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Friday, 8 January 2016

It's my birthday, it's my birthday, and I'm gon' spend my money! Orrrrrr, maybe I'll spend my dad's money, as he usually gives me free reign to pick what I want bless him. Well, I am his one and only heir to the ginger throne after all!

Having a January birthday like Tara and I can be a bit tricksy. On the downside you have the negatives such as everything being sold out, a serious lack of new season stuff and trawling through tons of crap no-one wants in the sales. On the upside you can squeeze a lot more out of birthday cash or giftcards if you spend savvy in the sales, there's plenty of opps to grab a wardrobe staple or two in the high end designer stores and you tend to get showered with reduced Lush and Soap & Glory giftsets which is always a good time :)

Anyhoo, here's a little shortlist of what I might tickle my birthday fancy with over the next couple of weeks . . .
I've wanted these Topshop Mitchell boots since they dropped but £82 guys? GULP. However, the heart wants what the heart wants so maybe I'll see if daddy fancies investing in my shoe wardrobe!

I've become really into the extreme dip hem top look again lately. This New Look Tie Front Longline Shirt is only £22.99 and so uniquely styled out with it's knot front, WANT!

Tara and I have been Gwen Stefani fans for literally ever, we actually met on a L.A.M.B. lovers forum where likeminded gals around the world could buy, sell and swap Gwen's clothing, footwear and bag lines and feel yummy head to toe! So when Urban Decay revealed their latest collab with G, I kind of knew I had to have something, and it's the lipstick and matching lip pencil that have caught my eye, particularly this nude 'Ex-Girlfriend' colour. Hopefully they'll have released here by the time my birthday comes around!

Tim got me a Wolf & Whistle lingerie set from ASOS for Christmas (the beaut emerald green one) and the fit is unreal. I often find DD-G bras to be a bit too full in the cup if you catch my drift but the W&W styles are super hot whilst staying supportive and comfortable, so obvs I need more! This cute lemon number is next on the list, and really affordable at less than £30 for the set.

I'm a My Little Pony Rainbow Dash collector, so I'm going to need to add a new one to my haul, you know, just to make my birthday about 20% cooler. If anypony is reading this, I don't have this one and she's from Amazon. Ahem . . .

I'm also more than a little obsessive about the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland, he's my spirit animal and I like to pick up various depictions of him when I can. This N2 Les Nereides Alice & Cheshire Cat Pendant from Jewellery4 is so simple but adorable and a steal at half price - £27! Goodbye, sweet hat.

Finally, The Grand Seduction on DVD, again, very cheap on Amazon in case anypony is picking up Dash . . . ;) Both Tara and I are huge Brendan Gleeson fans, the man is an acting genius with a voice as smooth as chocolate Baileys. This movie is excellent; funny, endearing and full of beautiful landscape scenery. Coveting this dvd has nothing at all to do with second husband Taylor Kitsch starring alongside the wonderful Brendan Gleeson. If only someone would buy me a copy of this so it could sit on our dvd shelf with John Carter and Battleship, never getting watched because Tim always gets his own way. SIGH.

Anyhoo, that's what I fancy for my upcoming burpday. Don't you often find that you spend the entire year wanting and saving stuff to wishlists, then when Christmas or your birthday comes around you suddenly get all picky with what you spend your money on?! This is one of my personal torments, so at least by posting this I can remind myself of some much wanted goodness should I somehow forget and go to drop it all on chinese food instead.

Ta daaaaa!

Happy weekend kids!

J xoxo

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