H2D VI Hair Straighteners Review

Monday, 4 January 2016

I like to think I'm the queen of hair straighteners. I love trying different hair irons because I adore straight and sleek hair so I've tried and bought... A LOT! A little while ago I was sent the H2D VI Hair Straighteners to review and I couldn't wait to give them a whirl.

These are different from your regular hair irons, firstly they have special tourmaline-infused plates (a mineral usually found in gemstones) which release negatively charged ion particles which seal cuticles, infuse moisture and banish frizz.

H2D VI Hair Straighteners

h2D Straightners
h2d hair stylersH2D Review

H2D Hair Straighteners (c/o)

The H2D hair straighteners are extremely easy to use and glide effortlessly through my hair! I really love the plates, they feel completely different to GHD's or Cloud 9's because they are so smooth. The plates are also 10mm longer than the industry-standard so I can straighten my locks quicker than ever and the irons have the benefit of being ultra lightweight.

As well as the awesome tourmaline plates, they also have an ionic generator (to provide millions more negative ions to make hair softer & smoother) and infrared light strips along the plates. These allow infrared heat to penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair shaft so hair stays straight for longer

The H2D straighteners have a digital LCD temperature control and the rapid, high-power adjustable heat provides effortless control with one-pass styling. The irons heat up in just a few seconds! If you're like me and live in constant fear of accidentally leaving your straighteners on, you'll be happy to discover they shut off automatically after being on for one hour. Genius.

My verdict?

If you're looking or an alternative to GHD's or Cloud 9's, you can't go wrong! Unlike their competitors (who have previously refused to replace my faulty irons), H2D irons come with a 36 month warranty. So if you have any issues, you can send them back for repair or replacement within the first 3 years of purchase. For real.

Do you use straighteners? Have you heard of H2D? 

T - Add some diamond shine into your locks with H2D and achieve salon quality locks!

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