HELLO BOYS!....Wonderbra Sexy Solutions Ultimate Strapless Bra from Simply Beach!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Online swimwear gurus Simply Beach recently opened their new lingerie dept and asked if I'd like to review one of the Wonderbra's from their range. I've worn the Wonderbra brand religiously since the 90's when they were super lacey and had matching super high waisted briefs hee hee, but they've come a long way since then! Simply Beach are currently stocking the Sexy Solutions, Sexy Glamour and Sexy Everyday ranges, and as tempting as it was to choose a hot little black number, I was uncharacteristically sensible and chose the Sexy Solutions Ultimate Strapless Bra in Skin (£34)! This is how it looks on the model; for a nude toned, strapless and mainly functional bra it's not half bad!

And this is how it looks on the hanger, straight off the postman (delivery was super fast by the way, and postage is only £1.99 with free returns available) :) I'm a 36DD, but it comes in a ton of sizes, from 30DD to 38G, which is impressive for a strapless!

It's a straight up cleavage enhancing strapless bra, no detachable straps or pads, but I like the fact that it's entirely focused on it's job - to hold up your bad boys like a pair of hands! And I'm not even joking about that, it literally has a hand inside each cup! Check out the hand shape support feature in the pic below - it feels amazing, so supportive yet super comfortable.

The bra also features a wide band with silicone strips for a firm grip on the skin. I gave it the starjump test, which was watched intently by the boyfriend who confirmed that there was minimal movement, but he wanted me to do to do it again just to make sure.... ;)

Cleavage enhancing? Well yes, there is a nice push up there, but for me this bra is all about the support. My 36DD chest is a fairly decent size and finding a good strapless bra is a chore, I have a few in my lingerie drawer but I hate wearing all of them. This is a game changer for me, I liked it so much that I actually wore it under a white tshirt too, despite the fact that it has no straps - and it still looked and felt great.

Finally, I'll leave you with a pic of me wearing it under my white dress. This dress has a sheer white silky vest top section so it's a bra nightmare, yet the Wonderbra is both invisible in colour, shape and material and undetectable as a strapless number. Pretty impressive.

Overall, I'd say this is the best bra I've ever owned in terms of function and wearability. That sounds OTT, but it really is a bit of a revelation for me! Obviously Wonderbra is a trusted brand and you expect a high standard of quality but take that aside, this bra is definitely worth the £34 price tag and I need it in the hotter black lace version STAT :)

Simply Beach Lingerie stocks branded lingerie, shapewear and nightwear such as Elle MacPherson Intimates, Freya, Ted Baker and Triumph to name but a few, there's a lot of yummy stuff and the customer service is top notch, GO!

J - Hello Boys!


  1. Oh these are the best strapless bras EVER! I now have 4 of them in lace/plain, nude/black combos, they got me through last summer!

    1. Awesome! I need the other colours, I'm hooked! The fact that they look just as good under normal tops is addictive :)

      J x

  2. Ahhh thanks so much for this review!

    I've been looking at the black lacy version of this for ages but I rarely spend more than about £15 on a bra, so I just wasn't sure... and I'm fairly busty myself so I just didn't know how supportive it would be!

    Think I'll definitely be getting one now come payday :-)

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  3. I have a wonderbra too, but in black! Is the best bra that I never had :)

  4. My friend purchased 3 of these wonderbra strapless and they were an instant hit with her.


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