Shoe Of the Day - Runway Shoes Orange Wedges - With Socks Appeal!

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Runway Shoes is one of our must check on shoe webbys right now, the styles and prices are just perfect for girls like us who don't feel complete unless we're matching our footwear to our nails, satchels, cupcakes... you know how it is ;)

These Platform Wedges (£26.99) are our new faves. Orange is a massive colour for summer and it seems to go with everything (check out how good it looks against these grey Urban Outfitters socks), plus we do love a good chunky, sky high platform.

The cute T-bar style makes them feel super secure and covers just enough foot to still get away with socks and opaques until the sun gets his hat on (and we get our Xen-Tan on) again!

J & T - There's no business like new shoe business.


  1. LOVE! Thanks for answering how to wear socks with cute wedges/heels etc too!

  2. The right kind of socks for right kind of wedges

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