Freedom To Exist 30:01 Watch

Monday, 11 January 2016

New watch alert! Tara and I were both sent a beautiful ticker each from new brand on the block Freedom To Exist just before Christmas, and I finally got around to taking some pics of mine this weekend.

The designers behind Freedom To Exist wanted to create timepieces that were free from passing trends and fast fashion (AMEN!), honouring the classic stylings that make vintage watches truly timeless. One of the first things that struck me was that there is no branding on the face, instead you'll find it stamped onto the underside of the case and underneath the fastener. It's discreet and quiet, letting the simplicity of the gold and black design shine. I often think that we can get a bit carried away with a brand name, coveting something only because it has a familiar logo all over it, with the design coming second as we clamour to buy anything we can afford? So this is a nice breath of fresh air, and a modern way of wearing an exclusive brand.

I'm wearing the 30:01 style here (£170). Named after it's 30mm casing, this is a lightweight ladies watch featuring a gold coloured steel case and slim black leather strap. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is water resistant. 

Freedom To Exist Watch

Skinny Dip Lucky Cat bag

Freedom To Exist Watch

It really is a treat on the wrist. As we can see here it happily lets other statement accessories (super cute Lucky Cat Skinny Dip bag from my T for Christmas!) take most of the limelight, but I think your eye is definitely still drawn to it! I can see this sort of watch being worn against Victoria Beckham's fashion designs, simple but oh so chic. At £170 it's not cheap, but it levels with other leather strap watch brands and you are paying for a classic quality timepiece rather than a logo on a tired design that will probably gather dust on your dresser next year. 

I'm into this, it's going to be a major player in my watch game this year and I can see FTE booming as more of us catch onto the minimalist watch trend. What do you guys think? Could something like this drag you away from your Kenzo's and your Kors in 2016?

Huge thanks to Freedom To Exist for the watch, keep up the good work! Catch their Instagram to see how other bloggers are styling these bad boys up!

J xoxo

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