MinkPink Tartan Rule Breaker Coat

Wednesday 27 January 2016

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So the beautiful weather seemed to disappear this past week, the weekend was dark and drizzly but it was productive! On Saturday I headed to Clifton Village for a look around the shops and made a quick stop at the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

I wrapped up warm (it was FREEZING near the bridge) in my brand new MinkPink Rule Breaker coat. I'm a massive fan of aussie brand MinkPink and this is my second coat by them. It reminds me of Clueless so OF COURSE it's my new favourite. 

Mink Pink Coat

I love the boyfriend shape, this is the size small which is oversized and cosy - absolutely perfect for Winter! It's also nice and thick, well worth the price tag.

If you aren't familiar with Clifton, it's the most beautiful part of Bristol. The village is crammed with local bakeries, pubs, coffee shops, eateries and boutiques. One of my faves is Maze, they stock lots of awesome brands such as Maison Scotch, Citizens of Humanity, IDA and Hudson. It's currently sale time but I had to close my eyes because all of our money is going towards the wedding. 

MinkPink Blogger

Coat: MinkPink (c/o) - Jeans: M&S - Cami: Oasis - Trainers: Nike

I spent Sunday wedding planning. I honestly can't believe we're getting married in 3 1/2 months. There's so much left to do! I need to find a MUA and hairdresser, decide on decorations and finalise everything else. There aren't enough hours in the day. I won't see my dress again until March so I'm currently eating nothing but dust until the big day or I'll never get it on haha.

In case you've never heard of MinkPink before (unlikely, but one of my best pal's hadn't), two of the best UK stockists of MinkPink are Urban Outfitters & ASOS! I'm excited that the new collection is already filtering through - I'm totally eyeing up their summer bikinis.
Do you wear MinkPink? Have you been to Clifton?

T - Channeling my inner Cher Horowitz.
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15 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Rawrgirl, Other than the fact that we ARE hilarious . . .

Tuesday 26 January 2016

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1. We will read our latest blog post out to you every night before bed. You must rate it on a scale of Britney Spears songs, which means basically everything is a 10. We win.

2. We love to text long. We also enjoy summer days and long walks on the beach. GSOH essential. WTF. GTFO.

3. We'll say we have stuff to do to get out of deadlines. Just STUFF okay?! RUDE.

4. We very rarely get free tickets to anything cool. And if we do, we're betting our idea of 'cool' isn't going to be yours. Except for that time we went to the Jay-Z concert and you stayed at home. Awkwaaaaaarrrrrrrd.

5. We'll act surprised when you finally read our work. Even though we handed you a business card with the blog url on it, and linked you on Twitter. 

6. Toffifee. Just Toffifee.

7. We know loads of other bloggers. And yes, we've never met them but they're all heroes of ours. The posts they've created over the years, we don't really read them, but the fact they're writing them, we respect that. 
8. You'll get a lot of free booze. Nothing to do with blogging at all. Entirely because we like a tipple and will be looking to get you drunk and nude except for a Spirithood atop your head.

9. We don't want to hear about that amazing post you read the other day. Unless it was on this blog. Or some sort of exceptional signpost you were driving past.

10. Our mobile battery life is directly connected to our mood. Dude honestly, we're not Google imaging 'Taylor Kitsch' for fun, this is research! Luckily we always carry portable battery chargers round so the research can continue on the move. Even on dates. Or in bed.

11. If we're still together on your birthday, we'll be writing a post on anything that comes into the inbox. Screw the content for a fortnight, you EXPENSIVE son!

12. Yes we spent the entire day in our pyjamas covered in biscuit crumbs. Because any precious second away from dayjob hell should be celebrated to excess. Pass the Ferrero Rocher, turn over to MLP, shut the eff up and sit the hell down. 

13. We always use our pseudo's - Lady Jade Rawrcous of Rawr Towers and Duchess Tara Rawrfoods of Rawrton on Sea. This will work to your advantage in bed, especially if we're busy doing research (see #10).

14. We're generally pretty confident. Unless you count the constant body comparisons to fitness bloggers, brow comparisons to the beauty bloggers and boot comparisons to the fashion bloggers. Other than that, we're all about the self confidence.

15. We've probably considered dating that Twitter fan you feel weird about. And by 'considered' read 'daydreamed about'. And by 'dating' read 'twirling our fingers around the beard of'. And by 'that Twitter fan' read 'Jason Momoa'. But no need to feel weird about it boo.
Hopefully this was written with a little more obvious tongue in cheek vibe than the carcrash that was the now infamous '15 things you should know before dating a girl who blogs' Cosmo post, especially #7, but to be honest if you aren't familiar with that Zoolander quote then we can't be friends anyway, so hey ho ;)

Happy Tuesday Boozeday!

J xoxo
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Review : Lord & Berry 2Phases Waterproof Make Up Remover

Monday 25 January 2016

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I will actively avoid waterproof mascara because I find it so tiresome to remove, often so called waterproof make up removers don't work efficiently, and you have to have a few goes to get it all off. GROAN. Not only is this a poor rate of pounds per usage of your chosen product, all that rubbing and soaking on the skin is not good for you at all! 

Enter Lord & Berry 2Phases Waterproof Make Up Remover (£16.50 for 250ml). 2Phases is a dual phase mild make up remover suitable for contact lens wearers (yey!) designed to remove smudgeproof, waterproof and long lasting make up of all kinds. 2Phases contains the soothing and refreshing extracts of cabbage rose oil and the anti-inflammatory and toning extract of hamamelis, leaving skin soft and fresh after use. Plus the bottle looks legit pretty in your bathroom ;)

Sample provided for review purposes

Lord & Berry 2Phases waterproof make up remover review

I broke my waterproof mazzy vow to try this out for review purposes. I used Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara in the morning, left it on all day and removed it just before bed, shaking up 2Phases to combine the formula and applying to a cotton wool pad. I held the pad to my eye for a few seconds and lightly wiped away. I would say the majority of the mascara was removed with the first sweep, so I turned the pad over and used the rest of it to lightly persuade any remaining bits individual stubborn lashes. Good stuff!

I also tried it out on my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer base. This stuff normally takes a good 3 step routine of face wash, cream cleanser and a toner to get rid of it all and reveal truly clean skin, so I was pretty impressed when 2Phases took off all layers with one wipe, obviously on 2 or 3 pads though, you should never attempt to clean your face with a dirty cotton wool pad. I didn't feel the need to use a face wash or toner to get the last bit of grime off though. My skin felt fresh and clean, without rinsing with water, hurrah!

Finally, the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Colour test. If you have one of these you will know how much it hates tissue or baby wipes, or leaving your lips at all for that matter. It is impossible to get off without scrubbing so hard at your lips that you end up with a Kylie Jenner-esque pout challenge look. I treated it like waterproof mascara, holding a pad of 2Phase against my lips for a few seconds to let it sink in, then just wiped away. All gone, no stinging sore lips or stains all around my mouth. I think this is actually my favourite use for 2Phase! 

Lord & Berry 2Phases waterproof make up remover review

So overall, yes, this is good stuff if you wear a lot of long lasting or waterproof make up. It seems expensive, but when I weighed up the amount of wipes and washes I'll save on by using just one product I think it seems worth it. I guess lets see how long it lasts for in general. I don't think I'd want to spend £16.50 every month for example, but I'd be happy to spend that every 2 or 3 months. It's all about your budget I suppose, but if you can afford to pop this on your bathroom shelf, then I definitely recommend doing so!

J xoxo
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Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection

Saturday 23 January 2016

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It was my birthday this week so I have lots of awesome new things to show you. First up is the much coveted Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection, courtesy of Tarypops! I've wanted this forever after spying it on ASOS but with Christmas, birthday's and weddings coming up it just seemed a little too extravagant to gift myself, so weeeeeeeee, thanks T!

It's so beaut. Tara chose set number two for me, which is 100% the one I would have gone for. Set one is really nice too but the blue eyeshadows would rarely get used so two is the one for me. The satin zipper bag has the chicest print of the cat chick (mask goals) and the contents are amazing!

Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection ASOS
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Disney Cheshire Cat Vans

Thursday 21 January 2016

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One of my fave Christmas presents last year was the Disney Cheshire Cat Vans that Timmy surprised me with. I'm a HUGE Chesh fan, I've adored him since childhood and he's my guy in any form basically, so when Vans released the Disney Alice In Wonderland line I went mad for the shoes and luckily my beau picked up on it. I say luckily, but it was more likely to be the constant subliminal messaging techniques I employed.

Anyhoo, they're everything I hoped for and more. I love how Vans fit and wear anyway, and to have pink Chesh on them swirling around in a psychedelic monochrome print is just a dream. Take a look . . . 

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Ted & Muffy Freia Boots & Someday's Lovin

Tuesday 19 January 2016

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When I spotted these statement Ted & Muffy Freia boots last year, I knew I needed them in my life. As soon as they arrived, the hunt began for an awesome dress to pair them with. In my head I'd already decided it had to be something a boho pirate would wear... Think Gwen Stefani in the 'If I Were a Rich Girl' video.

It took a few months to find the perfect match but I decided on this incredible Somedays Lovin' dress from Urban Outfitters. Bristol has a really awesome UO store which stocks all my favourite brands such as MINKPINK, UNIF & of course, Someday's Lovin'. This floaty frock is a sale bargain (It's just been reduced again) and I thought it would look cool with my lace up boots.

Urban Outfitters Cabot Circus
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I'm A Freaking Unicorn!

Monday 18 January 2016

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Isn't it freaking freezing?! Tary got me these fab unicorn mittens for Christmas and I've been waiting for the cold snap to hit since I opened them! This weekend I was out and about scouting for a new car (unfortunately my beloved 16 year old black panther went kaput last week - sob!) so obviously it was time to be a grown up and show those sales peeps what I was made of, i.e. silver glitter and white fluff! I also took along my lucky Lego unicorn lady for some good mojo. She worked her magic in my pocket and I found an absolute bargain of a brum brum - hurrah!

Unicorn gloves Lego unicorn minifigure
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Olivia Burton: Owl Mint and Gold Watch Review

Friday 15 January 2016

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Hello beautiful new Olivia Burton watch! I had some pretty awesome birthday gifts this year (it was a special birthday after all) but one of my absolute fave presents was from Jade. Meet the cutest watch ever:

Olivia Burton Mint and Gold Owl Watch

Olivia Burton Animal Motif Watch

One of my favourite animals? CHECK. One of my favourite brands? CHECK. One of my favourite colours? CHECK. Oh JC, she knows me so well. I actually *GASPED* when I opened this beauty, I knew it would be special as she had hand delivered it, but she really nailed it. 

I've started to build my own little Olivia Burton watch collection which I'm hoping will continue to grow. I'm a huge fan of the brand and have been since the beginning, I'm just patiently waiting for the day they release a moulded hummingbird watch... A girl can dream. Rawr faves, The Dressing Room have a pretty awesome collection if you fancy swooning over their new ins. Sadly this one seems to have disappeared from the internet - gotta love Jade & her Rawrgirl exclusives. ;)

Are you a fellow watch addict? Have you heard of Olivia Burton?

T - Timepiece junkie.
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Freedom to Exist Watch & Banana Republic at Zalando

Tuesday 12 January 2016

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I love a good jumpsuit, especially if it's Banana Republic! I'm glad I can say my Banana Republic wardrobe is still going strong and my latest edition is this hella cool Cross Back Jumpsuit from Rawr faves, Zalando.

I actually wore this jumpsuit in the day on New Year's Eve, it's such a statement piece but it's surprisingly comfy! I took my regular size and I'm glad I did because it fits perfectly on my bootay.

Banana Republic Jumpsuit
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Freedom To Exist 30:01 Watch

Monday 11 January 2016

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New watch alert! Tara and I were both sent a beautiful ticker each from new brand on the block Freedom To Exist just before Christmas, and I finally got around to taking some pics of mine this weekend.

The designers behind Freedom To Exist wanted to create timepieces that were free from passing trends and fast fashion (AMEN!), honouring the classic stylings that make vintage watches truly timeless. One of the first things that struck me was that there is no branding on the face, instead you'll find it stamped onto the underside of the case and underneath the fastener. It's discreet and quiet, letting the simplicity of the gold and black design shine. I often think that we can get a bit carried away with a brand name, coveting something only because it has a familiar logo all over it, with the design coming second as we clamour to buy anything we can afford? So this is a nice breath of fresh air, and a modern way of wearing an exclusive brand.

I'm wearing the 30:01 style here (£170). Named after it's 30mm casing, this is a lightweight ladies watch featuring a gold coloured steel case and slim black leather strap. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is water resistant. 

Freedom To Exist Watch
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Birthday Wishlist

Friday 8 January 2016

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It's my birthday, it's my birthday, and I'm gon' spend my money! Orrrrrr, maybe I'll spend my dad's money, as he usually gives me free reign to pick what I want bless him. Well, I am his one and only heir to the ginger throne after all!

Having a January birthday like Tara and I can be a bit tricksy. On the downside you have the negatives such as everything being sold out, a serious lack of new season stuff and trawling through tons of crap no-one wants in the sales. On the upside you can squeeze a lot more out of birthday cash or giftcards if you spend savvy in the sales, there's plenty of opps to grab a wardrobe staple or two in the high end designer stores and you tend to get showered with reduced Lush and Soap & Glory giftsets which is always a good time :)

Anyhoo, here's a little shortlist of what I might tickle my birthday fancy with over the next couple of weeks . . .
I've wanted these Topshop Mitchell boots since they dropped but £82 guys? GULP. However, the heart wants what the heart wants so maybe I'll see if daddy fancies investing in my shoe wardrobe!

I've become really into the extreme dip hem top look again lately. This New Look Tie Front Longline Shirt is only £22.99 and so uniquely styled out with it's knot front, WANT!

Tara and I have been Gwen Stefani fans for literally ever, we actually met on a L.A.M.B. lovers forum where likeminded gals around the world could buy, sell and swap Gwen's clothing, footwear and bag lines and feel yummy head to toe! So when Urban Decay revealed their latest collab with G, I kind of knew I had to have something, and it's the lipstick and matching lip pencil that have caught my eye, particularly this nude 'Ex-Girlfriend' colour. Hopefully they'll have released here by the time my birthday comes around!

Tim got me a Wolf & Whistle lingerie set from ASOS for Christmas (the beaut emerald green one) and the fit is unreal. I often find DD-G bras to be a bit too full in the cup if you catch my drift but the W&W styles are super hot whilst staying supportive and comfortable, so obvs I need more! This cute lemon number is next on the list, and really affordable at less than £30 for the set.

I'm a My Little Pony Rainbow Dash collector, so I'm going to need to add a new one to my haul, you know, just to make my birthday about 20% cooler. If anypony is reading this, I don't have this one and she's from Amazon. Ahem . . .

I'm also more than a little obsessive about the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland, he's my spirit animal and I like to pick up various depictions of him when I can. This N2 Les Nereides Alice & Cheshire Cat Pendant from Jewellery4 is so simple but adorable and a steal at half price - £27! Goodbye, sweet hat.

Finally, The Grand Seduction on DVD, again, very cheap on Amazon in case anypony is picking up Dash . . . ;) Both Tara and I are huge Brendan Gleeson fans, the man is an acting genius with a voice as smooth as chocolate Baileys. This movie is excellent; funny, endearing and full of beautiful landscape scenery. Coveting this dvd has nothing at all to do with second husband Taylor Kitsch starring alongside the wonderful Brendan Gleeson. If only someone would buy me a copy of this so it could sit on our dvd shelf with John Carter and Battleship, never getting watched because Tim always gets his own way. SIGH.

Anyhoo, that's what I fancy for my upcoming burpday. Don't you often find that you spend the entire year wanting and saving stuff to wishlists, then when Christmas or your birthday comes around you suddenly get all picky with what you spend your money on?! This is one of my personal torments, so at least by posting this I can remind myself of some much wanted goodness should I somehow forget and go to drop it all on chinese food instead.

Ta daaaaa!

Happy weekend kids!

J xoxo
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H2D VI Hair Straighteners Review

Monday 4 January 2016

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I like to think I'm the queen of hair straighteners. I love trying different hair irons because I adore straight and sleek hair so I've tried and bought... A LOT! A little while ago I was sent the H2D VI Hair Straighteners to review and I couldn't wait to give them a whirl.

These are different from your regular hair irons, firstly they have special tourmaline-infused plates (a mineral usually found in gemstones) which release negatively charged ion particles which seal cuticles, infuse moisture and banish frizz.

H2D VI Hair Straighteners
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J's 2015 Round-up and Resolutions!

Saturday 2 January 2016

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So it's finally 2016 and we're gearing up for a very exciting year; Tara has a big birthday coming up in a few days, and we're both getting married at either end of the summer! 2015 seems to have flown by, and as fashion bloggers it's fun to map it out with a look back at our fave outfits, so here I am with my 2015 fashion round-up.

The transition from winter to spring always has me finding my feet again. As per I wasn't afraid of a bold print. Tim and I were scouting for a wedding location around this time, and I think it was March when we decided on Chester Zoo. The weather was just starting to warm up and the Warehouse suede fringed boots of dreams were en route to replacing the Whistles backpack as accessory of choice!

2015 blogger fashion trends
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