went out for a celebratory meal which was a nice excuse to wear my new little black dress from Essex Fashion Week sponsors, Ella Tino - hurrah! It's from one of their brand lines, Glamorous, and it's just my style. I prefer to keep eyes on my accessories and off my skin so I like dresses to pretty much keep everything covered, but I keep my hems quite short so I can show off my legs in some statement tights (these leopard fishnets are from the latest House of Holland x Pretty Polly range).

I love the neckline on this dress; it can be worn in a few different ways, the gold zipper matches all my fave night out jewellery and it looks a tad more expensive than icky silver zips, which is always nice ;) I matched my accessories to the zipper, the earrings are Wildfox Couture, the ring is River Island (a christmas gift from BFF Stephy), the oversized clutch is 2007 L.A.M.B. and the shoes are Iron Fist wedges from last year.

We had a fun night and my new dress passed it's debut with flying colours, definitely a new wardrobe go-to I think!

Ella Tino have some yummy pieces in for summer, I am particularly coveting this Oh My Love white/multi leopard maxi dress (£55), but as the shorter, less goddess like rawrgirl I think I'll leave the maxi's to Tara - sob, it's SO pretty!

And good news! Ella Tino have given us a 25% off discount code which is good until the end of July - just enter rawr at checkout to make that purchase just that little bit easier - yey! Got any faves?

Thanks to Ella Tino for the new LBD :)

J - LBD? Yeah you know me.
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New Ad Hoc London Vid - Kitty In Wonderland!

Wednesday 11 April 2012


We downright adore this new video showcase from fave super hot store Ad Hoc London. The video stars Kitty, a cute pink haired girl having fun in the Ad Hoc wonderland which is jam packed with pieces from Wildfox, Spirit Hoods, Stargazer, The Ragged Priest, Fuzzy Nation... CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER!

There's so much to see in the vid, it's a feast for our fashion eyes, here's a few bits that we spotted, can you see them too?

The Ragged Priest 1 Sided Studded Shorts, £65. I can definitely see T and I grabbing a pair of these each when we rawr into Ad Hoc this summer on our next Lahhhndaaaahhhhn trip!

Prong Multi Spike Hairband, £32. Make like Ms Liberty with this crown like hair accessory.

Me & Zena Girls From Mars 2 Finger Ring, £24. Who run da world?

Annnnnnnd, Ad Hoc are running a contest on the vid's Youtube listing! It's like musical commenting, the last person to leave a comment on the video when the store owner calls time wins a £50 voucher! We're already in it to win it and keeping a beady Rawrgirl eye on it so good luck!

Anyhoo, that's just a tiny sample of what we spotted, we can't wait to visit the store and get our Kitty on in our own personal Wonderland!

J & T - Eyes out!
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HELLO BOYS!....Wonderbra Sexy Solutions Ultimate Strapless Bra from Simply Beach!

Monday 9 April 2012

Online swimwear gurus Simply Beach recently opened their new lingerie dept and asked if I'd like to review one of the Wonderbra's from their range. I've worn the Wonderbra brand religiously since the 90's when they were super lacey and had matching super high waisted briefs hee hee, but they've come a long way since then! Simply Beach are currently stocking the Sexy Solutions, Sexy Glamour and Sexy Everyday ranges, and as tempting as it was to choose a hot little black number, I was uncharacteristically sensible and chose the Sexy Solutions Ultimate Strapless Bra in Skin (£34)! This is how it looks on the model; for a nude toned, strapless and mainly functional bra it's not half bad!

And this is how it looks on the hanger, straight off the postman (delivery was super fast by the way, and postage is only £1.99 with free returns available) :) I'm a 36DD, but it comes in a ton of sizes, from 30DD to 38G, which is impressive for a strapless!

It's a straight up cleavage enhancing strapless bra, no detachable straps or pads, but I like the fact that it's entirely focused on it's job - to hold up your bad boys like a pair of hands! And I'm not even joking about that, it literally has a hand inside each cup! Check out the hand shape support feature in the pic below - it feels amazing, so supportive yet super comfortable.

The bra also features a wide band with silicone strips for a firm grip on the skin. I gave it the starjump test, which was watched intently by the boyfriend who confirmed that there was minimal movement, but he wanted me to do to do it again just to make sure.... ;)

Cleavage enhancing? Well yes, there is a nice push up there, but for me this bra is all about the support. My 36DD chest is a fairly decent size and finding a good strapless bra is a chore, I have a few in my lingerie drawer but I hate wearing all of them. This is a game changer for me, I liked it so much that I actually wore it under a white tshirt too, despite the fact that it has no straps - and it still looked and felt great.

Finally, I'll leave you with a pic of me wearing it under my white dress. This dress has a sheer white silky vest top section so it's a bra nightmare, yet the Wonderbra is both invisible in colour, shape and material and undetectable as a strapless number. Pretty impressive.

Overall, I'd say this is the best bra I've ever owned in terms of function and wearability. That sounds OTT, but it really is a bit of a revelation for me! Obviously Wonderbra is a trusted brand and you expect a high standard of quality but take that aside, this bra is definitely worth the £34 price tag and I need it in the hotter black lace version STAT :)

Simply Beach Lingerie stocks branded lingerie, shapewear and nightwear such as Elle MacPherson Intimates, Freya, Ted Baker and Triumph to name but a few, there's a lot of yummy stuff and the customer service is top notch, GO!

J - Hello Boys!
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Rawrgirls Review... A Xen-Tan Full Body Spray Tan!

Okay so this is kind of part 2 of my afternoon at @thesalon in Woolton, Liverpool!

After my hair was done by Sophie, I went in for my Xen-Tan full body spray tan session with Amy. I met Amy last year at a Xen-Tan event in Selfridges, Trafford Centre so I know she's a real expert and the brand is now the only one I use but I'd never had an actual professional treatment so I was really excited!

This was my first time, so we ran through what I could expect from the session and then I was given hilarious 'sticky feet' for the soles of my feet. Amy left the room while I got undressed and stepped into the tent. If you're wondering, all I kept on was my thong (though paper knickers and bra are available if you prefer). I did feel a little exposed at first but you have to remember that professionals like Amy see all kinds of bodies every day, plus she was really chatty so I soon relaxed and we went through the required poses I needed to hold to make sure my body was completely covered by the spray. Overall the treatment took maybe 30 mins, and I was comfortable throughout the spraying process which was really light and as dry as it could be, it just felt like cool air actually! When I checked myself out at the end, I was like, WOW. I'm naturally ridiculously pale right now, but the finish was a perfectly even and fairly dark tan, hurrah! I've been using fake tan for years and though I've perfected my technique, I could never get such a natural finish as this treatment - amazing!

I left the tan on to develop for a good 8 hours that day, then showered in the night to wash off the tinted top layer, revealing a gorgeous golden glow which looked perfect in the unnatural bathroom light. The next day I awoke to an even better tan as the formula had continued to develop even more overnight, so I decided to grab the opportunity to get some photos in my new, and very summery, Wildfox dress which I thought was best suited to show off how good the tan is, and here you go - da daaaaaaa!

I think this is the first time in 2 years that I have got both my legs AND arms out in an outfit photo. I am notoriously paranoid about my arms, and I never bare my shoulders (this dress would normally be worn with a cardi or shrug at the very least!), but the spray tan gave me the confidence to work it, so thanks Amy and Xen-Tan! The results can last up to 10 days, one of the longest lasting results in the tanning world, so it's ideal for starting a holiday off with, or if you have summer events over a couple of weeks, like weddings :)

You can book a Xen-Tan Full Body Spray Tan with Amy either at @thesalon in Woolton, if you live nearby, or for a home visit if you live in the Manchester/Warrington/Liverpool/Wirral etc areas. It costs a really reasonable £20 per person, and you get a loyalty card which gives you a free session after you've had 5 (and I could see this getting addictive!) :) To book, call or text Amy on 07872342447, or email amy@olive-beauty.co.uk for more info!

J - Wearing a bikini in the rain ;)
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A Spoilt Rawrgirl At @thesalon!

Sunday 8 April 2012

I was invited to spend Saturday afternoon at a local hair salon, @thesalon in the leafy village of Woolton in Liverpool, to experience a relaxing scalp massage treatment and professional blow dry, topped off with an exciting Xen-Tan professional spray tan from Amy Armitage, Xen-Tan expert extraordinaire. I know, spoilt right?! ;)

Finding a good local salon has always evaded me, so I've travelled to a major chain in the city centre since I was 17 but @thesalon may just change that! Caroline McCabe is Owner, Manager and Head Director, and spent 15 years at one of those major chains before branching out by herself with @thesalon in 2009. Straight away I sensed a super stylish woman who oozes passion and perfection, which shows in the ambiance and serenity of her salon.

The entire @thesalon team have a stackload of experience and awards between them. I took to Caroline's assistant Sophie (a gorgeous, bubbly and super talented 18 year old) straight away, we chatted non stop as she pampered me, and I felt really at ease. Sophie (herself a hairdressing award winner, that's her trophy on the front desk!) washed and conditioned my hair, then massaged my scalp in a spacious and relaxing area away from the main styling area. It was so nice to be able to talk to the person behind your chair rather than having to shout over twenty hairdryers and a blaring sound system!

I'm growing out a short cut and I struggle to do anything with it other than just blow it straight, so Sophie suggested trying a wavy, flicky blowdry with my fringe blown to the side for a change. I'm going to be honest here, I had every intention of watching how she did it so I could try it myself at home, buuuuuuttttt we were getting on so well and gabbing away that my hair was done and styled before I knew it! It felt bouncy and flirty and I loved the change!

I think this type of styling session with Sophie would normally cost around £27, and I never go to a salon just for a wash and blowdry, so I felt really spoilt!

After my hair was done, I went in to get my Xen-Tan spray tan with Amy, but that's another post! However, I will just add that the Xen-Tan professional spray tan at @thesalon is priced at just £20 which is really reasonable for a premium brand name spray tan... jus' sayin tan fans! ;)

Overall, I loved my day at @thesalon. It was so easy going and I felt more like I was hanging out with friends than on a conveyor belt pay and ship out appointment system, which was really nice! If you're local to Woolton like me, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Check out the @thesalon webby for more info on services plus directions and pricing :)

J - Keeping it local ;)
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Sunday Shoe - Acrylicana x Apparel Dynasty Underwater High Tops!

It's happy feet time again, which is good because it's been raining on this Easter Sunday boooooo! We love these Acrylicana Underwater High Tops from Apparel Dynasty ($56), sure to brighten up any dull day ;)

They have an amazing hand drawn feel to them, as if you've taken your sneaks to an artist to be customised, and of course they are 100% vegan which is cool. They'd look really cute with some ripped jeans and a cropped tee this summer :)

The whole range, and matching items, can be found at Apparel Dynasty - enjoy!

J & T - Underwater lovers
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Blog Yourself a Summer Holiday! RawrGirl STYLE.

Office & LOOK Magazine are offering bloggers a chance to win a summer holiday to Miami (SQUEE). All you have to do is produce a mini-blog (max 100 words) about your summer look, favourite holiday destination and upload a photo showcasing your holiday style!

As the resident RawrGirl world wanderer, I wanted to share my entry with you (& add some pictures to make it more interesting):

"My two favourite things in the world are travelling & fashion! I LOVE meeting new people & experiencing different cultures. My favourite holiday destination? Australia.

The weather is delicious & the street style is incredible, just walking around the streets of Sydney is inspiring!

Sydney Opera House.

It's home to some of the world's edgiest brands (Black Milk, anyone!?), but not only that, it has breath-taking scenery.

Whitehaven Beach, the Whitsundays.

I'd describe my travelling style as fun & edgy:

In Sydney wearing: Wildfox Love Mega Babe Tank (as seen on Beyoncé), Ripped Hudson Jeans, Urban Outfitters Feather Belt, Dogeared Make A Wish bracelet & bracelets from the Cairns market.

Stack love.

On my list of holiday essentials, the most important must-have is SHOES. Comfortable (but cute) shoes for shopping during the day & platforms to party like a Rockstar at night!"

These Jeffrey Campbell, Lita's would be PERFECT for hitting up SoBe. £120 @ Office.

So that's my entry! 5 days of Rockstar treatment & blogging on location would be an absolute dream come true. I'm not sure I'd ever leave Lincoln Road. MMM...Shopping.

T - Wants to represent Office & LOOK Magazine, state-side! RAWR! xoxo

P.S Photography by ME!
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Friday's Ring Is Leopard Heaven...

Friday 6 April 2012

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Today's fave ring is my much coveted Betty Jackson. Black leopard ring from Debenhams. For me this is the perfect leopard print, and leopard is my fashion life.

This ring gets so many compliments, it's bold but still chic and understated and I think that's what attracts people :)

The nail polish is Models Own Hed Kandi Beach Party with OPI Rainbow Connection over it, just for fun.

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Thursday's Ring Is A Fairytale Motto...

Thursday 5 April 2012

Today's ring is another one from Cheap Frills, this time, the Happily Ever After ring!

I love everything it stands for, a simple Cinderella tale set in wood. What girl doesn't want to live Happily Ever After?

I actually joked that I would happily accept this from BF as an engagement ring because it's so sweet and meaningful. For clarification Timmy if you're reading this, I repeat - that was a joke ;)

J - Mutha effin princess.
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Shoe Of the Day - Runway Shoes Orange Wedges - With Socks Appeal!

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Runway Shoes is one of our must check on shoe webbys right now, the styles and prices are just perfect for girls like us who don't feel complete unless we're matching our footwear to our nails, satchels, cupcakes... you know how it is ;)

These Platform Wedges (£26.99) are our new faves. Orange is a massive colour for summer and it seems to go with everything (check out how good it looks against these grey Urban Outfitters socks), plus we do love a good chunky, sky high platform.

The cute T-bar style makes them feel super secure and covers just enough foot to still get away with socks and opaques until the sun gets his hat on (and we get our Xen-Tan on) again!

J & T - There's no business like new shoe business.
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Wednesday's Ring Is Rock Royalty To Go...

Today's ring was made for me by the lovely Jaymie of Jewellery By Jaymie!

Jaymie hand draws and paints all of the images on her pieces and they're amazing. I commissioned this Prince ring after seeing her take on various iconic figures from music and movies in the Icon collection. Prince is my favourite rock god of all time so it just had to be done!

We know Prince is a teeny guy in real life but now I can actually carry him around!

Check out Jaymie's wares at Jewellery By Jaymie, details of how to contact her for commissions are on there too :)

By the way, nails are Models Own Hed Kandi Beach Party with OPI Rainbow Connection over it.

J - Baby I'm A Star.
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Party Party With Acrylicana at Apparel Dynasty!

Tuesday 3 April 2012

NEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW SHOOOOOOOES!!! And these ones are AMAZING!! All the way from the U S of A, I present to you the Party Party Platform Pumps from Apparel Dynasty ($54), featuring the super kawaii Acrylicana signature design!

I literally squee'd when they landed! Could they be any brighter and cheery?! I mean seriously, you'd have to be dead from the eyebrows down to not crack a smile at a winking cherry! Mary Winkler, creator of Acrylicana, is SO talented :)

I just adore the purple heels and straps, the perfect accent colour. The straps fasten with faux buckles that just slip into place, so they're easy to put on. We also love that these heels are 100% vegan, so our pal Erica could also get her rainbow on :)

Apparel Dynasty also sent me the matching Party Party Makeup Bag ($15), - the perfect place to keep my neon pink Nicki Minaj MAC Viva Glam lippy!

Apparel Dynasty are the official stockists of Acrylicana Shoes & Accessories, and there are plenty more where these bad boys came from. If you like these heels, you'll love the other designs, plus the flats, sneaks and cute bags, jewellery and tees so be sure to check them out!

J & T - Party Girls.
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