Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection

Saturday, 23 January 2016

It was my birthday this week so I have lots of awesome new things to show you. First up is the much coveted Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection, courtesy of Tarypops! I've wanted this forever after spying it on ASOS but with Christmas, birthday's and weddings coming up it just seemed a little too extravagant to gift myself, so weeeeeeeee, thanks T!

It's so beaut. Tara chose set number two for me, which is 100% the one I would have gone for. Set one is really nice too but the blue eyeshadows would rarely get used so two is the one for me. The satin zipper bag has the chicest print of the cat chick (mask goals) and the contents are amazing!

Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection ASOS

The lipgloss is a lovely sheer nude, despite looking quite dark in the tube, and I'm obviously obsessed with the cute cat face print! This is the type of gloss you could wear to the gym and not get pulled for wearing makeup ;)

Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection ASOS

The creamy tinted balm can be used anywhere. It's a hush hush baby pink and looks perfect on cheekbones as a highlighter, but it also looks fab slicked onto eyelids a la Natalie Imbruglia in the 'Torn' vid (a look all of us 90's teens tried to replicate and still do!). This is something I think I'll be using every day!

Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection ASOS

The eyeshadows are so sweet, individual neutral colours on five flat cards housed in a little box. Each card can be used up to 100 times, and their space saving format means they are perfect for nights out or travelling. My fave is the baby pink, again, such a pretty girly colour yet with a good dense coverage.

Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection ASOS

The eyeliner is a cat like deep black, popped into a misleading but pleasing pink capped pencil. It is very delicate though, so I'm going to have to be lighthanded and careful not to snap it, but the colour is super black even with a light touch. The slim nib is perfect for finishing off a feline flick, so I think I'll keep it just for that job! 

Paul & Joe Cat Make Up Collection ASOS

Overall I'd definitely recommend taking the plunge if you've had this saved to your ASOS faves for a while. Each individual piece is a bit spesh, the packaging is purrrrfect and the cosmetic bag is a real beauty. Thank you T, you know this crazy cat lady so well!

J xoxo

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