A Spoilt Rawrgirl At @thesalon!

Sunday 8 April 2012

I was invited to spend Saturday afternoon at a local hair salon, @thesalon in the leafy village of Woolton in Liverpool, to experience a relaxing scalp massage treatment and professional blow dry, topped off with an exciting Xen-Tan professional spray tan from Amy Armitage, Xen-Tan expert extraordinaire. I know, spoilt right?! ;)

Finding a good local salon has always evaded me, so I've travelled to a major chain in the city centre since I was 17 but @thesalon may just change that! Caroline McCabe is Owner, Manager and Head Director, and spent 15 years at one of those major chains before branching out by herself with @thesalon in 2009. Straight away I sensed a super stylish woman who oozes passion and perfection, which shows in the ambiance and serenity of her salon.

The entire @thesalon team have a stackload of experience and awards between them. I took to Caroline's assistant Sophie (a gorgeous, bubbly and super talented 18 year old) straight away, we chatted non stop as she pampered me, and I felt really at ease. Sophie (herself a hairdressing award winner, that's her trophy on the front desk!) washed and conditioned my hair, then massaged my scalp in a spacious and relaxing area away from the main styling area. It was so nice to be able to talk to the person behind your chair rather than having to shout over twenty hairdryers and a blaring sound system!

I'm growing out a short cut and I struggle to do anything with it other than just blow it straight, so Sophie suggested trying a wavy, flicky blowdry with my fringe blown to the side for a change. I'm going to be honest here, I had every intention of watching how she did it so I could try it myself at home, buuuuuuttttt we were getting on so well and gabbing away that my hair was done and styled before I knew it! It felt bouncy and flirty and I loved the change!

I think this type of styling session with Sophie would normally cost around £27, and I never go to a salon just for a wash and blowdry, so I felt really spoilt!

After my hair was done, I went in to get my Xen-Tan spray tan with Amy, but that's another post! However, I will just add that the Xen-Tan professional spray tan at @thesalon is priced at just £20 which is really reasonable for a premium brand name spray tan... jus' sayin tan fans! ;)

Overall, I loved my day at @thesalon. It was so easy going and I felt more like I was hanging out with friends than on a conveyor belt pay and ship out appointment system, which was really nice! If you're local to Woolton like me, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Check out the @thesalon webby for more info on services plus directions and pricing :)

J - Keeping it local ;)


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